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Geni.Kaamiño-Angelita Sanchez Atega Family Tree Part 3

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  • Severino Radaza (1840 - d.)
    SEVERINO NoMN RADAZA is your third great grandfather. You . Wilfredo Bagas Kaamiño. Sr., → Pelagia Radaza Bagas-Kaamiño your mother → Antonia Velez Radaza her mother → Nicolasito NoMN Radaza her fa...
  • Maria NoMN Auron (deceased)
    Maria Auron-Radaza (No. 1) is your wife's first cousin twice removed's wife. You → Angelita Sanchez Atega your wife → Severina Montilla Sanchez-Pacana her mother → Geronimo Rosales Sanchez her fath...
  • Macaria Velez Radaza-Balacuit (deceased)
    Macaria Velez Radaza-Balacuit is your great aunt. You . Wilfredo Bagas Kaamiño, Sr., → Pelagia Radaza Bagas-Kaamiño your mother → Antonia Velez Radaza her mother → Nicolasito NoMN Radaza her father...
  • Bernabela Atega Sanchez (deceased)
    Bernabela Atega Sanchez-Radaza is your wife's second great aunt. You . Wilfredo Bagas Kaamiño, Sr., → Angelita Sanchez Atega your wife → Severina Montilla Sanchez-Pacana her mother → Geronimo Rosal...
  • <private> Radaza (RADAZA)

Weeks prior to the Declaration of World War ll, Antonia Velez RADAZA, born and raised in Cagayan de Oro was invited to join the Banza, Butuan City family reunion to meet the Butuan City Radaza Clan whom she had no contact since birth. Her Father Nicolasito RADAZA married to the Velez-Yacapin Clan at Cagayan de Oro City.

The meeting was aborted by the War. Antonia RADAZA travelled back to Cagayan de Oro City on horseback along mountain trails and sailboats on the sea coast which took her over another month of tedious side trip visits to Radaza relatives at Gingoog City and Mis. Or. municipality of Medina, sitio Duka , Talisayan and Villanueva . . .

My Mother Pelagia Radaza Bagas is the daughter of Antonia Velez Radaza on the mother side, daughter of Nicolasito Radaza, my Great Grandfather, from Banza, Butuan City, Agusan del Norte, Northern Mindanao, Philippines.

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Geni.The Kaamiño Family Tree.Com- PRIVATE but Legal Document. The Family Tree ALSO FOLLOW THE CHINESE METHOD OF LISTING. The PERSONAL INFORMATION SHEET contain information that the individual member MAY FILL UP PARTICULARLY THE DATE OF BIRTH and Email address for contact purposes to enable Geni to announce anniversary occasion, News, latest developments etc. . . This portion of the TREE is PRIVATE and only for MEMBERS AUTHORIZED to view, edit and manage limited to the 3rd degree immediate family and blood relations

The FEMALE member of the family loses her MAIDEN NAME after marriage; the children have this as MIDDLE NAME and losses this FOREVER starting with her GRANDCHILDREN

The MALE member of the family passes his FATHER'S name to his children and to their children and children's children forever . . .

Wilfredo Kaamiño created the doc: "How our Family Name Came To Be" Background The Alphabetical Catalog of Surnames (Spanish: Catálogo alfabético de apellidos, Tagalog: Alpabetikong Katalogo ng mga Apelyido or Katitikang Talaan ng mga Pangalang angkan) is a book of surnames published in the Philippines and other islands of Spanish East Indies in the mid-19th century. This was in response to a Spanish colonial decree establishing the systematic distribution of family names and the imposition of the Spanish naming system on the inhabitants of the Philippines.* Family History The Kaamiño Surname is not a common name before nor it is a Spanish Surname. It is safe then to assume that the person who adopted it either was identified already by that name or during the registration of Surname, created and registered the surname as his. Based on stories handed down from our grandfathers, the first Kaamiño, originated from Dansolihon (now known as Marawi) and was a trader by profession. He was a landowner during his time, though these was lost through generations. He was thought to travel around northern mindanao, especially around Ozamiz. The second generation children mostly grew up either in Iligan or Ozamiz, including my great grandfather Jose. * source : [edit] Uploaded on: August 31, 2011 at 6:31 PM From the project Geni.Kaamiño-The Restituta Kaamiño Family

The KAAMIÑO-Angelita Angelita SANCHEZ Atega Special Project of Geni.The Kaamiño Family Part 3 brings the latest informations from-

1) Dear WILFREDO, Harold Lumicao LIBAN has replied to a message in your inbox: Re: Asuncion Sanchez Calo Hello Mona and Wilfredo,

According to my ex-wife Corita Macute CALO's Genealogy Records. Asuncion's parents were Joaquina Torralba SANCHEZ and Apolinario ? CALO.

Perhaps the reason Asuncion is showing 2 sets of parents is Asuncion's Grandfather Pedro Flores SANCHEZ had two wives; 1. Timotea ? ATEGA with six children, 2. Joaquina Torralba SANCHEZ with 1 child.

Pedro's 1st wife was Timotea with six children listed in this order (no birth dates): 1. Numeriano Atega Sanchez 2. Alejandro Atega Sanchez 3. Bernabela Atega Sanchez 4. Ciriaco Atega Sanchez 5. Anecito Atega Sanchez 6. Eulogia Atega Sanchez

Pedro's 2nd wife was Joaquina Torralba Sanchez with only one child 1. Asuncion. Sanchez Calo

Regards, Harold Lumicao Liban First Gaddang Tribe Genealogist in the U.S. since 1974.

PS - Sorry it took so long to respond. I don't visit Geni very often, unless I have something to do here.

2) Hi Wilfredo Bagas Kaamiño, Sr.,

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This matches Dr. Santiago Sanchez CALO Sr.'s Geni profile.


Dr. Santiago Sanchez CALO Sr. wife's first cousin twice removed Birth: 5/25/1898 - Dipolog City, Zamboanga Peninsula, Philippines Death: 2/14/1975 - Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines Parents: Apolinario Calo and joaquina torralba sanchez Visit his profile


Santiago S. Calo Philippines, Marriages, 1723-1957 Birth: 1896Marriage: Apr 23 1927 - Dipolog City, Zamboanga Del Norte, PhilippinesWife: Maria De La Cruz Macut


Reynalda NoMN NoFM-Adormeo first cousin once removed's wife Visit her profile


Reynalda NoMN NoFM-Adormeo Newspaper Archive Text: "...of paint which he says was found night at Ruiz and Elmendorf street by Deputy Sheriff W F Schobel Well Dressed St...Date: Jan 5 1927Publication: San Antonio, Texas, United States Of America


Photo_silhouette_f_thumb2 Amada Sabella Nacalaban Birth: 1907 Death: 1958 - Alubijid, Northern Mindanao, Philippines Parents: Ramon Nacalaban and Evangelista Sabella-Nacalaban Visit her profile


Amada Nacalaban Philippines, Marriages, 1723-1957 Birth: 1907Marriage: May 4 1925 - Alubijid, Misamis Oriental, PhilippinesHusband: Emael LabosView this Record

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