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Geni.Kaamiño-Francisco Villanueva-Jacoba Mankalasi Family

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  • Numeriano Atega Sanchez (deceased)
    Numeriano Atega Sanchez is my wife's great grandfather. You → Angelita Sanchez Atega my wife → Severina Montilla Sanchez-Pacana her mother → Geronimo Rosales Sanchez her father → Numeriano Atega Sa...
  • Bernabela Atega Sanchez (deceased)
    Bernabela Atega Sanchez-Radaza is your wife's second great aunt. You . Wilfredo Bagas Kaamiño, Sr., → Angelita Sanchez Atega your wife → Severina Montilla Sanchez-Pacana her mother → Geronimo Rosal...
  • <private> Radaza (RADAZA)

A notebook containing notes of important events in the life of my mother Pelagia Radaza Bagas also included my grandfather Jose Nacalaban Kaamiño, his siblings and connection with the Alubijid Galarrita Family Clan; Great Grandfather Cinando Nacalaban Kaamiño Iligan-CdeO and brother Cristino Nacalaban Kaamiño Tangub-Ozamis-Ozamis circa 1840.

My father Wencislao Galarrita Kaamiño used to visits all his Uncles and Aunties; by 'Wind Powered' Banca, after the farm harvest has been secured. And when he comes home narrates all his experiences to us his children early in the night after the evening meals..

My son Wilfredo P. Kaamiño, Jr. joined Geni.Family Tree August 11, 2007 and made follow-up research to discover more data that will answer questions that comes into our mind. We wanted at first to focus on the Kaamiño Genealogy and History. But the call for more questions and answers expanded into the RADAZA clan on my mother side. But the Horizon that is suppose to end in BANZA finds reasons to continue on the Road Beyond the Borders of Butuan City.

This Special Project features selected family members of FRANCISCO VILLANUEVA AND JACOBA BUTAO MANKALASI COMING FROM sired nine (9) children, and others:

1. Alejandro married to Paula Dumago 2. Angel married to Narcisa Piencenaves 3. Demetrio married to Antonina Radaza 4. Eduardo married to Jacoba Aviles 5. Gregoria married to Felipa Conde. 6. Roman married to Alfonsa 7. Blaza married to Bernardo Calo 8. Rosa married to Bautista Calo and 9. Trinidad married to Clemente Calo

FRANCISCO VILLANUEVA and other partners.

1. Juana Burdeos married to Margarito Torralba 2. Macaria Cassion married to Elegio Atega 3. Andrea Ato married Bonifacio Cocon 4. Marcelo Bustillo married to Unknown spouse


1. GERONIMO VILLANUEVA BUTAO MARRIED TO unknown 2. Eulalia Villanueva Butao married to Simeon Lara of Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental 3. Antonina Villanueva Butao 4. Rufina Villanueva Butao and 5. Rita Villanueva Butao

Email Address of respective members from the VILLANUEVA-BUQUE PRODUCTION, LTD. DIRECTORY are included so communication between immediate family and blood relatives may now be sent via Family Tree. Check your listed Emil Address for error or send us the new email for uploading if changes had been made. Send it to . . .

CLICK A PHOTO: This Special Project presents PREVIEW PHOTOS as Image profile of each Family Tree Members. The format is called 'Photos in Photos'. CLICK A PHOTO, a member's name appear. CLICK AGAIN THE NAME THAT APPEARS AND IT WILL START YOU ON THE FAMILY PATH; Go with the father upward to view the ascendant PARENTS; downward with the CHILDREN to view the descendants of the family clan . . . - wilfredosrb

NSO- Government National Statistic Office adopts the Chinese method of listing- PUBLIC

FATHER: First Name + Middle Name + Family Name MOTHER: First Name + Middle Name + Maiden Family Name CHILDREN: First Name + Mother's Maiden Family Name + Father's Family Name

Geni.The Kaamiño Family Tree.Com- PRIVATE but Legal Document. The Family Tree ALSO FOLLOW THE CHINESE METHOD OF LISTING. The PERSONAL INFORMATION SHEET contain information that the individual member MAY FILL UP PARTICULARLY THE DATE OF BIRTH and Email address for contact purposes to enable Geni to announce anniversary occasion, News, latest developments etc. . . This portion of the TREE is PRIVATE and only for MEMBERS AUTHORIZED to view, edit and manage limited to the 3rd degree immediate family and blood relations

The FEMALE member of the family loses her MAIDEN NAME after marriage; the children have this as MIDDLE NAME and losses this FOREVER starting with her GRANDCHILDREN

The MALE member of the family passes his FATHER'S name to his children and to their children and children's children forever . . .

Wilfredo Kaamiño created the doc: "How our Family Name Came To Be" Background The Alphabetical Catalog of Surnames (Spanish: Catálogo alfabético de apellidos, Tagalog: Alpabetikong Katalogo ng mga Apelyido or Katitikang Talaan ng mga Pangalang angkan) is a book of surnames published in the Philippines and other islands of Spanish East Indies in the mid-19th century. This was in response to a Spanish colonial decree establishing the systematic distribution of family names and the imposition of the Spanish naming system on the inhabitants of the Philippines.* Family History The Kaamiño Surname is not a common name before nor it is a Spanish Surname. It is safe then to assume that the person who adopted it either was identified already by that name or during the registration of Surname, created and registered the surname as his. Based on stories handed down from our grandfathers, the first Kaamiño, originated from Dansolihon (now known as Marawi) and was a trader by profession. He was a landowner during his time, though these was lost through generations. He was thought to travel around northern mindanao, especially around Ozamiz. The second generation children mostly grew up either in Iligan or Ozamiz, including my great grandfather Jose. * source : [edit] Uploaded on: August 31, 2011 at 6:31 PM From the project Geni.Kaamiño-The Restituta Kaamiño Family

Wilfredo Kaamiño created the doc: "Kaamiño and Caamiño" Every now and then I see people here in Facebook having the family name of Caamiño. Some relatives are confused about it and some don't think we are related. Yes, the Caamiño clan, originated from the one and same family, Kaamiño and therefore, are our relatives. I have known about this for quite a while already, but it was only two years ago that I realized how it came to be. Based on my data gatherings for our family tree, I have noticed that all relatives who carry the 'C' letter came, or can trace their immediate roots to Bohol and that they are the descendants of Felimon Kaamiño, son of Cinando Kaamiño. According to one relative in Bohol, Felimon accompanied Dr. Jose Rizal to Bohol as an assistant of the national hero, in one of his medical mission trips there. During that time, Dr. Jose Rizal was living in Dapitan, Zamboanga. For whatever reason, Felimon changed the first letter of his family name from 'K' to 'C'. I think it is safe to assume that spelling it that way would make it more Spanish. Felimon, eventually settled in Bohol.( Papa Fred always relates to me how Lolo Islao visits Lolo Felimon from time to time, on a banca, bringing baskets of mangoes from their farm in Alubjid. ) From then on, all his children and their children, carried the name Caamiño to this day. Trivia: Felimon's sister, Filomena, married Rizal's nephew Victor Mercado, this also supports Felimon's close association with Dr. Jose Rizal