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John Kane MP (1734 - 1808)

John Kane was a Tory in the American Revolution and his house in Pawling, New York was occupied by George Washington during the war. The house is now the property of historical society.

8/1/2008 2/12/2017

William Eilbeck MP (deceased)

Araby is a historic home located near Mason Springs, Charles County, Maryland. It was the home of William and Sarah Eilbeck, whose daughter Anne married George Mason. George Washington recorded many vi...

12/27/2008 9/20/2016

Stephen Slot MP (1727 - 1806)

From The Sloats House & Inn Description Excerpted from National Registry (listed 1976) Stephen Slot (1727-1808) came from Hackensack and married Martha Van Dusen (Marritje 1727-1807) about 1753.  S...

5/7/2009 7/17/2016

James Young MP (1738 - 1776)

The tavern records show that Robert Jr., brother of James Young owned a tavern from 1777 to 1779, and James was a proprietor in 1779 and 1780, probably succeeding Robert in ownership. This tavern must ...

2/19/2011 10/20/2014

Silas Young MP (1773 - 1862)

"It was during the winter of 1779-80 when Washington's Army was encamped in and about Morristown and the General was occupying the Ford mansion as his headquarters. These were dark days for Washington ...

2/19/2011 10/20/2014

Ebenezer Eaton, Sr. MP (1750 - 1825)

"Capt" Ebenezer Eaton ran a tavern/hotel on the stage route between New York, Boston, & Providence. George Washington actually did stay there. Layfayette twice--once during the Revolutionary War and ag...

3/7/2013 9/18/2014

Joseph Logsdon MP (c.1736 - d.)

Joseph Logsdon served as a guide for General George Washington. ____________________________________________________________________________ In (George) Washington's diary for 1784, dated in Septembe...

9/9/2013 1/25/2014

Judge John Berrien MP (1711 - 1772)

Judge John Berrien, (1711-1772) Came to Rocky Hill as a surveyor from Long Island in 1735. Then purchased or had Rockingham built. A portion of the house may have been on a tract purchased from John ...

12/25/2010 8/30/2013

Nehemiah Royce MP (1636 - 1706)

Nehemiah Royce born: circa 1638 (Long Sutton, Somerset, England / of Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts) died: 7 November 1706 at Wallingford, New Haven, CT. Father: Robert Royce b. c 1605, d. 1676...

4/8/2008 7/29/2013

Samuel Baldwin, Jr. MP (c.1735 - 1793)


parents: Samuel Ford & Sarah Baldwin Married 20 Jan 1757 to Grace Kitchell 1766 to a woman of Ireland Mary Wills Children William, b. ca. 1759; d. ca. 2 Jan 1793 Morris Co NJ; m. ca...

11/5/2007 7/20/2013

John Anderson MP (1737 - 1819)

The Merchants and Drovers Tavern began its life about 1795 as a two-story commercial building. In 1798, John Anderson purchased the property from Oliver Pierson and applied for a license to operate a “...

6/30/2013 6/30/2013

Elizabeth Ingersoll MP (1722 - 1809)

"Old Landmarks And Historic Personages of Boston" mentions the "King's Head" Inn. This establishment was at the northwest corner of Fleet and North streets. (This intersection is in Boston's North End;...

3/5/2013 3/5/2013

Charles Carroll of Carrollton (September 19, 1737 – November 14, 1832) was a lawyer and politician from Maryland who was a delegate to the Continental Congress and later a United States Senator. He w...

5/22/2007 2/23/2013

John Coke MP (1762 - 1822)

Tavern keeper. Operated the Raleigh Tavern, where George Washington liked to stay whenever he was in Williamsburg, Virginia.

5/8/2012 2/23/2013

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow MP (1807 - 1882)

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (February 27, 1807 – March 24, 1882) was an American poet whose works include "Paul Revere's Ride", The Song of Hiawatha, and "Evangeline". He was also the first American to ...

7/7/2007 11/28/2012

John Larkin MP (1735 - 1807)

Deacon John Larkin (April 3, 1735 – December 14, 1807) was an ordained minister of the First Congregational Church in his hometown of Charlestown, Massachusetts. He was also a merchant, in the tea trad...

8/17/2010 11/28/2012

Colonial Gov. Willie Jones MP (1740 - 1801)

"Wylie Jones", "Wylie"

Willie Jones (December 24, 1740 – June 18, 1801) was an American planter and statesman from Halifax County, North Carolina. He represented North Carolina as a delegate to the Continental Congress in 17...

11/20/2008 8/2/2012

Col. Jesse Ewell MP (c.1743 - 1805)


Colonel Jessie and his wife and young children lived at the Bel Air mansion in Prince William County VA. A frequent guest at the house was Thomas Jefferson, who had been a chum of Jesse's whem they bot...

4/14/2011 5/8/2012

Mason Lock Weems I MP (1759 - 1825)

"Parson Weems"

Mason Locke Weems, better known as Parson Weems George Washington's first biographer, he is best known as the source of some of the apocryphal stories about George Washington. The famous tale of the ...

11/10/2011 5/8/2012

Col. Daniel Heyward MP (1720 - 1777)

Heyward-Washington House. Located in the downtown Historic District of Charleston, SC within the area of the original walled city, this brick double house was built in 1772 by rice planter Daniel Heywa...

6/19/2008 5/2/2012

Thomas Heyward, Jr. added the Jr. to his name to distinguish himself from his father's other son named Thomas. Thomas Heyward was born in St. Luke's parish, in the province of South Carolina, in the ...

6/10/2008 5/2/2012

Col. David Espy MP (1730 - d.)

David Espy 1730 Parents: George Espy 1695-1761 and Jean Taylor 1699 Wife: Jane Woods Children: David George Mary (Espy) Anderson b. 1779 David Espy was a colonel in the Revolutionary ...

5/2/2012 5/2/2012

Jacob DeHaven MP (c.1730 - 1812)

Q.Tell me the story of Jacob DeHaven From A.The following is from Lorett Treese's book, "Valley Forge: Making and Remaking a National Symbol" (1995) There is also no evidence to support the claim...

12/5/2008 4/13/2012

Grace Ford MP (1741 - 1818)

parents: Judge Joseph Kitchell and Rachel Bates Married 20 Jan 1757 to Samuel Ford, later known as Samuel Baldwin Children William, b. ca. 1759; d. ca. 2 Jan 1793 Morris Co NJ; m. ca. 1...

11/5/2007 3/16/2012

Col. Charles Washington MP (1738 - 1799)

DAR Ancestor #: A121948 (see attached document) Children: 1. George A. WASHINGTON b: 1763 2. Samuel WASHINGTON b: 1765 3. Frances WASHINGTON b: 1763 4. Mildred WASHINGTON b: 1777

6/5/2007 3/2/2012

Theodosia Ford MP (1741 - 1824)

Revolutionary War Figure. Born in Connecticut, the daughter of the Reverend Timothy Johnes and Elizabeth Sayre Johnes, she was less than a year old when her father was assigned as pastor to the Mor...

5/14/2008 9/5/2011

Jacob Arnold MP (1749 - 1827)

Militia Veteran. He served as county sheriff for three terms and served as a Captain in the Morris Militia Light Horse during the American Revolution. In 1777 Arnold's Tavern served as headquarters for...

7/21/2011 7/21/2011

Martha Odom MP (1753 - 1817)

Martha Watson was born in Nov 1753 and died Sep 1817 in Ridge Spring, Edgefield Co, South Carolina. The grave site of Martha Watson Odom is unknown. This marker was placed inside the walled, Watson Sec...

7/12/2008 3/25/2011

Abraham Odom, Jr. MP (c.1725 - 1812)

Abraham Odom Jr. was born abt 1725 in Barnwell South Carolina. He died in 1812. Parents: Abraham J. Odom Sr (1695/1705-1760) and Jeni Dunn Married: on 17 Jan 1781 to Sibyl Barnes children: ...

8/28/2008 3/25/2011