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Cannot find a reference to Berthe in Medlands and not sure what sources may have been used when this profile was added. I have removed her relationship with Baldwin III Count of Flanders. Her husband i...

6/10/2007 8/20/2017

Burchard of Harlebeke (Fictitious) MP (b. - c.690)

"Bouchard de Harlebecque", "van Vlaanderen", "van Harlebeke", "de Harlebecque", "van Kortrijk", "de Courtrai", "de Flandres", "of Flanders", "von Flandern"

Became the first Lord of Harlbec. Wife unknown, B? D? They had a son named Estorede. Sources Pierre d'Oudegherst, Annales de Flandre (1789) Rootsweb

5/9/2007 2/20/2012

Philip of Courtenay Philip I of Courtenay (1243, Constantinople – 1283, Viterbo) was titular Emperor of Constantinople 1273–1283. He was the son of Baldwin II of Constantinople and Marie of Brienne...

7/3/2007 9/27/2011

Eudes de Cambrai MP (978 - 1070)

"Odo", "Eudes /Van Cambrai/"

Engelbert I Count de Brienne born about 0880 died before 0968 father: Eudes Count of Cambrai mother: Odele of Bois Ferrand siblings: Roger Count of St. Pol spouse: unknown chi...

5/9/2008 9/26/2011

Otger of Harelbeke MP (c.810 - c.864)

"Audacer", "Odoacer", "Odakar", "Odacre", "Odoscer", "de Harlebec", "Harelbeke", "de Flandre", "Flandres", "of Flanders", "von Flandern", "Audacer van Vlaanderen"

Otger ( Audacer , Odoacer ) is said to have been King of the Morins, Margrave and Forester of Flanders (824), and Count of Thérouanne and Harlebecque. His historicity is not beyond doubt. He is not men...

3/3/2007 9/26/2011

Elstrude, Countess of Flanders MP (c.945 - aft.966)


Elstrude Of Flanders * Marriage: Siegfred Count Of Guines See: Pedigrees of Some of the Emperor Charlemagne's Descendants, Compiled by J. Orton Buck, and Timothy Beard, 1978, published by the Ord...

2/17/2007 9/26/2011

Boudewijn VII Hapkin, count of Flanders MP (1093 - 1119)

"Boudewijn met de Bijl", "Hapkin", "Baldwin VII of Flanders", "Baudouin VII", "Boudewyn VII de Flandre"

Dutch Boudewijn VII, graaf van Vlaanderen werd ook 'Hapkin' of 'Boudewijn met de Bijl' genoemd. Voor een zeer volledige beschrijving van zijn leven, zie de thesis Boudewijn VII Hapkin, een witte ri...

2/9/2008 9/26/2011

Godefroi I the Captive, count of Ardennes MP (c.930 - 1005)

"o Velho ou o Prisioneiro", "Gottfried "der Gefangene", "Gottfried de Verdun", "Godfrey the Old de Verdun", "Godefroi le Captif", "Godefroy d'Ardenne", "the Captive", "Godefred of Eenham", "Gottfrid den Fångna", "Greve Gotfried der Gefangene von Verdun"

He was Count of Ardennes, Verdun (965), and Mainault (Hainault?) (973- 995), Count in Bidgau (943) and Methingau (960), and Margrave of Antwerp and Eenam. He was called Godefroi le Vieux (the Old) and ...

5/10/2007 7/4/2011

Geoffrey de IJzeren Arm Bras De Fer MP (deceased)

"Geoffrey", "Gottfried", "van Vlaanderen", "de Flandres", "of Flanders", "von Flandern"

Bailly of Jersey.

6/29/2008 7/2/2011

Guillaume III de Dampierre, graaf van Vlaanderen MP (1225 - 1251)

"Gwijde van Dampierre", "Count Guy I of /Flanders/"

Wikipedia... (previous content of this profile is moved to his brother Gui de Dampierre)

3/5/2007 6/16/2011

Lydéric V of Harelbeke (Fictitious) MP (b. - c.837)

"Liederik", "Liderie", "Lydéric", "van Vlaanderen", "de Flandres", "of Flanders", "von Flandern", "van Harelbeke", "de Harlbec"

The existence of Liederik is unknown and, if he did exist, his origin uncertain. Do not confuse him with Lydéric , the mythical first Forester of Flanders. Sources Edward De Maesschalck, Graven...

5/9/2007 6/9/2011

Ingelram of Harelbeke (Fictitious) MP (b. - c.853)

"Engeurrand", "Ingelramn", "van Vlaanderen", "de Flandres", "of Flanders", "von Flandern", "Ingelram", "Engelram", "Enguerrand", "Engleran", "Ingelramnus", "Enghelram", "Martel", "Harlebec", "Rowland", "Harlebeeke", "Forrester", "/Engleran/", "Engeleram", "Engleram"

The existence of Ingelram is unknown and, if he did exist, his origin uncertain. He was the mythical father of Otger of Flanders Ingelram II was sinds 817 de tweede forestier (woudmeester) van de Vla...

5/9/2007 6/9/2011

Lodewijk II van Male, graaf van Vlaanderen MP (1330 - 1384)

"Malane" - Lodewijk van Male, Lodewijk II. graaf van Vlaanderen Louis II de Flandre Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Louis de Male Louis II de Flandre, né Louis de D...

5/30/2007 10/15/2010

Philippe Ier de Bourgogne Philippe Ier de Bourgogne, dit Philippe de Rouvres, ou encore Philippe de Rouvre, né en 1346 à Rouvres-en-Plaine (d'où son surnom), succéda en 1349 à son grand-père le duc...

9/16/2009 10/15/2010

Judith, countess of Flanders MP (844 - 870)

"Judith of Flanders", "Princess of the West Franks", "Judith de France", "Princess Of the West Franks", "Judith of FlandersJudith Carolingian", "Köningin Judith von West Franken", "Dronning Judith av Fra...", "Princess of France", "Countess of Flanders"

Judith of the Franks Judith de France (v. 843-870), reine de Wessex puis comtesse de Flandre Elle est la fille de Charles le Chauve et Ermentrude d'Orléans. Elle épouse successivement : * Æthel...

2/8/2007 10/15/2010

Ælfthryth, countess of Flanders MP (c.877 - 929)

"Aelfthryth", "Elftrudis", "Elfrida"

Ælfthryth, also known as Elfrida, (died 929), was the last child of Alfred the Great, the Saxon King of England and his wife Ealhswith. She had four or five siblings, including King Edward the Elder ...

2/28/2007 10/15/2010

Adele of Vermandois MP (aft.910 - 960)

"Alice", "Aleidis", "Adela", "Aelis", "Alix", "Adèle", "Adelheid", "van Vloandern", "van Vlaanderen", "de Flandres", "of Flanders", "von Flandern", "Alix de Vermandois", "a Carolingian as well as a Robertian Frankish noblewoman who was the Countess of Flanders", "Adele" - Aleidis van Vermandois.... ; Adela (Adèle, Alix) de Vermandois, wife of Arnoul the Great (the Old) Spouse: Arnulf I 'den Grôotn' van Vloandern (Arnoul 'le Grand' de Flandre) ...

3/3/2007 10/15/2010

Philip II the Bold, Duke of Burgundy MP (1342 - 1404)

"The Good", "Count of Flanders & /Artois/", "France-Duke Of /Burgundy/", ""The Bold" /Philip/", "Duke Of Burgundy", "The Bold /Philip/", "King Of France /Philippe/", ""The Bold"", "Le Hardi", "le hardi", "Philip the Bold (French: Philippe le Hardi)", "le Hardi", "The Bold", "Duk..."

Born in 1342, Philip gained his cognomen the Bold when, at the age of 14, he fought beside his father at the Battle of Poitiers in 1356. He was created Duke of Touraine in 1360, but in 1363, as a rewar...

7/11/2007 10/15/2010

Matilda of Saxony, countess of Flanders MP (942 - 1008)

"Mathilde", "Mathilda", "Maud", "Mechtild", "of Burgundy", "von Sachsen", "of Saxony", "de Saxe", "van Saksen", "von Lothringen", "van Lotharingen", "de Lorraine", "Matilda Billung", "daughter of Herman", "Duke of Saxony.", "Duke of Saxony", "Matilda Von Billung Von Sachsen", "Mechtilde..."

The name of Mathilde's mother does not seem to appear in the primary sources. Her name is given as Hildegard in numerous secondary sources, but given the uncertainty about Hermann's marriage(s), includ...

2/28/2007 10/15/2010

Marguerite de Flandre or Margaret of Dampierre And in French: Margaret of Dampierre (13 April 1350 – 16/21 March 1405) was Countess of Flanders (as Margaret III) Countess of Artois Counte...

5/30/2007 10/15/2010

Rozala d'Italie, Reine Consort de France MP (950 - c.1003)

"Rosali", "Rozalie of Italy", "Rozala di Italia", "van Ivrea", "de Ivrea", "of Provence", "Susannah of Italy", "Rosele", "DeIwill", "Suzanna", "Susanne", "Suzanne", "Susanna of /Ivrea/", "Susannah /Italy/", "Rozala /Provence/", "Susanna Of /Italy/", "Rosala of Lombardy", "Rosele /De Ita..."

Charles Cawley, Medieval Lands Database: Daughter of Berengar II and Willa. ROZALA [Suzanne] d´Ivrea ([950/960]-13 Dec 1003 or 7 Feb 1004, bur Gent, church of the Abbey de Saint-Pierre du Mont-Blan...

2/28/2007 10/15/2010

Ogive of Luxembourg MP (1000 - 1030)

Ogive de Luxembourg, (v. 990 † 1030), fille de Frédéric de Luxembourg, comte en Moselgau Parents: Friedrich von Luxemburg & (daughter of) von Hammerstein Spouse: Baudouin IV 'le Barbu' de Flandre Chi...

2/28/2007 10/15/2010

Adèle de France MP (1009 - 1078)

"Aelis", "Adela Capet", "Adèle of France", "Adela of Flanders", "Adela the Holy or Adela of Messines;", "Adelheid", "Adélaïde", "Alix", "Adela the Holy", "Adela of Messines", "Adelaide of France", "Alix Of France", "the Holy", "Adela", ""the Holy""

Parents: Robert II (the Pious) and Constance d'Arles. Spouses 1. Baudouin V 'le Pieux', Comte de Flandre Children: * Baldwin VI of Flanders, (1030 † 1070) * Matilda of Flanders (1032 † 10...

2/28/2007 10/15/2010

Eleanor of Normandy MP (c.1011 - 1035)

"Elenore Princess of Normandy", "Eleanor of Flanders", "(Saint Adela)", "Aliénor"

Eleanore de Normandie, Gravinne van Vloandern Parents: Richard II 'le Bon' and Judith de Bretagne. Spouse: Baudouin IV 'le Barbu' de Flandre Children: 1. Judith de Flandre, 2. One (uncertain)...

3/16/2007 10/15/2010

Richildis von Egisheim MP (c.1034 - 1086)

"Richilde", "Richildis", "van Henegouwen", "Richild von Egisheim", "de Hainault", "von Hennegau"

Richilde Parents: unknown Spouses: 1. Herman, Comte de Hainaut Roger daughter (Agnes) 2. Boudewyn, Graf van Vloandern Arnoul Baudouin Agnes 3. Guillaume FitzOsbern, Earl of ...

2/28/2007 10/15/2010

Clemence de Bourgogne, Comtesse de Burgundy MP (c.1078 - 1133)

"Clemence", "Clementia", "de Lorraine", "van Boergondië", "of Burgundy", "de Bourgogne", "de Namur", "Clemencia (unconf.)", "Clementia of Burgundy"

Clemence de Bourgogne born about 1078 died about 1133 Married: Robert de Flandres Godefroi V Duke of Lower Lotharingia Clemence and Robert de Flandres had three children: Baldwin VII, C...

8/17/2007 10/15/2010

Gertrude of Saxony MP (c.1030 - 1113)

"Correct name: Gertrud Billung", "Herzogin von Sachsen", "Gertrude von Sachsen"

1061-69 Regent Dowager Countess Geertruida von Sachsen of Holland (The Netherlands) Widow of Floris I and regent for son Dirk V (1061-71 and 1076-91). In 1063 she remarried Robrecht van Flanders - ...

3/3/2007 10/15/2010

Matilda of Flanders MP (1031 - 1083)

"Mathilde de Flandres", "Matilda van Vloandern", "Maud of England", "Matilda of Flanders", "Matilde de Flandre", "Maud of Flandre", "Maude", "Maud", "Matilda /Flanders", "Queen Consort of England", "Mathilda of Flanders", "Mathilde de Flandre", "Mathilda", "Mathilda van Vlaander..."

Matilde Maud de Flandre (van Vlaanderen) Matilda of Flanders Parents: Baudouin V 'le Pieux', Comte de Flandre & Alix Capet Spouse: Guillaume (William) I Conqueror Children: Robert Curthos...

2/26/2007 10/13/2010

Robert I, Count of Flanders MP (c.1031 - 1093)

"Robert Friso", "Robert le Frison", "Robert the Frisian", "Robert de Flandres", "Robert von Flandern", "Robert van Flanderen", "Robert van Vlaanderen"

Robert I of Flanders (1029/1032 – 13 October 1093 in Kassel), known as Robert the Frisian, was count of Flanders from 1071 to 1092. Robrecht I, bygenoamd de Fries (ca. 1029/1032|32 – Kassel (Vrankr...

3/3/2007 10/13/2010

Robert II le Hiérosolymitain, comte de Flandre MP (1065 - 1111)

"Robert II of Flanders"

Robert II Comte de Flandre (1065 - 1111) ROBERT (1065-[5 Oct] 1111, bur Arras St Vaast[295]). "Roberti filius eius [Robertus Flandrensium comes]" is named in the Cartulaire de Saint-Bertin[296]. Th...

2/9/2008 10/13/2010

Arnulf III, count of Flanders MP (c.1055 - 1071)

"Arnulf", "Arnoulph", "Arnoul", "le Malheureux", "de Flandres", "of Flanders", "van Vlaanderen", "von Flandern"

Arnoul le Malheureux, Comte de Flandre. ARNOUL de Flandre ([1055]-killed in battle Cassel 22 Feb 1071, bur Saint-Bertin). The Genealogica Comitum Flandriæ Bertiniana names (in order) "Arnulfum ...

10/25/2007 10/13/2010

Baldwin Vi, Count of Flanders and Hainault MP (c.1030 - 1070)

"Count of Flanders & Hainaut", "Boudewijn VI van Vlaanderen", "Boudewijn I van Henegouwen", "Baudouin le bon", "the_Peaceable", "He was also (as Baldwin I) count of Hainaut from 1051 to 1070"

Baldwin VI of Flanders (c. 1030 – 17 July 1070) was briefly Count of Flanders, from 1067 to 1070. He was also (as Baldwin I) count of Hainaut from 1051 to 1070. He was the eldest son of Baldwin V of Fl...

2/28/2007 10/13/2010

Baldwin V, count of Flanders MP (1012 - 1067)

"Baldwin V Count of Flanders", "Boudewijn V van Vlaanderen", "van Rijsel", "Baudouin le Pieux", "de Lille", "the Pious", "Comte de Flandres", "7th Count of /Flanders", "von Flandern", "Baldwin V", "Count of Flanders", ""King" of Flanders", "Den Fromme", "Balduin von Lille", "The P..."

Baudouin V, 'le Pieux' de Flandre, Boudewyn V den Grôotn van Vloandern - DO NOT CHANGE HIS NAME, he was NOT English. Son of Baudouin 'le Barbu' and Ogive Married to Adèle (Robert de France's daug...

2/28/2007 10/13/2010

Baldwin IV the Bearded, count of Flanders MP (980 - 1035)

"Boudewyn IV met den Board", "Boudewijn IV van Vlaanderen", "le Barbu", "the Bearded", "Fair Beard", "Baldwin the Bearded", "6th Count of Flanders", "Bearded", "MET DE SCHONE BAARD", "Baldvin den skjeggete", "Greve Balduin IV le Barbu von Flandern", "The Fair"

Baudouin IV 'le Barbu' de Flandre Boudewyn IV, met den Board (980 - 30 meie 1035), was groaf van Vloandern van 988 tout an zyn dôod. PLEASE KEEP NAME AFTER MERGES Parents: Arnoul de Flandre (Arno...

2/28/2007 10/13/2010

Arnulf II the Young, count of Flanders MP (961 - 987)

"Arnold II", "Arnoul II", "Arnolph", "Arnulf", "Arnulph II", "the Younger", "the Young", "of Flanders", "af Flanderen", "le Jeune", "de Flandres", "van Vlaanderen", "met de baard", "av Flandern", "Arnulf den unge", "Greve Arnulf II le Jeune av Flandern", "The Young"

Main sources Medlands More info Recommended reading: Graven van Vlaanderen, Edward De Maesschalck, 2012 (only in Dutch)

2/28/2007 10/13/2010

Baldwin III, count of Flanders MP (c.940 - 962)

"Baldwin III comte de Flanders (et Artois)", "Badvin", "Baudouin III", "of Flanders", "Baldwin", "the Young", "le Jeune", "de Flandres", "Baldwin II the Bald De Blois", "count of Flanders", "king of Jerusalem", "Count", "Greve Baldwin der Junge", "Greve Baldwin den unge", "d'Artoi..."

Boudewijn III was een 'medegraaf' omdat zijn vader, de huidige Graaf, hem overleefde. Baldwin III was called 'co-count' because his father (the current Count) survived him Main sources Medlands ...

2/28/2007 10/13/2010

Arnulf I the Great, count of Flanders MP (889 - 965)

"Arnulf marchisi de Flandrie", "Arnold", "The Great", "Comte de Flandre", "Count of Flanders", "Arnoul Arnulf"

Parents: Baldwin II & Ælftryth Spouses: 1. (uncertain, unknown first wife) Child: Hildegard 2. Adela de Vermandois Children: 1. Luitgard 2. Baldwin III 3. Egbert 4. Elstru...

2/28/2007 10/13/2010

Baldwin II "the Bald", count of Flanders MP (c.863 - 918)

"Baldwin II", "Baudouin", "Boudewyn", "Boudewijn", "de Kale", "der Kahle", "el Calvo", "le Chauve", "Calvus", "the Bald", "den Kletzn", "van Vlaanderen", "van Vloandern", "de Flandres", "of Flanders", "Count/Marquis of Flanders", "Count of Artois", "Boulogne", "& Ternois", "King of Jerusale..."

Baudouin 'le Chauve' de Flandre, Baldwin 'the Bald' of Flanders Boudewyn II, bygenoamd den Kletsn (863 - 10 september 918) was de zeune van Boudewyn met den Yzern Oarm en Judith van West-Francië, d...

2/28/2007 10/13/2010

Baldwin, I, count of Flanders MP (835 - 879)

"Iron Arm", "Balduinus ferreus"

Baldwin I , byname Baldwin Iron-arm , French Baudouin Bras-de-fer , Flemish Boudewijn De Ijzere Arm (died 879), the first ruler of Flanders. A daring warrior under Charles II the Bald of France, he fel...

2/8/2007 10/13/2010