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Let's try this on Geni! I'm not sure how it's going to work, but I want to try it here because a few people said they couldn't sit and type an email because they kept thinking of things to write after the fact. Now we can go into this project and add anytime we remember something!


  • Don't put that name on my son! (When we say "Carminchia")
  • What do they do with those 2 flat things?
  • Mary the Polock (how do you spell that?)
  • You sound close! (to me on the phone, 5000 miles away)
  • Carmine does stair-words!?!
  • If you marry him, is he going to take you back to his country?
  • He looks like a snake in the bed! (On why Grampa was not allowed to wear black pajamas)
  • He has long hands! (On why Grampa wasn't allowed to help her out of the tub)
  • He looks like an alien! (on Grampa getting old)
  • La frienda di Jennifer
  • Chris-a-moose (Christmas)
  • Pithatu un piatu
  • Pithatu di lupo
  • Telling my doctor that I look like a dead cat because I don't eat meat
  • Asking me, at the age of 14, what masturbation was, after her and the sodality ladies prayed to god to help them abstain from it
  • Lascia la stad (my Calabrese spelling is done phonetically!)
  • He's a son of a B! (Most often referring to Grampa)
  • Menzi gamba tue Mammita (Most often directed at Rose or Nina)
  • How's your wife? (while rubbing the birthmark on Lani's Father-In-Law's face)
  • I don't ever want to see you riding horse-back on another man again! (To a 16 yr old Lani, after her friend gave her a piggy-back ride)
  • You were sucking him!!! (Screamed to Lani in front of the entire neighborhood and her then-boyfriend Jon)
  • Pray for me tonight. Pray that I die. (Whispered in my ear last time I saw her) (I refused, by the way)
  • Menafragist
  • Mangapaca
  • Fatti fatta tua
  • Vichy! Mangia!
  • Grama: "What's his last name?" Me: "Espinoza." Grama: "Spinoza... It sounds Italian."
  • Jimmy, those thumbs! (while holding both of Jimmy Miller's hands up in front of his face)
  • The son of a bitch Italians! They pick their nose all the time!


  • I know how a man eats!!
  • Do you like woman wine? (to Joe)
  • Who's in that movie...Arnold Switch-nigger?
  • Yeah, play "Eidelweiss" - eidleweiss you play what you want.
  • Mal - I can see them. (said to a whole table of company about my breasts when I was 12)
  • Get Outta There! (at the Chistmas table when I put a stuffed mushroom on her plate, the one that she just ASKED me to put there)


  • Where'd you get that stomach from? (Said while poking other party in the belly)
  • Where's your mother?
  • Is your husband home?
  • He's my cross.
  • I never heard a baby cry like that.
  • Mungi gatz.


  • Jenny stole -"What do they do with those 2 flat things?" (but forgot to add...while clapping her hands together LOUDLY)
  • Desi, unlook the door- i see all the girls. (Banging on the bathroom door when i was like 8)
  • Where's your father? ( first thing said when i answer the phone, even if it's within my own home)
  • What's your husband's name again, i always forget. (20 years gram, 20 years! and has done that for all 20)
  • But our people in the family are small. (said to my mother and i who are quite obviously obese)
  • She's a fat women right? (said about Ron's mom in front of Ron...on several occasions)


  • They were anchovies. - Telling me about the Jehova's witnesses who rang her doorbell one day.
  • They had to strain her. - Telling me about Lina from across the street when she was in the hospital and they had to restrain her.
  • Brutta Bestia - Anytime she yelled at me about something she thought I did that was awful.
  • Pish e beve - Whenever, we were out somewhere and we said we were thirsty.
  • Cannaroota - When I liked something and ate alot of it.
  • It cost a ham and a leg - when she thought something was really expensive.
  • La peesheena (piscina) di Carmine e piu grande di quella di Ralph. Said to

Pino while he was swimming in my pool.


  • He's wearing those body-pants. - About Ralphie when he visited her in the hospital
  • Fatti fatta tua - Mind your own business
  • How's The Chinese? - When she doesnt remember Robert's name
  • How's Robber? - When she does remember his name


  • Can't they go through OLD Mexico? (when told that Jen and Isai were going to be driving through New Mexico to get to Arizona)
  • In MY country we say what we want! (after insulting someone about their weight and being told she shouldn't say anything if she can't say something nice. She was talking about Italy when she said "my country" even though she was born right here!)
  • I can't stay if that baby is going to cry like that (when told she could not go upstairs to pick up 2yo Leilani crying in her crib. my reply was, "Then you have to go home!)
  • Rose: What am I supposed to to, lie to my husband? Nancy: YES! You're supposed to lie to your husband! (when I returned the 500 she gave to Rose for a new stove after I told her I did not want her buying a stove for us)