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Daniil Aleksandrovich (Даниил Александрович in Russian) Born: 1261 Died: March 4/5, 1303 Father: Alexander Nevsky Mother: Paraskeviya or Alexandra Spouse: Maria Issue: Yury of Mosco...

8/16/2007 11/27/2010

Yuri (Yury) Danilovich Grand Prince of Moscow and Vladimir MP (1281 - 1325)

"aka Georgiy Danilovich", "Gerogy Grand Prince of Vladimir"

Yuriy Danilovich, also known as Georgiy Danilovich (Юрий Данилович in Russian) Grand Prince of Moscow and Grand Prince of Vladimir Born: 1281 Died: November 21, 1325 Father: Daniel Mother: Mari...

8/16/2007 11/27/2010

Ivanas I Kalita MP (1288 - 1340)

"Ivan I Daniilovich Kalita"

Ivan I Danilovich Kalita (Ива́н I Дани́лович Калита́ in Russian) Born: 1288 Died: 31 March, 1340, Moscow Father: Daniil Aleksandrovich Mother: Maria Ivan I Danilovich was Prince of Moscow (fr...

8/16/2007 11/27/2010

Simeonas Išdidusis MP (1316 - 1353)

"Симеон Иванович Гордый", "Semen", "Ivanovich"

Simeon Ivanovich Gordyi (the Proud) (Семён Иванович Гордый in Russian) Born: 7 November 1316 Died: 27 April 1353 Father: Ivan I Mother: Helena Spouse: Augusta of Lithuania Issue: 4 sons, died young...

8/16/2007 11/26/2010

Ivan II Krasnyj - Gražusis MP (1326 - 1359)

"Ivan II of Russia II (Krasnyi)"

Ivan II Ivanovich the Fair (Иван II Иванович Красный in Russian), Grand Prince of Moscow Born: 30 March 1326 Died: 13 November 1359 Father: Ivan I Mother: Helena Spouses: Fedosia of Bry...

8/16/2007 11/26/2010

Saint Dmitry I of the Don Grand Prince of Moscow MP (1350 - 1389)

"Дмитрий Иванович Донской", "Dmitry Donskoy"

Saint Dmitry (Dimitrii) Ivanovich Donskoy (Russian: Дми́трий Ива́нович Донско́й) also known as Dmitry of the Don, sometimes referred to as Dmitry IBorn: 12 October 1350, MoscowDied: 19 May 1389, Moscow...

8/16/2007 11/26/2010

Vasily I, Grand Prince of Moscow MP (1371 - 1425)

"великий князь московский и владимирский"

Vasiliy (Vasili, Vasily) I Dmitriyevich (Russian: Василий I Дмитриевич), Grand Prince of Moscow. Born: 30 December 1371 Died: 27 February 1425 Father: Dmitri Donskoi Mother: Grand Princess Eudoxi...

8/16/2007 11/26/2010

Vasily II of Moscow MP (1415 - 1462)

"Tiomny - "The Blind""

== Vasily (Vasili) II Vasiliyevich "Tyomniy" (The Blind), Grand Prince of Moscow (Василий II Васильевич Тёмный - in Russian). The fiftht and the youngest son of Vasily I. Principe de Moscú , de Rus...

8/15/2007 11/25/2010

Ivan III Vasilyevich (Russian: Иван III Васильевич), also known as Ivan the Great. Born: 22 January 1440, Moscow Died: 27 October 1505, Moscow Father: Vasili II Mother: Maria of Borovsk S...

8/15/2007 11/25/2010

Vasili (Basil) III Ivanovich,Grand Prince of Moscow, in Russian: Василий III Иванович. Born - 25 March 1479 Died - 3 December 1533, Moscow Father - Ivan III Vasiliyevich Mother - Sophia Paleo...

8/15/2007 11/25/2010

Ivan the Terrible MP (1530 - 1584)

"Иоанн Великий Грозный"

Ivan IV Vasilyevich (Russian: Ива́н Четвёртый, Васи́льевич)​, Ivan Chetvyorty, Vasilyevich, known in English as Ivan the Terrible (Russian: Ива́н Гро́зный​, Ivan Grozny) Links: The Peerage Gene...

8/15/2007 11/25/2010