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Roman the Great MP (1153 - 1205)

"Великий князь Галицкий и Русский"

Wikipedia: English , Polski , Русский Roman Mstislavich (Russian and Ukrainian: Роман Мстиславич ), also Roman Mstyslavych or Roman the Great , born sometime after 1160, died at Zawichost, October 14, ...

8/16/2007 12/26/2010

Yaroslav II of Kiev MP (1132 - 1180)


Wikipedia_EN Medlands Yaroslav II of Kiev Yaroslav II Iziaslavich (Ярослав Изяславич in Russian) (died 1180?), Prince of Turov (1146), Novgorod (1148–1154), Lutsk (1157–1180) and Grand Prince of Ki...

8/16/2007 12/26/2010

Andrei (Andrey) of Gorodets MP (1255 - 1304)

Andrei Alexandrovich (Russian: Андре́й Алекса́ндрович) Born: 1255 Died: July 1304, Gorodets Father: Aleksandr Iaroslavich "Nievskiy" Mother: Aleksandra Spouse: Name unknown Issue: Ivan Dmitrievich ...

8/16/2007 12/23/2010

Dmitry of Pereslavl MP (1250 - 1294)

Dmitry Alexandrovich (Russian: Дми́трий Алекса́ндрович) Born: 1250 Died: 1294, Volok Father: Aleksandr Iaroslavich "Nievskiy" Mother: Aleksandra Spouse: Name unknown Issue: Ivan Dmitrievich (1), Al...

8/16/2007 12/23/2010

St. Daniel, prince of Moscow MP (1261 - 1303)

"Данилъ", " удельный князь Московский"

Daniil Aleksandrovich (Даниил Александрович in Russian) Born: 1261 Died: March 4/5, 1303 Father: Alexander Nevsky Mother: Paraskeviya or Alexandra Spouse: Maria Issue: Yury of Mosco...

8/16/2007 12/23/2010

Vasily of Kostroma MP (1241 - 1276)

Vasily Yaroslavich Born: 1241 Died: 1276 Father: Yaroslav II Grand Prince of Vladimir Mother: Fjodosina Igorevna of Ryazan Spouse: Name unknown Issue: (2) Unnamed children, died young VASILY Ia...

8/16/2007 12/23/2010

Vsevolod Mstislavich - Всеволод Мстиславич MP (1099 - 1138)

"Гавриил - Всеволод Мстиславич_ Prince of Novgorod in 1117–32", "Prince of Pereslavl (1132) and Prince of Pskov in 1137–38."

Vsevolod Mstislavich (Russian: Всеволод Мстиславич) Born: Unknown Died: Unknown Father: Mstisalv the Great Mother: Christina Ingesdotter of Sweden Spouse: Unknown daughter of Svjatoslav Davidovich ...

8/16/2007 12/22/2010

David Svyatoslavich of Chernigov (Rissian: Давид Свѧтославичь) Born: Unknown Died: Jan 1123 Father: Sviatoslav Iaroslavich Mother:Unknown Spouse: Anna Sviatopolkovna of Kiev Issue: Sviatoslav David...

1/9/2008 12/16/2010

Mstislav the Great MP (1076 - 1132)

"Grand Prince of Kiev Rus", "baptized as Harold Theodore Radsha"

Mstislav I Vladimirovich the Great (Russian: Мстислав Владимирович Великий) (June 1, 1076, Turov – April 14, 1132, Kiev) was the Velikiy Kniaz (Grand Prince) of Kiev (1125-1132), the eldest son of ...

3/3/2007 12/16/2010

Gleb Sviatoslavich MP (b. - 1078)

Gleb Svyatoslavich (Russian: Глеб Святославич) Born: Unknown Died: 30 May 1078 Volok Father: Svyatoslav II Mother: Kilikia von Dithmarschen Spouse: Unknown Issue: Unknown GLEB Sviatoslavich (-k...

5/26/2007 12/16/2010

Vseslav "the Sorcerer" of Kiev MP (c.1029 - 1101)

"Всеслав Брячиславич Вещий", "Wsjeslaw of Polozk the Sorcerer"

Vseslav of Polotsk (Vseslav Bryachislavich, Belarusian: Усяслаў Брачыславіч , Усяслаў Чарадзей; Russian: Всеслав Полоцкий; Ukrainian: Всеслав Полоцький; also known as Vseslav the Sorcerer, also known a...

3/31/2007 12/16/2010

Mstislav Iziaslavich (Russian: Мстислав Изяславич ) Prince of Polotsk, Grand Prince of Novgorod, died about 1069. Married: Unknown Mstislav Iziaslavich and his wife had one child: Rostisl...

7/4/2008 12/16/2010

Ben M. Angel's summary: Relationships: Parents: Father: Ярослав Владимирович "Мудрий" (Yaroslav I "The Wise"), Grand Prince of Kiev (1019-1054) Mother: Ингегерда (Ingegerd Olofsdotter), Grand...

3/3/2007 12/16/2010

Vladimir Grand Prince of Novgorod MP (1020 - 1052)

"Vladimir of Galitzia"

Vladimir Yaroslavich (Russian: Владимир Ярославич) Prince of NovgorodBorn: 1020Died October 4, 1052 reigned as prince of NovgorodFather: Yaroslav I the WiseMother: IngigerdVladimir Yaroslavich reigned ...

4/23/2007 12/15/2010

Bryachislav Izyaslavich (Belarusian: Брачыслаў Ізяславіч, Russian: Брячислав Изяславич) (c. 997 – 1044) was the prince of Polatsk between 1001 and 1044. His name, possibly, may have been of something i...

3/31/2007 12/15/2010

Yaroslav the Wise, grand prince of Kiev MP (c.978 - 1054)

"Jaroslav", "Yaroslav", "Jarisleif"

Medlands Yaroslav I The Wise, Jarisleif the Lame, Vladimirovich Ярослав Мудрый; Grand Prince of Novgorod and Kiev was born circa 978 at Kiev, Russia; died February 20, 1054, Kiev, Russia. He ma...

3/3/2007 12/15/2010

Vladimir the Great, Grand Prince of Kiev MP (c.957 - 1015)

"St. Volodymyr the Great", "Voldemar The Old", "Vladimir Suuri", "Saint Vladimir", "The Great", "Šventasis Vladimiras", "Vladimiras Krikštytojas", "Великий", "Креститель", "Красно Солнышко"

Saint Vladimir Svyatoslavich the Great, also sometimes spelled Volodymer (Old East Slavic: Володимеръ Святославичь). His name is spelt variously: in modern Ukrainian as Volodymyr (Володимир); in Old Ch...

3/3/2007 12/13/2010

Jaropolk I, Grand Prince of Kiev MP (c.958 - 980)


Yaropolk Sviatoslavich of Kiev (East Slavic: Ярополк I Святославич, sometimes transliterated as Iaropolk)Born: 960Died: 980Father: Sviatoslav IMother: PredslavaSpouse: Name unknownIssue: NoneSviatoslav...

5/26/2007 12/13/2010

Sviatoslav l of Kiev , Sviatoslav I of Kiev Prince of Rus' Sviatoslav the Brave Sviatoslav Reign 945–972 Coronation 964 Predecessor Igor Successor Yaropolk I Issue: Yaropolk I Oleg With Mal...

5/8/2007 12/13/2010

[IGOR [Ingvar] ([877/79] or [910/20]-killed Iskorosten [=Korosten] [944/46], bur Dereva near Iskorosten). The Primary Chronicle names Igor as son of Rurik, adding that he was "very young" at his ...

5/8/2007 12/13/2010

Oleg, Grand Prince of Rus' MP (c.845 - c.912)

"Oleg the Seer", "Helge / Helgi / Ольгъ / Ве́щий Оле́г", "Oleg / Olef", "Олег Хафтанов Айдаров Алабуга"

Note: The precise relationship, if any, between Oleg and the main line of Rurik is not known. It is most likely that he was the brother-in-law of Rurik. Wikipedia: English , Русский Oleg of Novgoro...

12/27/2007 12/13/2010

NOTE: Rurik most likely originated from somewhere around the Baltic region, this area of northern Europe was very fluid at the time with no clear definitions or national boundaries. There is no c...

3/19/2007 12/12/2010

Gostomysl, Leader of the Ilmen Slavs MP (c.800 - c.867)

"Gozomuzolo", "Gestimus", "Gestimulus", "Gostomuizli", "Gostomysl von Nowgorod", "Gostomysl Prince of Novgorod", "Гостомысл / Gestimus / Gostomuizli", "rex Gostomuizli of the Obodrites"

Gostomysl (Russian: Гостомысл) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Gostomysl is a legendary 9th-century posadnik of Novgorod who was introduced into the historiography by Vasily Tatishchev, an 18...

10/23/2008 12/12/2010