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Nathaniel Morton (1616 - 1685)

Nathaniel "came to New England with his father in 1623 on the Ann; upon the death of his father in June, 1624, he was adopted by Governor William Bradford, whose second wife, Mrs. Alice (Carpenter) Sou...

5/11/2007 11/5/2015

Edward Bangs MP (c.1591 - 1678)

"Edward Banks", "Edward Banges"

On 22 June 1651 Edward Bangs of Eastham, yeoman, and Rebecca his wife, sold to "Mannasses Kemton" of Plymouth, yeoman, forty acres of upland in Plymouth [PCR 12:209]. Edward Bangs served on a dozen j...

2/16/2007 6/17/2015

Experience Mitchell MP (1609 - 1688)

Experience (1) MITCHELL was born about 1602 in England?. (2113) Wood MF5G:12, indicates that Experience's ancestry remains unknown, with a possible connection with a Thomas Mitchell , of England. He im...

1/20/2007 4/24/2015

Mary Soule MP (1590 - 1676)

"*****Great Puritan Migration**** 1623 on "Anne" to Plymouth", "double gr-grandmother"

Birth surname has also been (erroneously?) reported to be: Becket Buckett Bucket Date of birth has also been (erroneously?) reported to be 1603. The passenger ship Anne arrived in Plymout...

4/18/2007 1/28/2015

Bridget Fuller MP (c.1600 - 1667)


Bridget Lee Birth: abt 1600, in or near Leyden, South Holland, Netherlands Death: aft 2 May 1667, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA Father: ?? Lee Mother: Josephine AKA Joos Lee Passenger of the Ann...

11/19/2007 9/10/2014

Frances Palmer MP (1585 - 1635)

"Frances Blossom"

Came on the Anne in 1623. Maiden name unknown. Seen as Blossom, Bottom ... Sometimes she is shown as 'Frances Piquott',but that is incorrect. This is created because of the confusion regarding Will...

3/4/2007 8/12/2014

Samuel Hicks, Sr. MP (1611 - 1675)

"Samuel Hicks Sr."

From "The Doane Family" by AA Doane vol. 1 pp. 19 He seems to have been a man of standing. He was in Plymouth in 1639, when he bought his father's house, out-houses and garden-plot, with two cows, an...

3/2/2007 8/12/2014

Capt. John Jenney MP (1596 - 1643)

"John Jenne"

Captain John Jenney (1596 - 1643) , son of Henry Jenney and Mary Smythe, was born 21 December 1596 at Lakenham Parish, Norfolk, England; he died at the age of 46 on 25 May 1643 at Plymouth, Plymouth Co...

4/29/2007 6/29/2014

Sarah Jane Pope MP (1623 - 1710)

Sarah Jenney was born 19 July 1623 at sea. She was the daughter of John Jenney and Sarah Carey. Sarah Jenney married Thomas Pope , son of John Pope and (Marcy) Halsnoth, on 29 May 1646 in Plymouth, Ply...

4/29/2007 6/29/2014

Samuel Jenney (1617 - 1692)

To learn more about Samuel Jenney and his family check out this link:

12/11/2007 6/29/2014

Sarah Jenney MP (1590 - 1655)

"Sarah Kaire"

Note: 8/11/14 A descendant of Sarah's is going to take a trip to England and try to find information on her origins. Margaret (C) Sarah Carey Jenney (1590 - 1655) , parentage unknown, was born 1590 a...

9/11/2007 6/29/2014

Abigail Wood MP (1619 - 1690)


Abigail Jenney (1619 - 1690) , daughter of John Jenney and Sarah Carey, was born 16 April 1619 at Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. She emigrated with her parents to the Colonies in 1623 aboard the Li...

11/27/2007 6/29/2014

Margaret Hicks MP (c.1579 - 1666)

"Not Margaret Winslow"

Margaret Hicks arrived at Plymouth in 1623 on the Anne with her children, Samuel and Lydia, to join her husband Robert Hicks . Margaret Hicks was thought to have been the first woman teacher in Ameri...

3/2/2007 4/15/2014

Abraham Pierce, of Duxbury MP (c.1610 - 1673)

"Abraham Peirse"

Seven Pierce Families by Harvey Cushman Pierce, 1936: His name was spelled PEIRCE. Abraham Peirce was the first member of the family who settled in Plymouth Colony and from him are descended most of th...

8/18/2007 12/24/2013

George Morton, of Plymouth Colony MP (1585 - 1624)

"G. Mourt"

• Mourt's Relation = a transcription of the work he edited. ) George Morton (ca. 1585-1624) was an English Puritan Separatist, probably from Bawtry, South Yorkshire, England, and member ...

5/6/2007 8/13/2013

Patience Whitney MP (1615 - 1691)

"Patience (Morton) Faunce Whitney"

Patience Morton immigrated in 1623 to Plymouth, New Plymouth Colony on the Anne or Little James. She married 1) 1633 in Plymouth, New Plymouth Colony to John Faunce. She married 2) Thomas Whitney after...

3/15/2007 4/18/2013

John Faunce, of Plymouth Colony MP (1600 - 1653)

"John Fance"

John Faunce Birth: 1610 - Purleigh, Essex, England Death: Nov 29 1653 - Plymouth, Massachusetts Wife: Patience Morton John Faunce arrived in Mass. Bay on 10 July 1623 on the Pilgrim Ship th...

3/15/2007 4/18/2013

Anthony Annable MP (1599 - c.1674)

"Annible", "Annabel", "Anible", "Anable"

Anthony Annable was one of the earliest Pilgrim settlers of Scituate, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, along with his family. According to the research of the Scituate History Society's "Early Scituat...

2/8/2007 3/26/2013

John "Mad Jack" Oldham MP (1598 - 1636)

John Oldham (1592–1636) was an early Puritan settler in Massachusetts. He was a captain, merchant, and Indian trader. His death at the hands of the Indians was one of the causes of the Pequot Wa...

7/11/2008 3/13/2013

Juliana Kempton (1584 - 1665)


Baptized on 17 Mar 1584 at Bath, Somerset, Juliana was a sister of Priscilla Carpenter who married Lydia Coopers brother John Cooper. She immigrated to New England with her children Nathaniel Morton,...

5/6/2007 11/4/2012

Alice Bradford MP (1590 - 1670)

"Alice (Carpenter) Southworth Bradford", "Southworth"

Alice came over on the ship "Anne" in 1623. Alice came to America a few years after the Mayflower. She was a widow (last name Southworth) and had two young sons. Alice Carpenter was one of the Leid...

2/19/2007 11/4/2012

Nicholas Snow MP (c.1599 - 1676)

Nicholas Snow M, #73877, b. 25 January 1600, d. 15 November 1676 Family Constance Hopkins b. 11 May 1606, d. Oct 1677 Child Mary Snow+ b. c 1630, d. 28 Apr 1704 From: His parents are...

2/18/2007 10/30/2012

Capt. Edward Bangs MP (1665 - 1746)

"Capt Edward /Bangs/"

'Plymouth Colony, its history & people, 1620-1691 By Eugene Aubrey Stratton Pg. 238 Bangs, Edward - Arriving at Plymouth in 1623 on the Anne, Edward Bangs was probably born ca. 1591, for he said ...

7/2/2008 9/9/2012

Gov. Roger Conant MP (1592 - 1679)

"Founder of Salem"

Roger Conant (c. 1592 – 1679), son of Richard and Agnes (Clarke) Conant, Sailed 1623 on ship "Ann" from to the Plymouth Colony from London early in 1623/24, (SIC: may have been "The Charity") wi...

10/4/2007 8/28/2012

Hester Wright MP (c.1620 - 1669)

vi HESTER, b. say 1620; m. Plymouth in 1644 Richard Wright [ PCR 2:79; see also TAG 59:165-70]. Hester Cooke was born bef bef Apr 1621 probably in Leyden, Holland and died in prob. Plymouth, Plymouth...

9/4/2007 7/7/2012

Jane Mitchell MP (c.1609 - c.1641)

iii JANE, b. say 1609; m. Plymouth in 1627 or soon after EXPERIENCE MITCHELL [ NEHGR 127:94-95; TAG 59:28-31]. Jane did not come over on the Mayflower like her father. He left most of his family behi...

1/20/2007 7/7/2012

Fear Allerton MP (c.1606 - 1673)

Came to America on the "Anne" in 1623. Died in 1634 of the smallpox epidemic. Fear and Issac were married before May 22, 1627. --------------------------------------------------------------------...

1/19/2007 3/27/2012

Godbert Godertson (Godbertst) MP (c.1592 - c.1633)

"Cuthbert Cuthbertson", "Cuthbert /Cuthbertson/"

CUTHBERTSON, CUTHBERT, Plymouth, came in the Ann, 1623, and in the div. of lds. next season, was count. for six heads, if the rec. be right, yet at div. of cattle, 1627, he, and w. Sarah, wh. I presume...

6/4/2008 3/27/2012

Mary Pratt MP (1611 - 1686)

"Marah Priest", "Mara Priest"

MARY PRIEST was born about 1613 at Leiden, Holland and died Apr. 19, 1686/7 at Charlestown, Suffolk MA.  inventory Jul. 22, 1689 parents:  daughter of Degory Priest, "Mayflower" Passe...

4/17/2007 3/27/2012

Joshua Pratt MP (1593 - 1656)

The ship Anne arrived in Plymouth in July, 1623 accompanied by the Little James, bringing new settlers along with many of the wives and children that had been left behind in Leyden when the Mayflower d...

9/8/2007 3/27/2012

Ellen Winslow MP (1598 - 1681)

"****Great Puritan Migration****1623 passenger on the "Anne" landing at Plymouth", "Ellen"

Eleanor (Ellen) Newton, female, b. Abt 1598, Clayton, Lancashire, England. Died 5 Dec 1681, Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts. Buried 5 Dec 1681 Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts. Emigrated to M...

3/5/2007 2/25/2012

Sarah Godbertz MP (1588 - 1633)

"Sarah (Allerton) Vincent", "Priest", "Sarah (Allerton) Vincent and Zarah Godbertson"

The widow Sarah Vincent (Allerton), was wife of Degory Priest, Mayflower passenger in 1620. Degory died that first winter but Sarah remarried and brought her two daughters by Degory over to Plymouth Co...

6/28/2007 10/4/2011

Stephen Tracy, of Great Yarmouth & Duxbury MP (c.1596 - 1655)

"Stephen Tracy lll"

Stephen Tracy Baptized: Dec 28 1596 - Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England Death: After Mar 20 1654/5 - Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England Parents: Stephen Tracy, Agnes Erdley Wife: Tryphosa Lee ...

1/27/2007 8/14/2011

Sarah Partridge MP (1621 - 1708)

Sarah Tracy Partridge Birth: Jan., 1623, England Death: Oct., 1708 Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, USA Sarah Tracy, eldest child of Stephen Tracy & Tryphosa Lee, b. in or just before J...

1/22/2007 8/13/2011

Patience Prence MP (c.1595 - c.1634)

"Patience Prince", ""

circa 10 July 1623, on the ship "Anne" Died in the smallpox epidemic of 1634. Patience was born after 1594 and died before December 12, 1634. She was Thomas's second of three wives. a passenger o...

1/19/2007 8/9/2011

Robert Bartlett Baptized: May 27, 1603 Puddletown Dorset, England (proposed). Death:  between Sept 19 1676 (will dated) & Oct 29 1676 (will probated) - of Manomet, Plymouth Colony ...

2/27/2007 7/18/2011

Sarah Cooke MP (c.1614 - 1696)

"married John Cooke Mar 28", "1634"

Came with her mother Elizabeth to Plymouth on the ship Ann in 1623. 1623- Immigrated via ship "Anne". Siblings: Mary born circa 1610, Anna born circa 1612, Elizabeth born circa 1616, Abigail born c...

1/22/2007 7/18/2011

Elizabeth Church MP (1617 - 1670)

Elizabeth WARREN (Richard1). Born in 1615/1616 in England. Elizabeth died in prob. Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA, on 9 Mar 1669/1670; she was 54. Religion: Separatist. Bef 14 Mar 1635/1636 when Elizabeth ...

1/22/2007 7/18/2011

Ann Little (Warren) MP (c.1612 - 1675)

"****Great Puritan Migration***1623 on "Anne" with mother and four sisters", "daughter of Mayflower passenger Richard Warren"

Daughter of Richard Warren of the Mayflower. Note that she herself was not a Mayflower passenger. She, along with her mother and four sisters, came to America in 1623 on the ship :Anne:. Burial She...

2/25/2007 7/18/2011

Abigail Snow MP (c.1619 - c.1692)

Abigail Warren was born ca 1618 probably in England and died after 3 January 1692/3, Marshfield, Plymouth. Parents: Richard Warren, "Mayflower" Passenger (b. ca 1580-d. 1628) and Elizabeth Walker (b....

1/23/2007 7/18/2011

Elizabeth Warren MP (1583 - 1673)

"****Great Puritan Migration*****arrived in Plymouth aboard "Anne" with 5 daughters", "Passenger of Mayflower"

Please note this comment from Caleb Johnson, Mayflower researcher: "Common mistake #1: Richard Warren's wife is not Elizabeth (Jewett/Jonatt/Juett) Marsh. This is easily disproven. Elizabeth (Jewett)...

1/22/2007 7/18/2011

Mary Bartlett MP (c.1609 - 1683)

"Mary Bartlett"

Mary Warren birth: 1610, England death: Mar. 27, 1683, Manomet, Plymouth County, Massachusetts parents: Richard Warren, Elizabeth Walker Marriage to Robert Bartlett after 22 May 1627 The...

1/23/2007 5/28/2011

Lucretia Brewster MP (1600 - 1678)

Lucretia Oldham was born before 14 January 1600/1 in Derby, Derbyshire, England.2 She was baptized on 14 January 1600/1 in All Saints, Derby, Derbyshire, England.2 Lucretia Oldham died on 4 March 1671 ...

4/18/2007 5/22/2011

Francis Sprague, of Duxbury MP (c.1590 - 1676)

"immigrant ancestor"

Francis Sprague Birth: 1598/99 - London, England Death: From 1675 To 1676 - Duxbury, Plymouth County, MA Parents: unknown Wife: Lydia or Ann Sprague Children: Ann(Anna) Lawrence (born Sprag...

2/16/2007 3/23/2011

Jacob Cooke MP (c.1618 - 1675)

v JACOB, b. about 1618 (deposed 14 July 1674 "aged fifty-six years or thereabout" [ MD 2:45-46, citing PLR 1:81]); m. (1) Plymouth shortly after 10 June 1646 (marriage contract) Damaris Hopkins [ PCR 2...

3/15/2007 3/23/2011

Hester "Walloon" Cooke MP (c.1582 - 1666)

"Esther le Mahieu", "Mahie", "le Mahieu", "Walloon", "(Walloon)"

Hester Mahieu was born between 1582-1588 at Prob Canterbury, England and died after 8 June 1666 at Plymouth Plantation. She was the daughter of Jacques Mahieu and Jenne (?). Married: on 20 July 160...

1/20/2007 3/23/2011

Thomas Clark, of the Plymouth Colony MP (1599 - 1697)


From The Spirit of '76, Volume 6 Spirit of '76 Publishing Company, 1899 - United States Thomas Clark, of Plymouth, came in the "Ann" 1623, married Susanna, daughter of widow Mary Ring, and had Andr...

3/20/2007 1/15/2011