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Matthew Cushing MP (1623 - 1701)

Matthew was a wheelwright, and took an active and prominent part in the affairs of the town. Selectman 13 times between 1661 and 1695; freeman, 1679; was known as -Sergeant-, as -Cornet-, and later as ...

3/22/2008 1/6/2017

Thomas "The Husbandman" Lincoln MP (1622 - 1692)

"The Husbandman"

Thomas Lincoln, The Husbandman, son of Joan, brother of Stephen Eight families by the name of Lincoln came from Hingham, Norfolk, England, and vicinity to Hingham, Massachusetts, between 1630 and 164...

9/19/2007 11/29/2015

Moses GILMAN MP (1619 - 1619)

5/23/2008 8/11/2015

John Beal MP (1593 - 1688)

Bp/Chr: May 8, 1593, Wramplingham, Norfolk, England Emigration: 1638, arrived on the Diligent from London ===================== Family records claim John's birth c.1588. However, Wramplington Par...

4/29/2007 8/10/2015

John Cushing MP (1627 - 1708)

Occupation: Farmer, exporter, ship owner, 1692 First Representative from Scit uate, Mass. In 1638 John Cushing, aged eleven, came with his parents Matthew and Nazareth and four siblings to New Engl...

7/2/2007 8/9/2015

Mary Folsom MP (1615 - 1681)

Updated from [undefined WikiTree] via Ephraim Folsom by SmartCopy : Oct 25 2014, 17:42:48 UTC references Jacob Chapmam, AM., A Genealogy of the Folsome Family: John Folsom and his Descendants, ...

7/3/2008 8/9/2015

John Folsom, I MP (1613 - 1681)

"Deacon John Fowlesham", "John Foulsham", "John Folsham"

John Folsom, son of Adam Folsom, was the immigrant ancestor. He was baptized in England in 1615. He married, in England at Hingham, October 4, 1636. Mary Gilman, daughter of Edward Gilman. In 1638 with...

7/27/2007 8/9/2015

Nazareth Cushing MP (1586 - 1682)

"Margaret Cushing"

ID: I301745 Name: Nazareth Pitcher Sex: F Birth: 30 OCT 1586 in Hingham, Norfolk, England Death: 6 JAN 1680/81 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts Father: Henry Pitcher b: ABT 1560 Moth...

7/2/2007 8/9/2015

Matthew Cushing, Sr. MP (1589 - 1660)

Matthew Cushing, born in 1588, the year of the Spanish Armada, son of Peter Cushing of Norfolk, whose grandfather had possessed large estates in Lombard street, London, married 5 August 1613 Nazareth P...

7/2/2007 8/9/2015

Daniel Cushing, Esq. MP (1619 - 1700)

Daniel Cushing left a full and minute will, dated 11 September 1693. A lot of l and was granted to him by the Town of Hingham in 1665. He was a wheelwright and became a freeman in 1671, was an active m...

8/24/2007 8/9/2015

Hon., Capt. John Gilman MP (1624 - 1707)

Excerpt from "The Story of the Gilmans and a Gilman Genealog......":He was fourteen when he arrived in Hingham, Mass., and it was ten years later when he located in Exeter, New Hampshire. He and his ol...

2/25/2007 8/9/2015

Sarah Leavitt MP (1622 - 1700)

"other possibilities for her parents"


3/13/2007 8/9/2015

Lydia Clark Cushing MP (1619 - 1689)

8/24/2007 8/9/2015

Edward "Immigrant" Gilman, V MP (1617 - 1653)

"Gyllman", "Gylman", "Gilman"

From 3258. Edward Gilman. Born ca 1617 in Hingham, Norfolk. Edward was baptized in Hingham, Norfolk, on 26 Dec 1617. Edward died in 1653 in at sea.24 Edward was one of the four young men who were p...

4/29/2007 8/9/2015

Mary Gilman MP (1587 - 1681)

Alternate Data at time of merge on 11/28/09: First Name: Mary Last Name: Clark Maiden Name: Clark Birth Date(s): c. 1590, c. 1625, 1567 links FamilySearch AFNs: 3G3T-CP, K7RZ-6G

3/13/2007 8/9/2015

Surname has also been reported to be Gyllman and Gylman . Edward was not an immigrant, integrating into an existing society, he was a "colonist" establishing an English colony on the American contine...

3/13/2007 8/9/2015

Elizabeth 'Susannah' Ripley MP (1610 - 1638)

"Susannah", "Elizabeth Sharp", "Susannah Sharp"

Elizabeth "Susannah" Sharp Ripley Birth: Feb. 20, 1611 Methley, West Yorkshire, England Death: unknown Hingham, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, USA Elizabeth "Susannah" (SHARP) RIPLEY, baptised...

3/16/2007 4/30/2015

William Ripley, of Hingham MP (1598 - 1656)

Laurel Logan: from In 1638 WILLIAM RIPLEY with his wife, two sons and two daughters, came from Hingham, Norfolk County, England, and settled at Hingham, Mass. He married a second wife, Elizabeth, w...

3/16/2007 4/30/2015

James Buck, of Hingham MP (1612 - 1646)

James BUCK died on April 24, 1646 in Hingham, MA. He was born in England. James Buck, Hingham,1638. Came over in the DILIGENT that same year with one servant, John Morfield, from Old Hingham, England. ...

5/29/2008 4/18/2013

John Buck, of Scituate MP (1613 - 1697)

""Cornet" John Buck"

John Buck Birth: 1625 - Hingham, Norfolk England (ALT: Dec 19 1613 - London, Middlesex, England) Death: 1698 - Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts Parents: Perhaps Edmund Buck, of Barbados & Plym...

5/29/2008 4/18/2013