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Elizabeth Cooke MP (c.1609 - 1687)


Taken from: Stephen Deane was a Puritan who emigrated to Plymouth Colony in 1621 on the Fortune. He died in 1634 in Plymouth. He married Elizabeth RING, a daughter of the widow Mary Ring. That mu...

2/23/2007 4/11/2016

Edward Bumpas MP (1603 - 1693)

"Bompasse", "Bumpass", "Bump", "Edward Bompase"

Retrieved from 8/5/2008 The name Bumpus is probably of French origin, possibly Hugenot. A hasty search of the early London parish registers show it as Bumpasse and Bompasse, and it has undergone ...

2/8/2007 10/2/2015

Francis Godfrey Born in Bath, Somerset, England about 1600, Francis married 1621 Elizabeth (perhaps surnamed Hall). He had a grant of land in 1638 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA where he signed his will 29...

7/18/2007 6/7/2015

John Winslow, Sr. MP (1597 - 1674)

"Josias Winslow"

John Winslow (1597–1674) He was one of several Winslow brothers who came to the Plymouth Colony in its earliest years. His brothers Edward and Gilbert were passengers on the Mayflower in 1620. John Win...

1/27/2007 5/2/2015

Robert Hicks Birth: 1583 Surrey, England Death: May 24, 1647 Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, USA Arrived on the "FORTUNE" the first ship after the "Mayflower" to the Plymouth Bay Colo...

2/23/2007 12/8/2014

Stephen Deane Birth: about 1606, England Death: Plymouth "between 10 March 1633/4 (purchase of Godbert Godbertson's house) and 2 October 1634 (date of inventory), and probably closer to the latte...

2/23/2007 6/23/2014

Rev. Thomas Cushman MP (1608 - 1691)

Thomas came over on the ship "FORTUNE" in 1621 with his brother Robert. Came to America on Fortune in 1621 with his father. When Robert, Thomas' father, returned to London on business for Plymouth, T...

4/18/2007 3/5/2013

Elizabeth Bassett MP (c.1603 - c.1634)

"Elizabeth Tilden"

William Basset married Elizabeth _____ by 1623 (and probably by 1621). She came to Plymouth with him as a passenger on the Fortune in 1621. She appears in no record after 1627, and may have died soon a...

4/30/2007 2/28/2013

William Bassett, of the Plymouth Colony MP (1599 - 1667)

"William Bassett"

William Bassett Birth: between 1599 and October 24, 1600 in (possibly) Bethnal Green, Middlesex, England Death: before May 12, 1667 Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts Possibly the son of ...

4/30/2007 2/28/2013

William Forde MP (1562 - 1621)

"William Foord", "William Ford of the Fortune"

Immigrated in 1621 on the "Fortune". Died at sea. Came from England on the ship, "the fortune". Probably died on that ship. Foords came from vicinity of County Devon, Eng. Spent time in Holland as ...

3/28/2007 2/24/2013

Jonathan Brewster MP (1593 - 1659)

"Johnathan Brewster", "Elder"

Jonathan Brewster was born August 12, 1593 in Scrooby, Nottinhamshire, England to William Brewster . He moved with his family to Leiden in Holland around 1610. It was there he accepted citizenship on J...

1/18/2007 12/19/2012

Clement Briggs MP (1587 - 1648)

Clement came over in the 55 ton ship "Fortune" in 1621 with 34 other passengers. Clement was sent to America to make the colony viable to send fur and timber back to England.

3/21/2007 12/6/2012

William Wright, of the Plymouth Colony MP (1595 - 1633)

"William Way"

William Wright was born circa 1598.1 Origins unknown. He married Priscilla Carpenter, daughter of Alexander Carpenter and Priscilla (?), between 1629 and 1633 in Plymouth, Plymouth Colony, now Plymou...

1/1/2008 11/5/2012

Priscilla "Dillie" Cooper MP (1597 - 1689)


'Robinson-Yochem Genealogy Priscilla Carpenter Sex: F Individual Information Birth: Abt 1597 - England, United Kingdom Christening: Death: 29 Dec 1689 - Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, Unit...

5/28/2007 11/5/2012

William Ford, of Marshfield MP (c.1604 - 1676)

"Deacon William Ford", "of the "Fortune""

William Ford of Marshfield. Born ca 1604 born in England. William died in Sep 1676 in Marshfield, MA. Buried on 23 Sep 1676 in Winslow Cem., Marshfield. (20) Occupation: miller. Parents: not known (f...

8/20/2007 7/21/2012

Moses Simmons, of Duxbury MP (1604 - 1689)

"Moses Simozoon Van Der Wilde", "Moses Simonson", "Moses Simons", "Moyses", "Moses William Simmons"

Moses (Symonson) Simmons Birth: January 1, 1604 Leiden, Rhynland (present Zuid-Holland), Holland, Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden (Present The Netherlands) Death: between June 17, 168...

2/16/2007 3/28/2012

Thomas Prence, Governor of Plymouth Colony MP (1600 - 1673)

"First Governer of the American Colonies", "Govenor - Arrived Plymonth 11 09 1621 on ship Fortune"

Thomas Prence had 4 wives. 1) Patience Brewster 2) Mary Collier 3) Apphia (Quick) Freeman (divorced from Samuel Freeman) and 4) Mary (?) Howes (widow of Thomas Howes) Note: Thomas Prince, Senior, car...

1/28/2007 3/28/2012

John Adams of Plymouth Colony MP (1600 - c.1633)

MTDNA Haplogroup H (as per Karen ) Great Migration Begins Vol. I; Died between Jul 1 and Oct 24,1633; Plymouth Colony, Its History & People, 1620-1691, by Eugene Aubrey Stratton: Arriving in 16...

3/22/2008 2/25/2012

William Hilton, III MP (1585 - 1655)

Of the early life of William before he emigrated to New England, but little is known. He was in London at the date of his father's will and may be identical with a William Hilton, a vintner's assistanc...

7/4/2007 1/1/2012

Martha Browne MP (1589 - 1633)

"Martha Foord", "Ford", "(b unknown)", "Widow Foord"

Birth surname has been (erroneously?) reported to be: Wighte Taylor Given name has also been reported to be: Martha Keziah Keziah Note as of 2004 in The American Genealogist it is una...

3/8/2007 8/9/2011

William Palmer, of Duxbury MP (1581 - 1637)

Date of birth might be April 1585. Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: William Palmer (the father) Robert Charles Anderson Birth: William Palmer was born in England about 1581 (based on the estima...

3/11/2007 5/30/2011