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Capt. Christopher Clark MP (1627 - 1693)

"Mr. Chrystofer Clarke"

Christopher Clark was a mariner, out of Boston, Ma. He married Rebbeka Eyre or Eyres 1647. They had nine children. He sailed between England and other countries. He was recorded on the Speedwell 1667. ...

8/22/2011 12/21/2014

Sarah Rickard MP (c.1628 - d.)

11/9/2008 10/13/2014

Samuel King, Sr. MP (c.1619 - 1705)

1/15/2008 10/13/2014

Judith Rickard MP (bef.1594 - 1661)


Judith Cogan was born before 13 June 1594 in Taunton, Somerset, England.1 She was baptized on 13 June 1594 in St. Mary Magdale, Taunton, Somerset, England.1 She was the daughter of Henry Cogan ...

7/3/2008 10/13/2014

Giles Rickard MP (c.1597 - 1684)


Judith Cogan and Giles Rickard immigrated on the Speedwell, departing from Weymouth, Dorset England, arriving 22 April 1637 in Plymouth, Plymouth Colony, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Married 1...

7/3/2008 10/13/2014

Christopher Holder "the Quaker" MP (1631 - 1688)

"Christopher Holder of Puddimore"

Christopher Holder (c. 1631—post-1676) was an English Quaker minister who immigrated to the Massachusetts Bay Colony, where he was persecuted for his beliefs. He was prohibited from preaching, imprison...

2/15/2007 9/7/2014

Elizabeth Poole MP (1588 - 1654)


ELIZABETH POOLE, "FOUNDING MOTHER" OF TAUNTON Elizabeth Pole was baptized in Colcombe, Devonshire on August 25, 1588 and died in Taunton, Plymouth Colony, America on May 21, 1654............She left ...

4/28/2014 6/15/2014

Capt. Thomas Cooke, alias Butcher MP (1600 - 1677)


Thomas Cooke, known as Bowcher, Bocher, or Butcher, arrived near Boston in 1637 with a group that accompanied Elizabeth Poole and her brother, William. Thomas, his wife, and three children. They sailed...

6/29/2007 6/15/2014

Robert Spink, of Yorkshire & Kingston MP (1615 - 1695)

"Spink (Spynk)", "Robert Spynk", "Robert Spink"

Robert Spink was born 1615 in Yorkshire, England, and died 1695 in Rhode Island. He married Alice Howes. Notes Robert Spink (1615 - 1695) married Alica Howes of Kingston and New Port, RI He embarke...

3/8/2007 2/25/2014

George Allen, Jr. of Sandwich MP (c.1619 - 1693)

Based on Macdonald (page 12 & 13) George Allen Jr (1619-1693) was married twice but all of his children were from his first marriage to Hannah .... abt 1647 (when George Jr. was about age 36). Hannah h...

4/18/2007 8/31/2011

Rev Thomas Francis Blossom, Sr MP (1568 - bef.1633)

From the Log of the Mayflower: "Deacon Thomas Blossom and his son were well known as of Pastor Robinson's flock at Leyden. They returned moreover to Holland from Plymouth, England (when they gave up th...

3/4/2007 6/2/2011

John Dean MP (1600 - 1660)

"John Dean", "John Deane", "Denner"

Vital Statistics His will names his wife as Alice, last name unknown Besides his wife, the other relatives named in his will were: oldest son John second son Thomas third son Israel y...

9/23/2007 4/11/2011

Walter Deane MP (c.1612 - 1693)

Laurel Logan August 19, 2008 from Walter - bap. May 13, 1612, St. Mary, Chard, Somerset; d. 1659, Taunton, MA. To America in 1637 aboard the 'Speedwell' with brother John. Married in 1637 at Taun...

6/23/2007 4/11/2011

Thomas Barnes, of Marlboro MP (1636 - 1679)


biography From The first BARNES in the colonies was Thomas BARNES (BARENCE), who was born in Barkling, Essex, England, about 1636. He came to America at the age of twenty, on the Speedwell, arrivin...

9/21/2007 2/14/2011

Sarah Lane MP (1616 - 1695)

Vital Information Although Sarah's exact birth date and location are unknown, Peter H. Judd's Four American Ancestries indicates that she was almost certainly among the seven children of Walter Harri...

8/23/2007 1/14/2011

Mary Harris MP (1592 - 1655)

Please see the "Media" tab for a collection of related documents archived from the Internet. More documents can be added there as they are found. Vital Information According to the New England Hist...

8/23/2007 1/14/2011

Walter Harris MP (c.1595 - 1654)

Vital Information According to the New England Historical and Genealogical Register (April 2002 and July 2002) and genealogist Gale Ion Harris, Walter has no known birth year in any records but was m...

8/23/2007 1/10/2011