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Ann Harriet Poulter, SM/PROG MP (1810 - 1883)

"Ann Harriet Stewart"

NOTE BY JAN A JONES: Source in respect of date of birth and date of death: HENRY JONES JNR FAMILY BIBLE (1872)

5/20/2010 12/16/2020

Johanna Haester, SM/PROG MP (bef.1667 - c.1720)

"Johanna Monk; Johanna van Eck;", "Anna MONK", "Anna Haester"

... have a baptism entry for her in Leiden 30 11 1667 - where the name is spelt HASTER, HASTERS, HARSTER - Doopboek Pieterskerk 1664-1681 Overberg Families HJ Engela 65831 Adriaan VAN ECK, * Amster...

12/5/2008 9/22/2014

Julia Ann Town MP (1832 - 1919)

"Julia Anna Town", "Julia Anna Moore", "Julie Moore", "Julie Town", "Juliana Town", "Juliana Moore", "Julian Moore", "Julian Town"

Based on genetic testing of a female-line descendant, her mtDNA haplogroup was H5a. Her mother's maiden name and town of birth were unknown. On June 6, 1849, Julia married William Town in Dorset, Ben...

3/30/2011 4/14/2013

Anne Andersdatter Trae (1657 - c.1720)

"Anne Andresdatter Selstad"

mtDNA haplogroup H5a1 as per maternal line descent seljord bygdebok p 591 II

8/5/2007 10/13/2012

Catherine Swan (c.1769 - 1854)

Catherine Swan was living with her Daughter jane and son-in-law Charles Dickinson in Edmonton in 1841 - aged 70 and Independant. In 1851 she was still living with Charles and Jane - aged 81 - born Al...

9/27/2007 3/23/2012