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"HMS Sirius" 1788 (Navy Escort) First Fleet (England to NSW, Australia)

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  • John Braydon [Crew "Supply" 1788] (deceased)
    John BRAYDON was a Helsman in the Royal Navy and he left England on "Sirius" and arrived in Sydney Cove on 26/1/1788 on "Supply" LINKS
  • William Burton Westbrook [Crew "Sirius" 1788] (1762 - 1799)
    William Burton WESTBROOK was born c1762 Fareham, Hampshire, England William was a Drummer in Royal Marines and he arrived in Sydney Cove on 26/1/1788 on "Sirius" William died 6/8/1799 (drowned) L...
  • William Beard [Crew "Sirius" 1788] (1761 - d.)
    William BEARD was born c1761 Scotland William was a Seaman and he arrived in Sydney Cove on 26/1/1788 on "Sirius" William left the colony in 1792 on "Waaksamheid" LINKS
  • William Mitchell [Crew "Sirius" 1788] (1757 - 1827)
    William MITCHELL was born 1757 at Fort George, Scotland William was a seaman and he arrived in Sydney Cove on 26/1/1788 on "Sirius" William was stranded on Norfolk Island following the wreck of the...
  • Thomas Daveny [Crew "Sirius" 1788] (1759 - 1795)
    Thomas DAVENY (aka DAVENEY) was born 1759 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England (son of James DAVENY and Martha WILLETT) Thomas was a seaman and he arrived in Sydney Cove on 26/1/1788 on "Sirius" ...

The "HMS Sirius" was the flagship of the First Fleet and arrived in Botany Bay on 20 January 1788

Alphabetical list of crew, marines, wives, passengers and convicts

  • Alt, Matthew Bowles Matthew Bowles Alt, Free "Sirius" 1788
  • Anderson, John Able Seaman - Royal Navy
  • Angell, James Private - Royal Marines 26th (Portsmouth) Company
  • Assell, John Private - Royal Marines 29th (Portsmouth) Company


  • Bacon, Elizabeth Came Free - Soldiers Child
  • Bacon, Jane Elizabeth (Mrs) Came Free - Soldier's Wife
  • Bacon, Samuel Private - Royal Marines 39th (Plymouth) Company
  • Bagley, James Corporal - Royal Marines 45th (Plymouth) Company
  • Bagley, Maria Came Free - Soldiers Child
  • Bagley, Sarah (Mrs) Came Free - Soldier's Wife
  • Bagnall, Ralph Private - Royal Marines 51st (Plymouth) Company
  • Batchelor, John Private - Royal Marines 55th (Portsmouth) Company
  • Bates, John Private - Royal Marines 47th (Portsmouth) Company
  • Bayne, David Seaman
  • Beard, William Seaman
  • Bell, Jonathon Seaman
  • Berriman, John Came Free - Ship's Steward
  • Boyce, Benjamin Seaman
  • Bradley, William 1st Lieutenant - Royal Navy
  • Brewer, Henry Midshipman - Royal Navy
  • Brooks, Deborah (Mrs) Came Free - Boatswain's Wife
  • Brooks, Thomas Boatswain - Royal Navy
  • Buckley, Stephen Boatswain's Mate - Royal Navy
  • Bull, William Private - Royal Marines 15th (Plymouth) Company
  • Burne, Terence Seaman - Royal Navy




  • Ellis, Walter Seaman




  • Hacking, Henry Quartermaster
  • Hailey, James Private - Royal Marines 55th Company
  • Hailey, John Private - Royal Marines 26th Company
  • Halfpenny, Thomas Private - Royal Marines 35th (Portsmouth) Company
  • Hambley, William William Hambly, Crew "Sirius" 1788
  • Harris, John Willkinson Midshipman - Royal Navy
  • Hatherly, James Carpenter's Mate - Royal Navy
  • Henderson, Robert Able Seaman
  • Heritage, Charles Private - Royal Marines 5th Company
  • Hibbs, Peter Peter Kenney Hibbs, Crew 'Sirius' 1788
  • Hill, Francis Ship's Master's Mate
  • Hughes, William Drummer - Royal Marines 2nd Company
  • Hunter, John 2nd Captain of the Sirius
  • Hurdle, James Private - Royal Marines 57th (Plymouth) Company





  • Mara, John Gunner's Mate - Royal Navy
  • Maxwell, George William 3rd Lieutenant - Royal Marines
  • Mc Ewan, Patrick Private - Royal Marines 20th (Portsmouth) Company
  • Mc Manus, James Private - Royal Marines 59th Company
  • Mc Neal, John Seaman
  • Middleton, John Seaman
  • Mitchell, William Seaman
  • Moore, Edward Seaman
  • Morton, Micah Ship's Master
  • Moulton, William Private - Royal Marines 18th Company
  • Mountstephens, Robert Drummer - Royal Marines 27th Company
  • Murley, Roger Seaman
  • Murphy, Michael Private - Royal Marines 41st Company


  • Nagle, Jacob Seaman
  • Nairn, James Corporal - Royal Navy


  • Painter, James Seaman
  • Palmer, Christopher Seaman
  • Palmer, John John "Little Jack" Palmer [Crew "Sirius" 1788 + Free Settler "Porpoise" 1800]
  • Parker, Charles Ship's Carpenter - Royal Navy
  • Parsons, Henry Private - Royal Marines 45th (Plymouth) Company
  • Paynter, James Carpenter's Mate
  • Petrie, Henry Sergeant - Royal Marines
  • Phillip, Arthur Captain, Commodore of Fleet, 1st Governor of NSW
  • Phillips, Thomas Quartermaster
  • Plater, Charles Private - Royal Marines
  • Prater, Charles Came Free - Servant to David Collins
  • Proctor, James Quarter Gunner
  • Proctor, William Sergeant - Royal Marines 11th Company


  • Radford, Joseph Private - Royal Marines 25th Company
  • Raper, George Midshipman
  • Redman, James Private - Royal Marines 5th Company
  • Reid, William Able Seaman
  • Reynolds, Charles Drummer - Royal Marines 63rd Company
  • Rice, John Private - Royal Marines 33rd (Plymouth) Company
  • Ross, Peter Gunner - Royal Navy
  • Ross, Robert Major - Royal Marines


  • Scott, Thomas Private - Royal Marines 61st Company
  • Sculley, Thomas Thomas Scully [Marine "Sirius" 1788]
  • Seedhouse, William Private - Royal Marines 36th Company
  • Shine, John Able Seaman
  • Standley, William Private - Royal Marines 5th Company




  • Yule, Robert Able Seaman - Royal Navy