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SYEDNA MUHAMMAD SHAFI by name moved from NOORPUR futher east wards to the 12th century Hijra and settled at Bareilly.It was here at Bareilly that HAFIZ SYED SHAH MUHAMMAD FAZL-E-GHAUS grand-fath...

1/16/2011 11/24/2012

Syed Muhammad Raza-e- Ghaus MP (1917 - 1998)

1/16/2011 11/19/2012

Short Family History and Life -Sketch of Late MAULVI HAKIM SYED MUHAMMAD AZIZ GHAUS == Maulvi Hakim Syedna Aziz Ghaus,born towards the turn of the last century Hijra in a reputable family of saint-sc...

1/16/2011 10/20/2012