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Lawrence H. Aller (1913 - 2003)

Lawrence Hugh Aller (September 24, 1913 – March 16, 2003) was an American astronomer. He was born in Tacoma, Washington. He never finished high school and worked for a time as a gold miner. He...

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William Allen, D.D. (1784 - 1868)

) William Allen (January 2, 1784 – July 16, 1868) was an American biographer, scholar and academic. --------------------------------------------------------- Biographer, academic scholar a...

5/3/2013 Yesterday

Joel Asaph Allen (1838 - 1921)

Joel Asaph Allen (July 19, 1838 – August 29, 1921) was an American zoologist, mammalogist and ornithologist. He became the first president of the American Ornithologists' Union, the first cura...

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Glover Morrill Allen (1879 - 1942)

Glover Morrill Allen (February 8, 1879 – February 14, 1942) was an American zoologist. He was born at Walpole, New Hampshire, the son of Reverend Nathaniel Glover Allen and Harriet Ann (Sc...

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Jonathan Aldrich (1936 - d.)

Jonathan Aldrich (born 1936) is an American poet. He is the author of eight collections of poetry and several chapbooks. Biography Born in Boston, Aldrich was educated at Exeter; Harvard College,...

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Bailey Aldrich (1907 - 2002)

Bailey Aldrich (April 23, 1907 – September 25, 2002) was a United States federal judge for more than 48 years. Biography A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Aldrich graduated from Harvard C...

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Fuller Albright (1900 - 1969)

Fuller Albright (January 12, 1900 – December 8, 1969) was an American endocrinologist who made numerous contributions to his field, especially to the area of calcium metabolism.

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Charles Greeley Loring (1794 - 1867)

3/5/2009 Yesterday

Augustus Peabody Loring (1857 - 1938)

3/5/2009 Yesterday

William Caleb Loring (1851 - 1930)

William Caleb Loring was appointed an Associate Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts by His Excellency the Governor Roger Wolcott on September 7, 1899, in place of Oliver Wendell Ho...

3/5/2009 Yesterday

Rev. Charles Chauncy, D.D. MP (1705 - 1787)

The Rev. Charles Chauncy was an American Congregational clergyman in Boston. He was ordained as a minister of the First Church, Boston, in 1727 and remained in that pulpit for 60 years. Next to Jonatha...

3/6/2013 8/26/2016

George Cabot (December 3, 1752 – April 18, 1823) was an American merchant, seaman, and politician from Boston, Massachusetts. He represented Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate and as the Presidi...

3/5/2009 8/26/2016

Jacob Bigelow (1787 - 1879)

Jacob Bigelow was an American physician and botanist. He was architect of Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the father of physician Henry Jacob Bigelow. Wikipedia: Jacob Bigelow

6/20/2013 8/26/2016

Dr. Henry Jacob Bigelow (1818 - 1890)

Dr. Henry Jacob Bigelow was an American surgeon and Professor of Surgery at Harvard University. A dominating figure in Boston medicine for many decades, he is remembered for the Bigelow maneuver for hi...

8/31/2013 8/26/2016

Howard H. Aiken (1900 - 1973)

Howard Hathaway Aiken (March 8, 1900 – March 14, 1973) was an American physicist and a pioneer in computing, being the original conceptual designer behind IBM's Harvard Mark I computer.

8/26/2016 8/26/2016

Louis Agassiz Shaw, II (1906 - 1987)

Louis Agassiz Shaw II committed a murder in 1964 for which he never stood trial (he was remanded instead to a psychiatric hospital for the rest of his life Louis Agassiz Shaw II (1906-1987) was an ...

11/7/2011 8/26/2016

Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, KBE, KCSS (Urdu: صدرالّدين آغا خان‎, Ṣadr ad-Dī...

8/26/2016 8/26/2016

Wikipedia: English Princess Zahra Aga Khan, eldest child of Aga Khan IV.

1/2/2012 8/26/2016

Wikipedia: English Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini Aga Khan (IV) is a British business magnate, racehorse owner and breeder, as well as being the 49th and current Imam of Nizari Ismailism, a denominati...

8/31/2009 8/26/2016

Thomas Boylston Adams, Esq. MP (1772 - 1832)

) THOMAS BOYLSTON ADAMS, third son and youngest child of John and Abigail (Smith) Adams, was born 15 September 1772. He graduated from Harvard in 1790 and studied law in Philadelphia. He accompanied ...

4/29/2007 8/26/2016

James Luther Adams (1901 - 1994)

James Luther Adams (November 12, 1901 – July 26, 1994), an American professor at Harvard Divinity School, Andover Newton Theological School, and Meadville Lombard Theological School, and a Uni...

8/26/2016 8/26/2016
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Richard Appel MP

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, United States

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, United States

Richard Appel is an American television writer best known for being the showrunner (head writer and executive producer) for The Cleveland Show . He received his break in writing when hired for The Simp...

10/25/2010 8/25/2016

George Foot Moore (1851 - 1931)

George Foot Moore (October 15, 1851 – May 16, 1931) was an eminent Asian scholar, historian of religion, author, Presbyterian minister, 33rd Degree Mason of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish R...

7/15/2016 8/25/2016

Kirtley F. Mather (1888 - 1978)

Kirtley Fletcher Mather (February 13, 1888 – May 5, 1978) was an American geologist and faculty member at Harvard University. An expert on petroleum geology and mineralogy, Mather was a promin...

11/30/2014 8/25/2016

Daniel Clement Dennett III (born March 28, 1942) is an American philosopher, writer, and cognitive scientist whose research centers on the philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, and philosophy of...

8/22/2016 8/22/2016

Michael T. McCaul , a Representative from Texas; born in Dallas, Dallas County, Tex., January 14, 1962; B.S., Trinity University, San Antonio, Tex., 1984; J.D., St. Mary’s University, San Anto...

6/8/2009 8/20/2016

Lars Valerian Ahlfors (18 April 1907 – 11 October 1996) was a Finnish mathematician, remembered for his work in the field of Riemann surfaces and his text on complex analysis. Background Ahl...

7/7/2008 8/20/2016

Richard Dagobert Brauer MP (1901 - 1977)

RICHARD DAGOBERT BRAUER, Emeritus Professor at Harvard University and one of the foremost algebraists of this century, died on April 17, 1977, in Boston, Massachusetts. He had been an Honorary Member o...

12/23/2008 8/20/2016

A Patriot of the American Revolution for CONNECTICUT with the rank of BRIGADIER GENERAL. DAR Ancestor #: A060684 Jedediah Huntington (4 August 1743 – 25 September 1818), also known as Jedidi...

8/10/2008 8/20/2016

Oswald Veblen (1880 - 1960)

Oswald Veblen (June 24, 1880 – August 10, 1960) was an American mathematician, geometer and topologist, whose work found application in atomic physics and the theory of relativity. He proved t...

7/12/2008 8/20/2016

Thomas Cushing MP (1724 - 1788)

Added by Elwin C. Nickerson- Served in Continental Congress-1774-1776- Patriot to the American Revolution- If we had lost the war, him like many others would have been hunted down by the British and Ha...

5/21/2009 8/11/2016

María de la Soledad Teresa O'Brien[1] (born September 19, 1966) is an American broadcast journalist, executive producer, and philanthropist. She is the chairman of Starfish Media Group, a 360-...

1/19/2016 8/11/2016

Francis Ormond French (1839 - 1893)

Francis Ormond French, president of the Manhattan Trust Company of New York, died at his cottage at Tuxedo. Mr. French was born at Chester, N.H., September 12, 1837. His father was Benjamin Brown Fre...

4/27/2009 8/7/2016

William M. R. French (1843 - 1914)

Mr. French was born in Exeter, N. H., Oct. 1, 1843. He was educated in Exeter academy and Harvard. He fought for a short time in the civil war. He came to Chicago in 1867 and for a number of years wa...

6/29/2008 8/7/2016

Christopher Grant Champlin (April 12, 1768 – March 18, 1840) was a United States Representative and Senator from Rhode Island. Born in Newport, he completed preparatory studies, was graduated ...

5/7/2012 8/7/2016

James Harvey Robinson (1863 - 1936)

James Harvey Robinson (June 29, 1863 in Bloomington, Illinois - February 16, 1936 in New York City) was an American historian, who co-founded New History, which greatly broadened the scope of histori...

8/6/2016 8/6/2016

Eli Dershwitz (born September 23, 1995) is an American sabre fencer.[16][17] He is ranked #1 in the United States, and #10 in the world, as of the summer of 2016.[18][19] He is the youngest saber fen...

8/5/2016 8/6/2016

Edward G. Loring (1802 - 1890)

Edward Greely Loring (January 28, 1802 – 1890) was a Massachusetts judge who ignited controversy in Massachusetts and the North by ordering escaped slaves Thomas Sims and Anthony Burns to be r...

8/6/2016 8/6/2016

Hon. John Lothrop Motley (1814 - 1877)

held the office of U.S. Minister to the Austrian Empire. He was a U.S. historian Biographical Summary Motley, John Lothrop . 15/04/1814-29/05/1877. Ref: 1112. Male. * Place of Birth: Dorc...

3/5/2009 8/5/2016

Michael Richard Pompeo (born December 30, 1963, Orange, California) is an American politician who has been the U.S. Representative for Kansas's 4th congressional district since 2011. He is a member o...

8/5/2016 8/5/2016

Elisha Porter (1742 - 1796)

Graduated from Harvard in 1761. Commanded a regiment of the Lexington Alarm and was at the Battle of Saratoga. He escorted Burgoyne to Boston and entertained the distinguished prisoner at Hadley. Linea...

7/10/2008 7/31/2016

Mark Takano , a Representative from California; born in Riverside, Riverside County, Calif., December 10, 1960; graduated from La Sierra High School, Riverside, Calif.; A.B., Harvard University, Camb...

9/24/2010 7/28/2016

Robert Mearns Yerkes (1876 - 1956)

Robert Mearns Yerkes (/ˈjɜːrkiːz/; May 26, 1876 – February 3, 1956) was an American psychologist, ethologist, and primatologist best known for his work in intellige...

4/20/2008 7/27/2016

Brendan Francis Boyle, a Representative from Pennsylvania; born in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pa., on February 6, 1977; graduated from Cardinal Dougherty High School, Philadelphia, Pa., 1995;...

7/23/2016 7/27/2016

Kevin J. Boyle (born February 7, 1980) is a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. He is the state Representative from Pennsylvania House District 172, which covers parts of Northeast P...

7/23/2016 7/27/2016

US Congressman. During the Civil War, he served in Company E, 12th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry and was brevetted a Major in 1865. After the war, he studied law, was admitted to the bar an...

8/8/2014 7/20/2016

Jill Stein MP

Lexington, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States

Lexington, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States

Jill Ellen Stein (born May 14, 1950) is an American physician, activist, and politician. She has been described as the Green Party's presumptive nominee for President of the United States in the 2016 e...

7/19/2016 7/20/2016

Alton Stuart Cartwright (1922 - 2015)

Alton Stuart Cartwright, 92, of Vero Beach, Fla., died February 10, 2015. Mr. Cartwright was born in Casper, Wyoming, son of the late Stuart Alton Cartwright and Blanche Harper Cartwright. His wife of ...

7/18/2016 7/18/2016

Civil War Union Brevet Brigadier General. A Harvard law student when the Civil War broke out, he joined the 4th Battalion of the Massachusetts Militia after the Confederates fired on Fort Sumter, Sou...

11/9/2008 7/16/2016

Thomas E. Hassan is an American educator. He joined the Phillips Exeter Academy faculty as the Director of College Counseling in 1989, worked as the Dean of Admissions, and was the 14th Principal fro...

7/11/2016 7/15/2016

Malia Obama MP

Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Malia Obama is the elder daughter of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama of the United States. She graduated from Sidwell Friends School in 2016 and will be a member of the Harvard Col...

6/3/2008 7/11/2016

Bruce Vincent Rauner (born February 18, 1957) is an American businessman, philanthropist, and politician. He is the 42nd and current Governor of Illinois, serving since January 12, 2015. Prior to his...

7/11/2016 7/11/2016

Robert Coldwell Wood (September 16, 1923 – April 1, 2005) was an American political scientist, academic and government administrator, and professor of political science at MIT. From 1965 to 19...

7/11/2016 7/11/2016

Richard Matthew Stallman MP


Cambridge, Middlesex, MA, USA

Cambridge, Middlesex, MA, USA

Richard Matthew Stallman (born March 16, 1953), often known by his initials, rms , is an American software freedom activist and programmer. He campaigns for software to be distributed in a manner such ...

5/10/2012 7/11/2016

Frederic Dan Huntington (May 28, 1819, Hadley, Massachusetts – July 11, 1904, Hadley, Massachusetts) was an American clergyman and the first Protestant Episcopal bishop of the Episcopal Diocese ...

7/10/2013 7/11/2016

Alfred North Whitehead (1861 - 1947)

7/10/2016 7/10/2016

Harold Hongju Koh (born Dec 8, 1954) is an American lawyer and legal scholar. He served as the Legal Adviser of the Department of State. He was nominated to this position by President Barack Obama on...

7/2/2016 7/4/2016

Desirée Glapion Rogers (born June 16, 1959, in New Orleans, Louisiana) is an American business executive who is the Chief Executive Officer of Johnson Publishing Company. In November 2008 she ...

7/3/2016 7/4/2016

. John B. King Jr. (born 1975), is the Secretary of Education at the U.S. Department of Education. Immediately before he assumed leadership of the Department, he served as its Acting Deputy Secretary...

7/3/2016 7/4/2016

Kwang Lim Koh (1920 - 1989)

Kwang Lim Koh, a scholar and diplomat who was professor of political science at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain for the last 23 years, died Sunday at his home in New Haven. He was 6...

7/3/2016 7/3/2016

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf MP

Monrovia, Greater Monrovia, Montserrado, Liberia

Monrovia, Greater Monrovia, Montserrado, Liberia

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (born 29 October 1938) is the 24th and current President of Liberia, in office since 2006. She served as Minister of Finance under President William Tolbert from 1979 until the 19...

3/13/2012 7/3/2016

Bruce Hartling Mann (born 1950) is the Carl F. Schipper, Jr. Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and a legal historian whose research focuses on the relationship among legal, social, and economic ch...

9/26/2012 7/2/2016

Frank St. John Sidway (1869 - 1938)

Frank St. John Sidway (December 15, 1869 - January 17, 1938), was a Buffalo, New York lawyer and National Guard leader. He also served as chairman of the Erie County Republican Party, and was a candi...

7/2/2016 7/2/2016

Charles Pinckney Sumner (1780 - 1850)

Charles Pinckney Sumner was a liberal Harvard-educated lawyer, abolitionist, and early proponent of racially integrated schools, who shocked 19th-century Boston by opposing anti-miscegenation laws. He ...

6/25/2011 7/2/2016

George Cary, architect (1859 - 1945)

) George Cary was a Buffalo architect who is best remembered there for his design of the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society Museum. Career

1/15/2011 6/28/2016

Andrew Henshaw Ward (1784 - 1864)

Born in 1784 in Shrewsbury, Andrew Henshaw graduated from Harvard College with an A.B. in 1808. He married Sarah (“Sally”) Henshaw in 1809 and fathered 9 children. He became a lawyer in 1...

6/28/2016 6/28/2016

Henry Dana Ward (1797 - 1884)

Henry Dana Ward (Shrewsbury, Massachusetts 1797-1884) was an American abolitionist, anti-Masonic campaigner, and Millerite Adventist. He was grandson of the Revolutionary general Artemas Ward. He gra...

6/28/2016 6/28/2016

Col. Hoffman was a lawyer by profession and was graduated from Harvard University with the class of '41. He served all through the civil war and was wounded at Port Hudson. In June 1866, he resigned ...

6/28/2016 6/28/2016

F. Burrall Hoffman (1882 - 1980)

Francis Burrall Hoffman (March 6, 1882 – November 27, 1980) was an American-born architect, best known for his work with James Deering’s Villa Vizcaya in Miami, Florida. Biography F...

6/28/2016 6/28/2016

Heywood Broun (1888 - 1939)

Heywood Campbell Broun, Jr. (/ˈbruːn/; December 7, 1888 – December 18, 1939) was an American journalist. He worked as a sportswriter, newspaper columnist, and editor in New Yor...

6/28/2016 6/28/2016

Cecil Hamelin Taylor (1878 - d.)

Cecil was a graduate of Harvard University, class of 1900. He was a mechanical engineer and an inventor. He lived in Detroit, Chicago, and Paris.

6/27/2016 6/27/2016

Jared is the principal owner of the real estate holding and development company Kushner Properties and the newspaper publishing company The New York Observer. He is the son of American real estate magn...

5/26/2007 6/27/2016

Paul Zamecnik MP (1912 - 2009)

Paul Charles Zamecnik (22 November 1912 – 27 October 2009) was an American scientist who played a central role in the early history of molecular biology. He was a professor of medicine at Harvar...

2/2/2014 6/26/2016

Frank William Taussig (December 28, 1859 - November 11, 1940) was a U.S. economist and educator. Taussig is credited with creating the foundations of modern trade theory. He was born in St. Louis, ...

2/3/2012 6/26/2016

Census : 1920 -  Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA Residence : Lower Merion, Montgomery, Pennsylvania - 1920 Residence : Larchmont, Westchester, New York - 1930 Residence : Washington, D...

6/5/2013 6/26/2016

John Brooks Felton (1827 - 1877)

John Brooks Felton [1] (born 1827 in Saugus, Massachusetts, died May 2, 1877 in Oakland, California) was an American jurist and politician who served as the 14th Mayor of Oakland, California. Felto...

1/24/2010 6/25/2016

Henry Curtis Lind (1921 - 2013)

Henry Curtis Lind (October 12, 1921 – November 11, 2013) was an American lawyer and the fourteenth reporter of decisions of the United States Supreme Court from 1979 to 1989. Born in Cransto...

12/21/2010 6/25/2016

William Cranch (1769 - 1855)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary: "... William Cranch (July 17, 1769 – September 1, 1855) was an American judge and the second reporter of decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States..."...

10/10/2008 6/24/2016

Horace Davis, US Congress MP (1831 - 1916)

Horace Davis (16 March 1831 - 12 July 1916) was a United States Representative from California. He was the son of Massachusetts Governor John Davis and the younger brother of diplomat John Chandler B...

7/27/2011 6/24/2016

Robert Swain Peabody (1845 - 1917)

Robert Swain Peabody (1845 – September 23, 1917) was a prominent Boston architect. Peabody was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and was the cofounder of the firm Peabody & Stearns. He was...

7/30/2012 6/24/2016

Henry Whitney Bellows (June 11, 1814 – January 30, 1882) was an American clergyman, and the planner and president of the United States Sanitary Commission, the leading soldiers' aid society, d...

12/12/2015 6/24/2016

Everett Needham Case (1901 - 2000)

The Class of 1922 Princeton Everett Needham Case, a former pres. of Colgate U. and vice chair of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, died July 17, 2000, in Waterville, N.Y. Everett's career spann...

6/23/2016 6/23/2016

Philip Young (1910 - 1987)

Philip Young (May 9, 1910 – January 15, 1987) was an American government official and diplomat who served as United States Ambassador to the Netherlands. )

6/23/2016 6/23/2016

Richard Young (1919 - 2011)

With an immeasurable sense of sadness, shared by Laurentians across the generations and a broad domain, I convey the news that Trustee Emeritus Richard Young’40 died on Friday, November 18. Ri...

6/23/2016 6/23/2016

Katherine Clark, U.S. Congress MP

Melrose, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States

Melrose, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States

Katherine Marlea Clark (born July 17, 1963) is an American politician who has served as the United States Representative for Massachusetts's 5th congressional district since 2013. The district includes...

6/23/2016 6/23/2016

Kao Liang Chow 周杲良 (1918 - 1998)

2/5/2014 6/22/2016

Chou I-liang 周一良 (1913 - 2001)

7/24/2011 6/22/2016

William Hickling Prescott is credited with being the first American historian to bring scientific methods of research and painstaking documentation to historic narrative. His dramatic storytelling ma...

5/21/2008 6/22/2016

Henry Serrano Villard (1900 - 1996)

See Wikipedia...

6/15/2013 6/21/2016

Michael Howard Simon (born 1956) is a U.S. District Judge on the United States District Court for the District of Oregon.

6/20/2016 6/20/2016

William James Sidis (1898 - 1944)

"Bill", "Billy", "John W. Shattuck", "Frank Folupa"

William James Sidis (/ˈsaɪ dɪs/; April 1, 1898 – July 17, 1944) was an American child prodigy with exceptional mathematical abilities and a claimed mastery of many languages...

9/16/2015 6/20/2016

Wikipedia - English Español José María Figueres Olsen (born in San José, Costa Rica, December 24, 1954), is a Costa Rican businessman and politician. After he left the...

1/8/2009 6/19/2016

Gilbert Newton Lewis MP (1875 - 1946)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary: "... Gilbert Newton Lewis (October 23, 1875 – March 23, 1946) was an American physical chemist known for the discovery of the covalent bond and his concept of e...

11/24/2008 6/19/2016

Civil War Union Army Officer, US Congressman. Served as Mayor of Hartford from 1854 to 1858. After the outbreak of the Civil War, on October 15, 1861, he was appointed Colonel and commander of the ...

2/10/2014 6/16/2016

Wilbur Crane Eveland (1918 - 1990)

Wilbur Crane "Bill" Eveland III (July 1, 1918 – January 2, 1990) was a World War II veteran, a CIA station chief, and critic of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. His autobiographical boo...

6/16/2016 6/16/2016

Converse Francis (1795 - 1863)

Convers Francis (November 9, 1795 – April 17, 1863) was a Unitarian minister from Watertown, Massachusetts. From Life and work He was born the son of Susannah Rand Francis and Convers Fran...

3/10/2016 6/14/2016

Education: BA in Economics from Cornell University; MBA from Harvard Business School. Experience: Sam Johnson served as Chairman Emeritus of SC Johnson from October 2000 until his passing in May 2004...

6/23/2008 6/11/2016

Edward Witten, Fields Medal, 1990 MP


Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey, United States

Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey, United States

Edward Witten (born August 26, 1951) is an American theoretical physicist with a focus on mathematical physics who is currently the Professor of Mathematical Physics at the Institute for Advanced Study...

2/25/2007 6/9/2016