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Hasidic Courts, Dynasties & Disciples of the BeSHT

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  • "Baal Shem Tov'' הבעש״ט (1698 - 1760)
    Rabbi Yisroel (Israel) ben Eliezer (רבי ישראל בן אליעזר) (August 27, 1698 (18 Elul) – May 22, 1760), also called Israel Baal Shem Tov or Besht , was a Jewish mystical rabbi considered to be the founder...
  • Menachem Mendel Schneerson [7th ADMOR of CHABAD] The Lubavitcher Rebbe (1902 - 1994)
    [Wikipedia]Menachem Mendel Schneerson (April 5, 1902 OS – June 12, 1994 NS, known as The Rebbe, was a prominent Hasidic rabbi who was the seventh and last Rebbe (spiritual leader) of the Chabad Lubavit...
  • Rabbi Menachem Nachum Twersky, [1st Chernobyler] (1730 - 1797)
    Rabbi Menachem Nochum Twerski of Chernobyl (born 1730, Narynsk, Volhynia - died 1798, Chernobyl, Ukraine) was the founder of the Chernobyl Hasidic dynasty. He was a disciple of the Baal Shem Tov and th...
  • Admor Chaim Halberstam, [Divrei Chaim, of Sanz] (1793 - 1876)
    Wikipedia: Chaim Halberstam and חיים הלברשטאם .* Halberstam Dynasty chart .* Jewish Dynasties .* Hebrew Article in Dor-Dea about Rabbi Chaim.
  • Admor Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (1884 - 1954)
    Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag (1885—1954) or Yehuda Leib Ha-Levi Ashlag, רַבִּי יְהוּדָה לֵיבּ הַלֵּוִי אַשְׁלַג‎ was also known as the Baal Ha-Sulam בַּעַל הַסּוּלָם‎, "Author of the Ladder" in reference to his...

BeSHT - The Baal Shem Tov , הבעל שם טוב - הבעש"ט

Please feel free to join this project. The initial aim is to find links to the profiles of the venerable scholars listed and then add them to appropriate Geni Projects. However, you are welcome to edit and expand as you wish.

The Baal Shem Tov was an expert in the Kabbalah and the commentaries of R. Isaac Luria on the Zohar were his guiding light. He was more interested in the practical aspects rather than the esoteric or speculative side of Kabbalah. He studied philosophical works, especially those from the Middle Ages, and was influenced by them.

The Maggid of Mezeritch worked hand in hand with the Besht in educating the second and third generations of Hasidic leaders, who joined them, accepted their teachings and established courts and dynasties.

  1. R. Pinhas ben Abraham Abba Shapira of Korets (1728-1790)
  2. R. Shabbtai of Rashkov (1655-1745)
  3. • R. Meir ben Jacob of Przemyslan (1711-1773)
  4. R. Zvi Hirsh ben David of Kaminka (1718-1781)
  5. R. Yechiel Mechl ben Yitzhak Sprodliver of Drogobycz [Drubitsh] (1721-1786)
  6. R. Nahum Menahem ben Zvi Twersky of Chernobyl (1730-1778)
  7. R. Aaron ben Jacob Perlow the Great of Karlin (1736-1772)
  8. • R. Jacob Joseph ben Judah Arye Leib of Ostrog (-1791)
  9. R' Noam Elimelech M'Lizensk (1717-1786)
  10. R. Meshulam Zusya ben Eliezer Lipman Lifshutz of Hanipoli (-1800)
  11. R. Shneur Zalman ben Barukh of Liadi שניאור זלמן מליאדי (his children adopted the surname Schneerson) (1745-1813)
  12. R. Levi Yitzhak ben Meir of Berditchev רבי לוי יצחק מברדיצ'ב (1740-1809)
  13. • R. Simon Solomon Wertheim of Savaran (-1790)
  14. R. Chayim of Indura 'חיים (חייקל) מאמדור (Amdur, 1787)
  15. • R. Arye Leib ben Shalom of Waltshisok (-1817)
  16. R. Zvi Hirsh ben Shalom Zelig Magid of Nadvorna (1740 - 1806)
  17. • R. Solomon ben Abraham Lutzker of Sokal (1740-1812)
  18. • R. Abraham Abba Weingarten of Soroka
  19. R. Meshulam Feivish ben Aaron Moses Heller Halevi of Zbarazh (1740-1794)
  20. • R. Gedaliah ben Yitzhak Rabinowitz of Linitz (-1803)
  21. • R. Hayim ben Solomon Tirer of Chernovitz (1817-1760)
  22. • R. Solomon Gottlieb Halevi of Karlin (1738-1792)

The Succession of Hasidic Dynasties

Note: Teachers in each Generation are marked with an asterisk*

First Generation

  1. R. Israel b'Eliezer BaaI-Shem-Tov (Besht) ישראל "בעל שם טוב - הבעש"ט (1698-1760), of Medzhibozh

Second Generation

  1. *R. Dov Ber ben Avraham, The Maggid of Mezeritch המגיד ממזריץ' 1704-1773 (Friedman dynasty)
  2.  *R. Pinchas b'Avraham Aba Shapira of Korets (1720-1790)
  3.  R. Shabtay Unknown 1655-1745 of Ruscova
  4.  R. Meir b'Yacov Unknown 1711-1773 of Przemyslan
  5.  R. Zvi Hirsh b'David Kaminker -1780 of Kamionka

Third Generation

  1. *R. Yechiel Mechl b'Yitzchak Spravidliver (1721-1786) of Zloczow
  2.  Menachem Nachum ben Zvi Twersky (1730-1798) 1st Chernobyler
  3. *R. Aharon b'Yakov Perlow Hagadol 1736-1772 of Karlin
  4.  *R. Yakov Yosef b'Yehuda Arye Leib Unknown -1790 of Ostrog
  5. *R. Elimelech b'Eliezer Lippman Weissblum (1717-1787) of Lezajsk
  6.  R. Meshulam Zusha b'Eliezer Lippman Weissblum -1800 of Hanipoli
  7. *R. Shneor Zalman b'Baruch שניאור זלמן מליאדי 1745-1812 of Liadi
  8. *R. Levi Yitzchak b'Meir of Berdichev לוי יצחק מברדיצ'ב 1740-1809
  9.  R. Shimon Shlomo b'Avraham Wertheim -1790 of Savran
  10.  R. Chayim Unknown -1787of lndura (Amdur)
  11.  R. Arye Leib b'Shalom Unknown -1827 of Volochisk
  12.  R. Zvi Hirsh b'Shalom Zelig Magid -1802 of Nadvoma
  13.  R. Shlomo b'Avraham Lutzker 1740-1812 of Skole
  14.  R. Avraham Aba Weingarten of Soroca
  15.  R. Meshulam Feivish b'Aharon Moshe Heller 1740-1794 of Zbarazh
  16.  R. Gedalya b'Yitzchak Rabinovitz -1802 of Linitz
  17.  R. Chayim b'Shlomo Tierer 1760-1819 of Cemauti
  18. *R. Shlomo b' Moshe Gottlieb Halevi (Y"D) 1738-1792 of Karlin

Fourth Generation

  1. *R. Mordechay b'Dov Ber Shapira 1748-1800 of Neshkhiz
  2.  R. Shmuel b'Mechl Ginsburg -1818 of Davidgrodek
  3.  R. Zvi Arye b'Avraham Landa 1741-1811 of Olkusz (Elkish)
  4.  R. Yitzchak Isik b'Moshe Yechezkel Taub (1751-1821) of Kala (Kalev)
  5.  R. Moshe Arye Leib Erblich of Sasow (1745-1807)
  6. *R. Yakov Yitzchak b'Avraham Eliezer Horovitz (the Seer) החוזה מלובלין 1745-1815 of Lublin
  7. *R. lsrael b'Shabtay Hoffstein 1736-1814 of Kozienice
  8. *R. Avraham Yoshua HeshI b'Shmuel Manes 1755-1825 of Opatow
  9.  R. Aharon b'Moshe Horovitz Halevi 1766-1828 of StrashIa
  10.  R. Mordechay Perlow 1742-1809 of Lachowicze
  11.  R. Menachem Mendl Hager מנחם מנדל האגר מקוסוב 1768-1825 of Kosow

Additional disciples of R. Elimelech Weissblum.

Fifth Generation

  1. *R. David b'Shlomo Zvi Biederman (1746-1814) of Lelow
  2.  R. Klonimus Kalman b 'Aharon Epstein Halevi 1751 -1827 of Krakow
  3.  R. Yitzchak Isik b'Zvi Eichenstein 1740-1800 of Stretyn (Safrin)
  4.  R. Naftali Zvi b'Menachem Mendl Rubin-Horovitz 1760-1827 of Ropczyce
  5.  R. Natan Neta Unknown -1811 of Chelm
  6.  R. Shmuel b'Avraham Yeshaya -1820 of Kurow
  7.  R. Meir Rothenburg Halevi -1827 of Opatow
  8. *R. Uri b'Pinchas Unknown (HaSaraf) -1826 of Strzelsk
  9. *R. Yakov Yitzchak b'Asher Rabinovitz (The Holy Jew) 1766-1813 of Przysucha
  10.  R. Yeshayahu b'Meir Weltfried 1758-1831 of Przedborz
  11.  R. Yosef b'Mordechay Kazis Neuhaus of Chelm
  12.  R. Moshe b'Zvi Hirsh Schiff Teitelbaum 1759-1841 of Ujhely
  13.  R. Zvi Elimelech b'Pesach Shapira 1783-1841 of Dynow
  14.  R. Arye Leib Epstein -1837 of Ozarow
  15.  R. Mordechay David b'Zvi Ungar מרדכי דוד אונגר מדומברובה 1770-1843 of Dombrowa
  16.  R. Yitzchak Isik b'Shmuel Zanvil Gartner -1826 of Leczyca
  17.  R. Arye Leib b'Chayim Asher Lipshitz 1767-1846 of Vishnitsa
  18.  R. Avraham David b'Asher Wahrman 1771-1840 of Buchach
  19. *R. Simcha Bunim b'Zvi Unknown 1767-1827 of Przysucha
  20.  R. Yisachar Dov Ber b'Yitzchak Baron 1765-1843 of Radoszyce
  21. *R. Shalom b'Elazar Rokach 1779-1855 of Belz
  22.  R. Yehuda Zvi b'Shmuel Zanvil Brandwein 1780-1844 of Stratyn
  23.  R. Yechezkel b'Yosef Panet 1783-1845 of Karlsburg
  24.  R. Zvi Hirsh b'Yehuda Arye Leib Unknown 1778-1846 of Rymanow
  25.  R. Shlomo Arye Leib b'Baruch Unknown -1843 of Leczna
  26.  R. Yosef Green 1787-1839 of Jarczow
  27.  R. Arye Leib b'Elyakim Getzl Liebersohn of Pruszkow
  28.  R. Shimon b'Israel Arye Leib Elbaum Mariles 1759-1850 of Jaroslaw

Additional disciples of R. Yakov Horovitz (the Seer).

Sixth Generation

  1.  R. Yechezkel b'Zvi Hirsh Taub -1855 of Kazimierza
  2. *R. Yitzchak b'Shimon Kalish 1779-1848 of Warka
  3. *R. Menachem Mendl b'Yehuda Arye Leib Morgenstem מנחם מנדל מורגנשטרן - האדמו"ר מקוצק 1787-1859 of Kotzk
  4. *R. Chayim b'Arye Leib Halberstam ה"דברי חיים" - האדמו"ר מצאנז 1793-1876 of Sanz
  5.  R. Shlomo b'Dov Zvi Rabinovitz Hakohen 1803-1866 of Radomsk
  6.  R. Shalom b'Yakov Yosef Rosenfeld Halevi 1800-1851 of Kamionka
  7.  R. Moshe b'lsrael Falier 1784-1858 of Kobryn
  8.  R. Yakov Arye b'Shlomo Gutterman 1792-1874 of Radzymin
  9.  R. Mordechay Yosef b'Yakov Leiner 1801-1854 of lzbica
  10. *R. Yitzchak Meir b'Israel Rothenberg-Alter of Gora חידושי הרי"ם - האדמור מגור 1799-1866 of Gora
  11. *R. Avraham b'Refael Landa 1744-1875 of Ciechanow
  12.  R. Avraham b'Yitzchak Matityahu Weinberg 1804-1883 of Slonim
  13.  R. Shmuel Aba b'Selig Zichlinski 1810-1879 of Zychlin
  14.  R. Yehuda Pesach b'Avraham Unknown 1802-1865 of Lipsko
  15.  R. Shlomo Zalman b'Avraham Frenkel 1804-1858 of Wielopole
  16.  R. Eliezer Zev Wolf b'Chayim Rabinsohn 1800-1852 of Buchach

Additional disciples of R. Yakov Horovitz (the Seer).

Seventh Generation

  1. *R. Yehuda Arye Leib b'Shlomo Eger יהודה לייב אייגר מלובלין 1815-1888 of Lublin
  2.  R. Avraham Yosef b'Eliyahu Lehrman 1857-1891 of Konskowola
  3.  R. Yechiel Meir Lipshitz 1816-1887 Husiatyn
  4.  R. Avraham b'Zev Nachum Bornstein 1839-1910 of Sochaczew
  5.  R. Shraga Feivel b'Zvi Hirsh Danziger -1848 of Alexander
  6.  R. Yisachar Dov Ber Thornheim Hakohen 1803-1877 of Wolborz
  7.  R. Uri b'Efraim Zvi Yalles Hakohen 1833-1910 of Sambor
  8.  R. Meshulam Feish Levi 1821-1875 of Tesin
  9.  R. Zvi Hirsh b'Aharon Friedman 1790-1874 of Lesko
  10.  R. Naftali Hirtz Unknown -1897 of Ratzfert
  11.  R. Shmuel b'Shraga Feivel Frenkel 1814-1883 of Komod-Darag
  12.  R. Yoshua HeshI Fried Hakohen 1824-1921 of Kopycz
  13.  R. Yosef Meir b 'Shmuel Zvi Weiss 183 8-1909 of Szapinka
  14.  R. Yeshaya b'Moshe Steiner 1852-1925 of Kereszt-Ur
  15.  R. Zadok b'Yakov Rabinovitz Hakohen 1823-1900 of Lublin

Eighth and Last Generation


  1. R. Menachem Nachum b'Yehuda Arye Leib Epstein 1846-1918 of Kobrin
  2.  R. Avraham Moshe Weintraub -1915 of Marshakow
  3.  R. Meir Yechiel b'Avraham Yitzchak HoIzstock Halevi 1851-1928 of Ostrowice
  4.  R. Aharon Yeshaya Fisch 1815-1928 of Hadas
  5.  R. Aharon Rothe 1894-1947 of Satu-Mare
  6.  R. Yehuda Arye Leib Ashlag (1886-1954) of Parysow
  7.  R. Avraham Yoshua b'Moshe Arye Freund 1856-1932 of Naszod
  8.  R. Eliezer Fisch 1880-1944 of Bikszad

Independent Admorim

Students of the Baal Shem Tov who Did Not establish Dynasties

  1. R. Aaron of Kuty
  2. R. Aaron of Medzhibozh

  3. R. Aaron of Slepkovitz

  4. R. Abraham Abba of Dubossary
  5. R. Abraham of Podolsk
R. Abraham Abba of Kribosk

  7. R: Abraham Abba Shapira of Korets
R. Abraham Gershon ben Yakar of Kuty-Tiberias (-1810)
R. Alexander of Biala-Podlaska

  10. R. Arye Leib "Saba" of Shpola (1725-1811)
R. Arye Leib of Vijnita
R. Arye Leib of Miedzyrzec [Mezritsh] (-1794)

  13. R. Arye Leib Sures

  14. R. Arye Leib Fistiner of Kolomyja (-1745)
R. Arye Leib Kessler
  16. R. Barukh of Kamionka
R. Barukh ben Shneur Zalman Liwai of Liazni

  18. R. Benjamin of Zaloshitz (-1791)

  19. R. David of Nikolayev (-1799)
  20. R. David of Nikolayev

  21. R. David of Kolomyja (-1731)
R. David of Sargorod

  23. R. David Leikes of Chernobyl (-1799)
  24. R. David Firkus of Krotoshyn
  25. R. David ben Israel Harif Halperin of Ostrog (-1765)
R. Dov Ber of Zaslaw

  27. R. Dov Ber of Lwow
R. Eliezer Lipa Weissblum of Chmielnik (-1819)

  29. R. Eliezer of Tsempol

  30. R. Elija of Sokolowka

  31. R. Ezriel Plotzker of Plock

  32. R. Falk of Titselnik (-1782)

  33. R. Fridi of Brody-Eretz Yisrael (-1783)

  34. R. Gershon of Lutzk (-1788)
  35. R. Haim of Linz

  36. R. Haim ben Joseph Moses of Krasna

  37. R. Isachar of Chisineu

  38. R. Isachar Dov Ber of Lubieszow (-1786)

  39. R. Isaiah of Janow (-1794)
R. Israel Gelehrnter of Satinow

  41. R. Jakob Joseph ben Samson Hakohen of Polonnoye (-1783)

  42. R. Jakob of Hanipoli

  43. R. Jakob of Medzhibozh - Eretz Yisrael
R. Jakob Koppel ben Zalman Hasid of Kolomyja (-1787)

  45. R. Joel of Niemirow - Eretz Yisrael (-1788)
R. Jonah "the Good one" of Ostrog

  47. R. Jonah of Polock

  48. R. Jonah of Kamionka

  49. R. Joseph of Drogobyts

  50. R. Joseph ben Zvi Hirsh of Kamionka

  51. R. Joseph Joel ben Jakob Aron of Stefan (-1770)

  52. R. Joseph Moses of Medzhibozh

  53. R. Joseph Ashkenazi

  54. R. Joseph Melamed of Zarnowiec

  55. R. Joseph Melamed of Chmielnik
R. Joseph Sprodliver
R. Judah Arye Leib of Polonnoye (-1770)

  58. R. Judah Judi of Chudnov

  59. R. Kehath of Werish

  60. R. Meir of Hanipoli

  61. R. Meir Harif

  62. R. Meir ben Zvi Margalioth-Auerbach of Ostrog (-1790)

  63. R. Menahem Mendel of Bar (-1765)

  64. R. Menahem Mendel of Dubossary
R. Menahem Mendel of Kolomyja
R. Menahem Mendel ben Eliezer of Przemyslan-Safed (-1770)
R. Mordehay of Zaslaw

  68. R. Moses of Kuty (-1737)

  69. R. Moses Kedes

  70. R. Moses of Satanow
  71. R. Moses Meshel of Bezenkow

  72. R. Moses ABD of Nowa-Podolsk

  73. R. Moses of Nemierow

  74. R. Moses Shoham of Dolina
  75. R. Nahman of Gorodenka-Tiberias (-1765)
R. Nahman of Kosov

  77. R. Nathan Neta of Avruts (-1785)

  78. R. Nisan ben Isaia Katz of Wahrt

  79. R. Samson of Hanipoli

  80. R. (Abraham) Samson ben Jakob Joseph of Polonnoye-Eretz Yisrael (-1799)

  81. R. Samuel ben David of Kamionka (-1831)

  82. R. Samuel of Wortowka

  83. R. Shmarja Shmerl of Worhiwka (-1775)

  84. R. Solomon Baiver (-1811)

  85. R. Uziel ben Zvi Hirsh Meislish of Siemiatycze (1744-1785) 

  86. R. Yechiel Mechl Margalioth of Grodno (-1751)

  87. R. Yechiel Mechl Sprodliver of Zloczow (1781-1821)

  88. R. Yitzhak ben Zvi Hirsh of Miedzyrzec [Mezritsh]
R. Yitzhak Dov ben Zvi Hirsh Margalioth of Jazlowiec

  90. R. Yitzhak Sprodliver of Drogobycz [Drubitsh] (-1744)

  91. R. Zalmina Shargorodski of Chisineu (-1782)

  92. R. Zalman of Lutzk
  93. R. Zalman of Miedzyrzec [Mezritsh]

  94. R. Zev Wolf Kitzes of Medzhibozh

  95. R. Zvi of Kamenets

  96. R. Zvi ben Eliezer Hasid of Zloczow

  97. R. Zvi Hirsh ben Solomon Zalman Taub of Kuzmir
R. Zvi Sofer

  99. R. Zvi Hirsh Shmulkes of Ostrog (-1788)

These disciples of the Besht, (the second generation) and of the Magid of Miedzyrzec, (the third generation) are from:

  1. 1. Alfasi, Y. HaHasidut. Tel Aviv, Sifriyat Ma'ariv, Tel Aviv, 1977. (Hebrew)
  2. 2. Klausner, Y. "European Rabbis Throughout the Generations." Sharsheret
Hadorot. June 2001, Vol. 15 No. 3. (Hebrew, English)

Leading Hasidic Kabbalists

Kabbalistic notions pervade Hasidic thought, but it developed a new approach to Kabbalah, replacing esoteric theosophical focus with successive psychological internalisation. Therefore, only a minimal listing of Hasidic figures is given here; founding formative figures or commentators on esoteric Kabbalah texts/tradition.

Founding East-European Hasidic Masters:

  1. Baal Shem Tov (BeSHT, Israel ben Eliezer) הבעש"ט, מחולל תנועת החסידות Founder of Hasidism. Ukraine 1698-1760
  2. Jacob Joseph of Polnoye First writer of Hasidic thought. Ukraine 1710–1784
  3. • Dov Ber of Mezeritch (Maggid of Mezeritch) Systemiser of Hasidic thought, architect school of movement. Ukraine c.1700/1710–1772
  4. • Elimelech of Lizhensk Founder of General-Hasidic "Practical/Popular Tzadikism" leadership. Poland 1717–1787
  5. • Levi Yitzchok of Berditchev Author of Kedushas Levi mainstram Hasidic Torah commentary. Ukraine 1740–1809
  6. Schneur Zalman of Liadi שניאור זלמן מליאדי, מייסד חב"ד Intellectual-Hasidism Habad school. Author of Tanya theorisation of Hasidism. Russia 1745–1812
  7. Nachman of Breslav רבי נחמן מברסלב Kabbalistic-Imaginative Breslav school. Kabbalistic storytelling. Ukraine 1772–1810
  8. Other Hasidic commentators on Kabbalah:
  9. Yisroel Hopsztajn (Maggid of Kozhnitz) A father of Polish Hasidism. Commentaries on Zohar and Tikunei Zohar 1737–1814
  10. Dovber Schneuri Second Habad leader , דב-בר שניאורי, אדמו"ר חב"ד השני . Wrote commentary on Zohar and contemplation guides. Russia 1773-1827
  11. • Zadok HaKohen of Lublin. Kabbalistic commentaries based on Izbica personal illumination. Poland 1823-1900
  12. • Yaakov Yehuda Aryeh Leib Frenkel (Gevuras Aryeh) Kabbalistic work on Ramban's Torah commentary. Hungary 1850/1855-1940
  13. Menachem Mendel Schneerson, Lubavitcher Rebbe הלובביצ'ר. Unity of esoteric Kabbalah with exoteric Judaism through Hasidic Thought 1902–1994

Admore Literary Titles

  1. Avne Nezer, by R. Avraham b 'Zev Nachum Bornstein
  2. Beer Mayim Chayim, by R. Chayim b'Shlomo Tierer
  3. Bne Yisachar, by R. Zvi Elimelech b'Pesach Shapira
  4. Chidushe HaRIM, by R. Yitzchak Meir b'lsrael Alter
  5. Darche Tshuva, by R. Zvi Hirsh b'Shlomo Shapira
  6. Divre Chayim, by R. Chayim b'Arye Leib Halberstam
  7. Imre Emet, by R. Avraham Mordechay b'Yehuda Arye Leib Alter
  8. Imre Noam, by R. Meir Yechiel b'Eliezer Horovitz Rubin
  9. Lev Sameach, by R. Chanoch Heinich b'Shmuel Meir Rokach
  10. Maor Vashemesh, by R. Klonimus Kalman b'Aharon Epstein
  11. Minchat Elazar, by R. Chayim Elazar b'Zvi Hirsh Shapira
  12. Noam Elimelech, by R. Elimelech b'Eliezar Lipman Weissblum
  13. Ohev Israel, by R. Avraham Yoshua Heshl b'Shmuel Manes
  14. Sfat Emet, by R. Yehuda Arye Leib b 'Avraham Mordechay Alter
  15. Tanya, by R. Shneor Zalman b'Baruch of Lyady
  16. Yismach Moshe, by R. Moshe b'Zvi Teitelbaum
  17. Yitav Lev, by R. Yekutiel Yehuda b'Elazar Nisan Teitelbaum
  • Source JewishGen for more details.