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"Bad Jim" Vance MP (c.1832 - 1888)

James "Bad Jim" Vance is 2nd from the right in the profile picture. 2n from left is William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield. The other two men are not identified. "Bad Jim" was an uncle to "Devil Anse"....

3/30/2009 7/6/2013
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John B. Floyd MP (1854 - 1935)

Source: ) John B. Floyd (1854-1935) was a West Virginia politician. He served in the West Virginia House of Delegates in 1881-1882, and again in 1893-1894. Floyd also served in the West Virginia Se...

10/7/2010 5/28/2013

Joseph Hatfield, II MP (1777 - 1820)

3/11/2009 3/25/2013

Andrew Warren Hatfield MP (c.1776 - 1854)

8/17/2009 3/25/2013

Mary Elizabeth Hatfield MP (1768 - d.)

3/11/2009 3/25/2013

Valentine Hatfield, I MP (c.1766 - 1840)

1/16/2008 3/25/2013

George Hatfield MP (1770 - 1840)

Possible alternate birth year 1771, as listed on the Find A Grave memorial of his mother - needs further research.

3/11/2009 3/25/2013

Eli Hatfield MP (1782 - c.1850)

"Ely", "Eli Hatfield"

8/8/2011 3/25/2013

Joseph B. Hatfield MP (1787 - aft.1854)

Joseph Hatfield was the son of Ephraim Hatfield and first wife Mary Smith. He was born in 1787 in Virginia and moved with his family to Pike County, Kentucky. He married Martha Evans and raised a large...

2/2/2008 3/25/2013

Ephraim 'Eaf of All' Hatfield, I MP (1765 - 1847)

"Eaf of All Hatfield", "Ephriam Hatfield", "Ephraim Hatfield", "Eaf of All", "Eah of All"

For a picture of Ephraim, go to the Media section. Ephraim Hatfield was born in 1765 in Russell County, Virginia and died October 13, 1847 at Blackberry Creek, Pike County, Kentucky. From him, all Ha...

8/13/2007 3/25/2013

Joseph Andrew Hatfield, I MP (aft.1750 - 1832)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA with the rank of Private. DAR Ancestor # A052955 . Find A Grave Memorial # 11340366 Joseph's approximate birthdate of 1742 is based on his prob...

8/13/2007 2/16/2011

Rachel E. Smith MP (1754 - 1858)

Find A Grave Memorial # 11340363. Submitted by Helen L (Smith) Hoke Deposition of Rachel Hatfield to obtain widow's Rev. War pension: "In order to obtain the benefit of the third section of the act...

9/23/2007 2/16/2011

9/13/2007 1/1/2011

William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield MP (1839 - 1921)

"Capt. William Anse Hatfield", "Devil Anse", "The Devil", "Anse", ""Devil Anse""

What was the fate of Old Randall and Devil Anse, reputed leaders of the infamous Hatfield and McCoy Feud? Old Randall died of burns from a fire in the home of his nephew on March 28, 1914. He was 88. D...

3/11/2009 1/1/2011

Smith Hatfield MP (1855 - 1937)

To see Smith Hatfield's death certificate, go to the Media/Documents section (WV certificate # 5071).

3/9/2009 1/1/2011

3/11/2009 1/1/2011

Lorenzo Dow Dow McCoy MP (c.1852 - d.)

11/20/2009 1/1/2011

Selkirk "Kirk" McCoy MP (1830 - 1908)

Selkirk McCoy was sentenced to life imprisonment for the death of several Hatfields.

4/8/2009 1/1/2011

Pvt. Asa Harmon McCoy MP (1828 - 1865)


Asa was a veteran of the Civil War, serving as a private in Co. E 45th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry, Union Army. He is listed as "Asa H. McCay" in "The Union Regiments of Kentucky", pg. 629. Asa was k...

12/3/2008 12/31/2010

Ellison Mounts Hatfield MP (1841 - 1882)

Ellison was a veteran of the Civil War, serving for the Confederacy. To see his picture go to the Media section. Ellison and Harriet were not married, and Ellison "Cottontop" Hatfield Mounts is belie...

12/3/2008 12/31/2010

Judge Valentine "Wall" Hatfield MP (1834 - 1900)

"River Wall", "Uncle Wall"

12/3/2008 12/31/2010

Nancy A. Hatfield MP (1813 - 1895)

Additional Curators Notes There are two theories for the origins of Nancy Vance Hatfield. The most likely one is that she was the illegitimate child of Elizabeth Vance (1794 - 1850) and Lewis Horton....

11/12/2007 12/31/2010

Ephriam 'Big Eph' Hatfield MP (1812 - 1881)

""Big Eaf"", "Big Eph", "Big Eaf"

Ephraim & Nancy A. (Vance) Hatfield were married August 28, 1828 in Pike Co., KY. He was the father of 18 children, only 10 living to adulthood. Called "Big Eaf" due to size. He was close to 7 feet t...

3/1/2008 12/31/2010

Daniel McCoy MP (1788 - 1885)

Daniel was born in 1790, in Montgomery Co., VA. He married Margaret "Peggy" Taylor (b. 12 Nov 1800 in Russell Co., VA) on 12 Feb 1817. Daniel and Margaret divorced in 1872 after 55 years of marriage. I...

8/31/2008 12/31/2010

Franklin "Bad Frank" Phillips MP (1861 - 1898)

""Bad Frank""

For more pictures, go to the Media section. Possible alternate birth and death location: Pike Co., KY. Parents: William "Billy" Phillips & Mary May King. Frank was rumored to have been a part of ...

12/3/2008 12/31/2010

Rebecca Hatfield MP (1871 - d.)

3/11/2009 12/31/2010

Nancy L Phillips - Hatfield MP (c.1860 - 1901)

Possible alternate birth year 1865. The profile picture was in the Williamson, West Virginia newspaper dated Sep 12, 1989 in a commerative issue regarding the Hatfield and McCoy feud. For more pictur...

12/3/2008 12/31/2010

Nancy Elizabeth (Smith) Glen MP (1866 - 1942)

Birth: Sep. 10, 1866, Wayne Co., WV. Death: Aug. 24, 1942 Stirrat, Logan Co., WV. Nancy was the daughter of Larkin Preston Smith and Emma Hatfield. Nancy married Joseph M Glenn on June 10, 1880 in ...

3/11/2009 12/31/2010

Alifair Maynard MP (1858 - 1888)

Alifair Mc\Coy suffered from childhood polio. She was caught in the violence as the vicious feud between the Hatfield and McCoy families raged on. Determined to leave no living witnesses to convict t...

12/3/2008 12/31/2010

Tolbert McCoy MP (1854 - 1882)

To see a picture of the historical marker at the McCoy Cemetery, go to the Media section. Killed on the banks of the Tug River by a vigilante party including Johnse Hatfield, Selkirk McCoy, Jim Vance...

12/3/2008 12/31/2010

Calvin "Cal" McCoy MP (1862 - 1881)

Calvin was shot to death in the legendary Hatfield/McCoy "New Years Day Massacre" when the Hatfield clan retailiated against the McCoys. The two families had an ongoing feud for a quarter of a century ...

12/3/2008 12/31/2010

Randolph "Bud" McCoy, Jr. MP (1864 - 1882)

"Bud" was the youngest child of Randolph McCoy Sr. and his wife Sarah McCoy. He was killed along with his brothers Pharmer and Tolbert McCoy, in retaliation for the murder of Ellison Hatfield. Ellison ...

12/3/2008 12/31/2010

Pharmer McCoy MP (1863 - 1882)

Killed on the banks of the Tug River by a vigilante party including Johnse Hatfield, Selkirk McCoy, Jim Vance & others. The profile picture shows the bodies of brothers Tolbert, Pharmer, and Randolph "...

12/3/2008 12/31/2010

Emmanuel & Ida Pearl (Chafin) Hatfield were married December 11, 1920 in Stirrat, WV. The profile picture shows Emmanuel Hatfield on right, with Jim McCoy on the left. The picture was taken in 1976 w...

8/13/2007 12/31/2010

Rosada Lee Browning MP (1885 - 1965)


The Logan County, West Virginia Death Index gives her burial date as 9/3/1965. Find A Grave Memorial # 91068575 gives her name as Rose Lee "Rosie" (Hatfield) Browning. Her given name is also seen as ...

3/11/2009 12/31/2010

Tennyson Hatfield, Sr. was married 3 times (order unknown to me). Charlotte Hunter on December 15, 1949 at Beckley, Raleigh Co., WV. Their son was James Hatfield. This marriage ended in divorce. Sa...

3/11/2009 12/31/2010

Joseph Davis Hatfield MP (1883 - 1963)

For more pictures, go to the Media section. Joseph Davis Hatfield and Virginia McDonald were married July 17, 1905 in Logan Co., West Virginia. Joseph married Grace M Ferrell on December 11, 1911. ...

12/3/2008 12/31/2010

Detroit "Troy" Hatfield MP (1881 - 1911)

For more pictures, go to the Media section. Elias and his brother Detroit "Troy" Hatfield both became involved in the saloon business in Boomer, WV and were killed in a dispute over liquor distributi...

3/11/2009 12/31/2010

Elias M. Hatfield MP (1878 - 1911)

For more pictures, go to the Media section. Spouse: Mary Harriet Holland-Hatfield Stemple (1888 - 1962). Detroit "Troy" Hatfield and his brother Elias both became involved in the saloon business in...

3/11/2009 12/31/2010

William Anderson Hatfield II (1864-1930) aka "Cap" Hatfield, last of the Hatfields to die who was involved in the Hatfield-McCoy Feud. B. 2/6/1864 Mingo Co., WV - d. 8/21/1930, Johns Hopkins Hospital...

3/11/2009 12/31/2010

Johnson "Johnse" Hatfield MP (1862 - 1922)


Roseanna McCoy's old lover Johnse Hatfield was convicted and sentenced to prison. In a twist of fate, Johnse's wife, Nancy McCoy, divorced him and married Frank Phillips, the special officer appointed ...

3/11/2009 12/31/2010

Roseanna McCoy MP (1859 - 1889)

For more pictures, go to the Media section. Roseanna McCoy was the daughter of Sarah & Old Randall McCoy. She fell in love with Devil Anse's son, Johnse Hatfield and had his illegitimate child, a dau...

12/3/2008 12/31/2010

Sarah "Sally" McCoy MP (1829 - c.1890)

"Sally", ""Sally""

For another picture of Sarah "Sally" McCoy, go to the Media section. Birth: 1829, USA Death: 1890, USA Wife of Randolph McCoy, famed leader of the Hatfield-McCoy feud. Family links: Parents: ...

12/3/2008 12/31/2010

Randall McCoy MP (1825 - 1914)


Group Family Record What was the fate of Old Randall and Devil Anse? Old Randall died of burns from a fire in the home of his nephew on March 28, 1914. He was 88. Devil Anse would live another 7 ye...

8/31/2008 12/31/2010

Levisa Hatfield MP (1842 - 1929)


WV death certificate #4665 gives Levisa's cause of death as Myocarditis. The informant was Mrs. Logan Hatfield. Birth: Dec. 20, 1842 Pike County Kentucky, USA Death: Mar. 15, 1929 Stirrat Logan C...

3/11/2009 12/31/2010