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Help Promote Geni - tips that will allow Geni's users to help spread the word of Geni. All ideas welcome - George.

Why Promote Geni.Com?

We are working on creating the World Family Tree, a legacy that will remain long after we are gone.

  • The more people that join, the more complete the tree will be.
  • Basic "Free" members have many benefits - Great Value.
  • No where else can one see the inter connective nature of ones heritage.
  • No other site offers the service and support that our curators offer.
  • When you work on Geni, your work actually means something - To Many!
  • Geni is the easiest way to find and connect with new living relations, should you wish to.
  • When upgrading from a basic member to Pro you can also add My Heritage data subscription. This then creates links to all records and other trees on My Heritage, including one you upload. With the help of Smart Copy You can add and update directly on to Geni from yours, and others trees. Great way to "migrate" to Geni.Com
  • Less effort for a greater result.

How can you promote Geni.Com?

  • Mention the site to others when talking about genealogy
  • Link to your family on Geni.Com.
  • Share your family on social media.
  • Invite your family to join and contribute to the tree.
  • Write about a person in the profile "about box" this helps with search engines.
  • Add profiles to projects, besides really assisting in your own research and reference, they show up in search engines as well. Your family will find them.
  • Give a testimonial bellow.


  • I have tried all software, sites and data servers, and I keep finding that my main work is on Geni.Com. Nothing else can provide me with the "Big Picture" the relationship tools and connections that I did not dream of before.
  • I love that it is not all up to me, I do not need to keep updating my family with files, nor do I need to maintain a web site. I know there are many who will challenge and correct me, this makes the work much more rewarding, as its based on fact and truth.
  • I promote Geni on a website I was going to use Duthy.Info

Proctor (Duthy)