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Hennings of South Africa - Descendants of Pieter Hendrik Henning

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  • Johanna Petronella Elizabeth Henning, b9c3d9 (b. - 1919)
    Stephanus Marais en sy swaer Hendrik Jacobus Henning (Soon) (b9.c3.d3.), die broer van sy vrou, het saam twee plase besit, naamlik Hammanskraal en Putfontein. Hulle het met beeste geboer. Hammanskraal ...
  • Johanna Petronella Elizabeth Henning (1863 - 1919)
    Estate/Boedel MHG 40764
  • Pieter Hendrik Henning, SV/PROG 1 (1740 - 1823)
    Pieter Hendrik (Peter Heinrich) HENNING, SV/PROG 1 Born : 1.12.1740 Lippstadt, Lippe (Germany) Christened : 24.12.1740 Lippstadt, Lippe (Germany) Died : 4.7.1823 Huwelike/Marriages --------...
  • Friederich Henning (c.1764 - d.)
    Friederich HENNING Gebore/Born: * ca. 1764 Huwelike/Marriages -------------------- Geen inligting beskikbaar nie. / No information available. Kinders/Children -------------------- Geen in...
  • Elizabeth Catharina Roodt, b2 (1772 - 1797)
    Elizabeth Catharina HENNING, b2 Gebore/Born: * 1772 Cradock Gedoop/Baptized: ~ 15.11.1772 Land Van Waveren (Tulbach) Huwelike/Marriages -------------------- x 28.11.1790 Hermanus Nicolaas...

Descendants of Pieter Hendrik Henning, SV/PROG 1

This project only involves one of the three main Henning-bloodlines in South Africa today.


  1. Overview
    1. Project Objective
    2. The Henning Progenitors of South Africa
    3. The Henning Family League
  2. Profile Structure
    1. DOs & DON'Ts
    2. Layout Examples
    3. Checklist
    4. Genealogical numbering
    5. Marriages: Hennings to other Hennings (Rare, but exists)
  3. Genealogical Symbols

Recent Updates

  • A profile template has been uploaded to Project Documents.
  • New project created to group all unprocessed profiles.
  • Current Objective: Process all persons up to and including the c-generation and in the process adding all d-generation profiles to the TEMP project.
  • All profiles for the b10 branch have been added to the tree!

1. Overview

1.1. Project Objective

This project's objective is to group all known descendants of Pieter Hendrik Henning, a vast majority of which were born in South Africa, and to bring all their profiles up to date with a universal standard. The profile structure and naming conventions proposed conforms to that of the SV/PROG South African Stamouers/Progenitors project.

1.2. The Henning Progenitors of South Africa

1.3. The Henning Family League

The most complete record of Henning descendants can be found at - a website run by the Henning Family League. For more information, click here.

Any Henning can become a member of the league by completing their online application form.


2. Profile Structure

2.1. DOs & DON'Ts

  • Only add DIRECT descendants born with the Henning surname. Extended family may be grouped into other projects.
  • All profiles added to this project must conform to the layout proposed by the example profiles in 2.2.
  • Don't add a profile to this project before its layout has been updated and its contents reviewed. This is to insure continuity and, most importantly, to keep track of which profiles have been reviewed and crosschecked with the Henning database.
  • Use the checklist in 2.3. below to insure you cover all steps in the update/review process.

2.2. Layout Examples

A profile layout template is available under Project Documents. Please use it and fill in available information. Geni has some issues displaying the document correctly so simply click on the Edit Text button to see the original text; click Cancel Editing when done.


2.3. Checklist ✓

  • 1. Select a profile from this list. Lists are ordered from newest to oldest; please start from the back of the list.
  • 2. Go to "Edit Profile" and insure the following:
    • All names in the First Name field. Middle Name is reserved for any variations on the first names.
    • For females: Make sure their Birth Surname is set as the Surname. (E.g. If born Henning, set surname as Henning.)
    • NO CAPITAL SURNAMES, except in the profile About section.
    • Ensure that the genealogical number is entered into the Suffix field. See 2.4. for more on numbering conventions.
    • Check all birth/baptism/death dates and places. Do NOT set the baptized date as the Date of Birth.
    • Verify marriage dates, places and order (if available).
    • Save changes
  • 3. Next, edit the About section of the profile.
    • Copy and paste the template provided.
    • Fill in all available information but don't delete any of the sections; simply leave the text "No information available".
    • If using the database, right-click on the person's name and copy the link. Paste it under the Sources section as shown in the example profiles.
  • 4. Now verify that all his/her children and spouses have profiles. Create them if they don't.
    • No need to add information to newly created profiles yet; just names and suffix.
    • Add all child profiles, already existing or new, to the following project: The Hennings of South Africa - Profiles not yet processed (TEMPORARY). THIS IS ESSENTIAL! This will ensure that the whole tree is worked through in a systematic way. Profiles will get looked over if you don't.
  • 5. FINALLY, add the profile to this (Descendants of Pieter Hendrik Henning) project.

2.4. Genealogical numbering

  • A majority of local collaborators and curators have agreed on the use of SV/PROG for progenitors. This project has only one so this won't be an issue.
  • Number from b onwards. E.g. b9 or b3c4d10
  • Don't add any brackets of periods in between generations. E.g. [b1.c5]
  • Children's genealogical numbers need only be indicated on the Henning father's profile.
  • The children of Henning mothers will of course not have Henning genealogical numbers so simply add them without numbering on the mother's profile. Please add the father's surname in this case. See second example in 2.2.

2.5 Marriages: Hennings to other Hennings (Rare, but exists)

I have come across a case where a pair of Henning cousins tied the knot. There might exist similar cases although the probability is small. If you do encounter another case, here is an example of what both the husband and wife's profiles should look like:

Please take note of the genealogical numbering of the children in each profile; remember that the numbering runs along the father's bloodline. A nice addition would be to include a hyper-link to the spouse for simpler navigation.


3. Genealogical Symbols

  • * gebore / born
  • ~ gedoop / baptized
  • x getroud / married
  • xx tweede huwelik / second marriage
  • ÷ geskei / divorced
  • + oorlede / died
  • d.o. daughter of
  • d.v. dogter van
  • NN nomen nescio (naam onbekend / name unknown)
  • s.o. son of
  • s.v. seun van
  • wed. weduwee / widow
  • wew. wewenaar / widower

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