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Rabbi Herman H. Rubenovitz MP (1883 - 1966)

2/7/2009 3/5/2017

Gedaliah Bublick MP (1873 - 1948)

Gedaliah Bublick was born in Grodno, Russian Empire (today in Belarus), the son of Aaron Bublick. He was raised in Białystok where he remained until 1900. He obtained a traditional Jewish education at ...

1/19/2016 1/14/2017

L. J. Greenberg, born Leopold Jacob Greenberg (1861–1931), was an accomplished British Jewish journalist. He had become an energetic propagandist of the new Zionism in England by the Third Zionist Co...

1/29/2012 10/18/2016

"Marcus Joseph Sieff, Baron Sieff of Brimpton OBE (2 July 1913 – 23 February 2001) was a Jewish British businessman and chairman of his family company, the retailler Marks & Spencer, from 1972 to 1982....

10/25/2010 2/16/2016

Israel Sieff, Baron Sieff MP (1889 - 1972)

Baron Israel Moses Seiff Wikipedia Lord Israel Seiff Weizmann Sieff, Israel Moses, Baron Sieff (1889-1972), retailer and business innovator, chairman of the British retailer Marks & Spencer from 19...

10/21/2010 2/16/2016

The Patron: A Life of Salman Schocken, 1877-1959 , by Anthony David Salman Schocken (18771959) led an extraordinary life. An East European Jew by birth, he flourished as a businessman and cultural ...

7/3/2007 10/8/2015

Rabbi Dr. I. Kenneth Cosgrove MP (1902 - 1972)

"Rev. Dr. I. K. Cosgrove", "Rabbi I. Kenneth Cosgrove"

Reverend Dr. I.K. Cosgrove, the distinguished orthodox rabbi of Garnethill Synagogue in Glasgow, was a small man in stature amd a colossus in enthusiasm and energy. He wrought miracles in the improveme...

9/24/2015 9/24/2015

Rabbi Dr. Salis Daiches MP (1880 - 1945)

"Rabbi Salis Daiches", "Dr. Salis Daiches", "Rabbi Dr. Salis Daiches"

Rabbi Dr Salis Daiches (Vilnius, Lithuania 1880 – Edinburgh 1945) settled in England in 1907 having studied at Berlin University. He attended the Hildesheimer Seminary and subsequently graduated with a...

2/13/2008 9/24/2015

Rudolf Kastner MP (1906 - 1957)

"Rezső Kasztner", "Israel Kastner", "Rudolf Kastner", "Rudolf Israel Kastner"

Rudolf Kastner Wikipedia Kastner Train Survivors Wikipedia The Kastner Report Holocaust Archives The Kastner Transports Switzerland & Strasshof RUDOLF (RESZÖ) KASTNER (1906-1957) Born in Cluj...

1/13/2009 6/29/2015

R' Markus (Mordechai Zeev) Braude MP (1869 - 1949)


Braude, Markus (1869–1949) , rabbi, educator, Zionist leader, and parliamentarian. Born in Brest-Litovsk (Brisk), Markus Braude (Mordekhai Ze’ev Broda) was raised in Lwów (Lemberg) where his maternal g...

3/3/2009 4/26/2015

Maurice Bisgyer MP (1897 - 1973)

Photo --- President Harry S. Truman signing the formal United States declaration recognizing the State of Israel in the presence of his former haberdashery partner and B'nai B'rith member, Eddie Jacobs...

4/9/2015 4/23/2015

Bernice Arline Tannenbaum MP (1913 - 2015)

"Bernice Salpeter"

Bernice Tannenbaum , longtime Hadassah and Zionist leader, dies at 101. Bernice Tannenbaum convened Hadassah's first Jerusalem gathering in 1978, and her tenure was highlighted by international meeting...

7/9/2014 4/8/2015

Listed In JewishGen Yizkor Book as rabbi in Tysmenytsya. He is also known as Tzvi-Peretz Hayot, professor. He born in 1876 in Brody, then in Austria-Hungary, now in Ukraine. He was the grandson of the ...

2/7/2009 4/7/2015

Yehuda Leib Binyamin Katsenelson MP (1846 - 1917)

"Yehuda Leib Binyamin Katsenelson", "Ieguda Leib Benyomin Katsenelson", "Лев (Иегуда Лейб Вениамин", "Buki-benJogli", "Lev Izrailevich"

Hebrew Yehuda L. Katzenelson Dr. Yehuda Leib Katsnelson', Ieguda-Leib-Benyomin Katsenelson. (Russian: Лев (Иегуда Лейб Вениамин) Born: November 29, 1846 (Hebrew Calendar 10 Kislev 5690), Died: Cher...

10/4/2014 10/4/2014

Was one of the fist Zionists and a friend of Theodore Herzl.

8/20/2014 8/20/2014

Adolf Altmann, Rabbi MP (1879 - 1944)

  Adolf (Abraham) Altmann   Chief Rabbi of Trier, one of the oldest Jewish communities in Germany, as well as rabbi for the Jews of the South Tyrol town of Meran which was close to the front lines (Mer...

9/13/2007 7/13/2014

Joachim Prinz MP (1902 - 1988)

Joachim Prinz (May 10, 1902 – September 30, 1988) was a German-American rabbi who was outspoken against Nazism and became an American Jewish leader. As a young rabbi in Berlin, he was forced to confron...

6/23/2014 7/5/2014

Flora Sassoon MP (1856 - 1936)

Flora Sassoon (1859–1936) was an Indian-English businesswoman, scholar, Hebraist and philanthropist. Flora Gubbay was born in 1859 in Bombay, India. Her father was Ezekiel Gubbay (1824–1896), a trade...

5/26/2009 7/2/2014

HaRav Kitroni, R' Yisrael Abba Citron, A.B.D. of Petach Tikvah MP (1881 - 1927)

"Rabbi Yisrael Abba Citrin", "Rabbi Israel Aba Citron-Kidroni", "Rabbi Yisrael Abba Zitron [Kitroni]", "Israel Kitroni", "HaRav Kitroni"

Rabbi of Petach Tikvah Rabbi Yisrael Abba Citron. was 24 years old, after having been ordained as a rabbi and marrying the daughter of the "Rogotchover" Rebbe, took an external matriculation exam and s...

12/5/2013 5/22/2014

Avraham Shapira (Hebrew: אברהם אלקנה כהנא שפירא‎; 20 May 1914, Jerusalem[1] – 27 September 2007) was a prominent rabbi in the Religious Zionist world. Shapira had been the head of the Rabbinical court ...

11/22/2008 5/20/2014

Joseph Ezekiel יוסף יחזקאל Massel MP (1850 - 1912)

"יוסף יחזקאל מזל"

Joseph Massel (also Yoysef Mazl, born near Vilna, Russia, 1850;[1] d. Manchester, 1912)[2] was a Zionist activist, writer, Hebrew poet and translator[3] who emigrated from Russia to Manchester, Engla...

3/16/2011 1/7/2014

Wilhelm Benjamin Ze'ev Reich MP (1852 - 1929)


Obituary Quelle Chief Rabbi Prof. Wilhelm Reich (1852 - 1929) received his semicha (rabbinic ordination) after studying at the prestigious Pressburger Yeshiva with the famous Rabbi...

5/16/2009 12/19/2013

Arthur Ruppin MP (1876 - 1943)

ארתור רופין ______________________________________________________________________ Arthur Ruppin (1 March 1876 – 1 January 1943) was a Zionist thinker and leader. He was also one of the f...

7/27/2008 12/15/2013

Dr. Samuel Teitler MP (1900 - 1989)

Dr. Samuel Teitler who was the first Jew to become a Justice of the Supreme Court of Switzerland and was a member of the Supreme Court 1951-1975. The decoration of the Auditorium of the Israeli Supreme...

9/15/2007 12/14/2013

Samuel Löb Citron MP (1862 - 1930)

"Shmuel Lieb Citron", "Sh. L. Citron", "S. L. Citron", "Samuel Löb Zitron"

Samuel L. Citron's Works Read on-line Shemu'el Leib Zitron (1860–1930), Hebrew and Yiddish journalist, writer, and critic. Shemu’el Leib Zitron was born in Minsk and received most of his education from...

12/6/2013 12/6/2013

Menachem Ussishkin MP (1863 - 1941)

Menachem Ussishkin (14 August 1863 - 2 October 1941) was a Russian-born Zionist leader and head of the Jewish National Fund.Avraham Menachem Mendel Ussishkin was born in Dubroŭna in the Belarusian part...

5/11/2012 4/25/2013

Robert Briscoe MP (1894 - 1969)

"Bob Briscoe"

Dublin Mayor--What's My Line video First Jewish Lord Mayor of Dublin. Robert "Bob" Briscoe (25 September 1894 – 11 March 1969) was an Irish Fianna Fáil politician who served as a Teachta Dála (TD...

7/11/2009 4/9/2013

R' Yehuda Leib HaCohen Maimon (Fishman) MP (1875 - 1962)

"HaRav HaGaon Yehuda Leib (Fishman) Maimon", "Yehuda Leib Hacohen Maimon", "Yehuda Leib Fishman"

Yehuda Leib Maimon Yehuda Leib Maimon (Hebrew: יהודה לייב מימון‎, born Yehuda Leib Fishman on 11 December 1875, died 10 July 1962, also known as Yehuda Leib Hacohen Maimon) was an Israeli r...

9/29/2009 11/7/2012

Abba Ahimeir Achimeir MP (1897 - 1962)

"אבא אחימאיר"

Abba Ahimeir (Hebrew: אב"א אחימאיר‎, 2 November 1897 - 6 June 1962) was a Jewish journalist, historian and political activist. One of the ideologues of Revisionist Zionism, he was the founder of the Re...

10/20/2009 3/20/2012

Rabbi Shmuel Mohliver MP (1824 - 1892)


Rabbi Samuel Mohilever (1824–1898), also Shmuel Mohilever, was a rabbi, pioneer of Religious Zionism and one of the founders of the Hovevei Zion movement. (More in English - see below).----------------...

6/7/2009 3/17/2012

Alfred Dreyfus MP (1859 - 1935)

Site de ressources sur l'Affaire Dreyfus, ouvert à l'occasion de l'exposition célébrant le centenaire de la réhabilitation du capitaine Dreyfus. L'AFFAIRE DREYFUS par Fabrice CAIN Ce texte a pa...

9/26/2007 10/31/2011

Emma Lazarus MP (1849 - 1887)

Emma Lazarus wrote her own poems. Her most famous work is "The New Colossus", is inscribed on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty. She is known as an important forerunner of the Zionist movement. She...

3/13/2010 10/10/2011

Rabbi Aryeh Leib Frumkin MP (1845 - 1916)

R. Aryeh Leib Frumkin (1845–1916), rabbinical scholar and writer; Zionist, pioneer of Jewish settlement in Petach Tikvah, Erez Israel. R. Frumkin studied rabbinics in his native Kelme, Lithuania, and a...

8/27/2008 1/19/2011

Sarah Heroine of "Nili" - MP (1890 - 1917)

"שרה גיבורת ניל"י"

Sarah Aaronsohn (January 5, 1890 – October 9, 1917) was a member of Nili, a ring of Jewish spies working for the British in World War I, and a sister of notable botanist Aaron Aaronsohn. Sometimes she ...

4/28/2007 12/26/2010

Aharon Aaronson MP (1876 - 1919)

Aaron Aaronsohn (Hebrew: אהרון אהרנסון‎) (1876 - 15 May 1919) was a Jewish agronomist, botanist, and Zionist activist. Aaronsohn was the discoverer of wild emmer (Triticum dicoccoides), believed to be ...

4/28/2007 12/26/2010

Avshalom Feinberg MP (1889 - 1917)

אבשלום פיינברג Avshalom Feinberg Avshalom Feinberg (Hebrew: אבשלום פיינברג‎, October 23, 1889 – January 20, 1917) was one of the leaders of Nili, a Jewish spy network in Ottoman Palestine helping the B...

5/6/2009 12/26/2010

Bogale Yona MP (1908 - 1987)

"The Ethiopian Herzl", "הרצל האתיופי"

Shalom Managers of Yona Bogale, יונה בוגלה - הרצל האתיופי,I am contacting you about this profile: Bogale Yona sons names are:Issayas Yona, Emanual Yona, Israel Yona and Elias Yona.cheers,Daniel Worku T...

12/25/2010 12/25/2010

Berl Katznelson MP (1887 - 1944)

Berl Katznelson (Hebrew: ברל כצנלסון‎, born 25 January 1887, died 12 August 1944) was one the intellectual founders of Labor Zionism, instrumental to the establishment of the modern State of Israel, an...

3/18/2007 12/23/2010

David Raziel Commander Etzel MP (1910 - 1941)

דוד רזיאל ________________________________________________________________________________ David Raziel (December 19, 1910 - May 20, 1941) was a fighter of the Jewish underground during the British man...

5/5/2007 12/22/2010

Ze'ev Jabotinsky זאב ז׳בוטינסקי MP (1880 - 1940)

"Beitar Head", "ראש בית"ר"

זאב ז'בוטינסקי ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ze'ev Jabotinsky Ze'ev Jabotinsky MBE (Hebrew: זאב ז'בוטינסקי‎, Ukrainian: Володи́ми...

9/16/2009 12/22/2010

Eliyahu Golomb MP (1893 - 1945)

Eliyau Golomb - - אליהו גולומב * Eliyau Golomb - - אליהו גולומב Eliyahu Golomb (Hebrew: אליהו גולומב‎, born 2 March 1893, died 11 June 1945) was the leader of the Jewish defense effor...

5/6/2007 12/20/2010

Menachem Begin (Hebrew: מנחם בגין, Polish: Mieczysław Biegun, Russian: Менахем Вольфович Бегин) born 16 August 1913 – died 9 March 1992 was the sixth prime minister of the State of Israel. Before the e...

12/18/2007 12/20/2010

Avraham "Yair" Stern MP (1907 - 1942)

"Yair", "יאיר"

Avraham Stern אברהם שטרן‎, aka Yair יאיר‎ (December 23, 1907 – February 12, 1942) was a Jewish paramilitary leader who founded and led the militant Zionist organization in August 1940, that became name...

6/23/2008 12/20/2010

Moses Haim Montefiore MP (1784 - 1885)

Sir Moses Haim Montefiore, 1st Baronet, Kt (24 October 1784 - 28 July 1885) was one of the most famous British Jews of the 19th century. Montefiore's 100th birthday was celebrated as a national event i...

2/1/2009 12/20/2010

Dov Ber Borochov MP (1881 - 1917)

Ber Borochov Dov Ber Borochov (June 21, 1881 – December 17, 1917) was a Marxist Zionist and one of the founders of the Labor Zionist movement as well as a pioneer in the study of Yiddish as a languag...

12/9/2010 12/9/2010

Nachman Syrkin Nachman Syrkin (or Nahman Syrkin or Nahum Syrkin; b. 11 February 1868; d. 6 September 1924) was a political theorist, founder of Labour Zionism and a prolific writer in Hebrew, Yiddish, ...

12/9/2010 12/9/2010

Harav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook MP (1865 - 1935)

"Rav Kook", "הרב אברהם יצחק הכהן קוק", "HaRaAYaH", "HaRav. Rav Kook"

Abraham Isaac Kook Wikipedia Rav Kook Website Rav Kook Torah Biography onYouTube Video   The Vegetarian Teachings of Rav Kook Abraham Isaac Kook (1865–1935) was the first Ashkenazi chief ra...

10/22/2007 12/9/2010

Rabbi Yitzhak Yaakov Reines MP (1839 - 1915)

Yitzchak Yaacov Reines יצחק יעקב ריינס , (b. 1839 - d. 1915) was a Lithuanian Orthodox rabbi and the founder of the Mizrachi Religious Zionist Movement. Life Reines, a descendant of Saul Wahl, was ...

2/7/2009 12/8/2010

médecin premier théoricien du Mouvement sioniste, avant Theodor Herzl Leon Pinsker, Yiddish: Yehudah Leib Pinsker, Russian: Lev Semyonovich Pinsker (1821, Tomaszów Lubelski, Poland (then Russian Em...

12/1/2010 12/8/2010

Rabbi Yehuda (Judah) Chai Alkalai MP (1798 - 1878)

"Rabbi Yehuda Alcalay"

יהודה אלקלעי >>>>> Rav Judah Alkalai Judah ben Solomon Chai Alkalai (1798 – October 1878) was a Sephardic rabbi in Zemun (in present day Serbia) and one of pioneers of modern Zionism.Alkalai studied in...

12/8/2010 12/8/2010

Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kalischer MP (1795 - 1874)

"הרב צבי הירש קלישר", "Zwi Hirsch Kalischer"

Zvi (Zwi) Hirsch Kalischer (24 March 1795 – 16 October 1874) was an Orthodox German rabbi who expressed views, from a religious perspective, in favour of the Jewish re-settlement of the Land of Israe...

10/9/2008 12/8/2010

Martin Buber MP (1878 - 1965)

"‎מרטין מרדכי בובר"

Martin Buber (Hebrew: מרטין בובר‎; February 8, 1878 – June 13, 1965) was an Austrian-born Jewish philosopher best known for his philosophy of dialogue, a form of religious existentialism centered on th...

11/3/2008 12/7/2010

Louis David Brandeis (pronounced /ˈbrændaɪs/; November 13, 1856 – October 5, 1941), President Wilson nominated Brandeis to the Supreme Court of the United States in 1916. Brandeis served on the Supre...

7/18/2010 12/7/2010

הנרִיֶיטה סֹאלְד Henrietta Szold, daughter of Rabbi Benjamin Szold a scholar originally from Nyitra, Hungary, was a translator, editor, philanthropist, educator, Zionist leader and the founder of Hadas...

8/3/2009 12/7/2010

Gracia Mendes Nassi MP (1510 - 1569)

"Beatrice de Luna Miques", "Dona Gracia Nasi", "Beatrice deLuna Migues", "Gracia (Beatriz) de Luna (Nasi)"

Donna Gracia Mendes Nassi YouTube Donna Gracia Mendes Nassi (Gracia is archaic Portuguese and Spanish for the Hebrew Hannah, also known by her Christianized name Beatriz de Luna Miques, 1510–1569) was ...

11/8/2008 12/7/2010

Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver MP (1893 - 1963)

Abba Hillel Silver (1893–1963) was a U.S. Rabbi and Zionist leader. He was a key figure in the mobilization of American support for the founding of the State of Israel. The American Herzl Photos ...

7/11/2009 12/7/2010

Nahum Sokolow MP (1859 - 1936)

Nahum Sokolow Nahum Sokolow (Nahum ben Joseph Samuel Sokolow, Hebrew: נחום ט' סוקולוב‎ Nachum ben Yoseph Shmuel Soqolov, Yiddish: סאָקאָלאָוו, 1859 - 1936) was a Zionist leader, author, translator, a...

2/25/2010 12/6/2010

David Wolffsohn MP (1856 - 1914)


David Wolffsohn David Wolffsohn (Yiddish: דוד וואלפסאן; Hebrew: דוד וולפסון‎; 9 October 1856, Darbėnai (Polish: Dorbiany), Kovno Governorate - 15 September 1914) was a Jewish businessman and prominent ...

4/10/2009 12/6/2010

Nahum Goldman MP (1885 - 1982)

Nahum Goldmann (Hebrew: נחום גולדמן‎) (July 10, 1895 – August 29, 1982) was a leading Zionist and the founder and longtime president of the World Jewish Congress from 1948 to 1977. Memories of Nachum...

2/22/2008 12/6/2010

Prof. Otto Warburg MP (1859 - 1938)

"Professor of botanty third president of World Zionist Organization"

Not to be confused with Otto Heinrich Warburg, a distant cousin, Nobel Prize Laureate, namesake of the Warburg effect. Otto Warburg (1859-1938), was a botanist and industrial agriculture expert and a...

9/3/2007 12/6/2010

Chaim Azriel Weizmann, Hebrew: חיים עזריאל ויצמן‎, (27 November 1874 – 9 November 1952) was a Zionist leader, President of the Zionist Organization, and the first President of the State of Israel. He w...

9/13/2007 12/6/2010

David Ben-Gurion First Prime Minister of Israel MP (1886 - 1973)

"B.G.", "HaZaken", "בי.ג'י.", "הזקן"

David Ben-Gurion David Ben-Gurion (Hebrew: דָּוִד בֶּן-גּוּרִיּוֹן‎, born David Grün on 16 October 1886, died 1 December 1973) was the first Prime Minister of Israel. Ben-Gurion's passion for Zionism, ...

4/27/2008 12/6/2010

Maximilian Nordau (Simon Maximilian Südfeld) MP (1849 - 1923)

"Max", "Miksa"

Max Nordau born Simon Maximilian Südfeld (July 29, 1849 - January 23, 1923) in Pest, Hungary, was a Zionist leader, physician, author, and social critic. As a social critic, he wrote a number of co...

7/24/2007 12/6/2010

Naftali Tzvi Herzl MP (c.1820 - d.)

"Natan", "Noson"

12/18/2007 10/12/2010

Shimon Yehudah Herzl MP (deceased)

"Simon Yehuda"

12/18/2007 10/12/2010

Mrs. Moshe Herzl [Spasoevitch] - MP (deceased)

"Unlike her husband - did not converst to Orthodox"

8/9/2010 10/12/2010

Mrs. Hershl Herzl [Petrovich] - MP (deceased)

"Unlike her husband - did not converst to Orthodox"

8/9/2010 10/12/2010

Yishak Herzl MP (deceased)

12/19/2007 10/12/2010

Jospe Herzl MP (deceased)

12/19/2007 10/12/2010

Hershl Herzl Costa Petrovich - MP (deceased)

"converted to Serbian-Orthodox"

Theodor Herzl's grandfathers, both of whom he knew well, had a much closer attachment to traditional Judaism. His paternal grandfather, SIMON LEIB HERZL (1805-1879), lived in Zemlin, and his maternal g...

8/9/2010 10/12/2010

Naftali Tzvi Herzl MP (deceased)

12/18/2007 10/12/2010

Sara Biliz MP (deceased)

12/3/2009 10/12/2010

Jakob Biliz MP (deceased)

12/3/2009 10/12/2010

Verrana Frummet Herzl MP (1777 - d.)

8/7/2010 10/12/2010

Leopold Yehuda Lobl Herzl MP (1751 - d.)

"Leopold Lobl"

... The Theodor Lobl that never was The Torah may have one official version, but family trees are far from canonical. By Steve Klein Family trees are far from canonical. Reaching back centuries...

12/18/2007 10/12/2010

Károly Herzl MP (1845 - 1918)

"Carl", "Karl"

12/19/2007 10/12/2010

Katharina Hirschl MP (deceased)

1/15/2010 10/12/2010

Rosalie Rosenfeld MP (deceased)

1/15/2010 10/12/2010

Miksa Max Herzl MP (c.1828 - d.)

1/15/2010 10/12/2010

Stephan Theodor Neumann (1918–1946) was sent to England, 1935, for his safety, at the request of his father Richard Neumann to the Viennese Zionists and the Zionist Executive in Palestine. The Neumann'...

8/3/2010 10/12/2010

Richard Neumann, הי״ד MP (1867 - 1943)

Trude the youngest Herzl married Richard Neumann, a much older businessman, and had one child – Stephan. Trude also descended into her own personal hell. Almost immediately after the birth of her son –...

12/3/2009 10/12/2010

Rebecca Herzl MP (1809 - 1888)

"[Th. Herzl grandmother]", "Regina", "Regine", "Bielitz"

12/3/2009 10/12/2010

Theodor Herzl's grandfathers, both of whom he knew well, had a much closer attachment to traditional Judaism. His paternal grandfather, SIMON LEIB HERZL (1805-1879), lived in Zemlin, and his maternal g...

12/18/2007 10/12/2010

Jeanette Johanna Herzl MP (1836 - 1911)

Herzl's mother, JEANETTE (née Diamant), was a handsome and wise woman. She took pride in her son, but did not have a successful relationship with her daughter-in-law. She also encouraged Herzl in the p...

12/18/2007 10/12/2010

Jacob Herzl MP (1835 - 1902)

"Theodor's father"

death notice in the Neue Freie Presse - JACOB HERZL (1835-1902), Theodor's father, was a highly successful businessman. Utterly devoted to his son, he enabled him to develop his many talents and did ...

12/18/2007 10/12/2010

Pauline Herzl MP (1859 - 1878)

12/18/2007 10/12/2010

YAD VASHEM document: Margarethe Gertrude (Trude) Herzl Neumann (Daughter of Dr. Theodor Herzl) Among the deportees on transport No. 40, (train “Da 513”), which departed from Vienna on 10 Septembe...

12/18/2007 10/12/2010

Hans Herzl MP (1891 - 1930)

"Theodor Herzl son"

Born Vienna, 1891 Num. 1103 Wien Herzl, Hanns Theodor Tivadar, Dr./Naschauer Julianna ( Hans Herzl – A Jew Finally Comes Home (Excerpts) By Judith Rice At age 39, he had never marrie...

12/18/2007 10/12/2010

Pauline Hift MP (1890 - 1930)

Find a grave - Pauline Herzl states birth date as March 29, 1890 Born Vienna in 1890, Num. 2633 Wien Herzl Pauline Theodor Dr./Naschauer Julianna ( - reads March 4, 1890. ___________...

12/18/2007 10/12/2010

Julie (Julianna) Herzl MP (1868 - 1907)

"Theodor Herzl wife", "Julie"

In June, 25, 1889 Julie Naschauer, daughter of a wealthy Jewish businessman in Vienna, married Theodor Herzl. The marriage was unhappy, although three children were born to it. Herzl had a strong attac...

12/18/2007 10/12/2010

Theodor Binyamin Ze'ev Herzl - MP (1860 - 1904)

"‎חוזה המדינה", "בנימין זאב הרצל", "Herzl Tivadar", "Theodore"

1949 - Theodor Herzl returns to Israel Theodor Herzl (Hebrew: בנימין זאב הרצל‎, Binyamin Ze'ev Herzl, also known as חוזה המדינה, Hoze Ha'Medinah (lit. "visionary of the State") (May 2, 1860-July 3, 1...

12/18/2007 10/12/2010