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A genealogical and heraldic history of the extinct and dormant baronetcies ... By John Burke, Sir Bernard Burke"Of this family, whose chief abode had for many generations been at the castle of Frodsham...

3/14/2007 10/5/2015

Sir Reginald Bray MP (c.1440 - 1503)


Sir Reginald Bray KG (c. 1440 – 24 June 1503) was the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster under Henry VII, English courtier, and architect of the Henry VII Lady Chapel in Westminster Abbey. Sir Regina...

3/27/2011 7/15/2015

Dr John Wall MP (1708 - 1776)

John Wall (12 October 1708 – 27 June 1776)English physician, one of the founders of the Worcester Royal Infirmary (now the University of Worcester' Business School) and the Royal Worcester porcelain wo...

11/3/2013 11/3/2013

John I "Lackland", King of England MP (1166 - 1216)

"Johan sanz Terre", "Lackland", "Softsword", "Jean sans Terre", "Sword of Lat", "Soft-sword"

alternate birth location detailsKings Manor House, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Englandseveral sources also give his birth year as 1167other possible death date ; 19 October 1216===============================...

1/29/2007 11/3/2013

Harthacnut, King of Denmark and England MP (1018 - 1042)

"Harthacnut", "Cnut the Hardy", "Harthacanute", "Hardicanute", "Hardecanute", "Hörthaknútr", "Hardeknud", "Hardeknut"

Hardeknut son of Canute, king of Denmark and England.Note that there is another Hardeknut 200 years earlier, the father of Gorm the Old. Do not mix them! Links * The Peerage * Geneall * Kings of Denmar...

4/11/2007 11/3/2013

From and The Domesday Book (Thomas Hinde, ed., 1985, CLB International) d'Abetot, Urso - Also called Urso of Worcester. From Abbetot, Seine-Maritime (France). Sheriff of Worcestershire. Brother of Robe...

7/28/2007 11/3/2013