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Holloway, Hitchcock, Kennedy, Akers families in Lawrence, Kansas

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This is a project stemming from a collection of photographs I found in an antique store in Lawrence, KS.

The names include the following (first names and locations given below):

  • Akers
  • Barth/Borth
  • Bickzel
  • Borth/Barth
  • Brady/Brody
  • Canavan/Caravan
  • Castor/Easton?
  • Clawson
  • Clusett
  • Dale
  • Davison
  • DeVore
  • Dixer/Dixen/Dixeu/Dixon
  • Ferguson
  • Freeman
  • Green
  • Hegawerr/Hegaweu/Hegauwer?
  • Hege-Wauo?
  • Hitchcock
  • Holcomn/Holcom/Colcomb
  • Holloway
  • Jenkins
  • Johnson
  • Jones
  • Karnes
  • Liselotte
  • Lyons
  • McKinney
  • Noble
  • Phillips
  • Riggs
  • Riggs
  • Robbins
  • Rogers/Wallace?
  • Schneck
  • Shank
  • Shaw
  • Sutter

If you have family that lived in Lawrence, Kansas, or the surrounding communities, in particular if their names are on the list below, please add their public Geni profiles to this project. If you're not sure about any of the data on their profiles, please say so, so that we can make this project as accurate as possible.

I started an image repository at Picasa Web Albums.

I live in Lawrence and can do lookups at the historical society. They have a stunning wealth of very well-organized information on many families that lived here.

This is fun for me, so I won't charge you for looking things up. There's just this one problem - lately, I've been inexplicably crippled by this totally bizarre, involuntary tic where I repeatedly smack myself in the forehead and demand why I spent the rent on pictures of dead strangers. Operating a scanner would certainly be much, much easier if I could find a cure for this. You can help by sending a Paypal donation to amy [dot] bowen [at] gmail [dot] com. It would be profoundly appreciated, to say the least.


Goals of this project

  • Identify the people in the pictures (only a few have been scanned so far, check back soon)
  • Fill in the Geni world tree and associate the pictures with the correct public profiles
  • Enrich what we know about the history of these families and the roles they played in Lawrence, Kansas
  • Find good homes for the photographs themselves

How you can help

  • Create public profiles for the people in your family whose names are on the list below
  • Locate relatives of people on the list
  • Add those profiles to this project
  • Help identify the people in the photos
  • Help reimburse me for the cost of the photos, if possible


Names and locations of labeled photos



  • Marie Holloway
  • Ruby Holloway
  • Cecil Holloway
  • Carol Holloway
  • Jeanette Holloway
  • Emory/Emery Holloway
  • June? Holloway
  • Faye Holloway
  • Jeannette Holloway
  • Jean Holloway
  • Jennie Holloway
  • S.R. Holloway
  • T. K. Holloway
  • Mrs. T. K. Holloway
  • Willard Holloway
  • R.C. Holloway
  • R.C. Holloway, Jr.
  • E.A. Holloway, Mrs Holloway
  • Robert Holloway
  • Katherine Holloway
  • Tom, Margaret, Dara/Dora, Rose, Scott, at our old home in Pleasant Valley, Aug 1928
  • Holloway and Jones store, Dec 31, 1911
  • R.N.A. Hall in Holloway Hall 1925


  • Rob Lyons
  • Ruby Lyons
  • Floyd Lyons
  • Walter Lyons
  • Robert Holloway
  • Gordon/Gordeu Lyons (3 young boys)


  • Mary Phillips
  • Viola Phillips
  • Mellie/Nellie Phillips
  • Eula Phillips
  • Blanche Holloway Phillips


  • Rose Hitchcock
  • Mary - Baby - Mother, & Gordon Hitchcock
  • Mrs. A.E. Hitchcock
  • Shirley Hitchcock family:
  • Mildred Hitchcock
  • Phon Hitchcock
  • Helen Hitchcock
  • Mary Hitchcock
  • Shirley and Gordon Hitchcock (2 men)
  • Lisle Hitchcock


  • Merton Wayne Jones
  • Delores Joanne Jones
  • (Bob & Kate)
  • Chris Jones
  • Judy Jones
  • Grandma Jones
  • T. H. Jones.
  • Richard Jones
  • Faye Jones
  • Jeannette Jones
  • Faye and Bill
  • Irene, Faye
  • Hayden Jones
  • Mrs. M.E. Jones, Long Beach CA
  • Jones Service Station
  • Jones Farm Supply
  • Jones Music


  • Christmas 1911 at the J.S. Akers house
  • Margaret Akers, no date but very old
  • Johnny/Johnnie Akers, age 13
  • Mrs. John Akers
  • John Akers
  • John Akers Jr.
  • John C. Akers
  • John S. Akers
  • Merton T. Akers (his name is written but he's not pictured).
  • Margaret Akers


  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul DeVore. Taken right after the ceremony by the church. Sept. 3, 1946
  • Billy J DeVore
  • Paul DeVore
  • Faye Jones DeVore


  • Picture of Davison headstone
  • Photo of elderly woman next to Davison headstone x2


  • F.W. Ferguson
  • Mrs. Ferguson
  • Amanda Ferguson. 1908. At home Holtville Calif.
  • Elizabeth Ferguson


  • Estella Shaw
  • Bernice Shaw
  • Marjorie Shaw


  • Bobbie Jenkins - who lives next door
  • Dorothy Dale
  • Kate Noble
  • John Canavan/Caravan
  • Silas Johnson
  • William (WM) Shank
  • Dora Shank (Dora Holloway?)
  • Hegawerr/Hegaweu/Hegauwer?? family (14 adults, 3 young children, 1 dog)
  • James Sutter
  • Alvin Green
  • Clusetts
  • Greetings from Grene & Terry & Francis, Sept 27, 1942 (Last day F.C. was a civilian?)
  • "Bub" Holcomn/Homcom/Colcomb (Colo)
  • Hester Ann Holcom (funeral announcement)
  • "R & Tracy" ?
  • Hans Dicter Bickzel
  • Gisela Liselotte
  • Mrs. Hege-Wauo? [illeg]
  • Johnnie Brady
  • Jaan
  • Hallmark greeting card: "Feb 19, 1869, Feb 19, 1951. Congratulations Dad on your 82nd birthday. That sure is swell, Hoping I can do as well. Bob, Kate & Bobby"
  • Beulah Clawson, Feb 1944. daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Carl Clawson
  • "Judy" - woman pretending like she's about to teeter off a rock wall
  • Ida N. Castor/Easton/ - rewritten below, Ida Norton?
  • "Bessie Robbins"
  • Wallace, Vera & little Margaret Riggs. To Aunt Marie
  • Elizabeth Binkley
  • Brody/Brady
  • Bob McKinney
  • Rogers, Wallace
  • Margaret Riggs
  • Stella Freeman's children
  • M.C. Karnes
  • Kate Borth/Barth
  • Lester Dixer/Dixen/Dixeu/Dixon
  • Charles Schneck




  • 908 Maine
  • 1705 Kentucky st.
  • Massive white house with pillars. House number is 928
  • Pleasant Valley
  • Midway, Kansas USA
  • Tee Pee Junction. North Lawrence, KS. Flood Waters.
  • Restaurant


  • Modesto, California
  • Long Beach, California
  • Sacramento, Calif.
  • Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco
  • Fleischacker Zoo in San Francisco


  • Haines Point, Wash.
  • "412 W. Mercer st. Seattle, Wn.


  • Williams Canyon, Colorado scene
  • Idaho Springs, Colo


  • Salt Lake City, sept 1945
  • Ute Chief Spring, in Ute Pass. Two Okla girls. 1910s?
  • Snow Valley
  • Palm Beach Flo.
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Taj Mahal
  • Mamaroneck, N.Y.

If you have questions or need help, don't hesitate to contact me. My name is Amy Bowen. You can email me directly at amy [dot] bowen [at] gmail [dot] com.

By the way, I'm of no relation to the families. I was just intrigued by the collection of photographs. That means you can help, too, even if you're not related :) If you want to be a collaborator, just ask!