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Ernst August, Herzog zu Braunschweig und Lüneburg MP (1629 - 1698)

"Ernst August", "Kurfürst von Hannover"

Ernst August I von Braunschweig-Lüneburg Kurfürst zu Hannover Member of the House of Guelph(Welfen). He and Clara Elisabeth Weisenbuch were associated. Prince Bishop of Osnabrück in 1661. Herzo...

5/4/2007 10/17/2016

Frederick, Prince of Wales MP (1707 - 1751)

"Friedrich Ludwig von HANNOVER; Knight of the Garter; Prince of WALES; of BRUNSWICK-LUNEBURG"

Frederick Louis Hanover, Prince of Wales. Knight, Order of the Garter (K.G.) on 3 July 1716. 1st Duke of Gloucester [Great Britain] on 10 January 1717. 1st Duke of Rothesay [Great Britain] on 1...

5/5/2007 10/17/2016

Margarethe Luther MP (1463 - 1531)

Mother of Martin Luther Most biographers of Martin Luther refer to his mother as Margarethe Ziegler. But Ian Siggins maintains, on the basis of his extensive research, that she was a Lindemann. Since...

2/2/2008 10/7/2016

Julius Pflug, Bischof MP (1499 - 1564)

"Julius von Pflugk"

8/13/2014 10/5/2016

Dietrich III. von Schönberg (* um 1400; † 12. April 1476 in Stolpen) war Bischof von Meißen von 1463 bis 1476. Die Familie Schönberg verfügte über erheblichen Einfluss im Bistum Meißen. Sein Vater wa...

2/27/2015 10/5/2016

Temporary Note to Curators: Possible Main Profile? Nome: ou Angilberk, ou de Centula, ou de Viena. Nascimento: ou c. 740, ou c. 775, ou 776, ou em local indeterminado. Relação com Berta: talvez casam...

5/27/2007 10/4/2016

Hildegarde d'Aquitaine, Abbesse de Saint-Jean-de-Laon MP (c.802 - 860)

"Princess Of France", "(Hildegard)", "Carolingian daughter of Louis I & Ermengard"

2nd wife of Gerard, Count of Auvergne, who married first Rotrude, daughter of Louis the Pious (they had 3 children). Then he married her sister Hildegard (they had no children). It cites as it's so...

5/14/2007 10/4/2016

Lambert II, bishop of Metz MP (c.670 - aft.741)

"Lantbertus", "Landbert von Haspengau", "Lanbertus"

Lantbert [Lambert] II im Austrien Primate of Gaul and Germany, first Abbot of Lorsch and an uncle of St. Chrodegang. b.bef.710: s/o Chrodobertur (Robert) II and Doda Poiters d.bef.741 m.Chrotli...

9/7/2007 10/1/2016

Saint Chlodulf (Cloud), Bishop of Metz MP (596 - 697)

"Cloud", "Chlodulf", "Clodule", "Clodould", "Clodulf", "Clodulph", "Clodulphe", "Colodulf"

Ben notes: name spellings as accepted by Wikipedia were as follows: French (modern home country): Clodulf de Metz, Chlodulf, Clodoul, Cloud German: Chlodulf von Metz, Flodulf, Glodulf, Childulf E...

6/11/2007 9/30/2016

Saint Dode of Metz MP (c.583 - c.611)

"Dote of Metz"

Saint Dode of Metz is my 42nd great grandmother. Many historians reject her existence. She is said to be daughter of Arnoaldus , and Oda , a Suevian. From Sewell Genealogy Site. Online Clothilde

3/5/2007 9/30/2016

Henry I, king of France MP (1009 - 1060)

Henry I (4 May 1008 – 4 August 1060) was the King of the Franks from 1031 to his death. The royal demesne of France reached its smallest size during his reign, and for this reason he is often seen ...

4/23/2007 2/25/2016

See Wikipedia...

1/22/2012 2/1/2016

Henry I "The Fowler", king of Germany MP (876 - 936)

"Henry I "The Fowler" Duke of Saxony and King of the Germans", "Heinrich I of the Germans", "The Fowler", "Henrik I Fågelfängaren", "/Henry/I", "of Saxony", "Henry the Fowler", "" the /Fowler"/", "Duke of Saxony", "German king", "kung i tyskland", "Heinrich von Sachsen", "Henr..."

Links: Wikipedia King of Germany (formally King of East Francia) Reign 24. May 919 – 2. July 936 Coronation none Predecessor: Conrad I Successor: Otto I

4/6/2007 6/6/2013

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Matthias (24 February 1557 – 20 March 1619) was Holy Roman Emperor from 1612, King of Hungary and Croatia from 1608 (as Matthias II) and King of Bohemia from 1...

6/4/2007 3/4/2012

Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor MP (1552 - 1612)

"Rudolf V", "von Österreich", "Habsburský"

Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search "Rudolf II" redirects here. For 13th century Duke of Austria, see Rudolf II, Duke of Austria. R...

4/8/2008 3/4/2012

Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor MP (1503 - 1564)

"German", "Czech", "Slovak", "Croatian: Ferdinand I.; Hungarian: I. Ferdinánd; Spanish: Fernando I.", "Emperor of Germany", "Ferdinand I", "Holy Roman Emperor", "FERDINAND I", "HOLYROMANEMPEROR"

Archduke of Austria1521 King of Bohemia and Hungary 1526. King of Croatia, Dalmatia, Slavonia, and formally king of Serbia, Galicia (in Eastern Europe) and Lodomeria, etc. Holy Roman Emperor 1558...

6/4/2007 3/4/2012

Henry V, Holy Roman Emperor MP (1086 - 1125)

"Holy Roman Emperor", "Heinrich V", "King of Germany", "Henry V // Holy Roman Empr"

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia King of Germany (Formally King of the Romans): Reign 1099–1125 Holy Roman Emperor: Reign 1111–1125 Predecessor Henry IV Successor:[ Lothair III]

3/11/2007 3/4/2012

Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor MP (1050 - 1106)

"Enrique IV", "Henrik IV", "Henrique IV", "Henry IV", "de Alemania", "Henri IV de Franconia", "King of Germany", "Heinrich Salier", "del Sacro Imperio Romano Germánico"

and in German: Henry IV (German: Heinrich IV; 11 November 1050 – 7 August 1106) was King of Germany from 1056 and Holy Roman Emperor from 1084 until his forced abdication in 1105. He was the ...

2/27/2007 3/4/2012

Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor MP (1017 - 1056)

"Henri III of the Germanic Empire", "Henry III Holy Roman Emperor", "Henry the Black", "Enrique III El Negro de Alemania", ""the Black"", "The Pious", "The Black", "(Le Noir) (Emperor of Germany)", "called the Black or the Pious", "Den Svarte", "Heinrich III the Black", "the..."

Heinrich III. (* 28. Oktober 1017; † 5. Oktober 1056 in Bodfeld, Harz) aus der Familie der Salier war von 1039 bis zu seinem Tod 1056 römisch-deutscher König und seit 1046 Kaiser. (English) Leben...

2/27/2007 3/4/2012

Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor MP (990 - 1039)

"Emperor Conrad II of the Germanic /Empire/", "the Salic", "le Salien", "Konrad der Ältere", "Conrad II le Salique", "Conrad II Holy Roman Emperor", "Saliseren"

"Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor" WaymarkFeatured Waymark in Grave of a Famous Person View waymark gallery Download this waymark: .LOC File .KML File (Google Earth) Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor in...

2/27/2007 3/4/2012

Charles III 'the Fat', King of the Franks MP (839 - 888)

"Charles II", "Roi des Francs; Karl II", "Imperator Romanorum", "also known as Charles III", "was the Carolingian Emperor from 881 to 888."

Charles II, Roi de France (1) M, #103213, b. 13 June 839, d. 13 January 888 Last Edited=9 Sep 2007 Charles II, Roi de France was born on 13 June 839. He was the son of Louis II 'the German', Ki...

5/14/2007 3/4/2012

Charles II "the Bald", Western Emperor MP (823 - 877)

"Charles II "the Bald"", ""le Chauve"", ""el Calvo"", "Karel "de Kale"", ""il Calvo"", "Charles II", "Holy Roman Emperor", "King of West Francia", "Charles the Bald", "The Bald", "Emperor of HolyRoman empire", "Karel de Kale", "Charles the Bald.he was not in fact bald", "but rat..."

Ben M. Angel notes: Again, if the year is before 962, it is not the Holy Roman Empire, and the ruler is not the Holy Roman Emperor. The first Emperor of the entity that later becomes known as the Hol...

2/8/2007 3/4/2012

Louis Ii "le Jeune", Emperor of Italy and Of the Franks MP (825 - 875)

"/Louis/II", "II Giovani", "Ludwig II", "Lodewijk II", "der Franken", "der Karolingers", "de Jongere", ""/Louis/II"", ""II Giovani"", ""Ludwig II"", ""Lodewijk II"", ""der Franken"", ""der Karolingers"", ""de Jongere", "Louis II", "KIng of Italy", "Re d'Italia", "Holy Roman Emperor"

Louis II "the Younger" of Italy, Emperor of Italy, Emperor of the Franks From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Louis II the Younger[1] (825 – 12 August 875) was the King of Italy from 844 and then ...

6/20/2007 3/4/2012

Lothair III von Supplinburg (9 June 1075, Unterlüß – 4 December 1137), was Duke of Saxony (1106), King of Germany (1125), and Holy Roman Emperor from 1133 to 1137. The son of Count Gebhard of Supplinbu...

2/13/2007 3/2/2012

Friedrich III, Holy Roman Emperor MP (1415 - 1493)

"German king as Frederick IV", "King of Germany (King of the Romans)", "Archduke of Austria", "Holy Roman Emperor", "Duke of Austria (as Frederick V)"

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia: English Deutsch King of Germany (King of the Romans) Reign 2 February 1440 – 19 August 1493, Coronation 17 June 1442 Predecessor: Albert II Success...

6/4/2007 2/18/2012

Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor MP (1165 - 1197)

"Henry of Hohenstaufun", "le Sévère", "le Cruel", "Emperor Henri VI of the Germanic /Empire/"

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia Holy Roman Emperor; King of Italy: Reign 1191 – 28 September 1197 'Coronation 15 April 1191, Rome ' Predecessor: ' Frederick I Barbarossa Successor:...

5/30/2007 2/18/2012

Friedrich I Barbarossa, Holy Roman Emperor MP (c.1122 - 1190)

"Friederich I Barbarossa the greatest and most charismatic leaders of their age.", "Federico Barbaroja; Friedrich III. Herzog von Schwaben"

The Peerage Geneall Rootsweb Find a grave Holy Roman Emperor: Reign 1155-1190 Coronation 18 June 1155, Rome

1/29/2007 2/18/2012

Otto IV, Holy Roman Emperor MP (c.1175 - 1218)

"Duke Otto of /Brunswick/"

Otto IV. (HRR) aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche Otto IV. und Papst Innozenz III. reichen sich die Hände (aus Heidelberg, Cod. Pal. germ. 19-23, um 1450) W...

5/30/2007 2/18/2012

Louis Iii the Blind, Holy Roman Emperor MP (c.883 - 928)

"Louis Beronides", "L'aveugle Beronides", "o Cego", "Lodewijk III", "de Blinde", "L'Aveugle", "Ludwig "the Blind" Emperor of the West/", "King /Louis/ III", "Louis "the Blind" King of /Provence/", "Louis the Blind"

son of Boson and Ermengarde: LOUIS (late 882 or after-Arles 5 Jun 928). Herimannus names "puer Ludowicus" son of Boson "ex filia Ludowici Italiæ imperatoris" when recording that he was adopted by...

3/15/2007 2/12/2012

Arnulf, Emperor of the West MP (c.845 - 899)

"Arnulf I of Carinthia", "King of East Francia and Holy Roman Emperor", "King Arnulf of East-Francia", "Arnulf of Germany", "Arnulf Koroški", "Arnulf von Kärnten", "Arnulf of Carinthia", "King Arnulf of /Germany/", "Arnulf Arnold Caroling", "king of East Francia and Holy..."

Deutsch: Arnulf of Carinthia (German: Arnulf von Kärnten; Slovene: Arnulf Koroški; 850 – December 8 899) was the Carolingian King of East Francia[1] from 887 and Holy Roman Emperor from 896 until h...

5/15/2007 2/12/2012

Guido di Spoleto, 7th Holy Roman Emperor MP (c.855 - 894)

"Guido", "Gui", "Guy"

see Medlands Guido di Spoleto (c800-?), 7th Holy Roman Emperor. He was Count of Camerino (876), Duke of Spoleto (883-891, as Guido III), King of Italy (891-892, as Guido I), joint King of Italy (892-...

5/15/2007 2/6/2012

Lambert II di Spoleto (c880-898), 8th Holy Roman Emperor. He was son of Wido III, king of Italy and emperor. He was Duke of Spoleto and Camerino (891-898), joint King of Italy (892-894), King of Italy ...

6/20/2008 2/6/2012

Princess Ermengarde de Lorraine MP (c.827 - 850)

"Irmingard", "Ermingarde", "Irmgard", "der Franken", "der Karolingers", "van Lotharingen", "Duchess of the Moselle", "Maasgau", "Princess of Italy", "Helletrude", ""der Franken"", ""der Karolingers"", ""van Lotharingen"", ""Maasgau"", ""Princ...", "Irmengard", "of Lorraine"

: Emperor Lothaire & his wife had eight children: ... 3. daughter ([825/30]-). The Gesta Francorum records that "Gisalbertus, vassallus Karoli" abducted "filiam Hlotharii imperatoris" and took ...

4/11/2007 1/8/2012

Berengario I, re d'Italia MP (aft.840 - 924)

"Holy Roman Emperor", "King /Berenger/ I", "Berenger I /Italy/", "Bérengar D /Italia/", "Berengar of Friuli", "/Berenger/I", "The Phantom Emperor"

Berengar dell'Italia (of Italy) (Cividale del Friuli, 850 (?) – Verona, 924) Parents: Eberardo del Friuli & di Gisella (o Gisla), figlia di Ludovico il Pio Spouse: Bertilla de Spoleto Children: Gis...

3/4/2007 1/8/2012

Friedrich II von Staufer, Kaiser des Heiligen Römischen Reiches MP (1194 - 1250)

"Federico II. Imperatore del Sacro Romano Impero; Emperor Frederic II of the Germanic /Empire/", "Konstantin Roger Friedrich; Federigo I King of Cicily", "Frederick II", "Holy Roman Emperor"

Frederick II (December 26, 1194 – December 13, 1250), of the Hohenstaufen dynasty, was a pretender to the title of King of the Romans from 1212 and unopposed holder of that monarchy from 1215. As such,...

5/30/2007 9/1/2011

Maria Theresa Amalia Walburga prinzessin von Österreich Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia Empress consort of the Holy Roman Empire Queen consort of Germany Tenure 13 September 1745 – 18 ...

8/13/2007 7/15/2011

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia Holy Roman Emperor, King of the Romans (King of Germany) Reign 24 January 1742 – 20 January 1745 (2 years, 362 days) Coronation 12 February 1742, Frankfur...

6/4/2007 7/9/2011

Ludwig IV "der Bayer" von Wittelsbach, Kaiser des Heiligen Römischen Reiches MP (1282 - 1347)

"Louis the Bavarian", "Ludwig der Bayer", "von Bayern"

Ludwig der Bayer Louis the Bavarian Links: The Peerage Geneall King of the Romans Reign 1314–1347 Coronation 25 November 1314 (Aachen) until 1330 with Frederick "the Handsome" King of Ita...

2/13/2007 6/22/2011

Otto I, Holy Roman emperor MP (912 - 973)

"Emperor Otton I of the Germanic /Empire/", "the Great", "Of The Holy Roman Empire", "The Great", "von Deutschland", "Le Grand", "(Othon I) (Le Grande)", "Kaiser Otto I of Germany", "The /Great/", "King of Germany I /Otto/", "Otto den store", "Der Reich"

Links Wikipedia English Deutsch King of Germany (formally King of East Francia, auf deutsch "Ostfränkischer König") Reign 2. July 936 – 7. May 973 Coronation 7. August 936 Aachen Cathedral ...

2/25/2007 6/13/2011

Otto II, Holy Roman Emperor MP (955 - 983)

"the Red", "Emperor Otto II of the Germanic /Empire/", "The Red", "Otto II of /Saxony/", "called the Red Earl", "Rufus"

Otto II (955 – December 7, 983), called the Red (Rufus), was Holy Roman Emperor from 973 until his death in 983. A member of the Ottonian dynasty, Otto II was the youngest and sole surviving son of Ott...

5/13/2007 6/13/2011

Otto III, Holy Roman Emperor MP (980 - 1002)

"Otto III HRR", ""

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia Holy Roman Emperor Reign 21. May 996–24. January 1002 King of Germany(formally King of the Franks) Reign 25. December 983 – 24. January 1002 Predecessor...

5/15/2007 6/13/2011

Henry ll "Saint Henry”, Holy Roman Emperor MP (973 - 1024)

"Henri II", "Heinrich II der Heilige", "Kaiser des Heiligen"

Heinrich Der Heilige Henry The Saint Links: The Peerage do not specify any children Geneall Ohne Nachkommen Wikipedia do not specify any children King of Germany: Reign 7. June 1002 – 13....

5/15/2007 6/13/2011

Leopold II Habsbug-Lothringen MP (1747 - 1792)

"Peter Leopold Joseph"

Full title: Leopold II, By the Grace of God, Holy Roman Emperor; King of Germany, Hungary, Bohemia, Dalmatia, Croatia, Slavonia, Galicia, Lodomeria, Rama, Serbia, Cumania and Bulgaria; Archduke of Aust...

6/4/2007 5/31/2011

Henry VII, Holy Roman Emperor MP (c.1275 - 1313)

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia Holy Roman Emperor: Reign: 29 June 1312 – 24 August 1313, Coronation 29 June 1312, Rome Predecessor: Frederick II Successor: Louis IV

5/30/2007 4/6/2011

Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor MP (1316 - 1378)

"Karel IV", "Wenceslaus", "Karl IV. von Luxemburg", "Kaiser des HRR"

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia King of Bohemia: Reign 26 August 1346 – 29 November 1378 Coronation 2 September 1347, Prague Predecessor: John of Bohemia Successor: Wenceslaus IV

5/30/2007 4/6/2011

Sigismund I, Holy Roman Emperor MP (1368 - 1437)


) Sigismund von Luxemburg Zsigmond magyar király Zikmund Lucemburský Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor; King of the Romans, Bohemia, Italy, Hungary, Croatia ...

5/30/2007 4/6/2011

Albrecht II, Holy Roman Emperor MP (1397 - 1439)

"King of Bohemia and Hungary", "Albert V"

Albert II of Germany Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia: English Deutsch King of Hungary and Croatia: Reign 18 December 1437 – 27 October 1439 Coronation 1 January 1438, Székesfehérvár ...

6/4/2007 4/6/2011

Leopold Ignaz Joseph Balthasar Felician of Austria, Holy Roman Emperor 1658 Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia Holy Roman Emperor; King of Germany: Reign 18 July 1658 – 5 May 1705 Cor...

6/4/2007 3/8/2011

Archduke of Austria 1768 - 1792 Holy Roman Emperor 1792 - 1806 Emperor of Austria 1792 - 1835 Was the last Holy Roman Emperor Golden Fleece - Knights: Austrian Branch Links: The Peerage...

6/4/2007 12/19/2010

Full name: Joseph Benedikt August Johannes Anton Michael Adam König von Böhmen 1780–1790 König von Ungarn 1780–1790 König von Kroatien und Slawonien 1780–1790 Herzog von Mailand und Mantua 1780...

6/4/2007 12/19/2010

Franz I Stephan, Kaiser des Heiligen Römischen Reiches MP (1708 - 1765)

"Duke of Lorraine", "also known as Franz Stefan and Francis III Stephen", "born as François Stephen"

Golden Fleece - Knights: Austrian Branch Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia: English Deutsch Hogg, Bruce; Freemasons and the Royal Society ed 2 ; Library and Museum of Freemasonry; Januar...

6/4/2007 12/19/2010

Ferdinand III von Habsburg, Kaiser MP (1608 - 1657)

"III Ferdinánd magyar cseh király és római-német császár"

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia English Magyar Deutsch King of Hungary and Croatia Reign 1637 (1625)-1657 Coronation 8 December 1626, Sopro

6/4/2007 12/16/2010

María Ana Margarita of Habsburg-Spain, Holy Roman Empress, German Queen, Queen consort of Hungary and B MP (1606 - 1646)

"Of Austria /Anne/", "Ana Maria Mauricia", "also known as Maria Anna of Austria", "Infanta of Spain", "Archduchess of Austria", "and after marriage", "The Holy Roman Empress and Queen of Hungary"

Anne d'Autriche (Ana Maria Mauricia), infante d'Espagne, née le 22 septembre 1601 à Valladolid et morte le 20 janvier 1666 à Paris d'un cancer du sein, fut reine de France et de Navarre de 1615 à 1643 ...

5/11/2007 12/16/2010

Emperor Maximilian Hapsburg, I, Kaiser des Heiliges Römischen Reiches, Deutscher Nation MP (1459 - 1519)

"I /Maximilian/", "Emperor Of Germany", "often referred to as "The Last Knight"", "Maximilian I", "Kaiser des Heiliges Römischen Reiches"

Maximiliano I de Habsburgo (Viena, Austria, 22 de marzo 1459 - Wels, 12 de enero 1519), emperador romano germánico de 1493 hasta su muerte. Archiduque de Austria. Hijo del emperador Federico III y Le...

4/22/2007 12/9/2010