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Henry Percy Brewster (also Persy) (November 22, 1816 – December 28, 1884) was a lawyer, statesman, and soldier from Texas. He fought in the Texas Revolution, and as a colonel in the Confederate Army ...

5/11/2016 8/31/2017

Civil War Veteran Affiliation: Confederacy Enlisted: Jan. 25,1862 Branch: Texas Calvary Transfer: Jan. 11,1863 to 18th Regiment Prisoner of War: Capture at Fort Hindman Ark. until April 10, 1...

11/21/2016 11/21/2016

Samuel Stubblefield MP (c.1841 - 1925)

Served in the CSA in the Civil War, in Hood's Texas Brigade. See "Trinity County Beginnings," Trinity County Book Committee, 1986, p 726-728. Correspondents: Nadine Young Billingsley; Barnes Ben Stub...

10/28/2015 11/2/2015

William H. Hutson MP (1835 - 1922)

Served in the CSA in the Civil War in Hood's Texas Brigade, and was taken prisoner in fighting on Kennesaw Mountain, and was incarcerated in Chicago. After the war, he and his family, and his wife's fa...

10/7/2015 10/15/2015

Albert Holley MP (1828 - 1907)

Served in the CSA in Hood's Texas Brigade; he was captured and became ill in New Orleans. See "Trinity County Beginnings," Trinity County Book Committee, 1986, p 446. Correspondents: Frieda Reese Gas...

10/13/2015 10/13/2015

William Earl Forsythe MP (1844 - d.)

Fought for the CSA in the Civil War in Hood's Texas Brigade. He was wounded at Chickamauga and the Wilderness, and discharged in 1864. See "Trinity County Beginnings," Trinity County Book Committee, ...

2/20/2007 10/10/2015

Jesse Turner Evans MP (1842 - 1919)

Served in Hood's Texas Brigade from 1861 to 1865. See "Trinity County Beginnings," Trinity County Book Committee, 1986, p 342-348. Correspondents: Betty Sue Scott Kirton; Patricia Evans Reynolds; Fri...

4/5/2009 10/10/2015

David Crockett Dunlap MP (1837 - d.)

Enlisted in Company M, First Texas Infantry, at Sumter, Texas, May 5, 1862. He was wounded at Gettysburgh (July 2, 1863), and again at Chickamauga, at which his right leg was amputated. He was discharg...

10/7/2015 10/8/2015

Alexander Dominy MP (deceased)

Enlisted in the CSA with Hood's Texas Brigade, with his brother Seaborn. Died in Houston in 1861. See "Trinity County Beginnings," Trinity County Book Committee, 1986, p 302-315. Correspondents: Carl...

10/6/2015 10/7/2015

Seaborn D. Dominy MP (1830 - 1911)

Son of Henry & Lovice Dominy.DOMINY, SEABORN D. Born 4 December 1830 Georgia but reared in Alabama. Died 31 March 1911. Spouse; Caroline Davis, m. 28 October 1858 Alabama. Parents; Henry Alexander & Lo...

10/4/2015 10/6/2015

Ephraim Alonzo Dial MP (1843 - 1890)

Enlisted May 6, 1862, at the age of 17, in the CSA, in Company M, First Texas Infantry Regiment, Hood's Texas Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia. (120 men and boys enlisted in the CSA for war duty -- E...

8/16/2015 10/1/2015

Decimus Et Ultimus Barziza MP (1838 - 1882)


His name "Decimus et Ultimus" translates to "Tenth and Last", as he was the last child in a family of ten children. BARZIZA, DECIMUS ET ULTIMUS (1838–1882). Decimus et Ultimus Barziza, lawyer, poli...

9/4/2007 12/2/2014

Benjamin Franklin Carter served as Mayor of Austin, and as an attorney before the Civil War. On July 11, 1861, Carter was commissioned Captain of Company B of the 4th Texas Infantry, being promoted to ...

10/25/2014 10/25/2014

Capt. Ike Turner MP (1839 - 1863)


Ike Turner helped to organize and train a mounted artillery company of 80 Polk County volunteers for the Confederacy. Turner, who was elected Captain, assembled his company at the county courthouse in ...

10/24/2014 10/24/2014

Valerius Cincinnatus Giles MP (1842 - 1915)

Pvt. Valerius Cincinnatus Giles, Tom Green Rifles, Co. B, 4th Texas Infantry, member of Hood's Brigade.

10/24/2014 10/24/2014

John Gregg (September 28, 1828 – October 7, 1864) was an American judge, politician, and general in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. He was killed in action during the Siege...

8/16/2011 10/24/2014

Francis Logan Woodward MP (1839 - 1861)

Francis Logan Woodward, member of Hood's Brigade Co. B Tom Green Rifles, 4th Texas Infantry, died in Richmond Hospital of a spider bite November 10, 1861 during the Civil War.

10/24/2014 10/24/2014

BLACK, HARVEY H. (1832–1862). Harvey Black, Confederate officer, was born on June 29, 1832, in Kentucky. He was the son of Alexander Black (1803–1882) and Eliza Bell Anderson (1789–1838). By 1860 Black...

9/2/2011 9/2/2011

BASS, FREDERICK SAMUEL (1831–1897). Frederick Samuel Bass was born in Brunswick County, Virginia, on October 27, 1831, the son of Benjamin S. Bass and Sarah (Petway) Bass. He graduated from the Virgini...

9/2/2011 9/2/2011

Major John R. Woodward (CSA) MP (1831 - 1863)

WOODWARD, JOHN R. (1831–1863). John R. Woodward, physician and Confederate officer, son of Thomas Woodward and Julia Amanda Rice Woodward, was born in South Carolina in 1831. He had seven brothers and ...

9/2/2011 9/2/2011

Brig. General Jerome Robertson (CSA) MP (1815 - 1890)

"Aunt Polly"

Brigadier-General Jerome B. Robertson Brigadier-General Jerome B. Robertson was born in Woodford county, Ky. At the age of twelve, being left an orphan without means, he was bound out for the perio...

8/31/2011 8/31/2011

John Bell Hood (June 1 or June 29, 1831 – August 30, 1879) was a Confederate general during the American Civil War. Hood had a reputation for bravery and aggressiveness that sometimes bordered on rec...

4/15/2011 8/28/2011