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Bernard II de Balliol, Baron of Bywell MP (c.1133 - 1188)

"Bernard II /Baliol/", "Le Jeune", "1st Lord of Barnard Castle"

Bernard II de Balliol, Lord of Bywell, is supposed to have been the founder of the fortress on the banks of the Tees called "Bernard Castle." Bernard participated in the victory over the Scots on 22 ...

11/16/2007 6/4/2018

Guy II de Balliol, Lord Bywell MP (b. - bef.1167)

1/5/2013 6/4/2018

Bernard I de Balliol Bernard I de Balliol (died 1154 x 1162), the second known ruling Balliol of his line, was a twelfth-century Anglo-Picard baron based for much of his time in the north of England,...

11/16/2007 6/4/2018

Guy de Balliol, Baron of Bywell, Marwood & Gainford MP (1077 - 1121)

"Wido", "Lord Guido of Balliol-Bywell", "Hugh de Balliol", "Gui"

Please note that there are many different towns with Bailleul in their name, in France. The Northumberland family descending from Guy de Bailleul, which became the prominent Balliol family in Scotland ...

8/2/2007 6/4/2018

Edward Balliol, King of Scotland MP (c.1283 - 1367)

"The Scottish Pretender"

Edward Balliol (c. 1283 – 1367) or Edward de Baliol was a claimant to the Scottish throne who was intermittently de facto ruler from 1332 to 1336. He was the eldest son of John Balliol and Isabella...

5/9/2007 10/4/2013

John de Baliol MP (c.1207 - 1268)

"(Founded Balliol College of Oxford University)/(Devorguilla)"

John de Balliol (Baliol) From Wikipedia (died 25 October 1268) was a leading figure of Scottish and Anglo-Norman life of his time. Balliol College, in Oxford, is named after him. Life He was ...

5/9/2007 10/4/2013

Eustace de Baliol MP (c.1168 - 1209)

"de Bailleul", "Eustace de Helicourt", "Eustace Baliol", "Eustace Balliol", "Signeur of Bailleul in Vimeu and Hornoy"

His Ancestry found as: 1. Guy de BALLIOL was born ABT 1022. Child of Guy de BALLIOL is: + 2 i. Rainald de BALLIOL was born ABT 1040 in Bailleul-en-Vimeu, Somme, Picardy, France, and died AFT 1086...

11/16/2007 10/4/2013

John de Baliol, King of Scots MP (c.1249 - 1314)

"8th Baron", "Bywell", "Lord of Barnard Castle", "King", "Baron"

John and Dervorguilla had issue: King John I of Scotland, successful competitor for the Crown in 1292 --------------------------------------------------------- John de Balliol (c. 1249 – c. 25 No...

5/9/2007 10/4/2013