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Maria Anna Erzherzogin von Österreich Links: the Peerage Wikipedia: English Deutsch

7/31/2008 1/31/2013

Albrecht I. (HRR) aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche Albrecht I. von Habsburg König Albrecht schickt wegen seiner Kaiserkrönung einen Boten zu Papst Bonifatius, nicht...

5/30/2007 7/13/2012

Viridis Visconti MP (c.1351 - 1414)

Viridis Visconti aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche Viridis Visconti (* um 1350; † 1. März 1414), Herzogin von Mailand und Herzogin von Österreich, entstammte...

6/4/2007 7/5/2012

Links: The Peerage : Geneall Wikipedia: English Deutsch

6/4/2007 6/2/2012

Werner I, Graf von Habsburg MP (c.1030 - 1096)

""der Fromme""

"He supported Pope Gregory VII in his fervent opposition to the laic appointments of Emperor Heinrich IV, and the latter's appointment of Clement III as anti-pope in 1080." For fuller documentation o...

12/16/2007 5/20/2012

Duke of Austria (1283-90), Duke of Swabia 1282 Rudolf II. (Österreich) aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche Rudolf II. (* Juli 1271 in Rheinfelden; † 10. Mai 12...

5/30/2007 5/20/2012

Luitgard von Nellenburg MP (c.980 - 1025)

11/24/2007 2/8/2012

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia BLKÖ In Deutsch

12/22/2008 11/13/2011

Links: The Peerage Geneall Johann the Younger #1034 Wikipedia Emperor of Austria; Apostolic King of Hungary; King of Bohemia; King of Croatia; King of Galicia and Lodomeria; Grand Duke of C...

6/4/2007 11/12/2011

Empress Elisabeth of Austria / Elisabeth von Österreich-Ungarn MP (1837 - 1898)

"Sissi", "Sisi", "Her Royal Highness Duchess Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie"

From "DEIN ÖSTERREICH BLOG-MAGAZIN" "Elisabeth of Austria (24 December 1837 – 10 September 1898) was the wife of Emperor Franz Joseph I, and thus Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary. Born int...

1/14/2008 11/12/2011

Archduchess Constance of Austria MP (1588 - 1631)

"Constanze von Österreich"

Konstancja Habsburżanka – królowa Polski i Szwecji. Wikipedia PL Konstanze von Österreich aus dem Haus der Habsburger war eine Erzherzogin von Österreich und durch Heirat Königin von Polen und Großfü...

8/8/2007 11/12/2011

Anne of Austria, Queen of Poland MP (1573 - 1598)

"Anna von Österreich"

Anna Habsburżanka (Anna von Österreich) – królowa Polski i Szwecji. Wikipedia PL Wikipedia DE Anna of Austria-Habsburg (1573–1598) By marriage Queen consort of Poland and Grand Duchess consort ...

8/8/2007 11/12/2011

Links: The Peerage Geneall

6/29/2008 11/12/2011

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia

6/29/2008 11/12/2011

Carl von Österreich-Teschen, Herzog von Teschen MP (1771 - 1847)

"Erzherzog Karl von Österreich", "Herzog von Teschen", "also known as Karl von Österreich-Teschen"

Name/title: Karl Ludwig Johann Josef Lorenz of Austria Herzog von Teschen, known as Karl von Österreich-Teschen) field-marshal, He was considered one of Napoleon's most formidable opponents. Links: ...

9/29/2007 6/8/2011

Radbot, Graf im Klettgau MP (c.970 - c.1027)

"Radbod", "Radbot", "Radboto"

He was Count in the Klettgau. He built the castle at Habsburg, from which his descendants took their name. He also founded the abbey at Muri, which became the family's burial place and a repository for...

12/21/2007 5/22/2011

Wernher II, landgrave of Habsburg MP (c.1104 - 1167)

"Werner", "Wernher", "Garnier II of HABSBURG; Landgraf in ELZAS"

WERNER, son of RATBOD Graf im Klettgau & his wife Ida --- (-11 Nov 1096, bur Muri). An undated charter relating to the foundation of Kloster Muri by "Radeboto comes…uxorem…Itam" names "Otto et Alberc...

7/7/2008 5/22/2011

María Teresa de Austria (en francés: Marie-Thérèse d'Autriche) (10 de septiembre de 1638, El Escorial, España – 30 de julio de 1683, Versalles, Francia), Infanta de España y Reina consorte de Francia. ...

5/11/2007 2/3/2011

Archduke of Austria 1768 - 1792 Holy Roman Emperor 1792 - 1806 Emperor of Austria 1792 - 1835 Was the last Holy Roman Emperor Golden Fleece - Knights: Austrian Branch Links: The Peerage...

6/4/2007 12/19/2010

Franz I Stephan, Kaiser des Heiligen Römischen Reiches MP (1708 - 1765)

"Duke of Lorraine", "also known as Franz Stefan and Francis III Stephen", "born as François Stephen"

Golden Fleece - Knights: Austrian Branch Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia: English Deutsch Hogg, Bruce; Freemasons and the Royal Society ed 2 ; Library and Museum of Freemasonry; Januar...

6/4/2007 12/19/2010

Links: The Peerage Geneall Find a grave Wikipedia

6/6/2007 12/19/2010

Ferdinand IV. (HRR) aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche Ferdinand IV. als Kind mit seiner Mutter Maria Anna König Ferdinand IV. Ferdinand IV. (* 8. Septemb...

6/18/2007 12/19/2010

Eleanor of Austria, also called Eleonor of Castile and Éléonore de Habsbourg in France (15 November 1498 – 25 February 1558) was born Archduchess of Austria and Infanta of Castile from the House of Hab...

6/4/2007 12/16/2010

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia

6/5/2007 12/16/2010

María Ana Margarita of Habsburg-Spain, Holy Roman Empress, German Queen, Queen consort of Hungary and B MP (1606 - 1646)

"Of Austria /Anne/", "Ana Maria Mauricia", "also known as Maria Anna of Austria", "Infanta of Spain", "Archduchess of Austria", "and after marriage", "The Holy Roman Empress and Queen of Hungary"

Anne d'Autriche (Ana Maria Mauricia), infante d'Espagne, née le 22 septembre 1601 à Valladolid et morte le 20 janvier 1666 à Paris d'un cancer du sein, fut reine de France et de Navarre de 1615 à 1643 ...

5/11/2007 12/16/2010

Rudolf I von Habsburg, Roman-German King MP (1218 - 1291)

"also known as Rudolph of Habsburg"

Rudolph I of Germany From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Rudolph I, also known as Rudolph of Habsburg (German: Rudolf von Habsburg, Latin Rudolfus) May 1, 1218 – July 15, 1291) was King of the Ro...

2/13/2007 12/16/2010

Ferdinand III von Habsburg, Kaiser MP (1608 - 1657)

"III Ferdinánd magyar cseh király és római-német császár"

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia English Magyar Deutsch King of Hungary and Croatia Reign 1637 (1625)-1657 Coronation 8 December 1626, Sopro

6/4/2007 12/16/2010

Name/Title: Maximilian Franz Xaver Joseph Johann Anton de Paula Wenzel Archduke of Austria Grand Master of the Teutonic Order 1780 Archbishop-Elector of Cologne 1784 Duke of Westphalia 1784 Pri...

7/31/2008 12/16/2010

Leopold Maria, Erzherzog von Österreich-Toskana MP (1897 - 1958)

"Leopold Maria Alphons Blanka Karl Anton Beatrix Raphael Michael Joseph Peter Ignatz", "Archduke of Austria", "Prince of Tuscany"

Golden Fleece - Knights: Austrian Branch full name: Leopold Maria Alfons Blanka Karl Anton Beatrix Michael Joseph Peter Ignatz von Habsburg-Lothringen Wikipedia ... The

12/22/2008 12/16/2010

Emperor Maximilian Hapsburg, I, Kaiser des Heiliges Römischen Reiches, Deutscher Nation MP (1459 - 1519)

"I /Maximilian/", "Emperor Of Germany", "often referred to as "The Last Knight"", "Maximilian I", "Kaiser des Heiliges Römischen Reiches"

Maximiliano I de Habsburgo (Viena, Austria, 22 de marzo 1459 - Wels, 12 de enero 1519), emperador romano germánico de 1493 hasta su muerte. Archiduque de Austria. Hijo del emperador Federico III y Le...

4/22/2007 12/2/2010

Lanzelin, count of Altenberg MP (c.942 - 981)

"Kanzelin", "Landold"

According to the Acta Murensia (about 1060) the count of Altenberg who was son of Guntram and ancestor of the Habsburgs was named Kanzelin . Many authorities believe he was the same person as Landold ,...

7/5/2008 12/1/2010

Guntram "the Rich", count of Sundgau MP (c.920 - c.973)

"Guntram Dives", "Guntram the Rich", "der Reiche", "comte de Sundgau"

He was Count in the Aargau, Herr von Muri, and probably also Count in Breisgau (962) and Count of Sundgau (Upper Alsace), . His nickname, "the Rich", testifies to his wealth among his peers. Guntram ha...

7/4/2008 12/1/2010

Otto II, Graf von Habsburg MP (c.1057 - 1111)

He was the first of the family to use the title Count of Habsburg (1108). Otto II, 955–83, Holy Roman emperor (973–83) and German king (961–83), son and successor of Otto I. He was crowned joint empe...

12/16/2007 12/1/2010

Albrecht III, count of Habsburg MP (c.1138 - 1199)

"Albert the Rich", "'der Reiche'"

Albert III (died 1199), also known as Albert the Rich, was Count of Habsburg and a progenitor of the royal House of Habsburg. He was the son of Count Werner II of Habsburg, whom he succeeded in 116...

11/4/2007 12/1/2010

Rudolf II, Graf von Habsburg MP (c.1168 - 1232)

"der Alte", "der Gütige"

Wikipedia: Rudolf II. (Habsburg) aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche Rudolf II., Graf von Habsburg, genannt der Gütige († 10. April 1232) war Graf von Habsbu...

11/4/2007 12/1/2010

Albrecht IV, Graf von Habsburg MP (c.1188 - 1240)

"the Wise", "der Weise", "The /Wise/"

Wikipedia: Albrecht IV von Habsburg - Wikipedia Albrecht IV. (Habsburg) aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche Albrecht IV., Graf von Habsburg (* um 1188; †...

3/12/2007 12/1/2010

Karl VI von Habsburg, Erzherzog von Österreich, Kaiser HRR MP (1685 - 1740)

"III. Károly magyar király"

Golden Fleece - Knights: Austrian Branch Links: Name title: Karl Franz Joseph Wenceslau Balthasar Johann Anton Ignatius von Habsburg His titel as emperor was: Charles, by the grace of God elected H...

6/4/2007 12/1/2010

Carlos V, rey de España y emperador del Sacro Imperio Romano Germánico MP (1500 - 1558)

"Charles", "Karl", "Carlos I y V de España y del SIRG", "Charles V", "Holy Roman Emperor"

Charles V (Spanish: Carlos I or Carlos V, German: Karl V., Dutch: Karel V, French: Charles Quint, 24 February 1500 – 21 September 1558) was ruler of the Holy Roman Empire from 1519 and, as Charles I of...

5/1/2007 12/1/2010

Carlos II, rey de España MP (1661 - 1700)

"Carlos II de España", "Charles II of Spain", "Pamišėlis"

(English) Carlos II de Austria (o Habsburgo) (Madrid, 6 de noviembre de 1661 - Ibídem, 1 de noviembre de 1700), llamado el Hechizado, rey de España [1] entre 1665 y 1700, último de la Casa de Habsbur...

6/5/2007 11/30/2010

Felipe III el Piadoso, rey de España y Portugal MP (1578 - 1621)

"King of Portugal Felipe III", "Philip of Spain III"

Philip III of Austria (or Habsburg) (Madrid, April 14, 1578 - ibid. March 31, 1621), called The Pious, King of Spain and Portugal [1] from September 13, 1598 until his death. He was the son and suc...

6/5/2007 11/30/2010

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia King of Spain: Reign 31 March 1621 – 17 September 1665 Predecessor: Philip III of Spain Successor: Charles II of Spain

6/5/2007 11/30/2010

Margarita de Austria (* Bruselas (Bélgica); 10 de enero de 1480 – † Malinas (Id.); 1 de diciembre de 1530); archiduquesa de Austria, infanta de España y duquesa de Saboya. Biografía Hija del archid...

5/1/2007 11/30/2010

Felipe I el Hermoso, Rey de Castilla MP (1478 - 1506)

"Felipe El Hermoso", "Philip 'the Handsome'", "Philip of /Castile/", "I /Philip/", "King Of Castile", "of Castile /Philip/", "The Handsome", "Philip the Handsome Spanish: Felipe el Hermoso; German: Philipp der Schöne; French: Philippe le Beau; Dutch: Filips de Schone"

Philip I,King of Castile and Léon, Count of Artois and Flanders, Count Palatine of Burgundy. Reign 1503 - 1506 Consort Joanna of Castile Father Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor Mother Mary ...

6/4/2007 11/30/2010

(English) Felipe II von Habsburg, Rey de España1 b. 21 May 1527, d. 13 September 1598 King Philip II of Spain Felipe II von Habsburg, Rey de España was born on 21 May 1527 at Valladolid, Cast...

5/1/2007 11/30/2010