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  • Sayyidi Alhaddul Faazil Izzat Ali ibne Abdur-Rasool (deceased)
    NOTES BY SA'DULLAH HUSAMI Sayyidi Alhaddul Faazil Izzat Ali ibne Abdur-Rasool was a Hadde faazil in Surat , died there in the daur of Sayyidna Almuqaddas Hasan bin Muhammad Almakrami . and was buried...
  • Sayyidi Al-Khaan bin Qaasim (deceased)
    Sayyidi Al-Khaan bin Qaasim. He was a respected Hadde Dawat. He died on 15th Shawwaal 971 Hijri. He was buried in Bada Qabrastaan of Sayyidna Dawood bin Ajab Shaah
  • Sayyidi Ja'far bin Shamo'un (deceased)
    NOTES BY MULLA SA'DULLAH HUSAMI . Sayyidi Ja'far bin Shamo'un was a teacher of Sayyidna Yusuf and was made a mansoob e Hind wa Sindh after the demise of Sayyidi Maamoon by Sayyidna Yusuf bin Sulaimaa...
  • Sayyidi Feer bin Ja'far (deceased)
    NOTES BY MULLA SA'DULLAH HUSAMI Sayyidi Feer bin Ja'far was a had in Da'wat of Sayyidna Yusuf bin Sulaimaan . He died on 14th of Sha'baan e Kareemm 970 Hijri .
  • Sayyidi Shamo'on bin Ja'far (deceased)
    NOTES BY MULLA SA'DULLAH HUSAMI :- Sayyidi Shamo'on bin Ja'far was a respected Had of Hudood e Sayyidna Yusuf bin Sulaimaan Died on 13th Sha'baan e kareem 970 Hijri and was buried in the maqbaraa o...

Bismillah hirr-rahmaan nirr-raheem.


An accurate and researched classification of all Hudood-e-Kiraam of the Da'awat-e-Haadiya. Mainly it will contain historical profiles of the below mentioned hierarchies (explained with titles).

  1. A'imma-e-Taahireen/ Auwliya-e-Allah: Imaam's & Naib-e-Imaam's
  2. Anbiya-e-Kiraam: Rasool's
  3. Dua'at-e-Kiraam: Baab ul-Abwaab's, Baab's, Hujjat's, Nabi's, Sayyidna's; viz ad-Dai' al-Balagh's, ad-Dai' al-Mutlaq's, ad-Dai' Munfarid's & ad-Dai' Ghair Munfarid's
  4. Manaaseeb-e-Kiraam: Hazrat's & Manaaseeb (plural of Mansoob) denoted as Hazrat al-Mansoob's
  5. Hudood-e-Kiraam: Raas ul-Hudood's, al-Hadd ul-Faazil's, al-Aamil's, ash-Shaikh's, al-Faazil's, Maulvi's, Qari's, al-Aamila al-Faadhila's
  6. Mafaaseeh-e-Kiraam: Mulla's, al-Haj Mulla's, al-Mafsooh's, al-Mafsooha's, Mufeed's

Dai' al- Mutlaq - Jazeera-e-Hind, Sindh, wa Yaman:

  1. 50th Dai' = Sayyidna Ad-Dai' ash-Sharafi Husain bin Sayyidi Hasan Al-Makrami
  2. 51st Dai' = Sayyidna Ad-Dai' ash-Sharafi Husain bin Sayyidi Ismail Al-Makrami
  3. 52nd Dai' = Sayyidna Ad-Dai' al-Fakhri Abdullah bin Sayyidi Muhammad bin Husain al-'Udaini

Manaseeb - Jazeera-e-Sindh:

  1. (1006-1015 AH)/ (1598-1607 AD); Hazrat Al-Mansoob Sayyidi Laad bin Dhanoo al-Sindhi
  2. (1015-10xx AH)/ (1607-16xx AD); Hazrat Al-Mansoob Miyan Ajab
  3. (xxxx-1046 AH)/ (xxxx-1637 AD); Hazrat Al-Mansoob Sayyidna Shaikh Dawood bin Sayyidi Babu
  4. (1046-1086 AH)/ (1637-1675 AD); Hazrat Al-Mansoob Haji Muhammad bin Dawood Multani
  5. (1114-1121 AH)/ (1703-1710 AD); Hazrat Al-Mansoob Sayyidi Shaikh Yousuf bin Miya Ali Khan
  6. (1123-1146 AH)/ (1711-1733 AD); Hazrat Al-Mansoob Sayyidi Sher Muhammad bin Sayyidi Abdul Khaliq

Manaseeb - Jazeera-e-Hind wa Sindh:

  1. (1107-1108 AH/ 1696-1696 AD); Hazrat Al-Mansoob "Burhanuddin" Shaikh Dawood bin Shaikh Ahmed
  2. (1108-1129 AH/ 1696-1717 AD); Sayyidi Shaikh Dawood bin Feer Mohammed Khan
  3. (1129-1132 AH/ 1717-1720 AD); Hazrat Al-Mansoob Sayyidi Mulla Ja'afar bin Yousuf Khan Khambati
  4. (1132-1141 AH/ 1720-1729 AD); Hazrat Al-Mansoob Sayyidi Shaikh Saleh bin Sayyidi Ahmed
  5. (1141-1158 AH/ 1729-1745 AD); Hazrat Al-Mansoob Muhammad Ali bin Sayyidi Mulla Saleh-ul-Badri
  6. (1158-1159 AH/ 1745-1746 AD) & (1162-1165 AH/ 1749-1752 AD); Al-Hadd ul-Faazil Shaikh Yaseen bin Mulla Vali Mohammed
  7. (1159-1162 AH/ 1746-1749 AD); Hazrat Al-Mansoob Sayyidi Ali "Shamsuddin" bin Sayyidi Husain Al-Makrami
  8. (1165-1196 AH/ 1752-1782 AD); Hazrat Al-Mansoob Sayyidi Karamullah bin Haji Mohammed Sadiq
  9. (1196-1216 AH/ 1782-1801 AD); Hazrat Al-Mansoob Sayyidi Al-Haj Abdul Rahim bin Hazrat Shaikh Saleh
  10. (1216-1227 AH/ 1801-1812 AD); Hazrat Al-Mansoob Al-Haj Muhammad Quassam bin Haji Ali Muhammad Al-Badri
  11. (1227-1248 AH/ 1812-1832 AD); Sayyidna Ad-Dai' "Ghair Munfarid" Haji Izzat Ali Jamali bin Muhammad Husain
  12. (1248-1250 AH/ 1832-1834 AD); Hazrat Al-Mansoob Haji Ghulam Fayaz Ali bin Sayyidna Izzat Ali Jamali
  13. (1250-1262 AH/ 1834-1846 AD); Hazrat Al-Mansoob Al-Haj Ikram Ali bin Shaikh Hasan Ali
  14. (1262-1278 AH/ 1846-1861 AD); Hazrat Al-Mansoob Shaikh Muhammad Ibrahim bin Haji Sabah Ali
  15. (1278-1324 AH/ 1861-1907 AD); Hazrat Al-Mansoob Sayyidi Farhat Ali bin Sayyidi Ghulam Hussain Ghulami
  16. (1278-1330 AH/ 1861-1912 AD); Hazrat Al-Mansoob Zia Ali Ziaee bin Hazrat Shaikh Ibrahim

(List continuation from 16 to 25 to be posted soon)