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William Flett (c.1817 - 1882)

WILLIAM FLETT Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1862-82 William Flett, here treated, died on 17 September 1882, in the Queen’s Hotel in Toronto, Canada. Hudson's Bay Company Archives: Biographical Sheets

10/6/2011 7/19/2022

Joseph Edward Brazeau (1812 - 1871)

JOSEPH EDWARD BRAZEAU Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1846-70 Joseph Brazeau began fur trading in the 1830's along the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers before joining the Hudson's Bay Company. Accordi...

10/18/2007 1/18/2022

Harry Sinclair (aft.1782 - d.)

HARRY SINCLAIR (aka HENRY SINCLAIR or HARY SINCLAIR) Hudson's Bay Company Servant: probably the man of the same name who served as a clerk at Rupert's House, 1820-22; Shipping Agent in Stromness on...

1/11/2014 1/13/2022

James Sutherland (1777 - 1844)

"James Sutherland III xs Chief Factor HBC"

JAMES SUTHERLAND Chief Factor with the Hudson's Bay Company Red River Ancestry: James Sutherland Biographical Summary by Archives West James Sutherland (1778-1844), a native of Scotland, was a...

11/6/2009 11/28/2021

Isaac Cowie (1848 - 1917)

Isaac's family in FamilySearch:

2/25/2021 2/27/2021

Hugh Sabiston (c.1772 - 1810)

HUGH SABISTON======Hudson's Bay Company, 1793-1810=== Hugh Sabiston is reported to have been of mixed ancestry (Metis). [Library and Archives Canada, Metis Script Applications, reference RG15-D-II-8-a....

4/13/2016 2/26/2021

Alexander Belly (b. - 1812)

ALEXANDER BELLY (aka ALEXANDER BELLIE or BAILLIE)=== Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1785-1812; Labourer at Moose Fort, 1785-95; Canoe Man at Moose Fort, 1795-96; In Charge at Frederick House, 1798-1...

12/16/2020 12/16/2020

James Taylor (deceased)

JAMES TAYLOR======Hudson's Bay Company Employee 1817-26; Red River Colonist 1826-50======Genealogy===# Red River Ancestry: James Taylor # HBC Archices: James Taylor

11/11/2011 11/28/2020

Thomas Simpson (1808 - 1840)

THOMAS SIMPSON======Hudson's Bay Company Fur Trader; Artic Explorer===SIMPSONTHOMASALEXR SIMPSON/MARY SIMPSON M09/07/1808 062/ 10 190 Dingwall===His Last Will and Testament=== " In the event of my deat...

10/7/2015 11/25/2020

LIEUTENANT AEMILIUS SIMPSON RN======British Naval Officer; Surveyor and Hydrographer in the service of the Hudson's Bay Company; Captain of the Hudson's Bay Company Ship Dryad=== Lietenant Aemilius Sum...

11/14/2020 11/25/2020

Pierre Chrysoloque Pambrun MP (1792 - 1841)

PIERRE CHRYSOLOGUE PAMBURN=== Veteran of the War of 1812; Survivor of the Seven Oaks Massacre of 1815; Credited with leading 1838 expedition from Fort Walla Walla to For Nidqually, via Nisqually Pa...

5/29/2011 8/26/2020

Lawrence Clarke MP (1832 - 1890)

Clarke (June 26, 1832 – October 5, 1890, Prince Albert, Northwest Territories) was the Chief Factor of the District of Saskatchewan for the Hudson's Bay Company. He resided at Fort Carlton in Canada. H...

10/15/2014 1/7/2020

The Honourable Thomas McKay MP (1849 - 1924)

THE HONOURABLE THOMAS MCKAY======Farmer and political figure in Saskatchewan. He represented Prince Albert in the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories from 1891 to 1894 and from 1898 to 19...

10/15/2014 1/7/2020

JOHN INKSTER======Seaman: Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1779-1784=== Hudson's Bay Company Archives: Bio Sheet for John Inkster ===The Death Record of his son George=== George Inkster died on 19/04/1878...

7/28/2008 10/4/2019

Angelique McKenzie (1784 - 1859)

"Mallotte", "Malhiot", "Mallette"

baptisms of her eight children at Nipigon, three at Fort William, one at Isle a la Crosse

9/26/2010 3/12/2019

Samuel McKenzie (c.1819 - c.1879)

9/22/2011 3/12/2019

John Flett Lennie (bef.1845 - d.)

JOHN LENNIE (aka JOHN FLETT LENNY)======Blacksmith: Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1862-76=== John Lennie is the son of Andrew Lennie and his wife Jean Firth. He was born before 5 February 1845, the dat...

2/22/2008 7/14/2018

William Drever (b. - 1887)

Hudson's Bay Company Servant 1821-51: Red River Settler 1851-87=====Biography== William Drever was born in Orkney, Scotland. William married Helen (Rothney) Drever . Together they had the following chi...

10/19/2009 4/28/2018

James Hargrave (1798 - 1865)

JAMES HARGRAVE (1798-1865)======Chief Factor for the Hudson's Bay Company=== James Hargrave is the son of Joseph Hargrave, and his second wife, Jane Melrose. He was born on 19 November 1798, at Chester...

12/4/2013 2/19/2018

James Dickson (1787 - 1861)

JAMES DICKSON======Hudson's Bay Company Servant 1825-44: Blacksmith at Eastmain 1825-28, at Moose Factory 1829-34, and then at Fort Vancouver 1835-43=== According to Governor William Williams: “The Bea...

11/5/2016 6/6/2017

John Bromley (1815 - 1842)

“During their sojourn there, John was stolen by Indians, and some time elapsed, before his discovery. Then the Indians could not be induced to give him up, but promised to take him home for a visit onc...

5/30/2017 5/30/2017

Thomas Deerness (1833 - 1864)

THOMAS DEERNESS (aka THOMAS DEARNESS)======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1862-64===Thomas Deerness is the son of William Deerness and his wife Ann Fairweather. He was born on 15 June 1833 and his bapti...

5/13/2017 5/13/2017

James Stewart Watt (1827 - d.)

JAMES STEWART WATT======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1843-70===James Stewart Watt is the son of Alexander Watt, and his wife, Jane Malcolm. He was born on 24 February 1827 and his baptism was register...

11/3/2013 4/30/2017

In May of 1818, during the HBC’S bitter struggles with the North West Company (NWC), William WILLIAMS replaced James Curtis BIRD (1773-1856) as the Governor of Rupert’s Land. BIRD had been the Acting G...

4/1/2013 4/2/2017

Jacob Corrigal (1775 - 1844)

3/25/2017 3/25/2017

John Fleet (c.1782 - d.)

HBC - Blacksmiths

3/25/2017 3/25/2017

William Henry Watt (1830 - 1916)

WILLIAM HENRY WATT======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1847-77===William Henry Watt is the son of Alexander Watt, and his wife, Jane Malcolm. He was born on 9 December 1830 and his baptism was registere...

11/3/2013 3/18/2017

ALEXANDER STEWART WATT======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1855-74===Alexander Stewart Watt is the son of Alexander Watt and his wife Jane Malcolm. He was born on 7 May 1840 and his baptism was register...

11/3/2013 3/18/2017

William Sinclair, the elder (c.1766 - 1818)

WILLIAM SINCLAIr the elder====== Hudson's Bay Company Servant === William Sinclair, the elder, here treated, is said to have been born in about 1766, at Estaquoy in the Orkney parish of Harray, in ...

10/18/2007 3/5/2017

Samuel Heddle Fiddler (1840 - 1898)

SAMUEL HEDDLE FIDDLER======Hudson's Bay Company Servant 1861; Sailor at Hamilton on Lake Ontario 1871-81; Farmer at Manitoulin Island on Lake Huron 1891-98===Samuel Fiddler is the son of James Fiddler ...

2/19/2017 2/20/2017

George Simpson McTavish (1863 - 1943)

GEORGE SIMPSON MCTAVISH junior======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1878-92===George Simpson McTavish junior is the son of George Simpson McTavish, senior Hudson's Bay Company Biographical Sheet ===York ...

12/14/2013 1/31/2017

William Hunter Stanger (aft.1850 - 1901)

WILLIAM HUNTER STANGER======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1869-75=== Hudson's Bay Company Biographical Sheets ===Winnipeg 1881=== 1881 Census of Canada ===Rockwood 1891=== 1891 Census of Canada: Part 1

1/9/2014 1/29/2017

John Park (1769 - 1846)

JOHN PARK======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1792-1831===John Park was born in Orkney during the period 1768-71, probably on the island of Burra. Hudson's Bay Company Biographical Sheets: John Park He ...

2/21/2009 1/20/2017

James Inkster MP (1773 - 1854)

JAMES INKSTER Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1796-1823 James Inkster, here treated, is reported to have been born in 1773, at Orphir in Orkney, Scotland, although proof is presently wanting. He is r...

1/7/2017 1/19/2017

Thomas Halcro (bef.1777 - 1841)


THOMAS HALCRO (aka THOMAS HALCROW)======Blacksmith: Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1804-24=== Accord to Garry Still, Thomas Halcro (aka Thomas Halcrow) was born in about 1781, at Stromness in Orkney, Sc...

11/2/2008 1/15/2017

Isaac Hunter (1837 - 1906)

ISAAC HUNTER======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1857-1893:Labourer at Moose Factory 1857-1873; Acting Postmaster at Henley House and English River 1873-1881; Postmaster at English River 1881-1993. Youn...

1/10/2017 1/12/2017

James Shearer Hunter (1819 - bef.1871)

JAMES SHEARER HUNTER (formerly JAMES SHEARER HUNTOW)======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1837-70===James Shearer Huntow (afterwards James Sheater Hunter) is the son of Thomas Huntow and his first wife C...

1/10/2017 1/10/2017

James Curtis Bird (1774 - 1856)

Burial record: BIRD (aka JAMES CURTIS or JAMES CURTIS BIRD)======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1788-1824: Fur trader, Justice of the Peace, Office Holder, and Politician===James Bird was probably born ...

3/30/2008 1/10/2017

Matthew Cocking (1743 - 1799)

"Cochin", "Cockan", "Cockings", "Coggins", "Goggins"

MATTHEW COCKING======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1765-99=== Dictionary of Canadian Biography Hudson's Bay Company Biographical Sheets ==References:==# Dictionary of Canadian Biography , Vol. IV; biog...

12/5/2010 1/8/2017

James Sutherland (c.1751 - 1797)

JAMES SUTHERLAND======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1770-75 and 1777-97: Tailor, Inland Trader and Master===James Sutherland was born in about 1751, probably in Orkney, Scotland, and died on 29 April 1...

4/14/2016 1/7/2017

James Knight, elder (1779 - 1854)

JAMES KNIGHT elder======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1798-1822=== James Knight was a native of the island of Burray in Orkney, Scotland. He was twenty years of age when he took up employment with the ...

4/1/2013 12/27/2016

Angus McKay (1858 - 1952)

ANGUS MCKAY======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1877-1921===Angus was the fourth generation McKay to work in the Company's service. The first was John McKay, who came out from Scotland as an apprentice ...

10/15/2014 12/25/2016

William McKay (1818 - 1883)

WILLIAM MCKAY======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1837-83===William McKay, son of John R. McKay, was born at the Hudson’s Bay Post at Beaver Creek, in the year 1819 when half of the whole business of tr...

12/30/2007 12/25/2016

William McMurray, elder (1820 - 1877)

WILLIAM MCMURRAY elder======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1838-77===John Rae had this to say about William McMurray: "Mr. McMurray is a very efficient post manager and otherwise an intelligent man, I h...

9/16/2011 12/20/2016

PETER ERASMUS======British Army Volunteer 1815; Veteran of the Battle of Waterloo,1815; British Army Pensioner 1815-49; Hudson's Bay Company Servant 1815-26; Red River Colonist 1826-49===Peter Erasmus ...

2/20/2011 12/19/2016

JOHN RICHARDS MACKAY (aka LITTLE BEARSKIN)======Hudson's Bay Company Servant: Writer and Trader 1808-18 Clerk and Postmaster 1819-58=== Red River Ancestry ===Fort Ellice 1833-44===John Richards McKay w...

3/15/2009 12/17/2016

Donald Ross (bef.1840 - 1878)

DONALD ROSS younger======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1854-78: Sometime Chief Trader at Fort Vermillion=== Hudson's Bay Company Archives: Biographical Sheets Red River Ancestry

11/28/2016 11/28/2016

Roderick Ross (bef.1835 - c.1909)

RODERICK ROSS======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1857-89=== Hudson's Bay Company Archives: Biographical Sheets

11/28/2016 11/28/2016

John Clouston (deceased)

JOHN CLOUSTON======Hudson's Bay Company Servant======Marriage===Mary Creelman married John Clouston. The marriage was booked on 14 November 1843, at Stromness in Orkney, Scotland. [Orkney Family Histor...

11/25/2016 11/26/2016

Letitia Bird (1810 - 1897)

Red River Ancestry Letitia's Date of Death is recorded as February 26th 1897 in Metis Families Compendium with Thomas Rennie "Pat" McCloy identified as the Source. Letitia Bird was the second child, in...

12/9/2007 11/16/2016

Charles Richard McKay (1808 - 1873)

Frontiersman, Businessman, Politician and Founder of GlencoeBy Winnifred Herrschaft, WCHS Research AssistantGlencoe founder Charles McKay epitomized diversity before the term became popularized. “Charl...

4/7/2008 11/16/2016

David Armit (1848 - 1923)

DAVID ARMIT======Hudson's Bay Company Servant=== David Armit was born on the Orkney island of Westray on 16 December 1848. He died on 23 February 1923. ===Assistant Clerk at Fort Ellice=== Nathaniel Mc...

8/31/2011 10/19/2016

HENRY MCCORRISTER junior======Hudson's Bay Company Servant: Farmer at Dunvegan, 1870-84===Henry McCorrister, junior, is the son of Henry McCorrister, senior, and his wife Maria Tate. According to the c...

12/31/2008 10/6/2016

ALEXANDER MCCORRISTER (aka ALEXANDER MCCOREST) senior======Hudson's Bay Company Servant: Armourer at Fort York, 1779-82===Entered the service of the Hudson's Bay Company on 19 May 1779. Described in 17...

12/31/2008 10/6/2016

John Jones (deceased)

JOHN JONES======Hudson's Bay Company Servant: Armourer 1785-93===On April 30, 1785, John Jones, aged about 24 years, signed a five year contract with the Governor and Company of Adventurers of England ...

12/31/2008 10/6/2016

WALTER JOHN STRICKLAND TRAILL======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1866-77===Walter John Strickland Traill is the youngest son of Thomas Traill (formerly Thomas Traill of Quendal and Westove) and his sec...

6/23/2015 10/4/2016

William Edward Traill (1844 - 1917)

WILLIAM EDWARD TRAILL (aka WILLIE TRAILL)======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1866-77===William Edward Traill is the son of Thomas Traill (formerly Thomas Traill of Quendal and Westove) and his second w...

10/15/2014 10/4/2016

Magnus Twatt (1751 - 1801)

MAGNUS TWATT===Magnus Twatt is the son of John Twatt and his wife Ann Manson. He was born in 1751, probably at Kirbister in the Orkney parish of Orphir, in Scotland. [Kim Twatt, Full Circle: An Orkney ...

11/10/2009 9/27/2016

George Simpson McTavish (1834 - 1889)

GEORGE SIMPSON MCTAVISH senior======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1849-80: Sometime Inspecting Chief Factor at Fort Garryr=== George Simpson McTavish, senior, is the son of Donald McTavish and his wife...

12/14/2013 8/13/2016

Sir James Hayes (1637–1694) was secretary to Prince Rupert and first Deputy-Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company.From was born the son of James Hayes in Beckington, Somerset. He was educated at St Paul...

8/3/2016 8/3/2016

Joel Henry Clayton (1812 - 1872)

The story of the Clayton Historical Society and Museum must begin with a few words about Joel Clayton, founder of the town. Joel was born in the mining village of Bugsworth (now Buxworth), Derbyshire, ...

6/24/2016 7/29/2016

JOHN RICHARDS MACKAY======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1790-1810======Biographical Accounts===# Dictionary of Canadian Biography # Red River Ancestry # Hudson's Bay Company Archives: Biographical Shee...

12/9/2007 7/21/2016

Edward Clouston (1790 - 1870)

EDWARD CLOUSTON======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1779-98: thereafter Agent for the Hudson's Bay Company at Stromness in Orkney=== Edward Clouston is the son of Robert Clouston and his wife Christian ...

7/14/2016 7/14/2016

Robert Clouston (1821 - 1858)

ROBERT CLOUSTON======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1838-58: Chief Trader at Fort Vancouver, 1850-51, Chief Trader at Honolulu, 1851-52, Chief Trader in Charge at Honolulu, 1852-58=== Robert Clouston is...

7/14/2016 7/14/2016

James Flett (1822 - 1899)

JAMES FLETT=== James Flett is the son of George Flett and his wife Christian Inkster. He was born on 11 September 1822, at Hillhouse, in the Wasbyster district of the island of Rousay, Orkney, Scotland...

5/29/2016 5/30/2016

DOCTOR WILLIAM MORRISON MCKAY======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1864-98======Alberta: The Territories 1901=== 1901 Census for Edmonton West in the North West Territories ===Alberta: Edmonton 1911=== R...

5/29/2016 5/29/2016

Finlay Munro (1824 - 1901)

FINLAY MUNRO======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1839-67=== Hudson's Bay Company Archives: Biographical Sheets ===St-Clément, Lisgar, Manitoba, 1881=== 4 April 1881: St. Clement, Lisgar, Manitoba, Canad...

12/13/2013 5/13/2016

David Munro (1798 - aft.1870)

DAVID MUNRO (aka DAVID MUNROE)======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1818-48===David Munro (aka David Munroe) was born in about 1798 US Census of 1870 He belongs to Tolly in the parish of Roskeen, in the ...

12/9/2013 5/13/2016

Robert Ballendine (1841 - d.)


ROBERT BALLENDINE======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1857-83=== Hudson's Bay Company Archives: Biographical Sheets ===Metis Script Application=== ROBERT BALLENDINE; address: Cumberland via Prince Alber...

10/16/2014 5/10/2016

PIERRE CHRYSOLOGUE PAMBRUN junior Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1841-78 Hudson's Bay Company Archives: Biographical Sheets

5/6/2016 5/7/2016

Thomas Pambrun (1832 - 1896)

THOMAS PAMBRUN======Huson's Bay Company Servant, 1846-53=== According to his Biographical Sheet in the Hudson's Bay Company's Archives: "Like all the family, Thomas was musically gifted." He is remembe...

5/6/2016 5/7/2016

Robert Johnston (1798 - bef.1831)

ROBERT JOHNSTON (aka ROBERT JOHNSTONE)======Hudson Bay's Company Servant, 1818-30: Labourer and Carpenter at New Churchill ant York Factory, 1818-25, and Carpenter and Mechanic at Moose Factory, 1825-3...

5/2/2016 5/3/2016

BOBTAIL (aka KISKIYEW, OR ALEXIS PICHE)======Chief of the Bear Hills Cree=== Bobtail is the biological Brother of Marguerite Sky Woman Machequayaince "Mah Je Gwoz Since" Ah-dik Songab Okicheta Bobtail ...

3/9/2016 4/28/2016

Baptiste Cardinal MP (1846 - 1870)

BAPTISTE CARDINAL======Hudson's Bay Company Employee===Baptiste Cardinal is the son of Laurent Cardinal and his wife Marie Magnon (ake Marie Mondion, or Marie Moignon). He was born at Lac la Biche in t...

4/23/2016 4/24/2016

Donald McKay (1753 - 1833)

DONALD MACKAY (otherwise MAD DONALD MCKAY)======Fur Trader and Secretary of the North West Company: Inland Trader with the Hudson's Bay Company, 1790-94, 1795-99, and 1806-09======Biographical Accounts...

11/15/2015 4/14/2016

Andrew Setter (1777 - 1870)

ANDREW SETTER (aka ANDREW SEATTER) Hudson's Bay Company Servant According to his HBC Biographical Sheet, Andrew Setter, here treated, was born in about 1779 and died in 1870. He is said to have hai...

1/24/2009 4/13/2016

Jacque Cardinal MP (1797 - aft.1886)


JACQUO CARDINAL (aka MOOS-TAH-TIP)======Voyageur, Hunter and Mountain Man: Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1821-30=== Jacquo Cardinal (aka Moos-tah-tip) is the son of Joseph Cardinal (aka Matchi-pa-koos)...

1/30/2011 4/6/2016

Thomas Firth (1794 - 1875)

THOMAS FIRTH======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1815-34=== Thomas Firth joined the Hudson's Bay Company on 8 May 1815. Stromness was his home parish in Orkney Hudson's Bay Company Archives: Biographica...

6/17/2010 4/3/2016

Edward Mowat (1786 - d.)

EDWARD MOWAT======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1806-33===Hudson's Bay Company Archives: Biographical Sheet for Edward Mowat Script Application by his Daughter===28 July 1875: Scrip affidavit for Firth...

4/3/2016 4/3/2016

Peter Corrigal (1782 - 1886)

PETER CORRIGAL======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1800-23======Note===There are numerous discrepancies in genealogical information gathered in Gail Morin’s Metis Families: A Genealogical Compendium (pp...

1/28/2015 4/2/2016

William Norn (1828 - 1902)

WILLIAM NORN (OTHERWISE WILLIAM NORAN)======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1848-54===William Norn (aka William Noran) is the son of James Norn (aka James Noran) and his wife Elizabeth Sutherland. He was...

11/5/2011 3/22/2016

John Ballendine (1791 - 1879)

JOHN BALLENDINE (aka JACK BALLENDINE)======Hudson's Bay Company Employee, 1830-70======Death and Burial=== John Ballendine died at Cedar Lake on 31 March 1879. He was buried at Moose Lake on 2 April 18...

3/13/2016 3/14/2016

William Rowland (1799 - 1873)

WILLIAM ROWLAND======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1820-73=== William Rowland is the son of William Rowland and his wife Margaret Spence. He was born on 21 October 1799 and his baptism was registered o...

11/15/2015 3/14/2016

Peter Ballendine (1837 - 1885)

PETER BALLENDINE======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1860-74: Clerk in Charge at Battleford, 1870-74===Peter Ballendine is the son of John Ballendine and his wife Mary Humphreyville. He was born on 6 De...

3/13/2016 3/14/2016

CHIEF PEECHEE======Chief of the Asini Wachi Nehiyawak Cree groups of the Rocky/Mountain Cree: Employed as a guide by the Hudson's Bay Company=== In 1841 Alexis Piche was engaged by John Rowand of Edmon...

10/20/2015 3/11/2016

Henry John Moberly (1835 - 1931)

HENRY JOHN MOBERLY (1835-1931)======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1854-94===Henry John Moberly was a fur trader. He entered the Hudson's Bay Company's service in 1854.===Namesakes===Moberly Lake in the...

3/20/2013 3/8/2016

Peter Skene Ogden (1790 - 1854)

PETER SKENE OGDEN (1790-1854)======Explorer and sometime Chief Trader with the Hudson's Bay Company===Peter Skene Ogden (alternately Skeene, Skein or Skeen), (baptised 12 February 1790 – September 27, ...

7/17/2011 3/8/2016

Peter Ogden (1817 - 1870)

PETER OGDEN (1817-70)======Hudson's Bay Company Employee 1835-70===Peter Ogden is the son of HBC Chief Factor, Peter Skene Ogden, and Marie Comtois (Comtois de Montigny, b. 1797). He was born at Ile-a-...

7/31/2013 3/8/2016

John Inkster (bef.1798 - 1874)

"Orkney Johnny"

JOHN INKSTER (aka JOHN INGSTER)======Stonemason; Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1821-24; Merchant and Politician; President of the Steam Mill Company;.Member of the Council of Assiniboia, 1857-69=== It ...

6/8/2007 2/24/2016

Narcisse Falardeau (1818 - 1888)

NARCISSE FALARDEAU======Hudson's Bay Company Employee===Narcisse Falardeau is probably the man identified as N. Falardeau who stood as godfather for Angelique Falardeau, daughter of Michel Falardeau an...

3/27/2013 2/14/2016

John Henry McTavish (1837 - 1888)

JOHN HENRY MCTAVISH (1837-88)======Member of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly, 1870, Founding Member of the Winnipeg Board of Trade, 1873, Member of the Northwest Territorial Executive Council, 1874, ...

12/5/2013 2/12/2016

George Bohun Martin (1841 - 1933)

HONORABLE GEORGE BOHUN MARTIN=== Gentleman Rancher and Politician: Sometime Employee of the Hudson's Bay Company at Kamloops in the Thompson-Nicola Regional District of British Columbia, Thereafter...

7/31/2012 2/12/2016

Donald McLean (1836 - 1920)

DONALD MCLEAN======Warehouseman at Savona for the Hudson's Bay Company===Donald McLean is the son of Donald McLean, the Hudson's Bay Company's Chief Trader at Kamloops. He was born on 10 June 1836, at ...

9/28/2014 1/19/2016

William Henry Newton (1833 - 1875)

WILLIAM HENRY NEWTON======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1851-75===William Henry Newton was born in about 1833, at Bromley in Kent, England The Children of Fort Langley William Henry Newton joined the H...

11/18/2012 1/6/2016

FRANK SAVONA (OTHERWISE FRANCOIS SAVENEAUX) the elder======Ferryman on Kamloops Lake and Warehouseman for the Hudson's Bay Company===Frank Savona (Otherwise Francois Saveneaux) established a cable ferr...

2/15/2015 1/3/2016

Magnus Spence, senior MP (bef.1757 - 1845)

MAGNUS SPENCE senior Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1783-1822 According to Gary Still, the identity of Magnus Spence, senior, is uncertain. Red River Ancestry He may be that son of William Spence wh...

11/2/2008 12/27/2015

DONALD MANSON younger======Hudson's Bay Company Servant===is the daughter of Donald Manson, senior, and his wife, Jean Gunn. He is reported by DCB to have been born at Thurso in Caithness, Scotland, on...

9/28/2014 12/7/2015

JOHN SINCLAIR OF TRATLAND======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1806-13=== John Sinclair of Tratland is the son of Archibald Sinclair, and his wife, Bell Louttit. He was born in 1785. He was the tenant at...

2/26/2011 10/29/2015

Alexander Comloquoy (1793 - 1861)

ALEXANDER COMLOQUOY======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1819-23===Alexander Comloquoy is the son of Robert Comloquoy and his wife Jean Johnston. He was born before 7 December 1793, the date upon which h...

10/17/2015 10/17/2015

James Peter Whitford, Jr (1792 - 1872)

JAMES WHITFORD junior======Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1810-19===is the son of James Peter Whitford and his wife Sally. He was baptised on 26 November 1820 [Hudson's Bay Company: Biographical Sheets]...

9/19/2011 10/15/2015