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Michael Dunnell MP (1640 - 1713)

Surname has also been reported to be: Duenil Dunnell Dwinel Dwinell Dwinnell Date and place of birth have also been (erroneously?) reported to be: 1640 in Scotland 1640 in England...

8/22/2008 12/26/2016

Noah Ferry MP (1712 - 1798)

8. NOAH3 FERRY (CHARLES2, CHARLES1) was born 04 Nov 1712, and died 04 Nov 1798 in Granby, Massachusetts. He married EXPERIENCE ALLIS 1736. She died 04 Nov 1794. Children of NOAH FERRY and EXPERIENC...

2/13/2009 8/27/2016

Abigail Dunham MP (c.1600 - 1669)

"Billiou", "Bilyeau", "Balliou", "Abigail Wood"

wm.l.gann'sgenealogysite Genealogy of the Gann, Donaldson, Laubacher, McDowell and related families 'Abigail Barlow - Aft 1669 Name Abigail Barlow Gender Female Died Aft 2 Mar 1668/9 Per...

7/6/2007 6/26/2015

Pierre "Peter" Shumway, Sr. MP (c.1635 - 1695)

"Pierre /Chamois/", "Peter the soldier", "Peter The Soldier"

from, The Shumway Root Cellar According to family tradition, Peter I "the soldier" came from France. He was probably a Huguenot. In the period leading up to the Revocation of the Edic...

8/28/2007 2/27/2014

Gabriel Bernon MP (1644 - 1736)

From: Find A Grave Memorial # 19231732 Gabriel Bernon Birth:  Apr. 6, 1644, France Death:  Feb. 1, 1736 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island, USA Parents: Andre Bernon Suzanne...

6/2/2009 2/23/2013

Baptist Smedley MP (1609 - 1675)

"Baptiste Smeadley"

Indentured servant to Rev Peter Bulkey 1636 England to New England. Huguenot descent. Shattuck's Concord reports the following about the Smeadly family: "Two brothers came to Concord before 1639. B...

5/29/2007 1/18/2013

George Bunker, of Topsfield MP (1621 - 1658)

From Who Are the Parents of George Bunker? by Michelle Boyd: It was once believed that George Bunker of Topsfield was the son of Guillaume Boncoeur (born 1600), son of Guillaume Boncoeur (born 1580...

2/16/2007 9/15/2012

Louis Manierre, I MP (1757 - 1794)

Louis Manierre has been said to have served under French General Lafayette (1757-1833, aka Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de La Fayette) in the American Revolution. Lafayette was among the French leaders t...

5/13/2009 9/12/2012

James "Jacques" Pineo MP (1667 - 1747)

"Jacques", "Pinneau", "Jacques Auguste James Pineo"

Sources Pineo, Andrew R. The First Four Generations of the Pinneo/Pineo Family: Being the descendants of James Pinneo (Jacques Pineau). (Seabrook, New Hampshire: Andrew R. Pineo, 1995), 1. Jame...

9/9/2008 9/12/2012

John Mariner MP (1683 - 1748)

parents: Rev. John Mariner (LaMariner) father of John Mariner of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, by his 1st wife, Elizabeth. who was the father of Rachel Mariner (child born the day before her mother died);...

8/9/2008 6/11/2012

Rev. John Mariner MP (1644 - 1717)

"John Marin", "John Marriner", "LeMariner", "Jean Mariner", "Rev."

Past and current members have joined the Huguenot Society of America by right of descent from the following Huguenot ancestors who qualify under the constitution of the Society: Mariner, Rev. John. "...

9/14/2008 6/11/2012

John Vinton MP (1620 - 1664)

John VINTON1 was born 1620 in Taunton, Hampshire, England1, and died August 03, 1664 in New Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut Said in the Vinton Memorial (1858) by John Adams Vinton to be probably...

3/21/2007 2/20/2012

Philip English, Escaped Salem Witch MP (1651 - 1736)

"Philippe L'Anglois"

hilip English, the most successful merchant in Salem Town, emigrated from Isle of Jersey as Philippe D'Anglois in 1670. He rose out of obscurity to become the largest entrepreneur and ship owner in Sal...

2/19/2012 2/19/2012

Hester "Walloon" Cooke MP (c.1582 - 1666)

"Esther le Mahieu", "Mahie", "le Mahieu", "Walloon", "(Walloon)"

Hester Mahieu was born between 1582-1588 at Prob Canterbury, England and died after 8 June 1666 at Plymouth Plantation. She was the daughter of Jacques Mahieu and Jenne (?). Married: on 20 July 160...

1/20/2007 11/3/2011

George Lanphere MP (c.1638 - 1731)

"Landfear", "Lamphere"

Sharon Fehr: from email dated May 12, 2008 GOOGLE "Eve of St. Bartholomew Massacre." Page 6 PETER BUTTON[7] married MARY LANPHEAR [7] Her father was GEORGE LANPHEAR [6], many spellings, proba...

9/27/2007 10/28/2011

Captain Edmund Greenleaf MP (1574 - 1671)


The Greenleaf family were originally Huguenots, who left France on account of religious persecutions and settled in England some time in the sixteenth century. Edmund settled in Newbury early in 1635. ...

1/22/2007 10/28/2011

Charles Ferry MP (1636 - 1699)

"Charles Fere", "Charles Ferre", "Charles Feret", "Charles Farry"

Artemus Harmon book pg. 159, History of Springfield Vol II Town Records: Charles Ferre, son of Sir John of England, a descendent of the Duke of Lorraine, 1205, also a descendent of a Protestant Ref...

3/9/2007 10/20/2011

Pierre Tourgee, Fils MP (1689 - 1768)

1/20/2010 10/18/2011

Ann Tourgee MP (1670 - d.)

10/19/2010 10/18/2011

Pierre Tourgee, Père MP (1665 - d.)

"Piere Targe", "Pierre Tourjee"

10/19/2010 10/18/2011

Charles Berton MP (deceased)

5/9/2010 10/18/2011

5/9/2010 10/18/2011

The province of Poitou sent many excellent Huguenot families to America. From Chatel- lerault, an important town, which lost by the flight of the Protestant inhabitants more than a tenth part of its po...

5/9/2010 10/18/2011

Paul Revere MP (1734 - 1818)

Paul Revere was an American silversmith and a patriot in the American Revolution ( DAR ancestor #A095546 ) He was celebrated after his death for his role as a messenger in the battles of Lexington an...

8/31/2007 10/18/2011

Revernd Jacques de Gylett MP (c.1548 - 1600)

Jacques de Gylet Jacques de Gyle 1549-1600 ..... The ancestor of the Connecticut Gillett family. "The GILLETT family has been in America since 1630, ten years after the landing of the Mayfl...

9/4/2007 10/18/2011

Jeremiah Gillett MP (c.1650 - 1701)

"Jeremiah Gillet", "Jeremiah Gillett"

Like his father, very little is known of Jeremiah Gillet in his early years. He was born about 1650 which might have even been in England. He also could have married in England as no record was recor...

9/5/2011 10/18/2011