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General in the war against the French under King Henry V of England [1413 - 1422]. He was knighted for valor.

9/18/2011 6/14/2017

Sir Richard Forster MP (c.1310 - c.1371)

Gen. - Sir Richard FORESTER , (born England - 1371) 5th Governor of Bamborough who fought at Crecy, 1346; Poitiers, 1356; was knighted for valor; died in 1371 ; and was succeeded by his son, The Battle...

9/18/2011 6/14/2017

John Cherleton, (or Charlton) (c.1300 to 1360)[1], 2nd Lord Cherleton succeeded his father to the title in 1353. He married Maud Mortimer, daughter of Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March and Joan de Gene...

10/9/2007 4/30/2017

Sir William ap Thomas, The Blue Knight of Gwent MP (c.1380 - 1446)

"Blue Knight of Gwent", "Y Marchog glas o Went", "The Blue Knight of Gwent", "Gwilym ap Thomas", "Blue Knight"

William ap Thomas (died 1445) was a member of the Welsh gentry family that came to be known as the Herbert family through his son William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke and is an ancestor of the current...

5/10/2007 11/21/2016

John de Bourchier, 2nd Baron Bourchier MP (c.1329 - 1400)

"2nd Baron Bourchier of Halstead", "K.G."

John Bourchier, 2nd Baron Bourchier (d. 21 May 1400), was a soldier and diplomat in the service of the crown. John was the eldest son of Robert Bourchier, 1st Baron Bourchier and his wife Margaret Pr...

7/4/2008 8/30/2016

Wilhelm I, Herzög von Jülich; Willem VI van Gulik en Berg MP (c.1299 - 1361)

"Wilhelm V von Jülich"

Wilhelm.comte, puis Markgraf puis enfin Herzog (Duc) von Jülich (cinquième du nom) est connu sous le nom de Guillaume de Juliers en français, et de van Gulik en néerlandais. Il est le fils du comte G...

5/2/2008 5/21/2016

Nicholas Pershale MP (c.1372 - 1415)

Nicholas was sheriff of Staffordshire in 1436 ("Hmmmm! His date of death above states 10/25/1415 and that he dies at the Battle of Agincourt in France"). He was actively engaged in the warefare then ra...

2/12/2008 2/16/2016

Edward Ferrers MP (c.1387 - bef.1416)

Robert [Ferrers], 5th Baron Ferrers of Chartley m 2 to Margaret la Despencer (d. 3 Nov 1415; bur. in Merevale Abbey). Their children: 3. Edward Ferrers (d. betw. 30 Sep 1415 and 6 Feb 1415/6; bur...

10/24/2015 10/25/2015

Sir Piers Legh II, of Lyme Hall MP (1389 - 1422)

"Peter Leigh", "Piers Legh", "Perkin-a-Legh"

Wounded at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415 and died in 1422 as a result of the wounds. _____________________ 'The house of Lyme from its foundation to the end of the eighteenth century (1917) ...

8/2/2008 9/21/2015

William Bourchier, 1st Count of Eu MP (c.1374 - 1420)

"William Bourchier Count Of Eu", "William de Bouchier", "William (Count of Eu) /Bourchier/", "William", "II", "First-Count-Eu /Bourchier/", "Count Eu"

Family and Education b.c.1374, s. of Sir William Bourgchier (d.1375), yr. s. of Robert, 1st Lord Bourgchier, by Eleanor (1345-97), yr. da. and event. sole h. of Sir John Lovayne (d.1347) of Little Ea...

3/13/2007 4/21/2015

Sir Ralph Bostock, Kt. MP (1392 - 1427)

"Ralph de Bostock", "Ralph Bostwick", "Ralph Bostoc"

Info: age 23 in 2 Henry V; Iq. p.m. 6 Henry V and II Henry VI Knighted by Henry V at Agincourt He was Knighted by Henry V at Agincourt. He was age 23 in ll Henry V; Iq. p.m. 6 Henry V and ll Henr...

6/12/2007 1/20/2015

Edmund de Ferrers, 5th Baron Ferrers of Chartley MP (c.1387 - 1435)

"Sir Edmund Ferrers", "6th Barron Chartley"

Edmund de Ferrers, 5th Baron Ferrers of Chartley Died 17 Dec 1435  Father: Robert de Ferrers, 5th Lord Ferrers of Chartley ,   b. 31 Oct 1357, Chartley, Stafford ,   d. 12 Mar 1412/1413  (Age 54 ...

6/8/2007 5/23/2014

Sir Rowland Lenthall, of Hampton Court MP (1372 - 1450)

"Roland Leynthale", "Sheriff of Herefordshire", "Constable of Haverfordwest"

The ancestor of this ancient and distinguished family, Sir Rowland Lenthall of Hampton Court in the county of Hereford, was high in favour with King Henry IV to whom he was master of the robes. He was ...

7/4/2008 5/22/2014

Sir John Wenlock (later, the 1st Baron Wenlock) KG (died 1471) was an English soldier, courtier and politician. He fought on the side of both the Yorkists and the Lancastrians in the Wars of the Rose...

10/31/2008 5/22/2014

Sir John Popham MP (1395 - 1463)

) Sir John Popham (c.1395–1463 (?)), military commander and speaker-elect of the House of Commons; took part in Henry V's invasion of France in 1415 and in the French wars under the John of Lancaster...

5/22/2014 5/22/2014

Sir Walter Beauchamp, MP MP (c.1364 - 1430)

ConstituencyDates WORCESTERSHIRE 1407 WORCESTERSHIRE May 1413 WORCESTERSHIRE Apr. 1414 WORCESTERSHIRE Mar. 1416 Family and Education s. and h. of Sir John Beauchamp† (d.c.1389), of Powick, by his w. El...

1/11/2008 5/22/2014

Thomas Chaucer MP (c.1367 - 1434)

He was Speaker of the English House of Commons on three occasions. He was also a poet and administrator. He was Chief Butler of England for almost 30 years, attended 15 parliaments and was Speaker of t...

5/3/2007 5/22/2014

) He had served in the Hundred Years' War and in 1402, was appointed to keep the seas (with the 4th Baron Clinton, the 5th Baron Fauconberg and Sir John Howard - grandfather of the 1st Duke of Norfol...

7/4/2008 5/22/2014

Sir John Cole, Kt. MP (c.1383 - c.1473)

The Genealogy of the Family of Cole, of the County of Devon: Of the County of Devon, and of ... by JAMES. EDWIN-COLE Pg.2 1 WILLIAM COLE, of Hutenesleigh (now called Hittisleigh) in the county ...

4/27/2007 2/28/2014

Sir Henry "Hotspur" Percy MP (1364 - 1403)

"Harry Hotspur"

a short summary from Wikipedia: Harry Hotspur (Sir Henry Percy) Spouse: Lady Elizabeth Mortimer Issue: Henry Percy, 2nd Earl of Northumberland Lady Elizabeth Percy Noble family House of ...

3/11/2007 11/10/2013

"Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York, 6th Earl of March, 4th Earl of Cambridge, and 7th Earl of Ulster, conventionally called Richard of York (21 September 1411 – 30 December 1460) was a leading Engl...

5/1/2007 11/10/2013

Henry of Lancaster, 1st Duke of Lancaster MP (c.1310 - 1361)

"Henry Plantagenet"

"Henry of Grosmont, 1st Duke of Lancaster, 4th Earl of Leicester and Lancaster, KG (c. 1310 – 23 March 1361), also Earl of Derby, was a member of the English nobility in the 14th century, and a promine...

5/7/2007 11/10/2013

"John of Lancaster, 1st Duke of Bedford, KG (20 June 1389 – 14 September 1435) was the third surviving son of King Henry IV of England by Mary de Bohun, and acted as regent of France for his nephew, Ki...

1/26/2008 11/10/2013

John of Gaunt MP (1340 - 1399)

a short summary from Wikipedia; John of Gaunt (Ghent), 1st Duke of Lancaster, KG Successor: Henry IV Bolingbroke, King of England (2nd Duke of Lancaster and of Aquitaine) Spouse: Blanche of Lan...

1/30/2007 11/10/2013

Henry VI of England MP (1421 - 1471)

"Henry VI (6 December 1421 – 21 May 1471) was King of England from 1422 to 1461 and again from 1470 to 1471, and disputed King of France from 1422 to 1453. Until 1437, his realm was governed by regents...

1/30/2007 11/10/2013

Henry V of England MP (1387 - 1422)

"Henry the V"

PLEASE READ THIS COMMENT REGARDING HIS BIRTH DATE; "Henry was born in the tower above the gatehouse of Monmouth Castle and for that reason called Henry of Monmouth, son of Henry of Bolingbroke, later...

1/30/2007 11/10/2013

Edward, the Black Prince MP (1330 - 1376)

"the Black Prince", "Edward of Woodstock"

"Edward of Woodstock, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, Prince of Aquitaine, KG (15 June 1330 – 8 June 1376) was the eldest son of King Edward III of England and his wife Philippa of Hainault as well ...

3/11/2007 11/10/2013

Henry IV of England MP (1367 - 1413)

"Henry of Bolingbroke"

there are several "disagreements / conflicts " regarding his birth date and date and location of his first marriages as you can see Wikipedia has his birth date as 15 of April 1367 other references...

1/30/2007 11/10/2013

Richard II of England MP (1367 - c.1400)

"Richard of Bordeaux"

"Richard II (6 January 1367 – c. 14 February 1400), also known as Richard of Bordeaux, was King of England from 1377 until he was deposed on 30 September 1399. Richard, a son of Edward, the Black Pri...

3/11/2007 11/10/2013

Edward III of England MP (1312 - 1377)

"Edward of Windsor"

"Edward III (13 November 1312 – 21 June 1377) was King of England from 1327 until his death; he is noted for his military success and for restoring royal authority after the disastrous reign of his fat...

2/2/2007 11/10/2013

Thomas Holland, 1st Earl of Kent MP (1314 - 1360)

"Earl of Kent", "Thomas Holland", "1st Earl of Kent", "2nd Baron Holand", "KG"

Sir THOMAS de Holand of Broughton, Buckinghamshire From Medlands son of Sir ROBERT de Holand of Upholland, Lancashire & his wife Matilda La Zouche (1314-in Normandy 26 or 28 Dec 1360, bur Stamfor...

5/10/2007 11/4/2013

Thomas Percy, 1st Earl of Worcester, KG (1343 – 23 July 1403) was an English medieval nobleman best known for taking part in the rebellion with his nephew Henry Percy, known as 'Harry Hotspur', and b...

7/4/2008 8/1/2013

Robert, comte de Namur MP (c.1323 - 1392)

Robert of Namur, KG (1323 – April 1391) was a noble from the Low Countries close to King Edward III of England. He was made Knight of the Garter in 1369. His was the son of John I, Count of Namur, ...

8/24/2008 7/26/2013

Sir David de la Hay, 6th Lord of Erroll MP (c.1318 - 1346)


High Constable of Scotland Sir David Hay, who accompanied King David II of Scots (1329 - 1371) to the battle of Neville's Cross in 1346,where Kind King David was captured and Sir David killed.

3/2/2007 7/26/2013

Sir David fitz Walter, 2nd of Cadzow MP (c.1310 - c.1374)

"David Fitz Walter Fitz Gilbert de Hameldone", "David fitz Walter fitz Gilbert de Hameldone", "2nd of Cadzow"

Sir David fitz Walter of Cadzow or David fitz Walter fitz Gilbert de Hameldone , 2nd Laird of Cadzow (d. bef. 1378) was a Scottish nobleman. The son of Walter fitz Gilbert of Cadzow, he succeeded his...

6/30/2007 7/26/2013

Sir Robert Keith (died 1346) was a Scottish nobleman and a hereditary Great Marischal of Scotland. Life Sir Robert Keith was the son of John Keith, Master of Marischal, and the grandson of Robert...

7/3/2008 7/25/2013

George de Dunbar, 9th/10th Earl of Dunbar, 3rd Earl of March MP (c.1336 - bef.1420)

"George de Dunbar Lord of Annandale and Isle of Man", "George Dunbar", "10th Earl of Dunbar & 3rd Earl of March", "Sir George 12th Lord of Annandale and Lord of the Isle of Man"

George de Dunbar, 10th Earl of Dunbar and March[1][2] (1338–1420),[3] 12th Lord of Annandale and Lord of the Isle of Man,[4] was "one of the most powerful nobles in Scotland of his time, and the rival ...

4/30/2008 7/17/2013

Thomas de Strickland, MP MP (c.1367 - 1455)

Thomas de Strickland (1367 – 30 July 1455) was the oldest son of Sir Walter de Strickland (d 1407), Sheriff of Westmorland, and Margaret de Lathom. He is best known for carrying the banner of St. Geo...

7/12/2008 6/13/2013

Sir Edward de Keith of Sinton MP (1280 - 1346)

"Edward Keith"

Edward Keith Birth: 1280 - Humbie, East Lothian, Scotland Death: Oct 17 1346 - In Battle Of Neville's Cross, near Durham, Durham, England Parents: Robert Keith, Barbara Seton Wife: Isabel Syn...

8/16/2007 6/6/2013

Sir Robert de Keith, Marischal of Scotland MP (c.1262 - 1346)

"12496 Signatory of the Declaration of Arbroath"

Robert Keith Birth: 1262 - Buchan, Aberdeenshire, Scotland Death: Oct 17 1346 - In Battle of Neville's Cross, Durham, Durham, England Parents: Robert Keith, Barbara Seton Wife: Barbara Dougla...

7/3/2008 6/6/2013

Hugh Courtenay Earl of Devon (M) b. 12 July 1303, d. 2 May 1377, #905 Hugh Courtenay Earl of Devon was born on 12 July 1303. He was the son of Hugh Courtenay Earl of Devon and Agnes St. John. Hug...

2/26/2007 1/10/2013

Sir Philip Courtenay, KG, MP MP (c.1340 - 1406)

Philip I Courtenay Sir Philip I Courtenay (c.1355 – 29 July 1406), of Powderham, Devon was the fifth son of Hugh Courtenay, 10th Earl of Devon (1303-1377). He was the founder of the cadet dynasty kno...

5/11/2007 1/10/2013

Sir James Lovel of Barrow MP (c.1306 - 1342)

Aged 14 years in Jan 1320/1, he claimed an inheritance in the diocese of Rouen, apparently in right of his mother, and was still engaged in the French courts in 1328. He was a knight in 1337, and in 13...

7/4/2008 11/27/2012

Sir Nicholas St. Maur, 2nd Baron St. Maur of Road MP (1306 - 1361)

"Nicholas Seymour", "Nicholas de Sancto Mauro"

NICHOLAS DE SAINT MAUR or SEYMOUR, 3rd son of the 1st LORD SAINT MAUR, being 2nd son by his 2nd wife, but, by the death of his elder brother of the whole blood Alan, 1st surviving son and heir of his m...

7/31/2008 11/27/2012

Thomas Holland, 2nd Earl of Kent MP (1350 - 1397)

"Thomas de Holand"

alternate death place Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England ========================================================================= "Thomas Holland (also known as de Holland), 2nd Earl of Kent, 3rd B...

5/2/2007 11/21/2012

Jeanne de Nevers, Duchess of Brittany MP (1298 - 1374)

"Joanna of Flanders", "Jehanne de Montfort", "Jeanne la Flamme"

Joanna of Flanders (c. 1295 – September 1374), also known as Jehanne de Montfort and Jeanne la Flamme, was consort Duchess of Brittany by her marriage to John IV, Duke of Brittany. She was the daught...

7/31/2008 11/20/2012

Hugh 'le Fitz' de Courtenay, 3rd Baron of Courtenay MP (1349 - 1374)

"Hugoni de Courteney le fitz"

Hugh Courtenay Le Fitz (c.1343-1374) Born: c.1343, probably at Tiverton Castle, Devon Lord Courtenay Died: 20th February 1374 Hugh Courtenay, called Le Fitz, was the only issue of Lord Hugh Courtenay...

10/3/2009 11/20/2012

John Beaumont 4th Baron Beaumont MP (1361 - 1396)

"Admiral of the North", "Constable of Dover Castle", "Warden of the Cinque Ports", "Ambassador to France"

"John Beaumont, 4th Baron Beaumont KG (1361–1396) served in the Hundred Years' War against the partisans of Pope Clement VII." ================================================ Links:

6/6/2007 10/23/2012

Louis I de Dampierre, comte de Flandre MP (1304 - 1346)

"Louis I de Flandre", "Louis de Crécy", "Louis de Nevers"

Louis I of Flanders Louis I (1304 – August 26, 1346, ruled 1322–1346) was Count of Flanders, Nevers and Rethel. History He was the son of Louis, Count of Nevers and Jeanne of Rethel, and gran...

5/30/2007 6/5/2012

Sir John Sutton, VI, 1st Baron Dudley MP (1400 - 1487)

"John de Sutton", "John Sutton Dudley VI", "Sutton Lord Dudley K.G.", "John Sutton", "Lord-Knight Of Garter", "'Of Dudley' K.G.", "Lord Lieutenant of Ireland", "1st Baron Dudley", "Lord Dudley", ""John de Sutton"", ""John Sutton Dudley VI"", ""Sutton Lord Dudley K.G."", ""Joh..."

Photo: Dudley Castle Note: In the Middle Ages the Sutton family inherited the title and estate of Lord Dudley and lived in Dudley Castle. Sir John de Sutton VI - was born on 25 Dec 1400 in Dudl...

3/14/2007 5/28/2012

James Touchett, 5th Lord Audley MP (1397 - 1459)

"James Touchet Baron Audley", "James Tuchet Lord Audley"

His proof of age states he was born at Derby and baptized in the church at Mackworth on 26 Dec. 1397. James Tuchet, 5th Baron Audley, 2nd Baron Tuchet (c. 1398–1459) was an English peer. James Tuch...

6/1/2007 5/28/2012

Arnaud Guilhem, baron de Barbazan MP (1360 - 1431)

""Le Chevalier sans Reproche""

1er chambellan de Charles VII See Wikipedia...

5/27/2012 5/27/2012

Voir Wikipedia... Louis de Sancerre ( 1341 or 1342 - 6 February 1402 ) was a marshal of France during the Hundred Years War .

5/27/2012 5/27/2012

Charles VI de Valois, roi de France MP (1368 - 1422)

"Charles VI "The Beloved" King of France", "The Beloved", "The Mad", "Emperior Charles IV", "The Mad King Of France", "Charles /Valois/", "Charles VI the Beloved // King of France", "Le Bien-Aimbe", "called the Beloved (French: le Bienaimé) and the Mad (French:le Fol or"

Charles VI (3 December 1368 – 21 October 1422), called the Well-loved (French: le Bien-Aimé) and the Mad (French: le Fol or le Fou), was the King of France from 1380 to 1422, as a member of the Hou...

2/11/2007 5/14/2012

Charles VII de Valois, roi de France MP (1403 - 1461)

"Charles de Valois; Charles VII de France; Charles VII 'le Victorieux' de France (trad.: es. 'el victorioso'; en. 'the victorious'); Charles VII 'le bien servi' de France (trad: es. 'el bien servido'", "'the well-served')"

Charles VII of France From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Charles VII (22 February 1403 – 22 July 1461), called the Victorious (French: le Victorieux) or the Well-Served (French:le Bien-Servi),...

5/11/2007 5/14/2012

from Plantagenet Ancestry: A study in Colonial and Medieval Families, Second Edition : Mary of Bedford. She married before 1435 Pierre de Montferrand (or Montferrant), Knt., seigneur of Lesparre (Gir...

7/8/2008 5/14/2012

John FitzAlan, 14th Earl of Arundel MP (1408 - 1435)

"John Arundell", "Chevalier"

'Sir John d' Arundel, 19th (14th) Earl of Arundel, Duke of Touraine, Lord Maltravers, Captain of Rouen, Vernon-sur-Seine & Verneuil1,2 'M, b. 14 February 1408, d. 12 June 1435 Father Sir John d' Ar...

9/16/2009 5/14/2012

Sir John Stewart, 1st Seigneur d'Aubigny MP (1381 - 1429)

"John Stewart of Darnley"

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Sir John Stewart, 1st Seigneur d"Aubigny: Sir John Stewart, 1st Seigneur d'Aubigny [1] M, #5179, d. 12 February 1428/29 Last Edited=3 Jul 2008 Sir ...

7/25/2008 5/14/2012

Lord Thomas de Scales or Thomas Scales de Newselles or Thomas Scalles KG (1397 – 25 July 1460), 7th Baron Scales, Knight of the Garter from 1426 was one of the main English commanders in the last twe...

4/25/2009 5/14/2012

Thibaut d'Armagnac de Termes MP (1405 - 1457)

Thibaut d'Armagnac, usually called Thibaut de Termes, is born in 1405 in Termes's castle (Termes-d'Armagnac, Gers). He was the second son of Jean IV d'Armagnac, Lord of Termes. With Jean, bastard of ...

5/14/2012 5/14/2012

Jean III de Grailly MP (c.1331 - 1376)

Sir Jean III de Grailly, Captal de Buch KG (d. Paris, 7 September 1376), son of Jean II de Grailly, Captal de Buch, Vicomte de Benauges, and Blanch de Foix,[1] was a cousin of the Counts of Foix and ...

7/19/2011 5/14/2012

Archibald Douglas, 4th Earl of Douglas MP (c.1370 - 1424)

"Tyneman", "Lord of annandale", "1st Duc de Touraine", "4th Earl of Douglas"

[ []] Archibald Douglas, 4th Earl of Douglas was born circa 1370.3 He was the son of Archibald Douglas, 3rd Earl of Douglas and Joan Moray .2 He married Margaret Stewart, Lady of Galloway , daugh...

1/3/2008 5/14/2012

Jean I, comte d'Armagnac MP (c.1305 - 1373)


John I of Armagnac (1311 – 16 May 1373), son of Bernard VI and Cecilia Rodez, was Count of Armagnac from 1319 to 1373. In addition to Armagnac he controlled territory in Quercy, Rouergue and Gévaudan...

9/22/2008 5/14/2012

Jean II, comte d'Armagnac MP (1330 - 1384)

"Le Bossu"

John II, the Hunchback, (born 1333, died May 26, 1384), Count of Armagnac, of Fézensac, Rodez (1371–1384) and Count of Charolais (1364–1384), Viscount Lomagne and Auvillars, he was the son of John I,...

8/2/2008 5/14/2012

Bernard d'Armagnac, Count of Pardiac (died 1462) was a younger son of Bernard VII, Count of Armagnac and Bonne of Berry. He fought at the Battle of Patay in 1429. That year he married Eleanor of ...

2/8/2010 5/14/2012

René I d'Anjou, titular King of Naples MP (1409 - 1480)

"Tituar King of Naples"

René 'the Good', Duc d'Anjou Duc de Lorraine in 1431. Comte de Provence in 1434. Duc d'Anjou in 1434. King of Naples and Sicily. Duc de Bar. Links: Thepeerage: Geneall: Wikipedia: ...

6/24/2007 5/14/2012

Pierre d'Amboise (1408 – 28 June 1473 in his castle of Meillant in Berry) was a French nobleman of the House of Amboise. He was a son of Hugh VIII of Amboise, who was killed at the battle of Agincour...

7/24/2009 5/14/2012

killed at the Battle of Agincourt

7/24/2009 5/14/2012

Philippe de Culant (1413 – December 1454) was a French nobleman and soldier of the Hundred Years' War. He was a nephew of Louis de Culant, Admiral of France, and the brother of Charles de Culant,...

5/14/2012 5/14/2012

Admiral Louis de Culant (or Culan) (1360–1444) was a French nobleman and Admiral of France. He held the titles of Baron of Châteauneuf-sur-Cher, Lord of Culant and Ainay-le-Vieil. As Lord of Culant, ...

5/14/2012 5/14/2012

Jean de Brosse (1375–1433), Lord of Boussac, Sainte-Sévère, Huriel, and Perugia, was a councillor and chamberlain to Charles VII of France; he was made a Marshal of France in 1426. Early life ...

9/17/2011 5/14/2012

John Talbot, 2nd Earl Shrewsbury MP (c.1413 - 1460)

"2nd Earl of Waterford"

John Talbot, 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury John Talbot, 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury, 2nd Earl of Waterford, 8th Baron Talbot, KG (c. 1417 – 10 July 1460) was an English nobleman and soldier. He was the son of Jo...

8/3/2007 5/13/2012

Thomas Montacute, 4th Earl of Salisbury MP (1388 - 1428)

"Thomas Montacute", "4th Earl of Salisbury", "6th and 3rd Baron Montacute", "5th Baron Monthermer", "and Count of Perche"

Primary Sources Inquisitions Post Mortem for Thomas, Earl of Salisbury, Writ. 24 November 1428. He died on 3 November last [1428]. Alice wife of Richard Neville, knight, present earl of Salisbury, is...

9/26/2007 5/13/2012

Henry Fitz Hugh, 3rd Baron Ravensworth MP (c.1359 - 1425)

"Henry Fitzhugh", "Henry 3d Lord Fitzhugh", "Henry", "4th Lord Fitzhugh"

ID: I037109 Name: Henry FITZHUGH Sex: M ALIA: 3rd Baron /FitzHugh/ Title: 3rd Baron Birth: 1359 in Of Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England Death: 11 JAN 1425 in Of Ravensworth, Yorkshire, Engl...

7/23/2007 5/13/2012

John Holland, 2nd Duke of Exeter MP (1395 - 1447)

"John de Holand"

other possible birth year; 1396 notes for burial place Royal Hospital and Collegiate Church of St. Katharine by the Tower ===================================================================== ...

9/4/2007 5/13/2012

[ ] M, #108096, b. 1390, d. 26 June 1439 '''Archibald Douglas, 5th Earl of Douglas''' was born in 1390.1 He was the son of Archibald Douglas, 4th Earl of Douglas and Margaret Stewart, Lady of Gal...

4/25/2008 5/13/2012

Archibald Douglas "The Grim", 3rd Earl of Douglas MP (c.1325 - c.1400)

"de Douglas", "Earl of Douglas"

Ben M. Angel notes: For the death location: Sources supporting Threave Castle: Darryl Lundy's Peerage page for Archibald Douglas, 3rd Earl of Douglas, and the English Wikipedia page for Threave C...

7/19/2007 5/13/2012

John Grey, 1st Earl of Tankerville MP (1384 - 1421)

"John de Gray", "John Gray"

John Grey, 1st Earl of Tankerville, 6th Lord of Powys jure uxoris, KG (aft. 1384 – 22 March 1421) was an English peer and eminent soldier in the Hundred Years' War between England and France under He...

10/9/2007 5/13/2012

Thomas de Ros, 8th Lord de Ros of Helmsley1 M, #107351, b. 26 September 1406, d. 18 September 1430 Thomas de Ros, 8th Lord de Ros of Helmsley|b. 26 Sep 1406\nd. 18 Sep 1430|p10736.htm#i107351|Willi...

7/22/2007 5/13/2012

("8th Lord") ("7th Lord") John de Ros, 8th Baron de Ros of Helmsley (1396–1421) was an English nobleman. He was the eldest son of William de Ros, 7th Baron de Ros and Margaret FitzAlan. His mot...

7/22/2007 5/13/2012

Living <1398 1421: Wounded the Duke of Clarence in the face with a lance then the earl of Buchan killed him. Married 1423 - Lady Marjory Dunbar, daughter of George Dunbar, the 11th and last Ear...

3/7/2011 5/13/2012

Sir John Swinton of that Ilk, 14th MP (b. - 1402)

"Sir John de Swintoun Dominus de Mar", "Sir John de Swyntone", "14th Lord of that Ilk", "Lord of Mar"

Wars of Scottish Independence Henry de Swinton appears on the Ragman Rolls as one of the nobility swearing fealty to King Edward I of England in 1296. He was joined in this by his brother, William,...

5/13/2012 5/13/2012

Sir Thomas Erpingham KG (1357–1428) was an English knight who became famous as the commander of King Henry V of England's archers at the Battle of Agincourt[1][2]. He was immortalised as a character ...

8/18/2008 5/13/2012

Sir William Oldhall (1390?–1460) was an English soldier and Yorkist supporter, who served as Speaker of the House of Commons of England between 1450-51. Life The son and heir of Sir Edmund Ol...

5/13/2012 5/13/2012

Charles I, duc de Bourbon MP (1401 - 1456)

"Шарл I Бурбон", "Charles I Duke of Bourbom"

and in French: Charles de Bourbon (1401 – 4 December 1456, Château de Moulins) was the oldest son of John I, Duke of Bourbon and Marie, Duchess of Auvergne. He was Count of Clermont-en-Beauvaisis...

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Sir Alexander Buchanan MP (c.1374 - 1424)

Chiefs of Clan Buchanan 11th – Sir Walter Buchanan,[69][70] (Guthrie Smith identifies him as 5th Chief and Buchanan of Auchmar identifies him as 11th Chief) married Margaret and had three sons (Wal...

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Gilbert Motier de La Fayette, (1380 - 22 February 1464) Lord of La Fayette, Pontgibaud Ayes, Nébouzac, Saint-Romain and Monteil Gelat was a Marshal of France He was brought up at the court of Lou...

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Jean VIII of Harcourt (9 April 1396 - 17 August 1424, Verneuil) was a count of Aumale. He was the son of John VII of Harcourt, count of Harcourt, and of Marie of Alençon, a "princess of the blood". ...

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Jean VII, comte de Harcourt MP (1370 - 1452)

John VII of Harcourt Jean VII d'Harcourt (1369-18 December 1452, Chatellerault) was a count of Aumale, viscount of Châtellerault, seigneur of Mézières, of Elbeuf, of Lillebone, of La Saussaye etc. ...

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John Stewart, 3rd Earl of Buchan MP (c.1380 - 1424)

"John /Stuart/", "John Of Buchan Stuart Earl Of Buchan", "J Stewart Earl Of Buchan", "Constable of /France/"

[ ] John Stewart, 3rd Earl of Buchan was born circa 1381.1 He was the son of Robert Stewart, 1st Duke of Albany and Muriel Keith.1 He married Lady Elizabeth Douglas, daughter of Archibald Douglas, 4t...

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Thomas de Camoys, 1st Baron Camoys MP (c.1351 - 1421)

"Camois", "de Camoys", "1st Baron Camoys"

Thomas de Camoys, 1st Baron Camoys KG (d. 28 March 1419 or 1421), was an English peer and soldier. de Camoys was the son of Sir John Camoys. In August 1383 he was summoned to the House of Lords as ...

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Louis I de Bourbon, comte de Vendôme MP (c.1376 - 1446)

"Луи II Бурбонски Бурбон де Вандом de Bourbon de Vendôme"

Louis Ier de Bourbon, né en 1376 et mort en 1446, comte de Vendôme (1393-1446), fils de Jean de Bourbon, comte de la Marche et de Vendôme et de Catherine de Vendôme. En 1393, à la mort de son pèr...

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Jean I, duc de Bourbon MP (1381 - 1434)

"Жан I Бурбон и Монпансие"

JEAN de Bourbon, son of LOUIS II "le Bon" Duc de Bourbon & his wife Anne de Clermont (Mar 1381-in prison London 5 Jan 1434, bur Priory of Souvigny). Comte de Clermont [Jul 1399]. Chamberlain of Franc...

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Killed in the Battle of Agincourt ------------------------------------------------------------------ Jan van Brederode (Santpoort, 1370/1372 – Azincourt, 25 October 1415) was lord of Brederode an...

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Jean d'Alençon II, Duke of Alençon - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia John II of Alençon (March 2, 1409, Château d'Argentan – September 8, 1476, Paris) was the son of John I of Alençon and Mar...

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killed while fighting for the French in the Battle of Agincourt

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Charles I de Valois, duc d'Orléans MP (1394 - 1465)

"France (Valois) (Duke Of /Orleans)/", "Charles Of /Orleans/"

wikipedia - Charles de Valois Charles of Valois (24 November 1394, Paris – 5 January 1465, Amboise) was Duke of Orléans from 1407, following the murder of his father, Louis, Duke of Orléans on the ...

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Dom Pedro Álvares Pereira (13?? – 14 August 1385) was a Portuguese noble of the 14th century. He was the son of Iria Gonçalves do Carvalhal and Álvaro Gonçalves Pereira, to whom he succeed after ...

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Juan I, rey de Castilla y León MP (1358 - 1390)

"Juan I de Trastámara", "King Juan I of /Castile-Leon/", "Rei de Castilla y León"

Wiki - John I of Castile Juan I de Trastámara (Épila, Zaragoza, 1358 - Alcalá de Henares, 1390). Rey de Castilla desde el 24 de agosto de 1379 hasta el 9 de octubre de 1390. Segundo rey de la dinastí...

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