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  • Marie Olivier Sylvestre Manitouabeouich (1615 - 1665)
    Sources Location info: Huronie , Québec Notes Suzanne et Marthe Prévost sont photographiées ici près du mémorial érigé sur les terres de Martin Prévost à Beauport, près de Québec. Le ma...
  • Roch Manit8abo8ich Manitouabeouich (1590 - c.1655)
    Sources Location info: Huronie, Pays des Hurons Notes Note about "also known as": Manitouabe8ich: Le chiffre 8 inséré dans le nom peut étonner : il ne s’agit pas d’une faute de frappe. Pend...
  • Outchibahabanouk Ouehou (1595 - c.1655)
    Sources Location info: Huronie, Pays des Hurons
  • Marie-Félix Ouentouen Arontio (c.1641 - 1689)
    Notes Location info: Huronie, Pays des Hurons (birth), Québec (marriage), Ville-Marie (death) More Notes Note about Date of Baptism: It is assumed (until we find better sources) that Marie-...
  • Joachim Arontio (c.1605 - d.)
    Sources Location info: Huronie, Pays des Hurons Huron

Aperçu Overview

Huronie sur la carte.

Toponymie Toponymy

In 1634-50, the Huron territories were located in present-day Georgian Bay area, Ontario. In those days, the people of Nouvelle-France called it "Huronie".

After 1650, when the Huronie was destroyed, perhaps it is appropriate to refer to the location by its historic name in Huron language, "Wendake". Until 1790, this territory is in Québec, and thereafter Ontario. We use the expression "Wendake historique" to distinguish with what will be the future municipality of Wendake near Québec City.

Note about Place of Birth: before 1609, this was before contact with Europeans. It is perhaps appropriate to call this location « Pays des Hurons, Amérique ».

  • « Wendake » :
  • « Ouendats » :

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  • ... 1608 et avant :
    • Place Name =
    • City = [laissez-vide]
    • County = [laissez-vide]
    • State/Province = Pays des Hurons
    • Country = Amérique
  • ... entre 1609 et 1650 :
    • Place Name =
    • City = [laissez-vide]
    • County = [laissez-vide]
    • State/Province = Huronie
    • Country = Canada
  • ... entre 1651 à 1790 :
    • Place Name = Wendake historique
    • City = [laissez-vide]
    • County = [laissez-vide]
    • State/Province = Québec
    • Country = Canada
  • ... 1791 à aujourd'hui :
    • Place Name = Wendake historique
    • City = [laissez-vide]
    • County = [laissez-vide]
    • State/Province = Ontario
    • Country = Canada

Paroisses et missions Parishes and Missions

Immaculée-Conception de Notre-Dame

Entre 1634 et 1850. Forme courte : La Conception.

Mission Sainte-Marie

aka Sainte-Marie-au-pays-des-Hurons

1639-1649. Mission jésuites.


Mission Saint-Jean

Mission Saint-Joseph

(Saint-Joseph II?)


(Était-ce une mission ou juste un village ?)

Saint-Ignace se trouvait entre où l'on retrouve aujourd'hui Coldwater et Vasey, dans le comté de Simcoe, Ontario.

Histoire History

Plaque commémorative : JESUIT MISSION TO MANITOULIN 1648-50 In 1648 Father Joseph Poncet then serving at Ste. Marie in Huronia was placed in charge of the Jesuit mission of St. Pierre by his superior Father Paul Ragueneau. This newly created mission was formed to serve the Algonkian-speaking Indians of Manitoulin Island and the north shore of Lake Huon. Poncet the first known European resident of Manitoulin (called "Île de Ste. Marie" by the missionaries and "Ekaentoton" by the Hurons), served on this Island from October 1648 to May 1649. He returned to Manitoulin before the end of the latter year but was compelled to abandon the mission in 1650 following the defeat and dispersal of the Hurons by the Iroquois.

Population The People

Personnalités Personalities

Moments marquants Landmarks


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