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Hugh Ross MP (1681 - 1701)

Father: Andrew 1st Lord Of Balbair Ross b: 22 OCT 1619 in Scotland Marriage: Margaret Stronach b: 1651 in Scotland Married: 8 JUL 1681 in Scotland 4 3 Children 1. Andrew 3rd Lord of Balbair Ros...

11/12/2008 3/11/2016

Patience Whitney MP (1615 - 1691)

"Patience (Morton) Faunce Whitney"

Patience Morton immigrated in 1623 to Plymouth, New Plymouth Colony on the Anne or Little James. She married 1) 1633 in Plymouth, New Plymouth Colony to John Faunce. She married 2) Thomas Whitney after...

3/15/2007 3/10/2016

Juliana Kempton MP (1584 - 1665)


'Robinson-Yochem Genealogy Juliana Carpenter Sex: F AKA: Juliann /Carpenter/ Individual Information Birth: 1583 - Bath, Somerset, England, United Kingdom Christening: Death: 19 Feb 1663-19 F...

5/6/2007 3/10/2016

William Crosse MP (1579 - 1679)

William Crosse Birth: 1579 - London, England Death: Dec 10 1679 - Talbot County, Maryland Parents: Sir Robert Crosse, Olyve Turner Wife: Alice Simpson Children: William Crosse Nath...

3/5/2007 4/22/2014

Pieter Casparszen Mabie, 'van Naarden' MP (c.1611 - c.1664)

"Pieter Van Naerden"

Birth: ABT 1610 in Naarden,, Noord Holland, Netherlands,, Death: BEF 1664/65 in New Amsterdam,, now New York, New Netherland,, Burial: Reformed Dutch Church, New York City,, New York,,, Event: Me...

4/10/2008 3/23/2014

Gertrude "Grietgen" Doors MP (1646 - 1708)

"Streyper-Doors", "Grietgen"

"Paul Küster’s wife was a native of Kaldenkirchen, Germany. She was a sister of Wilhelm and Jan Streyper, and a cousin through her mother of Herman, Abraham and Dirck Op den Graaf, the last two of whom...

7/2/2007 6/15/2012

Tjerck Claessen de Witt MP (1629 - 1700)

"Tjerk de With"

See here for photos of the marriage record: Tjerck Claessen DE WITT b. abt 1619/1620, Saterland, Hesephalia, Netherlands, m. 24-Apr-1656, in Ref. Collegiate Dut. Ch., New Amsterda, Barbara ...

3/2/2007 1/29/2012

Symon de Groot MP (1602 - 1699)


1/25/2008 9/18/2011

Philippe Muis d'Entremont MP (1609 - 1700)

"En 1650 ou 1651, le gouverneur de l'Acadie, Charles de Saint-Étienne de La Tour, l'invita pour qu'il devienne lieutenant-major et commandant des troupes du roi. La Tour était un ami d'enfance. Le 17 j...

6/18/2007 9/18/2011

Martha Mellowes MP (1572 - 1639)

Martha Bulkeley, married, about 1568, Abraham Mellowes, of Odell, Bedfordshire and Boston, Lincolnshire. He was born about 1570. They had three sons, Oliver, Abraham and Edward. They also had three dau...

10/11/2007 9/13/2011

Priscilla "Dillie" Cooper MP (1597 - 1689)


'Robinson-Yochem Genealogy Priscilla Carpenter Sex: F Individual Information Birth: Abt 1597 - England, United Kingdom Christening: Death: 29 Dec 1689 - Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, Unit...

5/28/2007 9/1/2011

Sieur de Villeneuve Source: Born 1627 - 1629 probably near Chartres, Orleanais, France. About Mathieu (dit Amyot) Amiot, Sieur: Baptism: 10 August 1659, Confirmed at Quebec Emmigrated: 1636...

6/17/2007 8/21/2011

Matthias Button MP (1607 - 1672)

Immigrated in 1635 with Endicott, Governor or Mass. Reference: Ancestry Genealogy - SmartCopy : Sep 7 2016, 23:28:01 UTC Links 'Matthias Button (abt. 1610 - 1672) Matthias Button

6/4/2007 8/13/2011

Anthony Trabue, Sr. MP (1667 - 1724)

Date of birth has also been (erroneously?) reported to be September 21, 1669. Antoine, along with other Huguenot refugees, was brought to a spot fifteen miles up the James River from what is now Rich...

5/24/2007 8/8/2011

Hannah Prince (Hubbard) MP (1605 - 1674)

"Anna Hubbard", "Ann Hubbard"

From the Pane-Joyce Genealogy: Anna Hubbard. Born ca 1614 [??] . Anna died aft 23 Jun 1674. Religion: admitted to the Dedham church 16 Apr 1641. On 8 May 1638 Anna first married William Barstow (1267...

2/23/2007 7/24/2011

Rachel Wilson (Hubbard) MP (1595 - 1656)

"Brandish", "Rachel Brundage"

8/5/2007 7/24/2011

Capt Thomas James Taylor, Jr MP (1574 - 1618)

One of the original patentees in Elizabeth City, Cork county, Virginia in 1626 and in 1643 took up 600 acres in Warwick. When Miles Cary came to the Colonies he lived with and work for Thomas Taylor, t...

1/21/2007 7/13/2011

William Overton, I MP (1638 - 1697)

He is believed to have emigrated to Virginia shortly after his marriage in 1670 (another source states that they were married at Yorktown, on board the vessel in which Elizabeth Waters had come to Virg...

8/27/2007 7/13/2011

Mary Elizabeth Overton MP (1654 - 1697)

SOURCE: ] View Tree for Mary Elizabeth WatersMary Elizabeth Waters (b. December 30, 1654, d. 1697) Mary Elizabeth Waters was born December 30, 1654 in St. Sepulcher, Parish, London, England, and died...

8/27/2007 7/13/2011

Ann Doane MP (c.1596 - 1654)

"Ann (Perkins?) Bryant Doane", "Abigail Doane", "Ann", "Abigale"

Ann (possibly) Perkins was born in 1596 in Kent Co., England. Her parents are not known. She died on June 1, 1654 and was buried in Cove Burying Ground, Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts (then the...

2/23/2007 7/13/2011

Richard Smith b. 1596 d, 1666. Married unknown she d. 1664. This Richard was in Kings Town abt. 1637. Their children were: Richard II m. Esther, James, Elizabeth m. I. a Newman 2. John Viall,...

2/2/2007 7/8/2011

Christopher Peake MP (c.1605 - 1666)

FRENCH, Dorcas b. 1614 Assington, Suffolk, England d. DEC 1697 Roxbury, Suffolk, Mass. Parents: Father: FRENCH, Thomas Mother: RIDDLESDALE, Susan Family: Spouse:CRAFT, Griffin Family: ...

1/6/2008 7/8/2011

George Aeneas Ross, Fifth of Balblair MP (1679 - 1753)

"Dr. Ross"

George arrived in New Castle, DE in Jul 1705 from Missionary for the Society of the Propagation of the Gospel. (Source: ) Rev. Gerge Ross was born in 1679 in Balbair, Scotland. He died 18 Nov 1753 in...

4/28/2008 7/8/2011

Richard Allen, Sr MP (1613 - 1703)

SOURCE: The following information is from "Allens of the Southern States": Richard Allen, Sr., was a land processioner in New Kent County in 1689. Richard Allen's last name was sometimes spelled ...

10/1/2007 7/7/2011

Squire Maugridge Boone, I MP (1696 - 1765)

"Benjamin Maugridge Boone I"

Squire Boone Birth 25 Nov 1696, Devenshire,,,England Death 16 Jan 1765, ,ROWAN CO,N.C.,U.S.A. Burial Jappa Cem.,Mocksville,Davie,N.C. Father George 111 Boone (1666-1744) Mother Mary Maugridge (1...

1/20/2007 7/7/2011

François Joseph Savoie MP (1621 - 1678)

See notes at bottom for speculative parentage issues. Tommaso Francesco di Savoia, principe di Carignano & Marie de Bourbon-Soissons See also Geni discussion Is Francois Savoie really the son o...

3/10/2007 7/6/2011

Anne Convent MP (c.1601 - 1675)

"Anne Convent"

Anne is our "gateway" ancestor to French and British royalty. Descended directly from Charlemagne (28 generations), Charles VI of France, Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry/ Evil King John. Great history...

6/17/2007 7/6/2011

Jannetje Aldertse Roosa MP (c.1656 - 1726)

Jannetje married Mattys TenEyck at Hurley Nov. 16, 1679. Notes: Mattys"Matthew" TEN EYCK, born 1658, son of Coenraedt and Maria (BOELE) TEN EYCK, married 25 Oct. 1679, to Anneke, daughter of Albert...

9/14/2007 7/2/2011

Henry Pearsall, of Hempstead MP (1611 - 1667)

"Purcell", "Pursell", "Henry Pearsall", "of Hempstead", "Henry Pearshall"

'Source: Henry Pearsall Found 10 Records, 7 Photos and 181,387 Family Trees Born in Warwickshire, England on 1623 to Thomas Pearsall and Mary Brent. Henry married Ann Valentine and had ...

12/27/2007 7/2/2011

Abraham Foster, Sr. MP (1622 - 1711)

ABRAHAM FOSTER (Reginald) b. April 1622 Exeter , England married 1655 in Ipswich, Massachusetts Married: LYDIA BURBANK ( d/o Caleb of Rowley, Massachusetts) Children: 1. Ephraim Foster b. 9 Oct. 1657 I...

4/16/2007 7/2/2011

Col. James Bray MP (1630 - 1690)


The Bray arms are on the tombs of the first and second David Bray in Bruton churchyard, Williamsburg, VA. They correspond with the arms of Bray in the Visitation of Nottingham in 1614. Arms: Azure a ...

6/21/2008 7/2/2011

Edward Preston MP (1619 - 1699)

Edward Preston. Born ca 1619 in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. Edward was baptized in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, on 14 Nov 1619. Edward resided in New Haven and Boston. Edward was sent to New England by ...

3/25/2008 7/2/2011

Lydia Lewis MP (c.1610 - c.1680)

"Lydia", "Liddea", "Warner", "Lewis"

John "the Immigrant" Lewis (Conjecture) John "the Immigrant" Lewis and his progeny are the Warner Hall family of Lewises. Cited on his tombstone as "John Lewis bourne in Munmouthshire," John was be...

3/26/2008 7/2/2011

Col. Abram Martin MP (c.1642 - c.1711)

ID: I02462 Name: Abram Martin Sex: M Birth: ABT 1642 in County Galway, Ireland Death: ABT 1711 in York Co., VA Note: Abram was one of the younger sons of the English family of that name who o...

1/24/2007 7/2/2011

William Preston, Sr. MP (c.1590 - 1649)

Embarked for New England Sep. 19, 1635 in the Truelove with all living children except Edward and Daniel, who came to New England earlier in the year. "came to Dorchester, MA, on the "Truelove" with ...

5/25/2007 7/2/2011

Elizabeth Aspinwall MP (1655 - 1706)


"The principal founder of the town was William Pynchon, who was one of the assistant magistrates that came over with Winthrop. The town was incorporated on September 28, 1630, only three weeks after ...

3/19/2008 7/2/2011

Lieut. Thomas Wheeler MP (1589 - 1654)

"Thomas "of Worley" Wheeler"

1. Thomas Wheeler b ca 1591 Cranfield Bedfordshire  - d 1654 Fairfield CT was the oldest son of Thomas Wheler of the blakehouse, buried 11 Feb 1634/35 (parish register) by his 1st wife (name unknown). ...

3/7/2007 7/2/2011

Richard Wheeler, of Dedham MP (1614 - 1676)

NOT the son of Richard Wheeler and Elizabeth Wheeler. Richard Wheeler was probably born in Cranfield Bedfordshire England in 1611 and died 9-Feb-1676. Some records show christened 13-June 1614 (B...

3/7/2007 7/2/2011

Marinus Lund MP (1849 - 1922)

John E. Forsgren Company (1853) Age at Departure: 4 Marinus Lund married Mary Jane Ashworth on 16 Jul 1872 in Spring City, Sanpte, Utah. They were members of the Church of Latter Day Saints and were ...

1/5/2009 7/2/2011

Antoinette Landry MP (c.1617 - 1693)

!! need to fix up kids still. No problems, just taking a break. The family of Antoine BOURG and Antoinette LANDRY [46444] BOURG, Antoine (..), born about 1609 (rec. 1671, rec. 1686), died between...

2/26/2007 7/2/2011

Mary Loomis MP (1590 - 1652)

Mary White was baptised on August 24, 1590 in Shalfold, County of Essex, England. Based on her baptismal record, her birth year is estimated as 1590. She came from a well-do-do family. Her father was R...

5/25/2007 7/2/2011

Joseph Loomis, II MP (c.1615 - 1687)

Joseph Loomis Jr. was b. 1 Mar 1615/16 in Essex County, England. He died 26 Jun 1686 or 87 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut. Parents: Joseph Loomis Sr. and Mary Whilte. He married, first,...

2/4/2007 7/2/2011

Francis Brown, II MP (1610 - 1668)

As of the latest research published in 2015 by Robert Charles Anderson in the Great Migration Directory p 44 the parents and origins of Francis Brown are UNKOWN. He arrive 1640 to New Haven - see NHCR ...

1/18/2008 7/2/2011

Bartholomew Coppock Jr MP (1645 - 1718)

The LDS has ancestry through the Coppock lines back to the First King Of England. Egbert. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles described Egbert as BRETWALDA, or"Ruler Of Britian" Kign Egbert ruled from 802 A.D. ...

10/7/2007 7/2/2011

Robert Boyd MP (1678 - 1743)

Caution: He is often confused with Robert Boyd (c1679-?), of Ulster (Ireland).

10/26/2010 7/2/2011

George Boyd, Sr. MP (1691 - 1731)

George Boyd - Mrs. Isabella Boyd George Boyd was born at of Vister, Antrim, Ulster, Northern Ireland Abt 1691. He married Mrs. Isabella Boyd Abt 1708 at of Antrim, Ulster, Northern Ireland . Mrs. Isabe...

7/16/2009 7/2/2011

Patrick Harrison Boyd MP (1714 - 1762)

Patrick Boyd (1711-1762) married Rachel Grissom in 1752 in Chester County before his move to Lunenburg (now Halifax) County, VA. Their children were Mary, Sarah, Rachel, George, James, John, William, a...

7/16/2009 7/2/2011

Margaret Mary Graham MP (1722 - 1765)

7/21/2008 7/2/2011

John Graham, Sr. MP (1765 - 1811)

this is ridiculous, he was five when he had a baby with a wife that was what, 35 or so years older than him, um, no I had him married to....but now he's her son,,... humn.... Margaret Bullock Bir...

4/16/2009 7/2/2011

George Allen, Sr. of Sandwich MP (c.1582 - 1648)

"George Allen", "Sr. "The Immigrant"", "George Allen "the elder"", "Alan", "Allan", "and Allyn"

If you have comments about George or his family, please enter them into the Discussion section of the profile. Thank you. Let's keep these sources readable... **************************************...

3/23/2007 7/2/2011

Cornelius Theissen Doors MP (c.1656 - 1716)

Buried in Axe's Graveyard (upper cemetery), Concord School House Will Abstract: TYSON, CORNELIUS. Germantownship, Philadelphia County. Weaver. Apr il 6, 1716. July 27, 1716. D. 54. Wife Margaret ...

8/26/2007 7/2/2011

Rev. Edward Foliot MP (c.1610 - 1690)


Edward Foliot Born  Cal 1610  Died  1690  York Parish, York, Virginia Father  Sir John Foliot, Knight, of, Pirton, Worcestershire, England Mother  Elizabeth Aylmer family Married ?? C...

7/20/2007 7/2/2011

Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, 26th President of the USA MP (1858 - 1919)

"Teddy", "Teddy Bear", "Theodore /Roosevelt /", "Pres Theodore /Roosevelt/"

Theodore Roosevelt became the first American President to take seriously the concept of the preservation of nature. As President from 1901 to 1909, he designated 150 National Forests, the first 51 Fede...

3/25/2007 7/2/2011

John Stanley MP (1603 - 1634)

John Stanley and his brothers Timothy and Thomas embarked for New England in 1634/5. John died on passage and was buried at sea. John was likely a widower, as there is no mention of his wife, the mothe...

6/19/2008 7/2/2011

Capt. Christopher Stanley MP (c.1599 - 1646)

Christopher Stanley, his pasture shown on 1645 map of Boston Christopher Stanley died in Boston (1/27/1646), leaving wife, Susannah Aspinwall, with Rebecca Stanley (m Robert Lord) and Martha (m Robert ...

10/28/2007 7/2/2011

Elizabeth Smith MP (c.1623 - c.1678)

Sources BIRTH: Date and place of birth are approximations. MAR: "Early Hartford Vital Records," COLLECTIONS OF THE CONNECTICUT HISTORICAL SOCIETY, 14(Hartford, 1912):606 (FHL #897073). Original e...

7/4/2008 7/2/2011

Barent Jacobsen Kool MP (1610 - 1676)

"Barent Jacobsen Kool"

Note: Capt. Barent J. Kool came to New Netherland colony prior to 1632,probably aboard the ship "Den Dolphin". He was a member of the Old Dutch Church and an employee of the Dutch West India Company. C...

1/31/2007 7/2/2011

Ann Stanley MP (1591 - 1603)

7/4/2008 7/2/2011

Captain Alexander Fleming MP (1612 - 1668)

emigrated 1649 Married Captain Alexander FLEMING married to Elsbeth (or Elizabeth) ANDERSON (b. abt. 1614 of Glasgow, Scotland - 6 Oct 1656 - 5 Jul 1658 in Rappahannock Co. VA), a daughter of W...

11/20/2007 7/2/2011

Capt. John Fleming, of Charles Parish, VA MP (1633 - 1686)

"Captain", "Captain John Fleming"

Additional Curator's Notes: John Fleming was born August 27, 1633 in Scotland and died April 27, 1686 in Charles Parish, York County, Virginia. His wife's name was Mary but she was not Mary Bolling. ...

8/3/2007 7/2/2011

Alexander Magruder, Jr MP (1610 - 1677)

"MaGruder", "MaGruder Jr."

Born a member of the outlawed Highland Clan Gregor. Was sentenced to have his name changed to Alexander MacGroother/MacGruether, settled on Alexander Magruder. Chamberlain of Drummond family estates in...

8/19/2007 7/2/2011

Col. Robert Blair MP (1683 - 1774)

From -Birth: 1683 -County Londonderry, Northern Ireland -Death: Oct. 14, 1774, USA -He was in Rutland, MA before 1720; Marlborough before 1726 and settled in Worcester, MA after...

12/21/2008 7/2/2011

Samuel Porter, I MP (1635 - 1689)

Samuel was a merchant in Hadley, MA, where he went in 1659. During King Philip's War, Hadley was an important place. Samuel Porter took care of most of the wounded soldiers who were brought there, and ...

5/16/2007 7/2/2011

Hannah Porter MP (1635 - 1708)


Death: Dec. 18, 1708 - Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, USA Family links: Parents: Thomas Stanley (1607 - 1663) Spouse: Samuel Porter (1635 - 1689) Children: Hezek...

5/16/2007 7/2/2011

Thomas Stanley MP (1601 - 1663)

"Timothy /Stanley/", "Timothy"

For the most recent research see Leslie Mahler (2005) TAG 80:219 and GM 2:6:462-66 . He was son of Robert and Ruth (Garland) Stanley. Caution much of the older published genealogies are incorrect. Use ...

5/16/2007 7/2/2011

William Trowbridge MP (1633 - 1688)

In 1644, Thomas Trowbridge left his sons in the care of his servant, Henry Gibbons. He remained in close contact with the boys, but never returned to America. Thomas died in Taunton in 1673. Mr. Gibbon...

7/25/2007 7/1/2011

Frances Cowper MP (c.1570 - d.)

She died, unmarried.

2/5/2010 7/1/2011

Thomas 'Grocer' Cowper MP (1579 - 1611)

Our Cooper lineage starts with one Thomas Cowper(Cooper) who was born ca 157x in Hingham, Norfolk, England. Little is known of this Thomas. As his son, Thomas, was a grocer, we can assume he was a trad...

3/13/2007 7/1/2011

Thomas Jenkins, II MP (1695 - 1753)

8/2/2007 7/1/2011

Madeleine Miville-Deschenes MP (1636 - 1708)

Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Jan 4 2016, 0:57:29 UTC

7/17/2007 6/30/2011

Mary Margaret Beverley MP (1636 - 1678)

"Mary Keeble", "Mary Beverley"

Margaret Boyd - nr. 7043 ; Margaret Boyd & Robert Beverly ; Margaret Boyd ;

5/9/2008 6/30/2011

Robert Owen MP (1657 - 1697)

"Robert Owen of Fron Gôch"

Robert Owen was born in Fron Goch, Merionethshire, Wales, England, eldest son of Owen ap Evan Robert Lewis, of Fron Goch near Bala in Merioneth, Wales, and his wife, Gainor John. Robert married Rebec...

2/9/2009 6/29/2011

Thomas Gardner, of Dorset MP (c.1565 - c.1633)

Thomas Gardner Born: abt 1560 of Dorchester, Dorsetshire, England Died: 1635 Parents: Unknown Married: Elizabeth White. She b. abt 1564 in England GARDNER LINE - FIRST GENERATION commen...

9/21/2007 6/29/2011

Madeleine Dubois MP (c.1640 - 1721)

"Madeleine Baugis", "Marie-Madeleine"

Aura une enfant naturelle : Marie-Madeleine le 20/2/1662 à Québec dont le père est Jean Royer. (le père biologique bien nommé au baptême). Elle en est enceinte à son mariage en octobre 1661 à Michel Ba...

5/12/2007 6/29/2011

John Clark born 1600 in Great Munden, Hertfordshire, England died 5 Feb 1674 in Milford, New Haven County, Connecticut. Married 1 Elizabeth (1601-1662) in 1622 in Great Munden, Hertfordsh...

2/17/2007 6/28/2011

Captain Symon Miller MP (c.1642 - 1684)


Simon Miller was born 1619 in ,,,England, and died 1671 in ,,,England. Children of Simon Miller are: 1. +Sarah Miller, b. 1670, Albermarle, Virginia, USA, d. 08 Nov 1764, ,Essex, Virginia, USA....

4/1/2008 6/28/2011

John Warren, of Watertown MP (1585 - 1667)


John Warren, of Watertown Birth: May 1 1585 - Nayland, Suffolk, , England Death: Dec 13 1667 - Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts Parents: John "the middle" Warren, Elizabeth Scarlett Wife: ...

6/15/2007 6/28/2011

Thomas Pearsall MP (1586 - 1642)

"Pershale", "Peshall", "Pershall", "Persall"

'Source: Thomas Pearsall Found 10 Records, 10 Photos and 181,387 Family Trees Born in Eccleshall, Saffordshire, England on 1592 to Edmund Pearsall and Maria Bathurst. Thomas married Mary ...

12/27/2007 6/28/2011

Capt. Aeldert Hymansz Roosa MP (1621 - 1679)

"Aldert Heyamnsen", "Albert", "Hymans", "Aleardt", "Albrecht", "Haymanse"

Aleardt, Aldert or Albert Heymanse Roose came to this country from Harwyen, also spelled Herwijnen, in Gelderland, Holland, on Waal river, five miles west of Bommel. Or it may be the present Herwijnen,...

7/6/2007 6/28/2011

William Ijams, I MP (c.1640 - 1703)

"William Liams", "William Eyams", "William Iams / Eyoms"

To the best of anyone's knowledge, there is NO documentation on when or where he was born, who his parents were, or when or how he came to America! There is NO evidence that he was related to the Inn...

4/21/2007 6/26/2011

Elizabeth Mallory MP (c.1661 - 1732)

7/29/2007 6/26/2011

Mareen Duvall "The Immigrant" MP (c.1625 - 1694)

"Mars", "Born Marin Du Voll", "The Emigrant"

Note: As of now, it is not known who Mareen's parents were. His lineage is very much in dispute among his descendants. Please refrain from adding more unconfirmed data to his ancestors if at all possib...

4/22/2007 6/26/2011

Rhoda Gore MP (1605 - 1693)


Remingtons in America " John(1) b. 1602, Garrowby, Eng. d. June 8, 1667, Roxbury, Mass., mar. Elizabeth (d. Dec. 24, 1658, Rowley). With others, including twenty families who came from Rowley, Eng. wit...

2/27/2007 6/26/2011

Patrick Joseph Kennedy, Sr. MP (1824 - 1858)


Emigrated from Ireland in 1849 on ship, the "Washington Irving." Met Bridget Murphy in Ireland before going to America. The Cooperage and Brass Foundry he bought in Boston made beer, water barrels, a...

11/3/2007 6/26/2011

Gerrit Jansen Roos MP (1630 - 1698)

Married in New Amsterdam, New Netherlands at the Dutch Reformed Church 1651 31 Dec ; Gerrit Janszen , jm van Haerlem; Aeltje Lamberts , jd van Uytrecht

6/23/2008 6/26/2011

George Boone, III MP (1666 - 1744)

GEORGE BOONE, III. (son of George & Sarah Boone) was born at STOAK (a Village near the City of Exeter) in A.D. 1666, being a Weaver; his Wife's Maiden Name was MARY MAUGRIDGE, who was born in BRADNIN...

3/3/2007 6/26/2011

Merken Walravensdr MP (c.1581 - 1625)

"Metken Walravens"

7/10/2007 6/26/2011

Heijmen Guijsbert Rosa MP (c.1593 - 1626)

"Heyman", "Heymen"

Found on tax rolls at Andel, North Brabant in 1608 and 1614. Source: Alphen, van, Evert, " Het Geslacht Rosa" The Family Rosa, Gens Nostra, January, 1965, p. 22-25. On 4 Mar 1626 Heijman Gijsbertsen ...

7/6/2007 6/26/2011

Capt. Michael Pierce MP (1615 - 1675)

"Capt. Michael James Pierce", "Michael J. Pearce", "Capt.", "Michael Pearce", "Pearse"

Listed as Captain Michael J Pierce (Fell in Rehoboth Swamp Fight battle.). Commander Of A Mixed White/ Native American Wampanoag Fighting Unit.- (Ben M. Angel notes: the Great Swamp Fight was in the pr...

9/28/2007 6/26/2011

Maria Tyson Doors MP (1660 - 1742)


Merken/ Maria Theissen by BEcker and others. b c 1659 d 1742 Mary Tyson. White has "?married Jochim Huiskens", she wasn't sure? She cites an entry in 1675 in the Reformed Church in Kaldenkirchen ...

8/20/2007 6/26/2011

John Meigs, I MP (1612 - 1672)

"John Meggs; John Maggs"

John Meigs warned the regicides Edward Whalley and William Goffe of their imminent apprehension by royal agents and aided in their concealment and escape to the caves (Judges' Caves) of New Haven harbo...

3/25/2007 6/26/2011

John Johnston MP (1649 - 1704)

6/27/2007 6/26/2011

Luke Hanks, I MP (1681 - 1757)

"Luke I, son William I and brother of William II, married first Elizabeth Glascock about 1712/13 and second, Sarah, (last name unknown). Between his two wives he fathered at least nineteen children. He...

1/19/2007 6/26/2011

John Webster, of Ipswich MP (1604 - 1646)

If this is the Master for John of Ipswich Massachusetts then Thomas must be removed as father and Governor John as halfbrother [note: done April 2016] SEE ABOVE BOOK .....No Ipswich in history of G...

7/9/2007 6/26/2011

Randall Bigelow MP (c.1578 - 1626)

.Randell de Baguley married Jane had seven children and died in 1626 Notes : Randall was born at Ollerton Hall Randall moved across England to Wrentham in Suffolk County. He apparently made this move...

8/8/2007 6/26/2011

Sarah Carter, of Dinton MP (1635 - 1668)

Sarah Ludlow, John Carter's third wife Sarah Ludlow was the daughter of Gabriel and Phillis Ludlow, Gabriel Ludlow was a lineal descendant of that William Ludlow, of 'Hill Deverill,' Wilts, who was but...

5/23/2007 6/26/2011

Edward Conway, 2nd Viscount Conway MP (1592 - 1655)


Edward Conway, 2nd Viscount Conway Edward Conway, 2nd Viscount Conway PC (bapt. 10 August 1594 – 26 June 1655) was an English politician, military commander and peer. Conway was the eldest son of E...

6/21/2007 6/25/2011

Richard White MP (c.1576 - 1612)

Links 17. Richard 4 White, mentioned in the will of his grandfather, in 1578, m. in South Petherton, June 21, 1607, Margaret Pittered. (Ancestry of John Barber White, p. 12) Married in 1607...

6/1/2007 6/24/2011

Colonel William Randolph, II MP (1651 - 1711)

William Randolph was a colonist and land owner who played an important role in the history and governement of the Commonwealth of Virginia. He moved to Virginia between 1669 and 1673, and married Mary ...

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Rebecca Harndell MP (c.1615 - 1657)

Escaped in a shallot or shallop (small boat) after husband was killed by Indians, according to legend. MARRIAGE: By about 1639 to John Maxson by 1647 John Harndell (Mary, daughter of 'John Harn...

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