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John "Old Trader" Benge MP (c.1735 - c.1808)

"Old Trader John", ""Old Trader" John Benge"

BENGE, John Born: about 1735 in Virginia. Other records suggest he may have been born as early as 1726. Known as “Old Trader," and operated a trading post on the Cumberland. He was of Scottish descent....

3/17/2007 9/24/2016

7/16/2008 9/15/2016

Levi Kemp MP (1768 - 1837)

Chickasaw, was the son of trader William Kemp. He was first mentioned in October, 1800, when missionary Joseph Bullen discovered Indian doctors attempting to suck a ‘witchball’ from his head (1). Kemp ...

7/31/2008 7/13/2016

Col. Gideon Morgan MP (1751 - 1830)

Col. Gideon Morgan (1751-1830), surveyor, architect, civil engineer, merchant, Indian trader, and tavern keeper. During the Revolution they lived at Washington Township, Connecticut. Gideon served as...

3/8/2008 5/22/2016

John Barron MP (deceased)

He and his brothers Joseph and Hugh carried on a successful fur trade with the Indians. The brothers were very wealthy and prominent locally in Wythe County, Virginia.

5/21/2016 5/21/2016

Hugh Barron MP (1760 - 1809)

He and his brothers Joseph and Hugh carried on a successful fur trade with the Indians. The brothers were very wealthy and prominent locally. He and his brother Joseph applied on 8 May 1798 in Wythe Co...

8/21/2014 5/21/2016

John Stuart (25 September 1718 – 21 March 1779) was a Scottish-born official of the British Empire in North America. He was the superintendent for the southern district of the British Indian Departme...

2/9/2009 5/23/2013

Cornelius Dougherty MP (1700 - 1779)

Children of A-NU-WE-GI MOYTOY are: SISTER OF RAVEN, b. Abt. 1726; d. Aft. March 14, 1819. SOUR MUSH, b. Abt. 1728; d. Abt. 1820. RAVEN OF CHOTA, b. Abt. 1730; d. Aft. 1779. links Co...

11/6/2008 5/23/2013

John Emory, Indian Trader MP (c.1698 - 1746)

John Amory (d.1746) was an Indian trader associated with William Elder(s), Thomas Nightingale, and John Watts. John Amory was the uncle of Robert Emory (d.1790) and the father of William Emory (d.1...

10/3/2009 5/23/2013

Ellis Harlan MP (1731 - 1815)

2/4/2007 5/23/2013

Capt. Richard Fields MP (c.1744 - 1849)

Richard Fields : adventurer in the Indian trade Who is Richard Fields? He was born c.1744 and came to South Carolina (from England or Virginia) with his father Richard Fields by 1754. Richard F...

2/9/2009 5/23/2013

Thomas "Trader" Payne, Sr. MP (c.1721 - 1811)

This is a direct quote from "The History of Fanklin County, Georgia". No source is offered. Page 34: Payne's Creek - in Old King's Bench of original Franklin County was one of the first streams to be...

2/27/2009 9/11/2012

Nathaniel Hicks, Sr. MP (1743 - 1829)

"Nathan Nathaniel Hicks"

11/6/2008 9/2/2012

Test of the Historical Marker in Nashville: "Jacques-Timothe’ De Montbrun, born on Mar. 23, 1747, in Boucherville, Quebec, was the first white man to live in the Nashville area. Beginning in 1769, he s...

5/23/2007 8/29/2012

William B Sherrill, "The Indian Trader" MP (1666 - 1747)

"The Indian Trader"

He was known as the "Indian Trader" and the "Conestoga Trader". William Sherrill Sr. and his sons are said to have opened up the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia in the 1740's. They went to the Catawba Ri...

3/9/2007 8/28/2012

Trader John Watts MP (1724 - 1770)

"Trader John Watts", "Crunk"

Descendants of Trader/Interpreter John Watts Compiled on March 28, 2002 by: Ginny Mangum Contact at Research is still being conducted on John Watts who was born about 1720 in, ...

3/17/2007 8/25/2012

Dr. James Adair MP (c.1709 - 1783)

James Adair was born ca 1709 in County Antrim, Ireland and died, probably in Cherokee Nation East, around 1783. Will 21 Oct. 1766, proved 4 Nov. 1782 Parents: said to have been a member of the Fitzge...

4/10/2007 8/25/2012

Notes for JOHN CHEROKEE VANN III, son of JOHN TRADER VANN II (JOHN1) Abt. 1715- Aft. 1770 and SISTER OF RAVEN Abt. 1746, daughter of A-NU-WA-GI MOYTOY : Don Greene, Shawnee Heritage XI #133: In 1770 ...

8/28/2008 8/11/2012

Capt. John Musgrove, Sr. MP (deceased)

"John Musgrow"

from Captain John Musgrove Sr. was a South Carolina trader and planter. He was employed by the Carolina Assembly to arrange peace between the Creeks and the English. Musgrove’s party was welcomed i...

5/20/2011 8/11/2012

John Musgrove, Jr., Indian Trader MP (1695 - 1735)

"Johnny Musgrove"

John Musgrove Jr. was born in South Carolina around 1695 and died at "Cowpen Plantation," north of Savannah, Georgia on 12 June 1735, of a fever (probably malaria). " ... a well-educated member of the ...

3/3/2011 8/11/2012

Coosaponakesee (Mary Musgrove) MP (c.1700 - c.1767)

"Mary Bosomworth", "Cousaponokeesa", "Consaponaheeso", "Mary Matthews"

Mary Musgrove Bosomworth (ca. 1700- ca. 1767), sometimes called the Empress of the Creek Nation , [fn1] played a vital role in the founding of Georgia in colonial America. The daughter of a Creek India...

3/2/2011 8/11/2012

Joseph Barron, Indian Trader MP (c.1758 - 1816)

Joseph Barron (c1758-1816), an Indian trader in Virginia and Tennessee. Do not confuse him with Joseph Barron (1773-1843), Indian Interpreter. He and his brothers John and Hugh carried on a success...

10/16/2010 8/11/2012