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Joseph Buford Cox MP (1905 - 2002)


Joseph Buford Cox (1905 – August 10, 2002), was an American inventor and businessman. He invented what is now known as the chipper type chain for chain saws. He based his design on the C-shaped jaws ...

4/13/2017 4/13/2017

John Hazelhurst Boneval Latrobe (1803–91), was a noted civic leader, lawyer, author, historian, artist, inventor, intellectual, and social activist in Maryland. Born May 4, 1803, Latrobe was one of t...

8/5/2012 3/28/2017

Petri Baldur Bryk MP (1913 - 1977)

Baldur Petri Bryk ( 13. The December 1913 Sortavala - July 25, 1977 Helsinki ) was a Finnish CEO, inventor, metallurgist , engineer and CEO.

2/4/2010 3/26/2017

Mary W Hess MP (1917 - 2012)

Mary Harnish Hess, 95, passed from this life to the next on October 1, 2012. Mary honored her Lord and Savior faithfully throughout her lifetime in service to her family and many others here and in for...

3/18/2017 3/18/2017

Abraham Lincoln Freedlander MP (1889 - 1971)

An administrator, scientist and inventor, who held more than 120 patents. Rose through the ranks to become Chairman of the Board of Dayton Rubber Co.

3/17/2017 3/17/2017

Theodore Ernst Obrig MP (1894 - 1967)

Inventor of contact lenses. From CONTACT LENS HISTORY: THE OVERSEAS PIONEERS Theodore Obrig Theodore Obrig (1896-1967) joined Gall & Lemke Optical Company in 1914 as a graduate of Columbia Univer...

3/8/2017 3/9/2017

Henry Roe Campbell MP (1807 - 1879)

Henry Roe Campbell (September 9, 1807 – February 6, 1879) was a prominent American surveyor and civil engineer. Campbell made significant contributions to American railroading and bridge building in ...

9/29/2015 3/7/2017

Alfred Andrew Stutzman MP (1887 - 1960)

"Fred Stutzman"

Alfred Andrew Stutzman held the patent for a single trigger for a double-barreled shotgun and a patent for a mixing device for an oil burner. He ran the Stutzman Oil Burner Company from his basement.* ...

3/4/2017 3/4/2017

Abraham Slatis MP (1887 - 1957)

Abraham Slatis was born 7 Sep 1887 in Zhytomyr, Russia (now Ukraine). He arrived in the United States in New York on 5 June 1911 from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil aboard the SS Voltaire. The ship left Rio de...

2/10/2015 2/22/2017

Dr. Howard Burnham Sprague MP (1895 - 1970)

Cardiologist. Role as inventor of the Sprague stethoscope. Biography here: Military draft registration : Between 1917 and 1918 - Swampscott City no 24, United States, Massachusetts Residence ...

2/10/2017 2/10/2017

John George Trump MP (1907 - 1985)

John George Trump was an American electrical engineer, inventor, and physicist. He was a recipient of U.S. President Ronald Reagan's National Medal of Science, and a member of the National Academy of E...

7/5/2011 1/25/2017

Aba Kantorovitch MP (1869 - 1942)

אתר ראשוני פתח תקווה בית עלמין סגולה

10/1/2009 1/23/2017

Avraham Meir Kantorovitch MP (1903 - d.)

6/26/2013 1/22/2017

James Morrison Heady MP (1829 - 1915)

"Morrie Heady"

Morrison Heady Honored with Kentucky Historical Highway MarkerOn Saturday, July 17, 2004, a Kentucky Historical Marker was dedicated in honor of James Morrison Heady, "The Blind Bard of Kentucky," amon...

8/23/2014 1/17/2017

Simcha Blass MP (1897 - 1982)

Simcha Blass (or Symcha Blass, or Simkha Blass); November 27, 1897 – July 18, 1982; Hebrew: שמחה בלאס‎‎) was an Israeli engineer and inventor. He was a main figure of water development in Israel, ini...

1/2/2017 1/2/2017

Jean Isaac Effront (Efron) MP (1856 - 1931)

"Jean Isaac", "Yitskhak"

Specialized in the fermentation process and enzymes. Studied in Moscow, Berlin, Geneva and Zurich. Received science degree in 1884 in Zurich. Professor at New University of Brussels and Director of the...

12/31/2016 12/31/2016

Robert Leo Hulseman MP (1932 - 2016)

Tall plastic cups spanning a spectrum of colors covered the kitchen table, and a gaggle of kids gathered around. Robert Hulseman was trying to nail down the colors for his newly invented plastic Solo C...

12/30/2016 12/30/2016

Charles Macintosh FRS (29 December 1766 – 25 July 1843) was a Scottish chemist and inventor of waterproof fabrics. The Mackintosh raincoat (the variant spelling is now standard) is named for him. M...

3/18/2015 12/29/2016

Tracy Hall MP (1919 - 2008)

"H. Tracy Hall"

Howard Tracy Hall (October 20, 1919 – July 25, 2008) was an American physical chemist, and the first person who grew a synthetic diamond according to a reproducible, verifiable and witnessed process,...

8/2/2010 12/28/2016

Dr. Irwin Elliot Smigel MP (1924 - 2016)

Irwin Smigel, a pioneer of aesthetic dentistry who brightened the smiles of celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Tony Bennett, Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Willis, died on Monday at his home in Manhattan. He w...

10/19/2016 12/23/2016

Anson Mills (August 31, 1834 – November 5, 1924) was a United States Army officer, surveyor, inventor, and entrepreneur. Engaged in south Texas as a land surveyor and civil engineer, he both named an...

12/23/2016 12/23/2016

Thomas Burberry MP (1835 - 1926)

Thomas Burberry (27 August 1835 - 4 April 1926) was an English gentlemen's outfitter, and the founder of international chain Burberry, one of Britain's largest branded clothing businesses. He is also...

12/13/2016 12/13/2016

Lieutenant Jock Lewes MP (1913 - 1941)

Lieutenant John Steel (Jock) Lewes (21 December 1913 – 31 December 1941) was a British Army officer prominent during World War II. He invented an explosive device, the eponymous Lewes bomb, and was t...

12/1/2016 12/12/2016

Dr. Felix Zandman MP (1928 - 2011)

Felix Zandman (May 7, 1928 – June 4, 2011) was the founder and Executive Chairman of the Board of Vishay Intertechnology – one of the world's largest manufacturers of electronic components. From 1946...

12/9/2016 12/9/2016

Harold Stanley MP (1885 - 1963)

Harold Stanley (October 2, 1885 – May 14, 1963) was an American businessman and one of the founders of Morgan Stanley in 1935. For 20 years, he ran Morgan Stanley until he left the firm in 1955. Ea...

6/30/2014 11/24/2016

Samuel Cunliffe-Lister, 1st Baron Masham, was an English inventor and industrialist, who was the patentee of many inventions, among others the compressed air brake for railways and the wool combing mac...

3/3/2013 11/17/2016

William Cotton MP (c.1819 - 1887)

William Cotton (1819-1887) owns the 'Cotton's Patent'. This patent was for a framework knitting machine driven by rotary power from a steam engine. Cotton's machine allowed for large-scale factory prod...

5/2/2015 10/22/2016

Roger Yonchien Tsien (born February 1, 1952) is a Chinese American biochemist and a professor at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California, San Diego. He was awarded the 20...

11/3/2011 10/15/2016

Jerome Horwitz MP (c.1919 - 2012)

Jerome Phillip Horwitz (January 16, 1919 – September 6, 2012)[1][2] was an American scientist; his affiliations included the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, the Wayne State University School o...

5/27/2011 10/10/2016

Gertrude Belle Elion MP (1918 - 1999)

Gertrude Belle Elion (January 23, 1918 – February 21, 1999) was an American biochemist and pharmacologist, and a 1988 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Working alone as well as wi...

11/10/2014 10/10/2016

Richard Max Mandle MP (1921 - 2015)

Richard M., 94 of Palo Alto, California and long-time resident of Pompton Lakes, New Jersey died at his home on Sunday, August 30, 2015. He was the devoted husband of Barbara B. Mandle, who passed in...

8/6/2008 10/10/2016

Kary Banks Mullis (born December 28, 1944) is a Nobel Prize winning American biochemist, author, and lecturer. In recognition of his improvement of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique, he sha...

10/19/2011 10/10/2016

Joseph Davol MP (1837 - 1909)

Joseph Davol, 1837-1909, was a pioneer in the rubber industry who, prior to incorporating the Davol Rubber Company in 1881, devoted much of his time to experimentation and invention in the processing o...

9/27/2016 9/27/2016

Percy Luther Cady, Jr. MP (1918 - 1994)


The following appeared on 20 November 1941 in the Syracuse-Herald Journal: Percy Luther Cady, Jr., son of P. L. Cady of 182 West Brighton Avenue, has been advanced to the rank of aviation metalsmith, t...

6/22/2010 9/22/2016

Adelbert Rinaldo Buffington (1837–1922) was an American soldier. Biography Adelbert Buffington was born in Wheeling, West Virginia, and graduated from West Point in May 1861 (the same class as ...

9/19/2016 9/19/2016

James Sadler MP (1753 - 1828)

James Sadler (Baloonist) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia James Sadler (February 1753 – 28 March 1828) was the first English balloonist, as well as a chemist and pastry chef. Life A view o...

9/16/2016 9/16/2016

Captain George Edward Thomas Eyston MC OBE (28 June 1897 – 11 June 1979) was a British racing driver in the 1920s and 1930s, and he broke the land speed record three times between 1937 and 1939. He w...

9/14/2016 9/14/2016

Joseph Nason MP (1815 - 1872)

Co-invented steam heat and coined the word 'radiator.'

1/27/2014 9/12/2016

Col. John W. Stiles died at his home, at No. 281 Fourth-avenue, at 9 o'clock yesterday morning, at the age of 70 years. He had been ill for some time with a disease of the heart. Previous to 1861 Col. ...

9/9/2016 9/9/2016

Richard Travis Whitcomb MP (1921 - 2009)

Richard T. Whitcomb (February 21, 1921 – October 13, 2009) was an American aeronautical engineer noted for his significant contributions to the science of aerodynamics. Whitcomb was born in Evans...

10/17/2013 9/6/2016

A. Atwater Kent MP (1873 - 1949)

Arthur Atwater Kent, Sr. (1873–1949) was an American inventor and prominent radio manufacturer based in Philadelphia. In 1921, he patented the modern form of the automobile ignition coil. Biography...

9/6/2016 9/6/2016

Elwood P. Haynes MP (1857 - 1925)

Inventor. He built one of the first successful gasoline-powered automobiles. Also in 1886, he invented a small vapor thermostat used on natural gas. He died from a severe flu attack at age 67. (bio by:...

9/6/2016 9/6/2016

Hilborne Roosevelt MP (1849 - 1886)

Hilborne Lewis Roosevelt (December 21, 1849 – December 30, 1886) was a pioneering organ builder, telecommunication engineer and a member of the Roosevelt family. Life He was born in New York City...

9/4/2016 9/4/2016

Nicholas Isaac Roosevelt (December 27, 1767, New York City – July 30, 1854, Skaneateles, New York) was an American inventor, a major investor in Upstate New York land, and a member of the Roosevelt fam...

2/27/2009 9/4/2016

Clinton Roosevelt MP (1804 - 1898)

Clinton Roosevelt (November 3, 1804 – August 8, 1898) was an American politician, pro-labor economic reformer, and inventor from New York City. A member of the Roosevelt family, he was the son of Elb...

9/2/2009 9/4/2016

Charles Edward Taylor (May 24, 1868 – January 30, 1956) was an American inventor, mechanic and machinist. He built the first aircraft engine used by the Wright brothers and was a vital contributor ...

10/16/2013 8/28/2016

George Herbert Taylor MP (1821 - 1896)

George H. Taylor was born in Williston, Vermont, on January 4, 1821 - the same day as John W. Hutchinson. Largely self-educated, before he was eighteen he began teaching in the common schools of Willis...

8/28/2016 8/28/2016

Charles Fayette Taylor MP (1827 - 1899)

Physiologist and pathologist Invalided orthopaedic surgeon and US therapeutic massage pioneer Charles Fayette Taylor was issued with two typewriter patents on this day (December 26) in 1893, one of...

8/28/2016 8/28/2016

Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel MP (1858 - 1913)

A German engineer and inventor who contributed to the advancement of technology with his internal-combustion engine. Although he was best recognized for his invention of the pressure-ignited heat engin...

2/21/2010 8/28/2016

Shu Chien 錢煦 MP

"Qián Xù", "Chien Hsu"

San Diego, San Diego County, California, United States

Shu Chien (traditional Chinese: 錢煦 ; simplified Chinese: 钱煦 ; pinyin: Qián Xù ) is an eminent Chinese–American physiologist and engineer. His pioneering work on the fluid dynamics of blood flow has had...

10/29/2014 8/26/2016

Dr. Henry Jacob Bigelow MP (1818 - 1890)

Dr. Henry Jacob Bigelow was an American surgeon and Professor of Surgery at Harvard University. A dominating figure in Boston medicine for many decades, he is remembered for the Bigelow maneuver for hi...

8/31/2013 8/26/2016

USMA Class of 1842. History of Bedford, New Hampshire James Gilchrist Benton was graduated from West Point in 1842 and appointed additional Second Lieutenant of ordinance. He was stationed at Wat...

8/23/2016 8/23/2016

John Wesley Hyatt MP (1837 - 1920)

Invented a knife sharpener, a new way of making dominoes and checkers, a method of dissolving pyroxylin under pressure, and celluloid (with his brother).

8/18/2016 8/18/2016

Donald L. Snyder MP (1917 - 1978)


inventor of a telescoping camping trailer

8/18/2016 8/18/2016

Sir William Crookes MP (1832 - 1919)

Sir William Crookes OM PRS (17 June 1832 – 4 April 1919) was an English chemist and physicist who attended the Royal College of Chemistry, London, and worked on spectroscopy. He was a pioneer of vacu...

8/13/2016 8/14/2016

Albert Sabin MP (1906 - 1993)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary: "... Albert Bruce Sabin (August 26, 1906 – March 3, 1993) was a Polish American medical researcher best known for having developed an oral polio vaccine. Sabin was b...

8/9/2014 8/5/2016

Asa L. Stump MP (1840 - 1932)

He invented a device for cleaning the hull of ships. Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 11/12/1901. Asa L. Stump an Inventor We are informed, on rel...

12/11/2015 8/2/2016

Aubrey Kruger MP (1934 - 2016)

Aubrey Kruger invented the Dolos that is used in harbours and ports all over the world today. World fame eludes EL's dolos man. DAVID DENISON looks at the world-famous dolos that originated in East L...

5/17/2015 7/28/2016

Homer Ehst Kolb MP (1930 - 2009)

Homer E. Kolb, 78, husband of Clara (Moyer) Kolb of Phoenixville, went home to be with the Lord July 12th at Phoenixville Hospital. Born on September 15, 1930 in Spring City, he was the son of the late...

1/11/2016 7/10/2016

Civil War Veteran Affiliation: Union Mustered in: 7/15/1861 Rank: 1st Lieutenant Commissioned into: Co. A, Me 6th Infantry Resigned: 3/9/1863 Promotions: Captain: 1861; Lt. Colonol; 1862 ...

11/20/2014 7/2/2016

Cecil Hamelin Taylor MP (1878 - d.)

Cecil was a graduate of Harvard University, class of 1900. He was a mechanical engineer and an inventor. He lived in Detroit, Chicago, and Paris.

6/27/2016 6/27/2016

Karl Landsteiner FRS (June 14, 1868 – June 26, 1943), was an Austrian biologist and physician. He is noted for having first distinguished the main blood groups in 1900, having developed the modern syst...

11/10/2010 6/26/2016

Paul Zamecnik MP (1912 - 2009)

Paul Charles Zamecnik (22 November 1912 – 27 October 2009) was an American scientist who played a central role in the early history of molecular biology. He was a professor of medicine at Harvard Medic...

2/2/2014 6/26/2016

Robert Clarence Pruyn MP (1847 - 1934)

Robert Clarence Pruyn (October 23, 1847 – October 29, 1934), of Albany, New York, was an influential American inventor, banker, businessman, and politician.

2/18/2009 6/24/2016

Charles Jacob Young MP (1899 - 1987)

Scientist and inventor at RCA.

6/23/2016 6/23/2016

Alessandro Volta MP (1745 - 1827)

Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta (Italian pronunciation: [alesˈsandro ˈvɔlta]; 18 February 1745 – 5 March 1827) was an Italian physicist, chemist, and a pioneer of electricity and power, w...

6/20/2016 6/20/2016

William Stanley Jevons MP (1835 - 1882)

William Stanley Jevons FRS (/ˈdʒɛvənz/; 1 September 1835 – 13 August 1882) was an English economist and logician. Irving Fisher described Jevons' book A General Mathematical Theory of Political Eco...

7/14/2011 6/20/2016

Elisha Trask Barlow MP (1806 - 1881)

Elisha Trask Barlow sought to improve how anchors grab the seabed. His design exploits the force of a vessel pulling on the anchor to, in the inventor's words, "induce an effort in the anchor to take h...

6/20/2016 6/20/2016

Otto von Guericke MP (1602 - 1686)

Otto von Guericke (originally spelled Gericke, German pronunciation: [ˈɡeːʁɪkə]) (November 20, 1602 – May 11, 1686 (Julian calendar); November 30, 1602 – May 21, 1686 (Gregorian calendar)) was a Germ...

6/19/2016 6/19/2016

Arnold Henry Moore Lunn MP (1888 - 1974)

Sir Arnold Henry Moore Lunn (18 April 1888 – 2 June 1974) was a skier, mountaineer and writer. He was knighted for "services to British Skiing and Anglo-Swiss relations" in 1952. His father was a lay...

6/13/2016 6/13/2016

Allen Fleetwood Ward MP (1786 - 1862)

Allen Ward invented the Protractor System of Garment Cutting, when a resident of Huntsville, Ala., and patented it in 1821, after which he spent three years in traveling through the Southern and Middle...

6/6/2016 6/6/2016

James Leonard Plimpton MP (1828 - 1911)

The father of modern roller skating From the first recorded use of roller skates on a London stage in 1743 through the next 120 years, all roller skates were in-line skates. However, the design of ...

6/6/2016 6/6/2016

John George Kemeny MP (1926 - 1992)

"Kemény János György", "John G. Kemeny"

John G. Kemeny, computer pioneer and President of Dartmouth College from 1970-81. John George Kemeny (Hungarian: Kemény János György ; May 31, 1926 – December 26, 1992) was a Jewish-Hungarian America...

11/4/2011 6/6/2016

Herbert Hathorne Stimpson MP (1802 - 1887)

Herbert Hathorne Stimpson married Mary Ann Devereau Brewer. The Stimpsons were of the colonial stock of Massachusetts, the earliest known member of the family being James Stimpson, who was married in 1...

6/4/2016 6/4/2016

Arthur Clifton Guyton MP (1919 - 2003)

Arthur Guyton was a cardiovascular physiologist, medical instructor, and chair of the Department of Physiology and Biophysics at the University of Mississippi. His research in cardiovascular regulati...

6/20/2008 5/25/2016

William Dunbar MP (1749 - 1810)

""Sir William""

William Dunbar served as Spain's representative in the 1798 survey of the border between the United States and Spanish Florida. Born in Scotland, Dunbar moved to Natchez in the 1780s and was among th...

7/23/2011 5/25/2016

Andrew Taylor Still, MD, DO MP (1828 - 1917)

Andrew Taylor Still, MD, DO (August 6, 1828 – December 12, 1917) was the founder of osteopathy and osteopathic medicine. He was also a physician and surgeon, author, inventor and Kansas territorial a...

3/19/2009 5/23/2016

Robert Moog MP (1934 - 2005)

Robert Arthur "Bob" Moog (/ˈmoʊɡ/ MOHG; May 23, 1934 – August 21, 2005), founder of Moog Music, was an American engineer and pioneer of electronic music, best known as the inventor of the Moog synthe...

5/23/2012 5/20/2016

William C. Kelly MP (1811 - 1888)

) William Kelly (August 21, 1811 – February 11, 1888), born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was an American inventor. He is credited with being one of the inventors of modern steel production, through t...

8/15/2008 5/16/2016

Anthony Bessemer MP (1775 - 1836)

Anthony Bessemer was born in London, but moved to Paris when he was 21 years old. He was an inventor who, while engaged by the Paris Mint, made a machine for making medallions that could produce steel ...

5/16/2016 5/16/2016

Sir Henry Bessemer MP (1813 - 1898)

Sir Henry Bessemer (19 January 1813 – 15 March 1898) was an English inventor, whose steel-making process would become the most important technique for making steel in the nineteenth century. He also ...

5/16/2016 5/16/2016

Phillips Verner Bradford MP (1940 - 2013)

Phillips graduated from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore in 1962 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, where he also served as President of the Wilson Hall residence (named for...

5/15/2016 5/15/2016

Edward Faraday Weston MP (1878 - 1971)

Edward Faraday Weston: Born in Newark on October 24, 1878 Edward F. Weston graduated from Columbia University in 1900 with a degree in electrical engineering. He began work at the Weston Instrument C...

1/12/2008 5/4/2016

Andy Grove MP (1936 - 2016)


Andrew Stephen ("Andy") Grove (born 2 September 1936), is a Hungarian-born American businessman, engineer, and author. He is a science pioneer in the semiconductor industry. He escaped from Communist...

9/2/2014 5/2/2016

Lewen Basil Oswald Tugwell July 31, 1917 Birthplace: Cooper Wing, Ramsey Hospital, Tallital, Naini Tal, India. Aug 24 1917 Baptism at St. John's in the Wilderness Church, Naini Tal, U.P., India - God...

3/23/2008 5/1/2016

Hertha Marks Ayrton MP (1854 - 1923)

"Phoebe Sarah Hertha Ayrton"

Wikipedia contributors. " Hertha Marks Ayrton ." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Phoebe Sarah Hertha Ayrton (28 April 1854 – 23 August 1923), known in adult life as Hertha Ayrton, was a British engin...

9/29/2014 4/28/2016

Lake Underwood MP (1926 - 2008)

Lake Underwood (July 4, 1926 – September 12, 2008) was an American entrepreneur who competed as a champion in the racing of prototype automobiles and motorcycles. He was a master mechanic who, althou...

4/15/2016 4/15/2016

From "Dresser Genealogy, 1638-1913": Solomon Robert, b. Feb. 1, 1842; m. (1) Vesta Stimson, of Hillsdale, Mich., Nov. 22, 1864; (2) Caroline Kirsch, of Lowell, Ohio, Dec. 21, 1883; d. Jan. 20, 1911...

1/10/2014 4/14/2016

John Fitch MP (1917 - 2012)

) John Cooper Fitch (August 4, 1917 in Indianapolis, Indiana – October 31, 2012) was an American racing driver and inventor. He was the first American to race automobiles successfully in Europe in th...

4/14/2016 4/14/2016

Daniel McFarlan Moore MP (1869 - 1936)

"Daniel McFarlan Moore developed the Moore Tube which was the first commercial ancestor of the fluorescent lamp." Source: [ ] DANIEL MCFARLAN MOORE—East Orange, (510 Park Ave.)—Electrical Engineer an...

4/11/2008 4/14/2016

Lt. Giles Pease, MD MP (1839 - 1891)

A Civil War Surgeon: Giles Moseley, son of Doctor Giles (Giles, Noah, Robert, Robert, John, Robert) and Mabel R. (Mosely) Pease; b. May 03, 1839 in Boston, MA; d. Dec 14, 1891 in San...

2/12/2010 3/26/2016

Thomas Ahearn MP (1855 - 1938)

Thomas Ahearn, PC (June 24, 1855 – June 28, 1938) was a Canadian inventor and businessman. He was born in the Lebreton Flats area of Ottawa in 1855. He began work as a telegraph operator with the J.R. ...

12/27/2014 3/24/2016

Wikipedia Article

3/15/2012 3/19/2016

Adolphe Sax MP (1814 - 1894)

Voir Wikipedia... Voir sa biographie sur le site de la Ville de Dinant... Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees by SmartCopy : Nov 6 2014, 13:10:55 UTC

11/6/2014 3/13/2016

Henry 'Hal' Middleton MP (1851 - 1932)


Henry was the great-grandson of Arthur Middleton, Signer of the US Declaration of Independence, and the last Middleton to be born at Middleton Place (Plantation)*, Charleston, South Carolina, USA. (His...

3/2/2009 2/24/2016

Gary Gygax MP (1938 - 2008)

Ernest Gary Gygax was an American writer and game designer best known for co-creating the pioneering role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) with Dave Arneson. Gygax has been described as the father...

2/24/2009 2/16/2016

Dr. David Alter MP (1807 - 1881)

Dr. David Alter, a Local Scientist. BY MISS BELLA MEANS* In her Introduction to Amiel's Journal Intime, Mrs. Humphrey Ward says, "The philosopher has always tended to become unfit for practical lif...

3/20/2012 2/16/2016

Fred Ingalls Raymond MP (1894 - 1990)

Fred I. Raymond was a pioneer in "green technologies," inventing the energy-saving "DuoStat" thermostat that he manufactured at his plant in downtown Chicago. He also developed the Raymond Whirlwind se...

2/3/2016 2/3/2016

Alexander Joy Cartwright, Jr. (April 17, 1820 – July 12, 1892) is one of several people sometimes referred to as a "father of baseball". Cartwright is thought to be the first person to draw a diagram...

8/19/2011 2/1/2016

Harry Leonard MP (1861 - 1915)

"Harry Ward Leonard"

Harry Ward Leonard (February 8, 1861 – February 18, 1915) was an electrical engineer and inventor. He is best known for his invention, the Ward Leonard motor control system. Equipment based on this inv...

3/5/2013 1/30/2016