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John A. Trussell, Col. MP (c.1605 - 1659)

Marriage WFT Est. 1618-1648 Arrived in Virginia in 1622 on the ship "Southhampton", as the servant of Thomas Paulett. Capt. Paulett appeared in the first assembly at Jamestown, Va. in 1619. John was ...

1/7/2009 3/14/2017

Admiral Robert Stevenson Dalton Cuming Born on 10 September 1852. Baptised on 16 October 1852 at St. George, Douglas, Isle of Man. Married Henrietta Florence Gibson-Craig, daughter of Sir James...

2/26/2017 2/26/2017

Matilda / Maude of Isle of Man {doubtful} MP (c.1228 - 1295)

"Magnhild", "Maud", "Maude"

No documentation for the existence of this person has been found that is older than 1811. Manx historian J. Johnson says the ancient records of the Isle of Man were carried away to Trondheim by "Maud...

7/8/2007 12/23/2016

Walter Anthony Gilbey (born 26 February 1935) is a British politician and entrepreneur, who is a former Member of the House of Keys on the Isle of Man. ) Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - Smar...

10/9/2016 10/10/2016

Bob Seger MP

"Bob Seger"

Robert Clark "Bob" Seger (born May 6, 1945) is an American rock singer-songwriter, guitarist and pianist. As a locally successful Detroit-area artist, he performed and recorded as Bob Seger and the L...

11/16/2014 10/4/2016

Dan Reynolds MP

Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada, United States

Dan Reynolds is an American musician, most famous as frontman of the Las Vegas-based rock band Imagine Dragons. He has also released an Extended Play titled Egyptian - EP as a duo with Aja Volkman (of ...

12/17/2011 10/3/2016

Keri Russell MP

New York, New York, United States

Keri Russell is an American actor. She came to fame for portraying the title role of Felicity Porter on the series Felicity , which ran from 1998 to 2002, and for which she won a Golden Globe Award. ...

9/18/2016 9/18/2016

Edmund Skillicorn MP (deceased)

1/6/2016 8/5/2016

Catharine Skillicorn/Cannon MP (1778 - 1865)


1/6/2016 8/5/2016

Edward Allen MP (1780 - 1862)

Source: Pedigree Resource File: Compact Disc #140 Pin #4660314 Submission Search: 4909736-0222108055029 Source: Source: Source: Source:

12/26/2008 8/5/2016

Esther Allen MP (1777 - 1857)

Source: Pedigree Resource File: Compact Disc #140 Pin #4660315 Submission Search: 4909736-0222108055029 Source: - includes many siblings TBD Source: Source: Source:

12/26/2008 8/5/2016

Jane Truex MP (1844 - 1907)

2/11/2016 8/5/2016

Elizabeth Skillicorn/Cowley MP (1811 - 1875)



7/2/2009 8/5/2016

Edmund Skillicorn MP (1812 - 1874)

11/12/2015 8/5/2016

Abraham Skillicorn MP (1836 - 1922)

During the 1851 UK census Abraham was living in the old township of Poulton-cum-Seacombe (population 3044). By 1855 he was living in Ward 16, New York City, USA with his parents, two brothers and siste...

11/12/2015 8/5/2016

Robert Stanford Quine MP (1849 - 1934)

"Dan’s maternal grandfather was John Robert Quine (the son of Harry Sanford Quine and Sarah Jahant). Harry was the son of Robert Stanford Quine, who was born in Andreas, Isle of Man , and of Katherine ...

7/11/2016 7/11/2016

Joseph Johannes Corrie MP (1863 - c.1960)

"Josef", "Jozef", "Joseph", "Cori", "Corie", "Corey", "Correy"

If born 25/02/1863 (as per Lichtenburg Member's Register) he would have been: 17 years, 9 months : First Boer War (16/12/1880 until 23/03/1881) 36 years, 7 months : Second Boer War (11/10/1899 unti...

5/20/2013 4/20/2016

Rev. Claude Haskins la Mothe MP (c.1839 - c.1888)

9/29/2010 4/19/2016

Emma Jane Quiggin MP (c.1805 - 1861)

Monumental Inscription St George's Church Douglas #107: " . . in memory of Emma Jane Quiggin wife of William Charles Quiggin who departed this life 24th July 1861 aged 56 years 'Be ye also ready for in...

10/9/2013 10/8/2015

Arthur Caley, The Manx Giant MP (1837 - 1889)

"Routh Goshen", "Middlebush Giant"

Arthur Caley was born in Sulby on the Isle of Man in 1824 and was probably the tallest man in the world during his lifetime.

1/20/2013 1/20/2013

Tudwal ap Anarawd, Brenin Ynys Manau MP (665 - d.)

"(Tutgual Tutwal); King of the Isles of MAN"

Brenin Ynys Manau Tudwal III ab Anarawd o Ynys Manau b. circa 665 Father Brenin Ynys Manau Anarawd ap Merfyn o Ynys Manau Brenin Ynys Manau Tudwal III ab Anarawd o Ynys Manau was born circa 665. ...

1/2/2008 1/20/2013

Sigurd "the Stout" Hlodvesson, earl of Orkney MP (960 - 1014)

"Sigurd the Stout", "Sigurd Digre", "Sigurd Digri", "Sigurd Driga"

There's a song about him, written by Debra Doyle (aka "Malkin Grey") and Melissa Williamson (aka "Peregrynne Windryder") - this is probably the best version you're going to find on Youtube: -------...

7/25/2007 1/20/2013

7/31/2008 1/20/2013

Ragnall ua Ímair, King of Waterford, York and Dublin MP (b. - 921)

"KIng Ivar's grandson"

Norse warrior chieftain and king in the Irish Sea area. Father: Unknown, presumed son of Ivar king in Dublin, who may be Ivar the Boneless. Mother: Unknown. Wife: Unknown Children: Unknown ...

5/19/2008 1/20/2013

5/6/2012 1/20/2013

4/26/2008 1/20/2013

8/22/2010 1/20/2013

Brenin Ynys Manau Merfyn Mawr ap Cynfyn o Ynys Manau d. 682 Father Brenin Ynys Manau Cynfyn ab Anllech o Ynys Manau Brenin Ynys Manau Merfyn Mawr ap Cynfyn o Ynys Manau was the son of Brenin Ynys...

1/2/2008 1/20/2013

Magnus Olafsson , King of Mann and the Isles His brother Harald I, was the last recognized Norse King of Mann and ascended the throne after interruption by more distant and rival relatives. Magnus's ...

11/3/2008 1/20/2013

Maccus MP (b. - 1150)

Maccus died c. 1150, after which charters were then witnessed by “Liolf, son of Maccus” (c. 1153-1170s), and/or Robert his brother, (c. 1160-1200) (Melrose, pp56/7, 75-81). He seemingly left his name...

5/8/2010 1/20/2013

Mac Ragnaill MP (921 - 942)

"Mac Ragnaill"

quote: An individual identified as Mac Ragnaill (son of Ragnall) by the annals may have been Ragnall's son, though no name is given.[29] In 942 Mac Ragnaill led a raid on Downpatrick, but within a we...

7/4/2008 1/20/2013

12/22/2008 1/20/2013

Mangus, King of the Isle of Man MP (c.1180 - 1265)

4/25/2008 1/20/2013

King of Man MP (deceased)

6/23/2008 1/20/2013

5/19/2008 1/20/2013

Haraldr Maddadson, Earl of Caithness & Orkney MP (c.1134 - c.1206)

"Harald", "Harold", "Maddadson"

Harald Maddadsson COA from Balliol Roll From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Lewis chessmen an iconic image of Scandinavian Scotland in Harald Maddadsson's time.Harald Maddadsson (Old Nors...

12/10/2007 1/20/2013

Gwriad ap Elidir MP (c.738 - 825)

Short version: The genealogy which purports to make Gwriad a direct male-line descendant of Llywarch Hen is almost certainly a late fabrication. It is more likely that his paternal ancestors were among...

9/3/2007 1/20/2013

8/11/2010 1/20/2013

2/14/2009 1/20/2013

Gudrød (Guðröður) Haraldson, Earl of Orkney MP (c.950 - c.1000)

"Guðröður Eiríksson", "Gudrod Eirikson"

Gudrød Eiriksson (Guðröður Eiríksson) In English: Gudrod Eirikson Den första kungen av Söderöarna (öarna Man och Hebriderna) under norsk överhöghet antages vara Godred I Haraldsson. I hans regeri...

2/2/2007 1/20/2013

3/8/2012 1/20/2013

11/7/2007 1/20/2013

Fergus King of the Isle of Man MP (c.1213 - 1265)

1/3/2009 1/20/2013

Fergus, Lord of Galloway MP (1090 - 1161)

"Fergus de Galweia", "13146"

Fergus' parents are uncertain. He has been linked to: [ Dolphin Maldred, Prince of Scotland ] and [ Sir Patrick of Hirsel ] Which have been split off until some reliable source is found. He was...

4/21/2007 1/20/2013

Brenin Ynys Manau Anarawd ap Merfyn o Ynys Manau Father Brenin Ynys Manau Merfyn Mawr ap Cynfyn o Ynys Manau d. 682 Brenin Ynys Manau Anarawd ap Merfyn o Ynys Manau was the son of Brenin Ynys Manau...

1/2/2008 1/20/2013

Olaf I "Morsel", King of Man & the Isles MP (c.1080 - 1153)

"Olaf Morsel", "Olav", "Olave", "Gudrødsson", "Godredsson"

Olaf I Bitling the Red = Olaf I Morsel (Irish, informal) a term of endearment for a child (the little boy). Olaf I was the last born child of Godred IV Crovan (Orry). To be the youngest is not ...

2/2/2007 1/20/2013

Olaf II "the Black", King of Isle of Man MP (c.1173 - 1237)

"Olof II Gudrödsson"

Olaf II "The Black" Gudrödsson , King of Mann and the Isles Wikipedia (English) Óláfr Guðrøðarson (IPA: ['oːlaːvr 'guðruðarsson]), commonly known in English as Olaf the Black , was a mid 13th c...

2/2/2007 1/20/2013

Gudrod the Black, King of Man & the North Isles MP (c.1124 - c.1187)

"Godfred", "Godfrey", "Gudrød", "Gudrod", "Olafsson", "Olofsson"

Occupation King of Isle of Man, England 1153-1158 and 1164-1187 Alias/AKA Gudröd IV Gudröd II OLOFSSON Yrke: Kung på Isle of Man, England 1153-1158 och 1164-1187 Far: Olof I (Bitling) GUDRÖDS...

2/2/2007 1/20/2013

Gudrød Haraldsson Skirja, King on Isle of Man MP (c.908 - d.)

"Gudrod Skiria", "Guðröður skirja", "Skiria"

Gudrød Skirja (Haraldsson) (Guðröður skirja) FATHER: Harald Hårfagre (Halvdansson) MOTHER: Åshild Ringsdotter Konge på Isle Of Man

7/31/2008 1/20/2013

Godfred II Crovan, King of Man, Dublin & the Isles MP (c.1040 - c.1095)

"Godred Crovan", "King Orry", "Gudrød ll Crovan", "King of Mann and of the Isles and of Dublin", "Gudröd "Crovan" Haraldsson", "King of the Isle of Man and of Dublin", "Godred White Hands Crovan"

Gudröd I (Crovan) HARALDSSON Yrke: Kung på Isle of Man och Hebriderna 1079-1095 Far: Harald (den svarte) GUDRÖDSSON (980 - 1040) Mor: NN RAGNFREDSDOTTER (975 - 1030) Född: omkring 1030 Skottlan...

2/2/2007 1/20/2013

William Radcliffe MP (c.1519 - d.)

7/31/2008 1/20/2013

David Callister MP (c.1601 - d.)

7/31/2008 1/20/2013

William Comish MP (c.1727 - 1806)

7/31/2008 1/20/2013

Charles COWLE MP (1650 - d.)

8/31/2008 1/20/2013

David Callister MP (c.1700 - 1740)

7/31/2008 1/20/2013

Silvester Cross or Crosse MP (c.1662 - 1722)

7/31/2008 1/20/2013

John Shimmin MP (c.1728 - d.)

7/31/2008 1/20/2013

James Quayle MP (1831 - 1913)

Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel, 1847–1868 Cyrus H. Wheelock Company (1853) Age 21 Departure: 1-3 June 1853 Arrival: 6-16 October 1853 Company Information: About 400 individuals and 52 wagons were...

9/29/2012 1/20/2013

John joseph Looney MP (c.1665 - c.1758)

"Luneigh; O'Looney; McLooney; McLownye"

5/30/2008 1/20/2013

John Looney MP (1698 - d.)

6/24/2009 1/20/2013

William McChristen, Deemster MP (c.1380 - 1448)

"McChristen", "McCristen", "MacChrystyn", "Christian"

Member of the House of Keys at Tynwald Court of the Isle of Man in 1422. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

11/13/2008 1/20/2013

John MacCrystn, Sr. MP (c.1338 - d.)

"Christian", "McChristian", "McCrysten", "McCrytn", "McCristyn"

4/28/2010 1/20/2013

John Kinread MP (c.1641 - d.)

3/11/2007 1/20/2013

William Cowley MP (c.1653 - d.)

3/11/2007 1/20/2013

William Quayle MP (deceased)

5/16/2011 1/20/2013

John Killip MP (c.1682 - d.)

3/11/2007 1/20/2013

Gilbert Clark MP (c.1685 - 1747)

3/11/2007 1/20/2013

Dollin Caine MP (1632 - d.)

12/19/2012 1/20/2013

Patrick Sayle MP (1659 - d.)

marriage: 1678

12/19/2012 1/20/2013

John Comish MP (1602 - d.)

3/22/2010 1/20/2013

John Collet 1590 MP (c.1590 - 1660)

More information taken from the Corlett book written by Emmy Collette of Idaho Falls, Idaho: John Corlead, Corlett born abt 1590 Prior to 1600 were only scanty entries in the Parish Registers. ...

1/24/2009 1/20/2013

John Mcylecharane MP (c.1663 - d.)

3/11/2007 1/20/2013

John Killey MP (c.1677 - 1733)

3/11/2007 1/20/2013

John Sayle MP (1766 - 1827)

Farmer born:1760 lp: (Ramsey Circuit) Emigrated 13 JUL 1827 from the Isle of Man to the United States on the Barque Ocian arriving New York. Continued on to Cuyahoga County, Ohio They came to t...

3/11/2008 1/20/2013

John Kaighin MP (1668 - 1732)

3/11/2007 1/20/2013

Franklin M. Trussell MP (1580 - d.)

Marriage WFT Est. 1599-1631 Died WFT Est. 1609-1671

1/7/2009 1/20/2013