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Anne Emerson (1585 - d.)

12/14/2020 12/15/2020

Thomas Emerson (1612 - 1676)

1/9/2017 12/15/2020

Ellis Emerson (1588 - 1626)

-Ellis Emerson arrived in Virginia crossing over from England on the George with his wife Anne and son Thomas in 1623. He is listed as a resident of Martin’s Hundred on the muster roll of February 4, 1...

1/9/2017 12/15/2020

Sarah Johnson MP (c.1590 - aft.1661)

"Sara", "widow Woodson", "widow Dunwell", "Sarah Winston", "Sarah Isabell"

Sarah was born abt 1590 in England and died at Henrico, Virginia Colony as Sarah Johnson, widow, after 17 January 1660/1. She’s listed as Sarah (unknown) Woodson as a Qualifying Ancestor of the Jamesto...

4/9/2007 12/4/2019

Thomas Passmore MP (aft.1572 - aft.1652)

"Pasmere", "Pasmore", "Parsemore"

Not the same as Trader Thomas Pasmere "Cornplanter" Carpenter, {Fictional} Biography From Thomas Passmore was most likely born in England around the year 1579, based on his age given at a deposit...

7/9/2018 7/12/2018

Mary Jordan MP (c.1621 - d.)

Children of Cicely Reynolds and Samuel Jordan: 1. Mary Jordan, born about 1621 in Jordan's Journey, VA; living in 1624. There are no known records of the fates of the sisters Mary and Margaret Jord...

3/8/2017 3/8/2017

Sarah Biggs MP (c.1589 - aft.1626)

Richard Bigg arrived in Virginia in August, 1610, on the Swann, while Sarah immigrated in May, 1618 on the "Marygold" (sic). The 1624 Jamestown Muster (Census)[1] taken on January 22, 1624, shows Ric...

7/3/2009 11/19/2016

Richard Biggs, Ancient Planter MP (c.1583 - bef.1626)

The 1624 Jamestown Muster (Census)[1] taken on January 22, 1624/5, shows Richard Biggs, 41, and his wife Sarah, 35, as residents of West & Sherley hundred (sic)in the corporation Charles Cittie (sic). ...

1/3/2008 11/19/2016

Sarah West (1622 - 1660)

6/6/2009 8/13/2015

John Lightfoot MP (c.1580 - 1628)

JOHN LIGHTFOOT, b. abt. 1580, Eng; d. 1628/19; marr. UNKown; ISSUE: 1. Alice Notes for John & Alice Lightfoot: 1) 21 Jan 1628/29, General Court, probate of nuncupative Will of John Lightfoote (who owne...

1/4/2009 7/14/2015

Sara Spence, of Archer's Hope MP (c.1620 - bef.1627)

William SPENCE arrived 1607, on the "Susan Constant." He lived at Archer's Hope, and was a member of the first assembly of the House of Burgesses for James City in 1619. By 1619 he bore the rank of Ens...

7/11/2015 7/11/2015

John Moone, Gent. MP (bef.1602 - aft.1655)

Capt. John Moone was baptized 24 Jun 1602 of the Parish of Stoak, Upper Berry Wood, Hampshire, England, and died 12 Aug 1655 in Isle of Wight, Isle of Wight, Virginia Colony. He was the son of Willia...

9/13/2009 6/25/2015

Elizabeth Warren MP (aft.1625 - 1669)

"Sheppard", "Mary Alice Warren"

Thomas purchased land from Thomas Rolfe, the son of John Rolfe and Pocahontas on which to build a plantation.[5] He built the house two years before his marriage to Elizabeth (Spencer) Sheppard, and th...

7/31/2007 9/6/2014

Francis Chapman, of Paces Paines (c.1585 - aft.1624)

Thomas Chapman was born in London England and baptized on 3 May 1590 at St. Mary’s of Woolchurch in London. His father is listed as Thomas Chapman of St. Mary’s. In August of 1611, Thomas arrived in ...

7/29/2013 7/29/2013

Thomas Chapman I was Christened at St. Mary's Woolchurch , London, Middlesex, England on 3 May 1590 From Thomas Chapman of Jordan's Journey, by William Allan Chapman In August of 1611, Thomas arriv...

7/21/2007 7/29/2013

Margaret Jordan MP (c.1623 - d.)

MARGARET JORDAN. She was born 1623 in Jordans Journey, Prince George, Virginia, USA. Parents: SAMUEL JORDAN & CECILY REYNOLDS There are no known records of the fates of the sisters Mary and Margare...

12/3/2008 5/18/2013

Alexander Spence (b. - c.1716)

"Alexander Spencer"

ID: I3960 Name: Alexander Spence Sex: M Birth: 1656 in Westmoreland, VA Death: ABT. 1705 in Westmoreland, VA Father: Patrick Spence b: 1633 Mother: Dorcas Youell b: 1635 Marriage 1 Unknow...

2/6/2008 5/15/2013

John Smith was born Abt 1630 in England, and died Bef 1692 in Charles City Co., Virginia. He married Hannah Daft Abt 1670, daughter of William Daft and Joan Parker. She was born Abt 1640 in England, ...

1/15/2009 5/14/2013

Edmond Colby MP (1599 - aft.1624)

Parents not confirmed In a 1624 census for Virginia there was a Edmond Colby. With only 2000 English living in Virginia at about that time there's almost certainty that they are related and most like...

10/11/2008 4/10/2013

Governor Sir George Yeardley MP (1588 - 1627)

Sir George Yeardley (1587 - 1627) was a plantation owner and three time colonial Governor of the British Colony of Virginia. A survivor of the Virginia Company of London's ill-fated Third Supply Miss...

5/1/2008 1/30/2013

Richard Townshend MP (c.1606 - 1651)

Listed in the 1624 Jamestown census as a servant of Dr. John Pott, age 19, arrived in 1620 on the Abigaile. TOWNSEND – Richard Townshend/Townsend was born in Northampton England and arrived in ...

7/22/2007 1/30/2013

Thomas Gaskins MP (bef.1601 - bef.1665)

"Gaskins", "Gascoyne"

Thomas (1) Gascoigne was born before 16 May 1601 at Aberford, Yorkshire, England. It was on this date that he was baptized as Thomas, son of Henry Gascoigne.2 [Something to watch out for here is that...

3/3/2008 1/29/2013

Capt. Thomas Graves, Gent. MP (c.1584 - 1635)

From the Graves Family Association page covering ongoing research into the Graves family history: CAPT. THOMAS GRAVES OF VA, ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS WHAT IS KNOWN: Not only is Capt. Thomas Gr...

3/19/2007 1/28/2013

Mary Daynes MP (1656 - 1682)


Note: daughter of William Stone & Verlinda Graves. On June 24, 1653, Mary Stone, widow of William Tucker, made a marriage contract with Thomas Daynes. Linda Reno says she died after 1696 and marrie...

6/6/2009 1/28/2013

George Sandys MP (1577 - 1644)

George Sandys: March 2, 1577-March 1644 Parents: Archbishop Edwin Sandys 1519-1588 and Cecily Wilford 1520-1611 The area's first documented land owner, George Sandys, served as Jamestown's inaugura...

6/18/2008 1/28/2013

Anthony Barham MP (1595 - c.1641)

In 1626 Anthony Barham had a patent of 100 acres next to Capt. Nathaniel Basse's on the James River in Isle of Wight, (V.M., 7, p. 218) In March, 1629-1630 he was a member of the House of Burgesses fro...

7/3/2011 1/28/2013

Captain John Rolfe, Ancient Planter MP (bef.1585 - bef.1622)

"John Rolfe", "John Thomas Rolfe"

John Rolfe , son of John Rolfe and Dorothea Mason, was born in 1585 in England and died in 1622 in Jamestown Settlement, Virginia. Married (1) Sarah Hacker, died in Bermuda; (2) Pocahontas, died in Eng...

2/23/2007 1/28/2013

When Sir Francis Wyatt arrived in Jamestown in October 1621 on "The George," he brought with him a new constitution for the Colony. This famous ordinance furnished the model of every subsequent form of...

5/30/2008 1/28/2013

John Gater MP (1603 - 1665)


Examination of the original Lamberhurst parish register showed the following:2 1. John GATER had a daughter Elizabeth bap. Dec. 1632 [exact date not viewable on the microfilm 2. John GATER and wife M...

4/24/2007 1/28/2013

Allis Proctor MP (1587 - aft.1627)

"Alice", "Alles"

Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s about Allis Proctor Name: Allis Proctor Year: 1621 Place: Virginia Source Publication Code: 3520 Primary Immigrant: Proctor, Allis Annotat...

6/11/2008 4/10/2012

John Graye Proctor, Ancient Planter MP (1583 - bef.1627)


Additional Curator's Notes It is extremely important when working with the Proctor immigrants to Virginia and Massachusetts to trace the line back to England as well as forward to the Colonies. ALL...

2/7/2009 4/10/2012

Lewis Bailey (c.1585 - aft.1635)

"Baily", "Bayly", "Bayley", "Baly"

Lewis Bailey/Bayly/Baily/Bayley/Baly/etc. did not die in 1621, as many trees state. He was still alive in 1635: " List of the Living and Dead in Virginia . "Living at ye Plantation over against, Ja...

1/31/2009 4/10/2012

John Woodson is listed as head of household and Sarah Woodson is listed as his wife in the muster for Peirseys hundred (Jan. 1, 1624/1625). The same muster also gives their ship (the George ) and their...

4/9/2007 4/5/2012