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  • Adam I de Béthune, seigneur de Bethsan (1072 - c.1155)
    A member of the Artois family, Adam, son of Robert III de Béthune (died 1100), went as a knight on the First Crusade in 1099 with Robert II, Count of Flanders, and was rewarded with the seigneurie of B...
  • Rainier de Milly (deceased)
  • Helena de Milly (b. - 1168)
  • Femie de Caesaria (deceased)
  • Jacques de Mandelée (c.1205 - aft.1244)
    - ) JACQUES de Mandelée ([1200/10]-after 7 Jul 1244). The Lignages d'Outremer name "Annés" daughter "dou conte Jocelin" as mother of "Jaques de la Mandelee", although another manuscript states that she...


The Families of Outremer: The Feudal Nobility of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem, 1099-1291

A project to include profiles of the leading families of Outremer during the years 1099 through the evacuation to Cypress. An additional list of soldiers or others mentioned during research is included under "Others living in the Kingdom of Jerusalem."

Nobles without profiles

Jacques d’Avesnes d. ca 1187 (a scion of the house of Avesnes), was buried by order of Richard the Lionhearted in a full requiem service held in the Church of St. Mary in Arsur.

Johannes d’Arsur, Lord of Arsur

Melisende d'Arsur, Lady of Arsur, his wife


"Tancred d' Hauteville" Prince of Gallilee" supposed nephew Bohemond I and son of Marcisus") because his parentage has never been proven, I am listing him here); he also has a brother:

William of Marchisus

Richard of Principati;

Arnulfo of Principati ;

Peter the Hermit;

Robert of Anse;

Herman of Cannae;

Robert of Surda Valley;

Robert, son of Tostannus;

Hunfred, son of Raoul;

Hunfred of Mt. Seaglioso;

Raymond D 'Aguilliers;

Adhemar of Le Puy;

Walter the Penniless;

Hugh the Great;

Everard of Puiset;

Achard of Montmerle;

Ysooard of Mousson;


Others living in the Kingdom of Jerusalem

William of Tyre

Capital Jerusalem (1099–1187) Tyre (1187–1191) Acre (1191–1229) Jerusalem (1229–1244) Acre (1244–1291) Languages Latin, Old French, Italian (also Arabic and Greek) Religion Roman Catholicism (official), Greek Orthodoxy, Syrian Orthodoxy, Islam, Judaism Government Feudal monarchy King of Jerusalem

- 	1100–1118	Baldwin I
- 	1118–1131	Baldwin II
- 	1131–1152	Melisende - with Fulk 1131–1143
- 	1143-1152-1162	Baldwin III
- 	1162–1174	Amalric I
- 	1174–1185	Baldwin IV
- 	1185-1186	Baldwin V
- 	1186–1192	Guy I
- 	1192	Conrad I Legislature	Haute Cour Historical era	High Middle Ages
- 	First Crusade	15 July 1099
- 	Second Crusade	1145
- 	Siege of Jerusalem	1187
- 	Third Crusade	1189
- 	Treaty of Ramla	1191
- 	Capture of Acre	18 May 1291 Today part of	 Egypt
State of Palestine