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Adam I de Béthune, seigneur de Bethsan (1072 - c.1155)

"Adam de Bethsan", "Adam de Bessan"

A member of the Artois family, Adam, son of Robert III de Béthune (died 1100), went as a knight on the First Crusade in 1099 with Robert II, Count of Flanders, and was rewarded with the seigneurie of B...

5/9/2008 5/14/2014

Rainier de Milly (deceased)

12/22/2008 5/14/2014

Helena de Milly (b. - 1168)

12/22/2008 5/14/2014

Femie de Caesaria (deceased)

5/14/2014 5/14/2014

Jacques de Mandelée (c.1205 - aft.1244)

- ) JACQUES de Mandelée ([1200/10]-after 7 Jul 1244). The Lignages d'Outremer name "Annés" daughter "dou conte Jocelin" as mother of "Jaques de la Mandelee", although another manuscript states that she...

5/14/2014 5/14/2014

Alice de Caesaria (deceased)

- . ALIX . The Lignages d'Outremer name "Aalis" as other sister of "Johan" son of "Gautier…seignor de Cesaire et conestable de Chypre", specifying that she married "Jaque de la Mandelee" by whom she wa...

5/14/2014 5/14/2014

Ruins of the walls of Caesarea, which were rebuilt during the tenure of Walter III Walter III (French: Gautier), sometimes called Walter de Brisebarre or Walter Grenier (bef. 1180 – 24 June 1229), was ...

5/10/2009 5/14/2014

Marguerite d'Ibelin MP (b. - 1240)

"Małgorzata z Ibelinu"

10/25/2008 5/14/2014

Isabella le Bouteiller (c.1122 - 1166)

11/26/2008 5/14/2014

Ermengarde d'Ibelin (b. - 1160)

9/29/2009 5/14/2014

Stéphanie d'Ibelin (b. - 1167)

9/29/2009 5/14/2014

- ) HUGUES of Ibelin (1133 or before-[1169/71]). The Lignages d'Outremer name (in order) "mesire Hue, et mesire Baudoyn, et mesire Belleem" as the three sons of "Belleem a la Barbe" & his wife[806]. Hi...

9/29/2009 5/14/2014

Étienne Henri 'Stephen' II, Comte de Blois et Champagne MP (1045 - 1102)

"Comte de Blois", "de Chartres", "de Meaux et de Champagne"

Medilands Central France: Blois, Tours (29 Jan 2022) Chapter 1-B. Comte de Blos (943)-1218 ETIENNE [Henri] de Blois , son of THIBAUT III Comte de Blois & his [first/second wife Gersende du Maine/Gu...

3/11/2007 5/13/2014

Thibaud V "the Good", count of Blois MP (c.1130 - 1191)

"Theobald", "le Bon", "the Good", "Thibault V of Blois & /Champagne/", "The Good"

Thibaut V de BloisTheobald V of Blois (1130 – 20 January 1191), also known as Theobald the Good (French: Thibaut le Bon), was Count of Blois from 1151 to 1191. He was son of Theobald II of Champagne an...

1/29/2007 5/13/2014

A famous troubadour and crusader. (There is a wide consensus that his birth date was c. 1150.)Conon de Béthune (c. 1150 [1] in the former Artois region, today Pas-de-Calais - 17 December 1219 or 1220, ...

5/9/2008 5/13/2014

Robert V, seigneur of Béthune and justice officer (avoué) of the Abbey of Saint-Vaast of Arras (in today's Pas-de-Calais), who died at the siege of Acre in 1191.

5/9/2008 5/13/2014

Baldwin of Ibelin, lord of Mirabel & Ramla MP (c.1133 - bef.1188)

"Baldwin II of Ramla"

- ) BAUDOUIN [I] of Ibelin (1135 or before-[Feb 1186/88]). The Lignages d'Outremer name (in order) "mesire Hue, et mesire Baudoyn, et mesire Belleem" as the three sons of "Belleem a la Barbe" & his wif...

9/5/2013 5/13/2014

Richilde de Bessan MP (1135 - d.)

Baldwin of IbelinFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaBaldwin of Ibelin married three times. His wives were:1. Richilde de Bethsan, before or in 1157, divorced and annulled 1174. They had three childre...

5/27/2008 5/13/2014

Philippa, princess of Armenia MP (1183 - c.1219)

After Anna Angelina died in 1212, Theodore married secondly Philippa of Armenia (1183-aft. 1219), a daughter of King Ruben III of Armenia. This marriage was annulled a year later for religious reasons ...

7/4/2008 5/12/2014

2/26/2011 5/12/2014

Helvis de Poitiers (deceased)

2/26/2011 5/12/2014

- of Montferrat (in Italian, Ranieri di Monferrato) (1162–1183) was the fifth son of William V of Montferrat and Judith of Babenberg. He became son-in-law of the Byzantine Emperor Manuel I Komnenos and...

7/4/2008 5/12/2014

- ) [JEANNE de Châtillon . The Lignages d'Outremer name "Maria e Joanna" as the two daughters of "Rinaldo de Castellion" and his wife "Costanza…la Nova Princessa", stating that Jeanne married "el re de...

8/17/2013 5/11/2014

- ) AGNESE di Monferrato (-1208). Villehardouin records the marriage of Emperor Henri and "the Marquis de Montferrat's…daughter" at Constantinople "in the church of Santa Sophia on the Sunday after Can...

7/4/2008 5/11/2014

Humphrey IV, lord of Toron & Oultrejordain MP (c.1166 - 1198)

"Honfroi", "Onfroi", "Onufry IV Torono"

- HONFROY [IV] of Toron . The Lignages d'Outremer name "Hamfrei le tiers" as the son of "Hamfrei le seignor dou Thoron…fiz…Hamfrei…conestable" & his wife[1173]. William of Tyre names him and his father...

10/25/2008 5/11/2014

Maria de Poitiers, Princess of Antioch MP (1145 - 1182)

"rechristened as "Xena""

Maria of AntiochFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaMaria of Antioch (1145 – 1182) was the daughter of Constance of Antioch and her first husband Raymond of Poitiers. She married the Byzantine Emperor...

8/13/2007 5/11/2014

Alexios II Komnenos, byzantine emperor MP (1169 - 1183)

"император АЛЕКСИЙ II Комнин"


8/13/2007 5/11/2014

Beatrice Aleramici, del Monferrato (c.1142 - 1228)

"La Dama del Monferrato", "Bel Cavaller"

.....Nel 1197 circa, di ritorno dalla Sicilia, il cavaliere-trovatore Raimbaut de Vaqueiras ritornò nel Monferrato e qui incontrò Beatrice , sorella del marchese Bonifacio che lo ospitava e vedova di E...

10/30/2007 5/11/2014

John Count of Brienne (1205/06–1221), King John I of Jerusalem (1210–1225), Co-Emperor John Brienne of Latin Empire (1229-1237), Progenitor of the d'Acre and Beaumont branches of the House of Brienne. ...

12/16/2007 5/11/2014

Marie de Montferrat, queen of Jerusalem MP (c.1192 - 1212)

"la Marchesa"

Maria of Montferrat, Queen of Jerusalem (1192 – 1212) was the daughter of Conrad of Montferrat and Isabella, Queen of Jerusalem. Her father was murdered on 28 April 1192 in Tyre by the Hashshashin. Her...

5/6/2008 5/11/2014

Geoffroy de LusignanUn article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.Aller à : Navigation , rechercher Jump to: navigation , searchGeoffroy de Lusignan ( 1150 † 1224...

7/4/2008 5/11/2014

Hugues VIII de Lusignan, comte de La Marche MP (aft.1106 - 1172)

"Le Vieux", "o Velho", "the Old", "Hugh VIII of Lusignan"

Hugh VIII the Old of Lusignan or Hugh III of La Marche or Hugues VIII le Vieux de Lusignan was the eldest son of Hugh VII and of Sarrasine or Saracena de Lezay. He became Seigneur de Lusignan, Couhé, a...

6/11/2007 5/11/2014

Guy de Lusignan, connétable de Chypre MP (1260 - 1302)

"Constable of Cyprus", "Lord of Beirut"

9/15/2008 5/11/2014

Hugues III de Lusignan, roi de Jérusalem et de Chypre MP (1235 - 1284)

"Hugues III of Cyprus", "Hugues I of Jerusalem", "King of Cyprus and Jerusalem"

III of Cyprus (1235 – 24 March 1284), born Hughues de Poitiers[1], later Hughues de Lusignan (he adopted his mother's surname de Lusignan in 1267), called the Great, was the King of Cyprus from 1267 an...

9/15/2008 5/11/2014

10/25/2008 5/11/2014

9/15/2008 5/11/2014

Hodierna of TripoliFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaHodierna of Tripoli (c. 1110 – c. 1164) was the daughter of Baldwin II of Jerusalem and the Armenian noblewoman Morphia. She was countess of Trip...

6/20/2007 1/19/2014

Bohemond VI "the Fair" prince of Antioch (1237 - 1275)

"Bohemond VI de Hauteville"

- VI of Antioch (ca 1237 – 1275), called the Fair (le Beau), was the Prince of Antioch and Count of Tripoli from 1251 until his death. He ruled while Antioch was caught between the warring empires of t...

11/25/2010 12/27/2013

Baldwin V of Montferrat King of Jerusalem MP (1177 - 1186)


Baldwin V of Jerusalem From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaBaldwin V of Jerusalem (Baldwin of Montferrat, also known as Baudouinet) (1177 – 1186) was the son of Sibylla of Jerusalem and her first husb...

5/24/2008 12/27/2013

Sibylla of Armenia MP (deceased)

6/17/2011 12/27/2013

VII of Tripoli (1261 – October 19, 1287) was the count of Tripoli and nominal prince of Antioch from 1275 to his death. The only part left of the once great Principality of Antioch was the port of Lata...

12/17/2011 12/27/2013

(died aft. 1292 or ca 1299) was the last countess of Tripoli.She was the daughter of Bohemund VI, Prince of Antioch and Sibylla of Armenia. Her brother was Bohemund VII of Tripoli. When Bohemund VII di...

12/17/2011 12/27/2013

Narjot de Toucy (b. - 1293)

Narjot (or Narjod) de Toucy (12??–1293) was the son of Philip of Toucy (died 1277) and of Portia de Roye. Narjot was therefore the grandson of his namesake who died in 1241. Narjot de Toucy was Lord of...

12/17/2011 12/27/2013

2/16/2013 12/27/2013

Marguerite d'Ibelin (deceased)

2/16/2013 12/27/2013

Philippe d'Ibelin, Sénéchal de Chypre (1321 - c.1374)

"Seigneur d'Arsuf"

Title of Nobility... Seneschal Cyprus

5/25/2009 12/27/2013

12/22/2008 12/25/2013

Amalrich de Lusignan MP (1201 - 1205)

12/22/2008 12/25/2013

Sir William Longespée MP (1207 - bef.1250)

"William Longespee Knight of Amesbury", "William Longspee"

Son of William Longespee, Earl of Salisbury (illegitimate son of Henry II and Ida de Tosny Bigod) and Ela Countess of Salisburymarried Idoine de CamvilleChildren: William, Richard, Ela (m. James de Aud...

6/10/2007 12/25/2013

Guy de Lusignan (c.1178 - d.)

10/25/2008 12/25/2013

Jean de Lusignan (c.1180 - d.)

10/25/2008 12/25/2013

Alice de Lusignan (c.1182 - d.)

10/25/2008 12/25/2013

- . BALIAN Ibelin ([1239]-29 Sep 1277). The Lignages d'Outremer name "Balian" as the son of "Johan, le fis Johan de Ybelin sire de Baruth…sire d'Arsur" & his wife[20]. William of Tyre (Continuator) rec...

9/6/2011 12/25/2013

- Ibelin, son of BALIAN Ibelin Lord of Arsur & his second wife Lucie de Chenechy (-10 Aug 1309, bur Nicosia Cemetery). The Lignages d'Outremer name "Johan" as the son of Balian, son of "Johan, le fis J...

10/25/2008 12/25/2013

Hugues d'Ibelin (c.1241 - 1315)

10/25/2008 12/25/2013

Alix de Lusignan MP (b. - 1190)

6/23/2011 12/25/2013

Marie de Lusignan MP (b. - 1190)

6/23/2011 12/25/2013

Agnes of Antioch MP (c.1154 - 1184)

Agnes de Châtillon (1) F, #114111, d. 1184 Last Edited=19 Nov 2009 Agnes de Châtillon was the daughter of Reynold de Châtillon. (1) She married Béla III Arpád, King of Hungary, son of Geisa II Arpád, K...

6/10/2007 12/25/2013

- William of Montferrat (early 1140s – 1177), also called William Longsword (modern Italian Guglielmo Lungaspada; original Occitan Guilhem Longa-Espia), was the Count of Jaffa and Ascalon, the eldest ...

5/24/2008 12/25/2013

Conrad I de Montferrat, king of Jerusalem MP (1146 - 1192)

"Piedmontese: Conrà ëd Monfrà"

Conrad of Montferrat, or Conrad I of Jerusalem (Piedmontese: Conrà ëd Monfrà; Italian: Corrado del Monferrato; mid-1140s – 28 April 1192) was one of the major participants in the Third Crusade. He was ...

5/6/2008 12/25/2013

Phillipe de Toucy (deceased)

12/24/2013 12/24/2013

Margaret de Brienne (1260 - d.)

"Marguerite d' Acre"

3/16/2009 12/24/2013

5/10/2009 12/24/2013

-[ a a]) BAUDOUIN Ibelin (-Limassol 10 Aug 1313, bur Nicosia Franciscan church). The Lignages d'Outremer name "Bauduin et Gautier, qui morut enfant" as the children of Jean Ibelin & his wife[648]. Lo...

5/10/2009 12/24/2013

Jean d'Ibelin (1231 - aft.1250)

- 1. JEAN Ibelin (-after 1250). The Lignages d'Outremer name "Johan, Phelippe, Gui, Balian et Hugo, et Melisent qui morut enfant" as the children of "Bauduin, fis Jehan de Ybelin, seignor de Barut…sen...

10/25/2008 12/24/2013

Alix de Bessan MP (c.1210 - d.)

"Beisen of Beth'san", "Alice of Bethsan"

- ) ALIX . The Lignages d'Outremer name "Aalis la Seneschalece" as daughter of "Gautier" son of "Gremont le seignor de Bessan" and his wife "Latomena"[290]. Another manuscript of the Lignages names "Aa...

10/25/2008 12/24/2013

- B. IBELIN - DESCENDANTS of BAUDOUIN IBELIN SENESCHAL of CYPRUS- BAUDOUIN Ibelin, son of JEAN Ibelin Lord of Beirut & his second wife Mélisende of Arsur (-21 Feb 1267). The Chronicle of Philippe de N...

10/25/2008 12/24/2013

- was firstly married in 1250 to Henry I of Cyprus, who died in 1253. Their son, the infant Hugh II, became King of Cyprus with Plaisance as regent. Plaisance re-married to Balian d'Ibelin, Lord of Ars...

3/8/2010 12/24/2013

II of Cyprus (or Hugues II de Lusignan) (June–August, 1252 or 1253 – November or December 5, 1267) was king of Cyprus and, from the age of 5 years, also Regent of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.On January 18...

9/28/2009 12/24/2013

- . ALASIA (-Kirenia castle 1233 before Apr, bur Nicosia Santa Sofia). She is named "Aalais" by William of Tyre (Continuator), who names her husband and specifies that she was "fille dou marquis de Mon...

10/25/2008 12/24/2013

- I of Cyprus, nicknamed the Fat (French: Henri de Lusignan; 3 May 1217 – 18 January 1253 at Nicosia) was King of Cyprus from 1218 to 1253. He was the son of Hugh I of Cyprus and Alice of Champagne. Wh...

10/25/2008 12/24/2013

Hugh I of CyprusFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaHugh was married September, 1210 at Nicosia to his stepsister Alice of Champagne of Jerusalem (1193/1198 – 1246), daughter of his father's last wife...

8/11/2008 12/24/2013

Alice of Champagne MP (c.1196 - 1246)

Alice of Champagne From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Alice Queen consort of Cyprus Reign 1210-1218 Predecessor Eschiva of Ibelin Successor Alix of Montferrat Spouse ...

5/27/2008 12/24/2013

Boémond V, prince d'Antioche (c.1197 - 1252)

"de Hauteville"

V of Antioch (1199−1252) was ruler of the Principality of Antioch, a crusader state, from 1233 to his death. He was simultaneously Count of Tripoli.Bohemond V was the son of Bohemund IV of Antioch and ...

10/25/2008 12/24/2013

6/24/2008 12/24/2013

IV of Antioch (or de Poitiers) (c. 1172 – March 1233), also known as the One-Eyed (in French le Cyclops), was ruler of the Principality of Antioch (a crusader state) between 1201 and 1205, again betwee...

6/24/2008 12/24/2013

Sybilla of Lusignan, queen consort of Armenia MP (c.1198 - 1225)

"Sibylle of Cyprus"

of Lusignan= Sibylla of Lusignan (or Sibylle de Lusignan) (October/November 1198 – c. 1230 or 1252) was the daughter of Amalric II of Jerusalem and Isabella of Jerusalem. She was a member of the House ...

5/10/2009 12/24/2013

Hugh I, King of Cyprus MP (c.1194 - 1218)

"Hugues I de Lusignan", "King Hugh I of Cyprus"

I of Cyprus (or Hugues I de Lusignan) (1194/1195 – January 10, 1218) succeeded to the throne of Cyprus on April 1, 1205 underage upon the death of his elderly father Amalric of Lusignan, King of Cyprus...

5/27/2008 12/24/2013

Baldwin III, king of Jerusalem MP (aft.1130 - 1162)

- III (1130 – 10 February 1163[1]) was King of Jerusalem from 1143 to 1163. He was the eldest son of Melisende and Fulk of Jerusalem. He became king while still a child, and was at first overshadowed b...

9/23/2007 12/24/2013

Gauthier de Montfaucon, Regent of Cyprus (c.1205 - 1212)

"de Montbéliard"

- - 3. GAUTHIER de Montbéliard (-killed in battle 20 Jun 1212). William of Tyre (Continuator) names "le conte Gautier de Briene qui fu fiz dou conte Erart de Brienne et de la fille dou conte Ami d...

10/25/2008 12/24/2013

Bourgogne de Lusignan (1175 - 1212)

- 1. BOURGOGNE de Lusignan (-after 1205). She is named by William of Tyre (Continuator) who also records her parentage, listing her first of the sisters, and names her husband[103]. The Chronicle of ...

10/25/2008 12/24/2013

Eschiva of Ibelin MP (1157 - 1197)

- d'Ibelin (1160-1196/1197) was the daughter of Baldwin of Ibelin (died 1187), lord of Ramla, and of Richilde de Bethsan.She married Amalric II of Lusignan (1145 - 1205), constable of the kingdom of Je...

5/27/2008 12/24/2013

Amaury II, King of Jerusalem and Cyprus MP (c.1148 - 1205)

"Amalryk II Lusignan", "Amalric I of Cyprus", "born Amalric of Lusignan; of Jerusalem", "KIng Amalric II of Jerusalem", "Roi de Chypre"

Amalric II of JerusalemFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaAmalric II of Jerusalem or Amalric I of Cyprus, born Amalric of Lusignan (1145 – April 1, 1205), King of Jerusalem 1197–1205, was an older br...

5/27/2008 12/24/2013

Helvis de Lusignan MP (c.1180 - 1219)

"Heloise of Cyprus"

6/24/2008 12/24/2013

of Antioch or Raimond Rupen de Poitiers (1199 – 1219 or 1221/1222) was Prince of Antioch between 1205 and 1208 and between 1216 and 1219/1221 and "Rex Iunior" of Armenia between 1199 and 1221/1222.Raym...

6/24/2008 12/24/2013

Alice of Armenia MP (1182 - c.1234)

- - a) ALIX (1182-after 1234). The Chronique du Royaume de la Petite Arménie of Constable Sempad records that Lewon arranged the marriage of "Héthoum [le fils ainé de Tchordouanel]" and "la fille ...

6/24/2008 12/24/2013

- IV of Tripoli (died 1199) was the count of Tripoli (1187–1189) and prince regent of Antioch (1193–1194). He was the son of Bohemond III of Antioch and Orgueilleuse d'Harenc.When Raymond III of Tripol...

6/24/2008 12/24/2013

Orgueilleuse d'Harenc MP (c.1144 - c.1175)

6/24/2008 12/24/2013

Theodora Komnèna, of Lathoumena (1155 - d.)


12/22/2008 12/24/2013

Bohemond III "the Stammerer" of Poitiers, prince of Antioch MP (1141 - 1201)

"le Bambe", "le Baube"

Bohemond III of Antioch (1144–1201), also known as the Stammerer or the Stutterer, was Prince of Antioch from 1163 to his death. He was a son of Constance of Antioch by her first husband Raymond of Po...

6/24/2008 12/24/2013

Alix d'Este (c.1176 - 1235)


- Renaud & his second wife had two children: - d) ALIX de Châtillon (-1235 or after). The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines names "Aleydem [uxor] marchionis Eystensis in Italia" as third of...

7/4/2008 12/24/2013

Isabella de Toron (c.1160 - d.)

- - (b) ISABELLE of Toron. The Lignages d'Outremer name "Ysabiau" as the daughter of "Hamfrei le seignor dou Thoron…fiz…Hamfrei…conestable" & his wife, specifying that she was wife of "Rupin de l...

7/11/2008 12/24/2013

Étiennette (Estéfénie) de Milly, lady of Oultrejordain (c.1140 - c.1197)

"Stefania dziedziczka Oultrejourdain", "Stefania z Milly", "Etienette de Milly \ Stephanie /de Milly/", "Stephanie of Milly"

- Zajordanii frankijskiej

7/4/2008 12/24/2013

Raynald of Châtillon, lord of Hebron & Montréal MP (1125 - 1187)

"Renaud Reynold"

NOT the son of Hugues (IV) de St Pol and Yolande de Hainaut. His ancestry is obscure and confused. 3. RENAUD de Châtillon [sur-Loing] ([1120/30]-beheaded Hattin [Jul/Aug] 1187). The parenta...

6/10/2007 12/24/2013

Constance Chatillon, princess of Antioch MP (c.1127 - 1164)

"Konstancija Antiohijska"

of Antioch, daughter of BOHEMOND II Prince of Antioch & his wife Alix of Jerusalem ([1127]-[1163/67], bur St Mary, Josaphat). Her name and parentage are recorded by William of Tyre[123]. The Lignages d...

6/10/2007 12/24/2013

Bohemond I of Antioch MP (1052 - 1111)

"Bohemundo I de Antioquía"

Bohemond I of Antioch (c. 1054 – 3 March 1111), also known as Bohemond of Taranto , was the Prince of Taranto from 1089 to 1111 and the Prince of Antioch from 1098 to 1111.[1] He was a leader of th...

6/10/2007 12/24/2013

Bohemond II of Antioch MP (1108 - 1130)

"Bohemundo II Altavilla", "príncipe de Tarento y Antioquía"

II (1108 – 1131) was the Prince of Taranto and Prince of Antioch from 1111. He was the son of the founder of the principalities, Bohemond I, and Constance, daughter of Philip I of France. Taranto was l...

6/10/2007 12/24/2013

Alix de Rethel, Regent of Antioch MP (c.1110 - 1131)

"Adelaide", "Adelicia", "Alice", "Alicja jerozolimska"

Wikipedia: Alice of Antioch From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to:navigation, searchAlice of Jerusalem (also Haalis, Halis, or Adelicia) was Princess of Antioch through her marriage to Bohemund...

6/10/2007 12/24/2013

Malfia of Meliteme, queen of Jerusalem MP (b. - 1126)

"Morfia", "Moraphia"

(multilingual available) Morphia of Melitene , or Morfia , or Moraphia (died c. 1126 or 1127) was queen of the crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem as the wife of Baldwin II. Marriage Morphia was the ...

6/20/2007 12/24/2013

Fulk V, King of Jerusalem MP (aft.1089 - 1143)

"le Jeune", "Fulko z Anjou", "Le Jeune", "Fulk V", "o Jovem", "Foulcques", "Foulco", "Fulk", "Fulk the Younger", "Fulk of Anjou", "Foulques", "Fulco", "Foulque", "Foulques le Jeune V", "Count of Anjou", "King of Jerusalem"

- V "le Jeune" de Anjou = Early member of Knights Templar Knight Templar, King of Jerusalem 1131 - 1142/3 9th Count of Anjou 1109 - 1129b 1089 to 1092 d 13 Nov 1142/3, Plains of Acre, Holy Land (died f...

3/8/2007 12/24/2013