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Jewish Families from Hříškov, Bohemia, Czech Republic

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  • Eduard Salus (1864 - 1926)
    Birth record: HŘÍŠKOV 551 N 1858-1873 (i) NOZ 1875 page 17 as "Markus Eduard" Obituary in Prager Tagblatt
  • Isak Kohn (1814 - d.)
    marriage: ČESKÁ LÍPA (o. Česká Lípa) 242 O 1840-1907 (i) image 32 Familiant: 131 HBF XIV/II Rakovnický Hříškov (LD) /I. část/; folio: 117 image 68
  • Berthold Berka, JUDr. (1872 - 1944)
    Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Sep 13 2016, 8:30:55 UTC Testimony:
  • Salomon Taussig (b. - 1830)
    Familiant: 133 HBF XIV/IV Rakovnický Koleč (S); folio: 5 page 6 Familiant: 131 HBF XIV/II Rakovnický Hříškov (LD) /I. část/; folio: 115 page 67

This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Hříškov (Rischkau/Hrischkow) in Bohemia, Czech Republic.

Jewish families in Hříškov in 1783 (from published 1783 census, p. 248). Note that it is not clear how to map these families (some of which are using the old patronomic last names) to the much large set of families in 1793. Note that for each family, we simply get the head of household, whether married, number of children, occupation and tax paid [tax is not give here].

  • Salomon Entzl (married, 3 children); engaged in various trades
  • Adam Tausig (married, 4 children); horse trader
  • Adam Wolf (married, 3 children); butcher, engaged in various trades
  • Löbl Moses (married, 2 children); glove maker

Jewish families in the 1793 Census (Vol. V of published 1793 census, pp. 327-9, 335, 346). Hříškov is included in four parts. Two multifamily portions labeled the first and second "Lehenhof" which appears to roughly translate as "liege" or "fief" court or house, and then two other groups affiliated with various towns.

1st Lehenhof

  • Moysses Faitler, lives in house #3, trades in leather and feathers. Wife Sara, 1st son Friedmann, 2nd son, Joachim, daughters Judit, Susanna, Rachel and Barbara.
  • Sara Fischer, widow, listed with Moysses Failter's family along with her 2nd son, Moysses and 3rd son Emanuel.
  • Judas Fiescher, lives in house #3, engages in various trades. Wife Rebeka, daughters Barbara and Ludmilla.
  • Rachel Tausig, widow, listed with Judas Fiescher's family, along with son 2, Joachim, son 3 Lazar, son 4, Zacharias and daughter Rebeka. Joachim is engaged "mit Flusssieden"
  • Joseph Kohn, lives in house #3, trades in leather. Wife Judit.
  • Ester Schleime, widow, listed with Joseph Kohn, also trades in leather, with 1st son Joseph, and daughters Sara and Rachel.
  • Ga[b]riel Tausig, lives in house #8, cuts meat. Wife Sara, 1st son Jakob, 2nd son David, daughter Ewa.

2nd Lehenhof

  • Abraham Lewy, lives in manorial distillery house #1, and is a distiller and is in the linen trade. Wife Rachel.
  • Dawid Lewi, lives with Abraham Lewy and is a trader. Wife Sara, 1st son Joachim, daughters Rachel and Rosl.
  • Isak Gehorsam, lives in house #2, works in the linen trade. Wife Martha, 1st son Henoch, 2nd son Lazar, daughters Sarah, Maria, Susanna, and Anna.
  • Neftaly Fanta, no home, "Roßunterhändler". Wife Elisabet, 1st son Salomon, daughter Cecilia.
  • Joseph Kohn, lives in house #4, works in livestock slaughter. Wife Sara, 1st son Aron, daughters Roßl, Esther, Theresia, and Liesl.
  • Moises Tausig, lives in house #4, cattle trader. Wife Elisabeth, and daughters Anna and Lucia.
  • Joseph Fiescher, lives in house #5, works in the linen trade. He's a widower. 1st son Salomon, daughters Rebeka, Magdalena, Roßl, and Esther.
  • Rachl Kohn, widow, lives with Joseph Fiescher's family and is a beggar.
  • Aron Kohn, lives in house #5, cattle trader. Wife Ewa, 1st son Enoch, daughters Judith, Maria and Sara.
  • Joachim Popper, lives with Aron Kohn family, and is a beggar. Wife Roßl and daughter Elisabet.

Another group in Hříškov, listed as affiliated with Panenský Týnec

  • Wolf Heller, no house, a meat cutter. Wife Rachel, 1st son Israel, 2nd son Joseph, daughters Rebeka, Sara and Rosalia.
  • Salomon Ploch, no house, lives from charity. Wife Rachel, 1st son David, who is missing.
  • Salomon Taussig, no house, cuts meat. Wife Sara, 1st son Salomon, 2nd son, David.

Another group in Hříškov, listed as affiliated with Pátek

  • Aptoli Kaz, no home, glove maker. Wife Rosa, second son, Juda and his wife Rosa. Juda is working with his father.
  • Thobias Fiescher, no home, a peddler. Wife Magdalena, 1st son Isak, daughters Theresia and Rebeka.

Jews in the book of Hugo Gold (1930s)

  • Josef Schleim
  • Moric Fischer
  • Herman Gehorsam
  • Bedrich Löwy
  • Leopold Löwy
  • Hugo Abeles
  • Moric Propper
  • Salamon Propper
  • Julius Neumann
  • Adolf Kohn
  • Adolf Prager
  • Ignac Flusser
  • dr. David Kohn Rabbi
  • Josef Petrs