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Natan Kreinig (c.1854 - aft.1937)

"Nisen", "Nissen"

The Kreinikle, April 1937, page 4: "Uncle Natan Kreinik, in Sedziszow, passed on to a better world on February 7, 1937. His neighbors, his friends and all the family will miss his dear smile, his gener...

6/3/2013 11/24/2020

Walter Kreinik (1899 - 1986)

"Zev", "Vilhelm", "Wolf"

WALTER KREINIK was born October 17, 1899, received a New York Social Security number, 101-22-5378, and died December 1986.KREINIK, WALTER was born 17 October 1899, received Social Security number 101-2...

2/19/2010 11/24/2020

Joseph Kreinik YF (1868 - 1937)

"Yussel Flum", "Flam"

Here is his Life Story from Ancestry.Stanley Kreinik, Mar 11, 2013. Joseph Flum lived in Harlem. He had a chauffeur and once gave Stanley a $5 bill in 1936. He couldn't read or write, but was very succ...

3/8/2010 11/24/2020

Nathan Kreinik (c.1854 - aft.1937)

Reference: Ancestry Genealogy - SmartCopy : Feb 27 2018, 23:24:30 UTC

4/16/2017 11/24/2020

Marcus Lazer Kreinik (aft.1912 - 1971)


Ida Kreinik Friedlander reports: My dad Marcus was also from Sendishove (phonetic of Sędziszów) in Southern Poland. He was born around 1915. He was rounded up by the Nazi's and put on a train to concen...

12/15/2010 11/24/2020

Majer Kreinig (aft.1908 - 1942)

Mayer Kreinik was born in Sedziszow, Poland in 1911 to Tuvia and Frimet nee Nipel. He was a salesman. Prior to WWII he lived in Valenciennes, France. During the war he was in Valenciennes, France. Maye...

2/19/2010 11/24/2020

Pinia Pinya Laub (1905 - 1942)

Andrew Kreinik, April 2013: "I believe I read somewhere that Pinya had moved to Lwow before the war began."October 18 2013, Stanley Kreinik told me that his Uncle ___ Laub was married to his father (Wa...

2/19/2010 11/24/2020

Jack Gleicher (1930 - 2000)

3/16/2010 11/24/2020

Mirel Gleicher (1901 - 1997)

"Millie", "Mildred"

Andrew Kreinik: "Those (Yad Vashem) testimonies were written by Mirel Gleicher, the sister of Isidore and Walter, who moved to England via Vienna before finally settling in Israel. " Shmiel Kreinik

2/19/2010 11/24/2020

Reference: Ancestry Genealogy - SmartCopy : Jul 22 2020, 12:43:36 UTC

7/22/2020 11/24/2020

Chaim Kreinik (1880 - 1942)


This may not be the right birth year for Chaim who is the father of Anna and Pinia /Pauline Berger.April 14, 2013: "Ida remembered that her father's brothers always called him "Lazer" not sure if famil...

2/20/2010 11/24/2020

Isidore Kreinik (1888 - 1982)

"Isie", "Isadore", "Issie", "Izzie", "Izzy"

Here is his Life Story from Ancestry.Andrew Kreinik: " Later Joseph (Yussel Flum) went back to Poland for a visit and when he came back my grandfather (Isidore) accompanied him (1907 - although my gran...

2/19/2010 11/24/2020

Harry Sternlicht (deceased)

12/24/2013 11/24/2020

Riva Sternlicht (deceased)

12/24/2013 11/24/2020

Jeanne Chall (1921 - 1999)

"Sheindel", "Sternlicht"

Kreinik 6/28/2011"David,Patricia can contact two of Eva Sternlichts daughters who live in Queens, NY. I don't have their address but I know that they are still living. I am not sure which of the three ...

3/16/2010 11/24/2020

Shmiel Sternlicht (deceased)

12/24/2013 11/24/2020

Miriam Martha Warmbrand (1916 - 2015)

"Martha", "Malka"

Dec 24, 2013 from Marc Leber: I was just reading this page: Warmbrandt worked in my grandfather's store on the Lower East Side in NY. Her sister Sylvia worked there as well. The store's name is Eldridg...

3/16/2010 11/24/2020

Sylvia Cypra Sarah Sternlicht (1913 - 2007)

"Cypra", "Sarah", "Sura"

U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007 Name Sylvia Sternlicht Gender Female Race White Birth Date 13 Oct 1913 Birth Place Poland Father Name Herman Sternlicht Mother Name Eva Kr...

3/16/2010 11/24/2020

Sol Sternlicht (aft.1911 - 1993)


Dec 24, 2013 from Marc Leber: I was just reading this page: Warmbrandt worked in my grandfather's store on the Lower East Side in NY. Her sister Sylvia worked there as well. The store's name is Eldridg...

3/16/2010 11/24/2020

Hyman Chaim Sternlicht (1886 - 1973)

"Chamen", "Chaim", "Hymie"

Sternlichts from Sedziszow: 1927 on Polonia by way of Danzig Chawa 40 Salomon 15 Sara Sima 14 Malka 12 Cypra 9 Szeindia 7

3/16/2010 11/24/2020

Moe Kreinik (1896 - 1966)


KREINIK, MOE was born 08 March 1896, received Social Security number 073-22-7453 (indicating New York) and, Death Master File says, died July 1966 4558628 Social Security Death Index Moe Kreinik Birth:...

2/19/2010 11/24/2020

Moshe Kreinik (deceased)

Miriam Sternlicht, Ted Warmbrand's mother, composed this: "I found this from my mom who had a great memory. Can you follow this? She includes the original yiddish names. "FAMILY TREEKREINIKTsipa / Yank...

6/13/2016 11/24/2020

Eva Chawa Eva Sternlicht (1885 - 1960)

"Chava", "Sternlight", "Chawa", "Kranik", "Ewa"

Did she change her name from Sternlicht to Sternlight?

2/19/2010 11/24/2020

Isaak Kreinik (aft.1925 - c.1942)


Andrew Kreinik Feb 7, 2013: "David,This could be the son that was hanged by the Nazi's for "stealing" food. One of the Kreinik boys was hung from a lampost and his body was left hanging as a warning to...

2/5/2013 11/24/2020

Frimet Kreinik (aft.1862 - c.1942)

"Friemert", "Feiler", "Neppel", "Nepel", "Frummet"

Frimet Kreinik nee Neppel was born in Sedziszow_Malopolski, Poland to Yaakov and Pinia. She was a shop owner and married to Tuvia. Prior to WWII she lived in Sedziszow Malopolski, Poland. During the wa...

10/12/2008 11/24/2020

Tuyve Tobias Kreinik (c.1855 - 1937)


Feb 16, 2010 andrew kreinik wrote:> My grandfather was Isidore, son of Tobias and Frimet Kreinik. He was born in Sedziszow Malapolski about 7 miles NWN of Zglobien. I have visited Sedziszow and met a f...

10/12/2008 11/24/2020

Jacob Tuvye Kreinik (c.1830 - c.1933)

"Tuvye", "Yankel", "Yaakov."

Nachum Kornfeld, Brooklyn NY, Feb 2014. About Rebbe Shlomo Leib Weichselbaum of Tyczyn: ( Rabbi Shlomo Leib of Tyczyn ) "The rebbe's mother was Mirel Kreinik. She had a brother named Yaakov who lived t...

2/19/2010 11/24/2020

Eva Hager (c.1880 - 1981)

Eva Hagers Headstone at Hollywood Forever Cemetery:Eva Hager 1880-1981 A Sweet heart, A Loving Wife And Dedicated Life Companion(Star of David / Menorah)Birth: Sep 19 1880 - Other Country Death: Feb 19...

6/1/2013 11/24/2020

Aaron Kreinik (1865 - 1952)

Richard Kreinik, December 8, 2012: "Grandpa Aaron was a small man as i recall who lived on the west side of Buffalo and owned a haberdashery on grant St"Betty Kreinik Klein, his granddaughter; March 20...

10/21/2008 11/23/2020

Zalmon Kreinik (1867 - 1933)

"Solomon", "Zalmon", "Zalman"

Solomon Kreinik died 12 Jan 1933, aged 72, Manhattan DCert #1337Deborah had listed him as born in Dec 1867. What is the source for that?Barrie Kreinik, 3/9/2012: "He immigrated in March of ...

10/21/2008 11/23/2020

S Josef Kreinik (c.1857 - 1934)

"Shmuel", "Yussel", "Joseph"

The S. is for Shmuel. He was sickly as a child, so they changed his name for Josef Kreinik so the angel of death would not find him. I use the S. and spell Josef to distinguish him from all the other J...

10/21/2008 11/23/2020

Nathan Kreinik (c.1855 - d.)

"Natan", "Kreinig"

"Uncle Nathan, the eldest, was the only one who remained in Europe."Leah Kreinik Jacobowitz, _As I Remember_, 1962, p 13.Andrew Kreinik speculates 12/17/2010: Do you know of Harry Reich who married Syl...

10/21/2008 11/23/2020

Mirel Weichselbaum (c.1827 - 1902)

Nachum Kornfeld Feb 27 2014:"The rebbe's mother was Mirel Kreinik. She had a brother named Yaakov who lived to be 103 and attributed his long life to the fact that he carried the young R. Shlomo Leib o...

2/27/2014 11/23/2020

Chaim Kreinik (c.1800 - d.)

"Khaim", "Hyman", "Chayim", "Chaim"

Reference: Ancestry Genealogy - SmartCopy : Jul 22 2020, 12:43:36 UTC

2/19/2010 11/23/2020

Zvie Chaim (Harry H) Kreinik (deceased)

"Harry H"

"On the paternal side, Zvie Chaim and Rachel Kreinik, lived in a town larger than my village. They were in the garment business, (which Father [Joseph] really hated but wasn't trained for anything else...

10/21/2008 11/23/2020

Michael Neppel Feiler (1856 - c.1933)

Michael Feiler 1858-1933 (lived in London and died in Rochester, NY)This is at odds with "The Descendants of Jacob (Yankel Neppel) Feiler that Mike Feiler sent earlier: 1. Michael Neppel (Feiler) b. 18...

10/12/2008 11/23/2020

Mindel Bertram (1877 - 1942)

5/8/2019 5/8/2019

Breindel Cohen (deceased)

9/1/2008 3/6/2019

Leibush (Leib) Kohn (1863 - 1924)

9/1/2008 3/6/2019

Moshe Boruch Cohen (c.1820 - d.)

9/1/2008 3/6/2019

Chaya Reisel Rosengarten (1892 - 1942)

7/13/2010 3/5/2019

Yosef Leib Rosengarten (1916 - 1942)

3/5/2019 3/5/2019

Aharon Rosengarten (1885 - 1943)

7/13/2010 3/5/2019

Elias Rosengarten (deceased)

9/20/2018 3/5/2019

Rachel Rosengarten (deceased)

9/20/2018 3/5/2019

Yankel Neppel Feiler (aft.1835 - 1909)

"(Tuvye Kreinik's) father-in-law was also a city councilman, Yankul becker, mother's father. When a council meeting was held, he would come to borrow a yarmulka (skull cap) because his yarmulka was mot...

10/12/2008 3/5/2019

בן ציון טהורם (1896 - 1978)

According to family tradition he and his wife מרים טהורם were cousins.

5/7/2008 9/22/2018

Rosa Mantel (1886 - 1943)

Rosa Mantel nee Turim (Aug. 20, 1886, Sedzsizow, - circa 1942), who was married to Avraham Yaacov Mantel (1884-1942). They lived in Hannover before the Holocaust

12/15/2007 9/20/2018

Elias Turim (1883 - 1957)

2/24/2014 9/20/2018

Feige Turim (b. - bef.1922)

12/15/2007 9/20/2018

Hersch Meilech Turim (aft.1841 - bef.1892)

12/15/2007 9/20/2018

Chana Konigsberg (aft.1873 - d.)

9/14/2018 9/20/2018

Matilde Hochberg (1870 - 1942)

9/14/2018 9/20/2018

Rabbi Avraham Moshe Turim (aft.1880 - 1942)

Dayan and Moreh Tzedek in Sedziszow.

9/14/2018 9/20/2018