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Jewish Families from Tučapy (Tutschap), Tábor, South Bohemia, Czechia

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This project seeks to document the Jewish families of Tučapy (Tábor, Bohemia, Czech Republic) using the Census and Familianten records, surviving Jewish vital records, census records, and other sources. The Jewish vital records for Tučapy are fragmentary, but the families intertwine with many others in nearby towns. Tučapy residents also seem to have formed a small colony in St. Pölten, Austria.

The 1783, 1793, and 1799 Census for Tučapy are all part of Budißlau und Tutschapp Gut. For this reason, and the fact that some small towns continue to register in Tučapy, this project also includes the Jews of Košice and Dvorce, but there is a separate project for Budislav.

The surviving records are as follows:





Arcanum has an interactive map of the town and the older map to the left shows the location of the Jewish cemetery.

Tutzap, Tabor (now Tučapy) Kniha svatebních konsensů 1717-1783 HBF Fond 291 Folio 168 has the marriage records for 1738-1783, a few of which have surnames.

  • [Transcribed but not ready to insert]

The 1783 Census for Tučapy contains 27 men, most with surnames. This project does not completely map the families to the 1783 Census. (The following places the inferred surname between | symbols.)

  • Alyna, Symon, verheiratet, 1 Kind; ein Pinkeljude; 3 fl.
  • Alyna, Victor, verheiratet, 4 Kinder; Pinkeljude; 1 fl.
  • Bechinsk, Moises, verheiratet, mit 4 Kindern, item Dienstboten 2; Federhändler; 210 fl.
  • Bulatz, Jakob, verheiratet, 3 Kinder; Betteljude
  • Bulatz, Jsaac, verheiratet, 5 Kinder; Pinkeljude; 5 fl. 30 kr.
  • |Bullaty|, Jakob Herrschl, verheiratet, 1 Kind; Pinkeljude; 5 fl.
  • Dubshky, Benedict, verheiratet, 1 Kind; Pinkeljude; 3 fl.
  • Dubsky, Joachim, verheiratet, 4 Kinder; von guten Leuten; 1 fl.
  • Dubsky, Jonas, verheiratet, 1 Kind; Pinkeljude; 5 fl. 30 kr.
  • |Ebstein|, Symon Allexander, verheiratet, 1 Kinder; armer Jude; 2 fl.
  • |Glaser|, Pfiliph Aron, verheiratet, 3 Kinder, 1 Dienstboten; Branntweinbrenner; 6 fl.
  • Koschitzer, Jakob, verheiratet, 2 Kinder; Pinkeljude; 16 fl.
  • |Lustig|, Israel Abraham, verheiratet, hat 3 Kinder; armer Pinkeljude; 1 fl. 30 kr.
  • |Schneider|, Adam Herrschl, verheiratet; Pinkeljude; 6 fl.
  • Don Boule, verheiratet, 1 Kind; Pinkeljude; 2 fl.
  • Abraham Herrschl, verheiratet, 1 Kind; Pinkeljude; 3 fl. 30 kr.
  • Jakob Herrschl, verheiratet, 7 Kinder; Pinkeljude; 2 fl. 30 kr.
  • Michl Jacob, ledig; Pinkeljude; 4 fl.
  • Daniel Jakob, verheiratet, 2 Kinder; Bettler
  • David Jakob, verheiratet; Pinkeljude; 5 fl.
  • Symon Jakob, verheiratet, 1 Kind; Pinkeljude; 2 fl.
  • Jacob Moises, verheiratet, 3 Kinder; Schneider; 2 fl. (Maybe Jakob Fuchs or Jakob Koditschek)
  • Adam Salomon, verheiratet, 2 Kinder; Bettler
  • Salomon Samschik, verheiratet, 1 Kind; Pinkeljude; 6 fl.
  • Löbl Schneider, verheiratet; armer Schneider
  • Herrschl Wtschelnitzer, Witwer; Pinkeljude; 2 fl. 30 kr.
  • Jakob Wtschelnitzer, verheiratet, 2 Kinder; Pinkeljude; 4 fl. 30 kr.

1793 Census of the Jews of Bohemia (excerpt from Soupis zidovskych rodin v Cechach z roku 1793. Statni ustredni archiv v Praze. Vol. III) contains 34 families and 3 houses where other Jews resided. This project includes most of these in association with the later Familianten. The 1793 Census does not include dates, but adds references to the daughters. This project currently contains most of the family information from this Census.

Tučapy Familianten

The following is a list of all individual Familiants recorded in Tučapy prior to abolition of the law. A hyperlink from the Familiant name leads to the associated family tree. The Familiant pages are at and this project links to each of the records at that site for Tučapy.

Each record in the list below has the following information:

Familiant (Hieratskonsensus Date, not birth date); Family Number (Landes-Dominium); Familiant Page Number

Note that the Toledot archive includes only the left-hand side of the page. Sometimes useful information, including death dates and changes of residence, are on the right-hand side of the page. The full records are on Badatelna: HBF inv. c. 148 XV/VIII Táborský Tučapy; folio: 9.

Tucapy Census Records for Jewish Families in 1793, 1799, 1869, and 1880


Jewish Cemetery in Tučapy

Downtown Tučapy