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Jewish Families from Tul'chyn, Ukraine

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  • Rose Kuperman (1911 - 1983)
  • Sophie Tucker (1887 - 1966)
    Sophie Tucker (January 13, 1887 – February 9, 1966) was a Ukrainian-born American singer, comedian, actress, and radio personality. Known for her stentorian delivery of comical and risqué songs, she ...
  • Barukh Preiger (1814 - 1884)
  • Pearl Ross (1890 - 1982)
  • Sam Waxman (1885 - 1964)
    Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Apr 17 2019, 5:00:35 UTC

This project's focus is to help build the family trees of the Jewish Families of Tul'chyn, Ukraine.

Community Signature Collections

TSGIAK, f.442-o.67-d.223 1835 viewtopic.php? P = 132244 # p132244 matter at the request of attorneys Tulchin Skog Jewish Society. M.Krasner, V.Vigdorlis, M.Shpigel. On the wrong imposition on society of their collection of taxes. The crux of the matter. In the 7th revision of the kagal m. Tulchin a presented lists of 606 Jews, who, because of decrepitude and orphanhood, did not agree to admit to their estate. "This list is lost and for the duration of the correspondence is still not found." The audit in 1816 there were 592. Exchequer "put all the aforesaid ranked in the list of Jews in salary for meters. Tulchin in with the payment of taxes from 1825 the amount of 75,674 rubles, 13 kopecks. In the Podolsky state chambers by the former kagal m.Tulchin and Shmulem Yundleib and Apshel Rebel, these souls were shown separately from the main audit to reduce the burden on society, distributing among the others in the province by Jewish societies. Just as these things Done about these people, of which, entitled "Palatnikov" ranked among 7 th revision to Tulchin skom society 142 souls with embedding the whole of society pay for these treasury taxes and duties. "

From the documents in the case. Evidence of Podolsk The state chamber of the Bratslav Povet,M. Tulchin, and the kagal Shmul Rovndlembu (Yundlembu) and Angel Fehel (the Relie) The fact that the Reviz stories about the Jews who passed by that place to the Jews on June 30 of this year in the Podolskaya state treasury were taken and, under No. 7681, they were recorded, in the same lists of available guilds 510, burghers 1040, and under the special list of decrepit, mutilated, orphans, beggars , and in any work, and in the endurance of food incapable of 606 males. July 1818 day Genuine signed ... Secretary of the table chief Sokolsky.

Podilskaya State Chamber of the Bratslav Povet. According to the Decree of His Imperial Majesty of the Podolsky province from the Bratslav town magistrate on petition of the petty bourgeois of Tulchin and a resident of the Jew Aron Itskovich Shmukler , from the book of the Act of April, 27th, 1835, issued on the same day, under the number 11 of the Power of Attorney. 1835 April 18 day of Podolsk province Bratslav County town Tulchin and Jewish tradesmen and guild do hereby authorized from the estate of his in the past, 1833 of January, 19 days, we have lost faith Bratslav merchants 3rd guild Joseph Gauzner y and Itsko Hin engaged Public Affairs some orders , as well as the supervision of the collection by those who are due to enter the State Treasury, but as now there is a subject that is very burdensome for society, and our trustees are Joseph Gausner and Itsko Hinathey would like to and should try to bring society benefits, but they are burdened with commerce affairs by their relations, which do not allow them to be engaged in accuracy; and therefore we foresee the need for I. Gauzner and I. Khin to sack this and the Power of Attorney in 1833, which was given to us in 1933, to completely destroy the Genvar of Day 19 and to invalidate them in the acts; but we trust and empower the Jewish community of the inhabitants of our Vigdor Abramovich Vigdorlis , Moshko Shmulyovich Krasner , Mordko Boruhovicha Shpigel I ... (further, unfortunately, part of the page is unreadable, and then a whole page of enumerations of all their powers follows). But most importantly, under the Trust, there is a list of the members of the society that signed it. Part of this list, I copied (for the whole, I'm sorry, did not have the patience and time). ... uzer Schwartz, Mani VITESSE, Haim Itskovich Khalis, Hershko Akselrud, Pinchas Nemirovsky, Munik Netis, Haim Beer Mendelssohn, Srul Mendel Izraliant, Kelman Leib Halfer, Ios Esterlis, Zelman Halfa, Tobias Bipshtok, Gdal Zhovker, Leib Esterlis, Srul Apothecary , midges Vakser, Michael Mehilis, Mortka Furer (Fuller), Hershko Salama (be) Ser, Tsal Dubensky, Zyus Iosel, midges Vacher, Ios Halperin, Abram Kipnis, Haim Krakow, Hershko Keyserman, Sender Feterlis, Ihel Dubovoy Burke Keyser, Baruch Leib Holodyvker, Hershko Gitses Chernikov (Cherpikhov), Gersh Shlema Vul Hesher, Fraim Cherpikhov, Lei Peseles, Shimon Boruch Handel, Abram Zeylik Rothstein, Leiba Haskilev Kupershmin, Shmul Aronov Shtricler, Moshko Frenkler, Geshko Cardonets, Mendel Enkelev Tsepelnik, Abram Nuhim Rymer, Lipa Yudkov Celnik, Moshko Lerner, Shimon Virzhor, Shimon Cischis , Leyser Naver, Abram Shevelevich Kesler, Berko Shafran, Kelmin Moshko Gershkov Schwarzberg, Mikhel Bronzakh, Haskil Koperschmid, Hershko Kipershtokh, Shulim Yeoldetilik, Aron Rabatsh, Moshko Shmolin (Shlyolin), Leiba Avalipskirsch, Favel Favelis, Ruvel Eisner, Itsko Seter, Naftula Kipershlak, Yankel Sidler, Shulim Bershleiser, Mendel Gdal Zlatkis, Slam Vacher, midges Rivkin, midges saves, Wol-Ber Gitelnev ... Frenzler, Itsko Presler, Yankel Yankelov, midges Kirzner, midges Kozachiner, Yuna Geller, Hershko die, Itsko Jen Selter, Wohl Pinkevich Feler, Abram Moshe Fleeter, Moshko Zhornitzer, Fishel Zeuirich, Ios Zhiomovich (Zh Omsk), Srul Gitelmit, Srul Stanisliver, El Naer, Sapi Sandler, Moshko Reizis, Benjomen Koltun, Pinkis Zilberdmit, El Citis, Leiser Schwartz, Manya Vitis, Abramco Cytes, Vigdor Lishchitere, Shimon Zenker, Mortko Ioselev, Chaim Shendlis, Srul Milinkes , Aron Haskin Wexler, Gdal Rosin breel, Chaim Shendlis,

List of members of the Jewish community m. Tulchin a. Very interesting document. Written in good handwriting, but practically without gaps between words and without punctuation marks. Signatures of members of the Jewish community in two languages ​​- Russian and Hebrew letters. Unfortunately it was not possible to completely rewrite all the names. I hope that I will add to the next visit to the archive.

Approval certificate.

August, 1859, 10 days, we, the undersigned, of the Bratslav district of the municipality of Tulchin, and the Jewish community consisting of merchants, artisans and householders of petty bourgeoises, meeting the worldly meeting of the brials, the discourse of the behavior of the Rabbi of our merchant son Mordko Oimman, is equal to the acts and general circulation of his office, and as a consequence it turned out that he, Oksman, at all times of his status as rabbi in our society, gave himself to know from an entirely good side, correcting his post very well and performing all religious rites diligently and zealously, as the most experienced and educated rabbi. Although some part of the society was slandered by the rabbi of our Oxman by the sentence of the Podolsk Provincial Board, the following took place on the basis of the lack of conviction in the actions and unreasonableness of his character, Oksman, as now in our general meeting, we, believing all the actions of the said rabbi, turned out to be quite contrary, that he, Oksman, of the behavior of an excellent, non-disillusioned and completely irreproachable, and he himself is a man of the most excellent qualities of the corresponding and disposable for his title; and therefore sentenced: according to our conscience, to equip the rabbi of ours, Oksman said. thisAn approving certificate , as a Certificate , - as quite deserving, which serves him as the most solid document and proof of our commitment to him for his behavior and the serviceability of the status of the Rabbi in our society at all times. What do we personally sign:

Duvid Kopivker, Wol Svenchik, Hitsel Gurvich, Lieber Ermis, Moshko Oregis, Duvid Trakhtmon, Oisir Scalir, Abram Pustilnik, Yankel Melman, Man Tourner, Itsko Dvorkis, bencion Grinbarg, Abram Ber Kholodivkir, Shimon Holodivkir, Ber Furir, Gersh Leiba Firir, Moshko Volkis, Shmul Surkis, Abram Surkis, Abram Zazirmacher, Zelik Milgram, Yodko Idylner, Yankel Voskibonnik, Leiba Wishmere, Haim Voskibonnik, Shlema Gin, Mordko Idilius, Itsko Milgram, Haim Khasin, Zelik Segil, Jodka Barner , Simha Gershevich, Borukh Segin, Elia Groysun, Pacey Sidlir, Ion Fisher, Abram Shnaysur, Yokim Kislyuk, Abram Pomarin, Shaya Schwartz, Itsko Voerzun, Chaim Hirsapir, Leiba Kupershlak, Nuhim Kupershlak, Borukh Dikler, Moshko Shkurnik, Shmul Aizinbarg, Mordko Furir, Yankel Halfen, Duvid Lehtsiere, Duid Melihis , Nahim Melicher, Yankel Ziser, Itsko Moshe Merleiser, Moyshe Leiba Echter, Gersh Veksir, Abram Krivoy, Duvid Wolfzun, Yankel Meer Kesnir, Gersh Natigrahis, Ikhiel Scherer, Duvid Buntsis, Shmerki Pechovic, Shmul Itsko Zamahiver, Moshko Hitler, Leizer Bratsmeir, Naftuli Bordifeid, Moshko Tabachnik, Itsko Tabachnik, Mendel Kondil , Haim Sverdlik, Naftuli Krentsis, Moishe Zilbert, Nuhim Brovirman, Gershon Brandikis, Bendit Brondilevich, Haim Kolidenkir, Ios Lerner, Mehil Vulihshar, Favil Faingold, Leyzer Vebir, Pinkis Halfen, Pinkis Hinkis, Leiser Nehr, Meer Wolzhisov, Usher Teper, Gersh Leyba Pasimonik, Abram Pasi Monica, Shlema Shmukler, Yankel Yablik, Chaim Sandler, Leiba Koni, Gersh Bukhis, Haim Ronkhvarger, Leyba Likewak, Leiba Gichden, Abram Mazis, Leiba Zhuravlivker, Moishe Zhuravlivker, Chaim Voulichener, Iona Sutin, Tovia Rivkis, Haim Okner, Haim Itsko Slate , Shmelki Dukler, Shimshon Milshten, Moishe Optner, Duvid Ehilis, Duvid Irkis, Leiba Fainkis, Moishe Mordko Momithi, Leiba Rahilis, Ios Gekir, Ios Fihir, Mevik Schliser, Iona Hunt, Shimon Ciskis, Meer Jahides, Ruvin Becker, Abram Teil, Itsko Reader, Oizir Mehir, Moishe Moldyer, Moishe Leiba Phihir, Tovy Shornik, Wol Elkis, Yos DiSyatnik, Yankel Carduner, Favil Tavilis, Abram Brombarg, Zayvis Krosner, Owie Fetir, Leiba Gehir, Abram Wailewek, Mendel Tsigelnik, Iona Geghir, Berko Sutin, Itsko Sukhilets, Itsko Tzennmohir, Pinkis Chichilnier, Pinchis Firir , Chaim Milinkis, Srul Bondravir, Boruch Haifen, Shlema Lipkeicher, Mordko Mebb zeer, Wol Ermis, Meer Zlatkis, Meer Bilenkis, Mehshis Kobilivkir, Nuhim River, Leiba Tul, Itsko Khasis, Noah Khasis, Yankel Sponder, Wol Kopter, Leiba Picker, Abram Picker, Davelle Lendervargir, Simha Belis, Leiba Ujir, Moishe Gehter , Shmul Kalikhi, Kisil Dvorkis, Leiba Weinroih, Abram Cernis,

Community During Holocaust

Most people from the town of Tulchyn were murdered at Pechora Concentration Camp.