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Jewish Families of Strážnice (Strassnitz), Moravia

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  • Ing. Karl Jacob Mittler (1851 - 1920)
  • Chajka Jaiteles (1829 - d.)
  • Rabbi Gabriel Böhm (c.1748 - 1817)
    Note: (no longer working) from the Book Die Rabbiner der Emanzipationszeit in den deutschen, böhmischen und großpolnischen Ländern 1781-1871 ; Gabriel B�...
  • Ida Thorsch (1871 - c.1942)
    She married Jakub in the synagogue in Hodonin and Rabbi Pollack married them. Witnesses were Harry Erzberg Ober Kantor and Ignaz Schmitz Kantor. Date 8 September 1891. She was 21 years old.
  • Albert Mandler (1921 - 1943)
    Born 25. 02. 1921 Last residence before deportation: Strážnice Address/place of registration in the Protectorate: Strážnice Transport Co, no. 154 (27. 01. 1943, Uh...

This project identifies individuals connected to the town of Strassnitz (Strážnice) in Moravia. We will tag individuals who lived in Strassnitz, or were raised in families with immediate connection to the town. Although the Jewish population began to dwindle in the early 20th century, the web of connections was often maintained by its diaspora.

Strážnice [Cz], Straßnitz [Ger], Strassnitz. Straznice is located in Morava-Hodonin.

Earliest known Jewish community was 1490. 1930 Jewish population was 194. Self-standing political community dated 1880-1919.

Rabbis Sach and Chatam Sofer; Margarete Siebenschein 1886-?, painter; Hugo Siebenschein, 1889-1970, Germanist lived here.

Austrian rabbi; born at Strassnitz, Moravia, about 1790; died at Eibenschütz Dec. 26, 1859. He received his first instruction from his father, Ḥayyim, rabbi in Strassnitz, afterward continuing his studies under Baruch Fränkel, rabbi in Leipnik, where he married.

About 1830 he was called as rabbi to Eibenschütz, where he remained until his death. Two of his sons, David and Joachim, became rabbis, and his daughter Hinde married Isaac Hirsch Weiss. Responsa of his are found in the collection of Moses Sofer (Yoreh De'ah, No. 345) and in the Hebrew supplement of "Der Treue Zionswächter."

The old name of the city - Dresnitz, Dreznyc.

Among the nearly 30 rabbis, who are known name from the early 17th century. were prominent scholars and writers of theological writings.

  • From 1650-57 Rabbi ben Meir ha-Kohen (called Sach), whose tomb in Holešov became a place of pilgrimage in the years 1794-98.

  • Rabbi Moses Schreiber (Chatam Sofer called) from Frankfurt am Main, whose tomb in Bratislava is a place of pilgrimage.

  • In Strassnitz born: Viennese painter Siebenscheinová Margarete (1886 -? Israel), a significant germanista.
  • Professor Hugo Siebenschein Charles University (Prague, 1889-1971)

  • Writer Joseph Winemaker (1934).