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Jewish Families of Troki District, Vilnius Province, Lithuania

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  • Benjamin Moses Brodie (1875 - 1954)
    The Family Legacy of Helaine Brodie Strauss (1928-2020) JGSLI Lineage: Winter 2020 By Mark E. Strauss January 28th, 2021 marks the first anniversary of the death of my mother, Helaine Brodie Strauss....
  • David Tebele Ephrath (1849 - 1884)
    David Tebele Efrati, 1850-1884, author of the genealogical work Toldot Anshei Shem, published in 1875. He was born in Merkine (Meretz). An exceptional student, he wrote books and articles from a young ...
  • Efroim Frenkel (c.1812 - d.)
    Two records for him differ by 13 years but both have son Shlomo (Shlioma) with the latter having a daughter Leya (Rocha Leya). One record he would be born c. 1812 and one record c. 1825. I assume he wa...
  • Leyba Yurkanski (c.1863 - d.)
    Marriage in Nemunaitis, Trakai, Vilnius, Lithuania on March 18, 1887 (5 Nisan) of YURKANSKIY, Leyba, age 24 son of Shlioma of Eisiskes, Lida Uyezd FRENKEL, Tsina, age 21 daughter of Shlioma of Ra...
  • Mendel Finkel (1871 - d.)
    Marriage in Nemunaitis, Trakai, Vilnius on October 29, 1891 (9 CCheshvan) FINKEL, Mendel son of Itsko and - - from Nemunaitis age 20 FRANKEL, Gitel daughter of Shlioma and - - from Merech age ...

The purpose of this project is to document the Jewish families living in various towns in the Troki district, Vilnius Province, Lithuania (then Russian Empire) in the 19th century. I was interested in towns that the large Frankel family of Ratnycia / Druskininkai (an agricultural satellite of Merkine) married people from or moved to. See the Geni project on the Frankel family (link to the right). I have photos of Merkine, Žiežmariai, and Druskininkai / Ratnycia from trips in 2012 and 2017.

This is NOT a complete list of the towns in the Troki Gubernia pre- WW I. That can be found on Jewish Gen. I add towns as I identify families.

Alytus -- Alytus [Lith], Olita [Pol, Rus], Alita [Yid], Alīta [Latv], Alytaus, Alitus, Alyta

Butrimonys -- Butrimonys [Lith], Butrimantz [Yid], Butrimantsy [Rus], Butrymańce [Pol], Butramentz [Ger], Baltremantz, Butrimontz, Butrymańcy, Butrimantsi, Butrimonis, Butrimance, Butrimonių, Butrėmuonīs

Degsnės -- Degsnės [Lith], Deksznie [Pol], Dekshna [Yid], Dekshnia [Rus], Deksznia, Dekshna-Selo

Jieznas -- Jieznas [Lith], Yezne [Yid], Ezno [Rus], Jezno [Pol], Jezna, Yezna, Yeznas, Eznas, Iyeznas, Jeznas

Kaišiadorys -- Kaišiadorys [Lith], Koshedar [Yid], Koszedary [Pol], Koshedary [Rus], Kayshyadoris, Kayshadorys, Kayshadoris, Kasheydarys, Kashedary, Kašedarai, Kaišiadorio, Kaišedorys, Kaishiadorys, Kaisiadoris, Kashedar, Koshidar

Lieponys -- Lieponys [Lith], Lejpuny [Pol], Leypuny [Rus], Lieponiai, Lieponai, Leponay, Leipūnai

Merkinė -- Merkinė [Lith], Meretch [Yid], Merech' [Rus], Merecz [Pol], Meretsh, Meritz, Merch, Merts, Mertsh, Merkėnė, Merkinės

Nemunaitis -- Nemunaitis [Lith], Nemoneitz [Yid], Nemonaĭtsy [Rus], Niemonajcie [Pol], Nyemonaitsi, Nemunaytis, Nemunaièio, Nemonajtsy, Nemenitz, Nemunaitz

Panošiškės -- Panošiškės [Lith], Panashishok [Yid], Panashishki [Rus], Panaszyszki [Pol], Panoškių Žydkaimis, Žydkaimis, Zhidkaimis, Panasishok

Ratnycia -- Ratnycia [Lith], Rotnitsa [Yid]; an agricultural satellite and part of the Merkine Jewish Community, absorbed later into the spa town of Druskininkai

Stakliškės -- Stakliškės [Lith], Stoklishok [Yid], Stoklishki [Rus], Stokliszki [Pol], Stakliškių, Staklėškės, Staklishkes

Trakai -- Trakai [Lith], Troki [Pol, Rus], Trok [Yid], Traken [Ger], Trakay, Troki Nowe, Troki Nove, Novyye Troki

Valkininkai -- Valkininkai [Lith], Olkieniki [Pol], Olkeniki [Rus], Olkenik [Yid], Olkienniki, Olkinik, Olknik, Volknik, Valkiniras, Valkininkas, Valkininkay, Valkėninkā, Walkenykai

Varėna -- Varėna [Lith], Orany [Rus, Pol], Aran [Yid], Varēna [Latv], Oran, Warna, Worany, Waranii, Variena

Žasliai -- Žasliai [Lith], Zhosle [Yid], Zhosli [Rus], Żośle [Pol], Zhusli, Zhayslyay, Zhaslyay, Žaslių

Žiežmariai -- Žiežmariai [Lith], Zhezmir [Yid], Zhizhmory [Rus], Żyżmory [Pol], Zhyzhmor, Žižmariai, Žiežmarių, Zhiyezhmaryai, Zhezhmaryay, Žeižmariai, Žėižmarē, Zhezhmir, Zhezhmer, Zezmer, Shishmory



  • Finkelhor
  • Kubitsky
  • Sirota
  • Pailet


  • Kubitsky


  • Frenkel


  • Frenkel

Merkine (Merech)

  • Efrati
  • Frenkel
  • Godofsky
  • Itelson
  • Kubitsky
  • Margolis


  • Bravmann
  • Breidbord (Reidbord, Bridberd)
  • Butrimovich (Shafer)
  • Finkel (Zhopovich)
  • Frenkel
  • Gornovski (Shain)
  • Kaplan
  • Khazanovich
  • Mishtovski
  • Pruss
  • Rabinovich
  • Rukhovich
  • Shafer
  • Shapovich
  • Shibail
  • Sudvoiski (Sudov)
  • Zhupovich

Ratnycia (absorbed in Druskininkai)

See Project on Frankel Family of Ratnycia and Merkine which gives a list of families from Ratnycia and Project on Holocaust victims from Ratnycia and Druskininkai


  • Frenkel


  • Frenkel
  • Kubitsky


  • Frenkel
  • Kubitsky