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Jewish Scholars of Magical Provence, France

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Rabbinic Sages of Lunel, Marseilles, Avignon, Narbonne

The bucolic countryside of Provence became part of France in 1481.


10th Century

  • Moshe ben Yosef HaLevi, Narbonne
  • Meshullam ben Yaakov of Lunel

11th Century

  • Moshe HaDarshan, Narbonne
  • Yitzchak ben Mervan HaLevi, Narbonne

12th Century

  • Yosef Kimchi, Narbonne
  • Zerachyah HaLevi (Razah: HaMaor), Lunel
  • Avraham Beis-Din (Ravad ll) Narbonne
  • Avraham ben David (Ravad lll, Narbonne
  • Yosef ibn Flat, Provence

13th Century

  • Asher ben Meshullam, Lunel
  • Yitzchak Sagi Nahor, Posquieres
  • Yehonasan of Lunel
  • Avraham HaYarchi, Avignon
  • Moshe HaKohen (Ramach) Lunel
  • Yehuda ban Berechyah (Ribav), Provence
  • Shmuel ibn Tibbon, Lunel
  • Yehudah ibn Tibbon, Lunel
  • Yitzchak ben Abba Mari, Marseilles
  • David Kimchi (Radak) Narbonne
  • Menachem Ha Meiri, Provence
  • Yedayah HaPenini (Bechinos Olam)
  • Aharon HaKohen of Lunel (Orchos Chaim)
  • Meir of Trinquetaille
  • Meshullam of Bezler
  • Nassan ben Meir of Trinquetille
  • Meir of Narbonne (HaMeili), Narbonne
  • Asher ben David, Provence
  • Asher ben Shaul, Lunel
  • Chizkiyah Chizkuni, Provence
  • Reuvan ben Chayim, Narbonne
  • Mordechai ben Yosef (of Avignon)
  • Moshe ibn Tibbon, Marseilles
  • R' Manoach, Narbonne
  • David ben Levi, Provence

14th Century

  • Abba Mari HaYarchi, Lunel
  • Machir ben Abba Mari, Provence
  • Yedaayah HaPenini, Bezier
  • Dvid HaKochavi, Provence
  • Levi ben Gershom (Ralbag)
  • Aharon HaKohen of Lunel, Narbonne
  • Yosef Caspi, Provence
  • Levi ben Gershon (Ralbag), Provence
  • Eshtori HaParchi (Kaftor VeFerach) Provence


  • Detailed biographies for all these Sages will be added as the Project evolves.