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Menasseh ben Yossef ben Israel MP (1604 - 1657)

"Manoel Dias Soeiro", "Menasheh ben Yossef ben Yisrael", "MB"Y"

Note; Some historians argue that Menasseh ben Israel was born in Amsterdam on the October 3, 1606 and died on the December 2, 1659. Others claim that Menasseh ben Israel was born on the island of Madei...

1/26/2010 10/4/2013

Henrique de Caceres MP (deceased)

Henrique (or Henry) de Caceres , who lived in England ca. 1650, probably the same who, with Benjamin de Caceres, petitioned the king on April 8, 1661 to permit them to live and trade in Barbados and Su...

10/4/2013 10/4/2013

Simon de Caceres MP (deceased)

Simon de Caceres : Military strategist, merchant, and communal leader; flourished in the middle of the seventeenth century. He was prominent in mercantile affairs in Hamburg, London, South America, and...

10/4/2013 10/4/2013

Duarte Henriques Alvares MP (deceased)

"Daniel Cohen Henriques"

He was an uncle of Antonio Rodrigues Robles .

10/1/2013 10/1/2013

Antonio Rodriguez Robles MP (c.1620 - 1688)

"Isaac Barzillay", "Ishac Barzillay"

Antonio Rodriguez Robles . English Marano merchant and shipper; born at Fundăo, Portugal, about 1620. It is probable that he was one of the Neo-Christians who attempted to reestablish the Spanish domin...

10/1/2013 10/1/2013

Joachim Chaim Gans MP (deceased)

Joachim Gans (other spellings: Jeochim, Jochim, Gaunz, Ganse, Gaunse) was a Bohemian mining expert and renowned for being the first recorded Jew to live in North America. German mining expert who fig...

12/23/2010 4/10/2013

Antonio Israel Fernandes Carvajal MP (1590 - 1659)

"António Fernandes Carvalhal"

An associate of Antonio Rodriguez Robles and Simon de Caceres .

11/8/2008 2/23/2013

Simon Isaac MP (b. - aft.1685)

"In 1662 [sic, recte 1652] a lease pertaining to property in Belfast refers to a Manuel Lightfoot 'a tailor and a Jew,' and from 1685 onward, a Simon Isaac , of Ballywalter, Co. Down, appears in numero...

1/17/2013 2/16/2013

Manuel Lightfoot MP (b. - aft.1652)

Manuel Lightfoot , a Jewish tailor, was living in Belfast in 1652. See Ireland at "Whilst England can date the arrival of Jews to the medieval period, the earliest record ...

1/16/2013 2/16/2013

Rebecca Vance MP (c.1621 - aft.1648)

"Rebecca Basticia", "Rebacca Bastisia"

Rebecca Baptista (or Basticia ) (c1621-after 1648). She is recorded in the birth record of her daughter Katherine as Rebacca Bastisia . Her surname suggests that she was a converted Jew, a Gypsy, or a ...

10/10/2008 2/16/2013

Anthony Baptista MP (c.1615 - 1684)

"Anthonius Baptista"

1/7/2013 2/16/2013

John Baptista MP (c.1600 - aft.1667)

"Joanna Baptista", "Jon Baptista", "John Baptista Quarantine"

John Baptista , an Italian physician and apothecary living in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was probably a converted Jew. He might have been father or brother of Rebecca (Baptista) Vance , wife of Joseph V...

12/31/2012 2/16/2013

Cantor Benjamin Levy MP (1601 - 1631)

Benjamin was Cantor at the New London Synagogue, London, England in 1664. In 1654 he was Cantor, Hazzan, & Bodeck in Recife, Brazil; but was forced to flee when the Portuguese conquered Recife and star...

6/13/2007 2/14/2013