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Johan Gustafsson MP (1618 - 1682)

Johan married Brita Mansdotter (1639-1724) about 1655, probably at Fort Trinity in New Sweden. Brita is believed to be the daughter of Mans Andersson and wife Brita. Mans and Brita came to New Sweden i...

1/22/2007 12/12/2011

Måns Andersson (1599 - 1679)

Måns Andersson, who had arrived in New Sweden on the Kalmar Nyckel in 1640. After Mans joined in the 1653 complaint against Governor Printz, he fled New Sweden and obtained refuge at Fort Casi...

1/22/2007 12/1/2011

Peter Hollender Ridder (1608 - 1692)

Peter Hollander Ridder (1608-1692) was the governor of the Swedish colony of New Sweden in Delaware (1640-1643). Peter Hollander Ridder's father was a Dutchman living in Ekenäs, Finland. Pet...

1/31/2008 11/30/2011

Sven Gunnarsson MP (1610 - 1678)

In August 1639, the Swedish government, needing settlers for its New Sweden colony, sent word to the governors of Elfsborg, Dalsland and Värmland to capture deserted soldiers and others who had ...

4/22/2008 11/30/2011

Anders Larson Dalbo (1620 - 1670)

Anders Larsson Dalbo from Dalsland, Sweden who had been sent to the New Sweden colony on the Kalmar Nyckel in 1640 as punishment for a minor crime. After seven years of servitude, he secured employment...

1/15/2008 11/29/2011

Anders Svensson Bonde (1620 - 1694)

Bonde (pronounced Boon-de in Swedish) means "farmer" and was adopted as a surname by Anders Svensson, born in 1620, one of the farmers hired by Cornelius Van Vliet of Gothenburg in 1639 to work in th...

11/8/2011 11/29/2011

Peter Gunnarson Rambo MP (1611 - 1698)

See Peter Gunnarsson Rambo english Wikipedia article Rambo Family Tree Peter Gunnarsson chose the distinctive surname of Rambo from his place of origin, Hisingen, the northwestern section of ...

11/5/2007 11/29/2011

Gunnar Mattson Rambo MP (1579 - 1698)

Gunnar Mattson was the Ancestor of Gunnar Rambo, born January 6, 1649, died January 1724 at the age of 75 at "Matzong" in Upper Merion township of present Montgomery County, Pa. Married Anna Cock (...

3/29/2008 11/25/2011

He came to New Sweden in the Fall 1639 on "Kalmar Nyckel", returned to Sweden, married and returned to New Sweden with his wife Gunnila on the "Mercurius", landing at Fort Christina ( later New Castl...

4/21/2007 11/21/2011