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David Besse MP (1649 - 1676)

10/3/2009 Yesterday

Proof needed for parents. It seems unlikely he was an Atwood as referenced below Thomas Wood1 M, #119519, b. circa 1643 Father John Atwood1 b. 14 Dec 1614, d. 7 Mar 1675 Mother Sarah Masterso...

4/6/2007 5/5/2018

Joseph Pritchard MP (1654 - 1675)


Family of Roger Prichard & Elizabeth Prudden Joseph Prichard. Born on 2 Oct 1654 in Milford, CT.62 Joseph was baptized in First Church of Milford.61 Joseph died in 1676.61 Joseph died in King Phi...

7/15/2008 2/15/2018

Ephraim Turner MP (1639 - d.)

biography From Soldiers in King Philip's War: Being a Critical Account of that War, with a ... By George Madison Bodge page 178 EPHRAIM TURNER, Capt. Oliver's lieutenant in this expedition, was the...

12/26/2017 12/26/2017

Toleration Harris MP (1645 - 1675)

Killed during King Philip's War.

11/13/2016 12/21/2017

Capt. James Sands MP (c.1622 - 1695)

"Capt. James"

SANDS, James, Captain [1622-1694/95] English-American pioneer. One of 16 purchasers and leader of the settlers of Block Island, constable. Captain James Sandys was born in Reading, Berkshire County, ...

3/27/2008 12/11/2017

Robert Pease MP (1656 - 1744)

Not the same as Robert Pease, Jr. Robert Pease Birth: May 14, 1656 Salem Essex County Massachusetts, USA Death: Jul. 21, 1744 Enfield Hartford County Connecticut, USA Soldier in Kings Philips...

11/5/2017 11/6/2017

George Martin, Sr. MP (1618 - 1686)

"George Marten"

George MARTIN was born in 1618 in Romsey, Hampshire, England. Comment: FHL show place of birth as Ramsey, Hampshire, England. Cannot find this place in any England reference books or maps. Book sho...

2/19/2007 8/13/2017

John Scott, of Roxbury MP (1646 - bef.1715)

Biography From link to "Scott genealogy : [descendants of John Scott of Roxbury ...]" John Scott, the founder of the line of Scotts in America, with which this genealogy deals, was probably not b...

3/12/2008 5/4/2017

Thomas “was an officer in King Philip’s Indian War, and a selectman several years. He lived in the westerly part of Reading, where was the ancient Bancroft homestead. He built the fourth house in West ...

12/31/2008 4/27/2017

Capt. Jonathan Poole, of Reading MP (aft.1634 - 1678)

Jonathan Poole Birth: 1634 - Middlesex, Middlesex, Massachusetts Parents: John Poole, Margaret Champney Wife: Judith (1636-1704) Death: Dec 24 1678 - Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts Cap...

9/21/2007 4/27/2017

Zachariah Phillips MP (c.1625 - 1675)

"Zeckary", "Zechariah", "Zackary"

Zachariah Phillips died 2 Aug 1675, killed by Indians as a soldier in KIng Philip's War, the ambush called "Wheeler's Suprise" at Brookfield, Worcester County, Massachusetts. family Married A...

12/16/2008 4/9/2017

Daniel Cole, of Eastham MP (1614 - 1694)

Daniel Cole- served in King Philip's War Birth: 1614 in Duxbury, Lancashire, England Death: 21 DEC 1694 in Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts Note: "We, John Cole, Timonty Cole, Israel Cole...

2/16/2007 3/27/2017

Timothy Cole MP (1646 - 1695)

SMITH, Ruth b. ABT 1655 Eastham, Barnstable, Mass. Parents: Father: SMITH, Richard Mother: BOWEN, Ruth Family: Marriage: ABT 1670 Eastham, Barnstable, Mass. Spouse: COLE, Timothy, served ...

4/10/2008 3/27/2017

Capt. Jonathan Bangs MP (c.1640 - 1728)

"Jonathan; Banks", "John; Bangs", "Johnathon; Bangs"

Capt Jonathan Bangs- served in King Philip's War Birth: Feb. 25, 1640 Massachusetts, USA Death: Nov. 19, 1728 Brewster, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA Died at age 88. Family link...

5/22/2007 3/27/2017

Luke Perkins MP (1641 - 1709)

Find A Grave Memorial# 111948648; Birth:  1641 in Hampton, Rockingham County, New Hampshire, USA Death:   Mar. 20, 1709 in Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA Luke Perkins was born ...

10/5/2008 3/27/2017

Isaac Pierce MP (1641 - 1731)


Although Isaac was a Member of the Society of Friends (Quakers), he served in King Philip’s War.

7/12/2008 3/27/2017

Thomas Baker MP (1645 - 1703)

Served in King Philip's War as did brothers Daniel, William, and Samuel. From Sally Thomas: Thomas b. 1645/5 he married c 1699 a woman named Bathsheba. It has been suggested with a high d...

7/3/2008 3/27/2017

Capt. Samuel Fuller MP (1646 - 1676)

5/10/2008 3/27/2017

George Way MP (c.1620 - 1690)

There is a discussion on Henry Way, George Way in Great Migrations within the NEHGS online site. Still awaiting the URL for this discussion to verify that Henry Way should be disconnected from George W...

3/10/2007 3/10/2017

Samuel Guild MP (1647 - 1730)

Married Mary Woodcock on 09/29/1676. Residence : USA - Between 1626 and 1895 Military service : Member of Capt Moseley's Company in King Philip's War 1675-1676. Military service at Woodcock's gar...

6/9/2007 2/17/2017

Capt. John Grout, Jr. MP (1619 - 1697)

I. Capt. John Grout, (son of John Grout & ?Priscilla?) b. Abt 1616, England, d. 25 Jul 1697, Sudbury Massachusetts, m. 1st Abt 1637, Mary (Cakebread), b. Abt 1616, d. Abt 1641, m. 2nd 1643, Sarah (Busb...

3/19/2008 12/13/2016

John Broughton, II MP (1654 - 1731)

Son of John I Broughton and Hannah Bascom. Soldier in King Philip's War. Husband of 1) Elizabeth Woodruff, married 28 Oct 1678 Farmington, Hartford Co., CT. Father of Ebenezer, John III, Samuel I, Ma...

7/4/2008 12/1/2016

Nathaniel Mott, Jr. MP (1631 - 1675)

Name: Nathaniel Mott Sex: M Birth: BEF 1630 Death: 23 FEB 1675/76 in Braintree, Norfolk, Mass-killed by Indians in King Philips' War Note: 21 JUN 1664 : In jail for selling liquor to the indian...

9/26/2007 11/3/2016

Jonathan Emery MP (1652 - 1723)

"Johathan /Emery/"

NOTE: Jonathan Emery was the only child of John Emery III THE IMMIGRANT and Mary (Shatswell) Webster widow of John Webster Links More on ancestry & descendants here at John & Anthony's Book /...

5/18/2007 10/14/2016

Walter Morey MP (c.1652 - 1727)

Walter Morey 1652 Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts. He was a soldier on 24 Mar 1675 Milton and Braintree, Suffolk, Massachusetts; source NEHGR, King Philips War.

5/28/2008 10/8/2016

Onesiphorus Stanley, of Penn's Neck MP (c.1650 - c.1697)

"Onisiphorus Standley"

notes===From Savage, vol. 4, page 1 STANLEY, or STANDLEY, ... ONESIPHORUS, Roxbury, was of Moseley's comp. in Dec. 1675. From page 329 of The History of Malden, Massachusetts, 1633-1785 By Delo...

10/6/2016 10/7/2016

John Harvey, of Amesbury MP (1655 - 1706)

John HARVEY was born on 5 FEB 1654/55 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. Parents: William HARVEY and Martha COPP. Spouse: Sarah BARNES. John HARVEY and Sarah BARNES were married on 26 OCT ...

5/9/2008 8/16/2016

Richard Prouty MP (1652 - 1708)

From Mary Mallum...some things I learned about Richard Prouty. Credit for this information is from other sources. PROUTY FAMILY IN AMERICA Richard Prouty was born on September 3, 1652 in England, G...

6/2/2009 7/25/2016

Zachariah Sawtell, Sr. MP (1643 - 1691)

"Zachariah Sawtelle"

Zachariah Sawtell (son of Richard Sawtelle and Elizabeth) was born July 26, 1643 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, and died 1691. He married (1) Elizabeth Harris on April 1668 (2) Anna Parker. ...

5/8/2008 7/20/2016

Zoeth Howland MP (c.1636 - 1676)


Zoeth Howland, son of Henry, was born in Duxbury, and settled in Dartmouth as early as 1662. He took the oath of fidelity in Duxbury in 1657, and probably about this time with his father became a conve...

1/22/2007 7/16/2016

Samuel Wright MP (c.1654 - c.1676)

Brothers John, Isaac and Samuel Wright likely died in King Philip’s War, although their names aren’t included in Bodge’s Soldiers in King Philip’s War. Apparently none were married nor had children. ...

9/4/2007 6/30/2016

John Wright MP (c.1647 - bef.1676)

Brothers John, Isaac and Samuel Wright likely died in King Philip’s War, although their names aren’t included in Bodge’s Soldiers in King Philip’s War. Apparently none were married nor had children. ...

9/4/2007 6/30/2016

Isaac Wright MP (1652 - 1676)

Brothers John, Isaac and Samuel Wright likely died in King Philip’s War, although their names aren’t included in Bodge’s Soldiers in King Philip’s War. Apparently none were married nor had children. ...

9/4/2007 6/30/2016

Eleazer Clapp MP (1652 - 1676)

Son of Thomas Clapp and his 2nd wife. Barnstable Familes page 249. Says he " was a soldier in King Phillips War and was slain at Rehobath,.March 26, 1675. He had no family in Barnstable.

11/20/2008 6/29/2016

John Coddington MP (1653 - aft.1715)

John Coddington Born: 9 Feb 1653, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts Died: After 1715, Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., New Jersey Father: John CODDINGTON Abt 1605-1655) Mother: Emm (1633-Bef 1702)...

9/1/2007 6/21/2016

Jonathan Lummus MP (c.1643 - 1728)

5/30/2016 5/30/2016

Stephen Larrabee MP (c.1630 - 1676)

"Stephen Larrabee"

Stephen Larrabee Sex: M Birth: in England Death: SEP 1676 in Jewell's Island, Me. (Killed By Indians) Residence: Casco Bay (North Yarmouth) family From Stephen Larrabee  in Casclo Bay...

9/1/2007 5/28/2016

Thomas Larrabee MP (1662 - 1723)

Thomas Larrabee Sex: M Birth: in North Yarmouth, Me. Death: 19 APR 1723 in Scarborough, Me. Father: Stephen Larrabee b: in England Mother: Unnamed (?) b: in North Yarmouth, Me. Family ...

4/21/2008 5/28/2016

Capt. Joseph Wadsworth, Sr. MP (1650 - 1739)

Joseph Wadsworth Sex: M Birth: 1647/1650 in Hartford, Connecticut Death: 1729 in Hartford, Connecticut Father: William Wadsworth b: 1600 in Long Beckley, Norfolk, England Mother: Elizabeth ...

4/27/2008 5/16/2016

Sgt. Joseph Bixby MP (1621 - 1700)

9/1/2007 5/13/2016

Capt. John Call, Jr. MP (1658 - 1732)

JOHN CALL was baptized July, 1662; died May 4, 1732; married July 20, 1681, Martha Lowden, who was born at Charlestown, Mass., in 1659; died September 4, 1729. She was a daughter of Richard Lowden, who...

1/24/2007 2/10/2016

Ezekiel Woodward MP (bef.1624 - 1699)

Christened May 8, 1624, Puddington, Bedford, England. He was a carpenter and served in King Philip's War, obtaining the rank of Sergeant. As a bonus, he was given a land in Buxton, Maine, which he im...

5/30/2008 1/5/2016

Ens. Phineas Sprague MP (1665 - 1736)

‎ ' "New England Marriages Prior to 1700", by Torrey, page 698. 'Phineas Sprague (1670-1736) & Elizabeth (Green) (1673-1747). This more clearly matches the Phineas Sprague married to Elizabeth Un...

10/19/2008 12/24/2015

John Sprague, Jr. MP (1651 - 1703)

'John Sprague (1652 - 1703) John Sprague Born 9 Mar 1652 in Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts Son of John Sprague and Lydia (Goffe) Sprague Brother of Lidia (Sprague) Greenland, Jonathan Sprag...

11/22/2008 12/24/2015

Jonathan Sprague MP (1656 - 1730)

[ The Sprague Project] "The Sprague Family: from Dorset, to Massachusetts & Gibraltar", by Joan Watkins, 1992, correspondent. (NOTE: continued from Jonathan Sprague's father, Capt John Spragu...

4/9/2007 12/24/2015

Capt. Hugh Mason MP (bef.1606 - 1678)

Capt. Hugh Mason was born in Maldon, Co. Essex, England, abt 1605. Died Watertown, Mass., on 10 Oct 1678 (Data from Mason), the progenitor of many bearing that name and who are widely scattered over th...

6/16/2007 12/23/2015

Cpl. Daniel Landon MP (c.1650 - 1689)

He settled in Farmington, Conn. and married Ann Lobdell. Records show he was a Corporal in King Phillips war in 1675. King Phillip was an Indian chief, and Daniel was under the, command of Capt. Josh...

4/1/2007 11/20/2015

Thomas Hungerford, ll MP (c.1648 - 1714)

"Thomas Hunerford"

Thomas and his wife Mary appeared before the New London County Court on the 6th of June, 1671, and were found guilty of fornication before marriage, and were fined five pounds. The County Treasurer acc...

4/21/2007 11/20/2015

Richard Swan MP (bef.1607 - bef.1678)

Richard Swan (son of Robert Swan and Ann Trumbull) was christened December 23, 1607 in Gilberdyke, Eastrington Parish, East Yorkshire, England, and was buried May 14, 1678 in Rowley, Essex County, Mass...

1/28/2007 11/16/2015

William Cleaves, of Roxbury MP (c.1636 - 1676)

On 4 November 1659 William Cleaves married Sarah Chandler, daughter of William Chandler and Annis Bayford, in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.1,2 William Cleaves was killed by Indians on Tuesday...

2/19/2009 11/16/2015

John Baker Birth: 25 MAR 1654 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA / Woburn, Middlesex, MA Death: in Swanzey, MA 2 3 Parents: John Baker & Susanna Martin Married: Hannah Polley Military Service: S...

10/31/2008 11/5/2015

Joseph Lewis MP (c.1646 - 1675)

Joseph Lewis b. say 1646; m. Swansea June 13, 1671 Mary Jones, daughter of Robert and Ann (Bibble) Jones. 7. Joseph Lewis who died Swansea, MA. 24 June 1675 (the first white man slain in King Philip'...

5/29/2008 10/23/2015

John Titus MP (1627 - 1689)

John Titus was baptized 18 Dec 1627 at St. Katherine’ s Parish, near Stanstead Abbotts, Hertfordshire, England, thirty miles from London.  His parents were Robert TITUS and Hannah CARTER.   He emigrate...

4/18/2007 10/19/2015

Thomas Lake BIRTH: c1656\57 per "John Peet and His Descendants". MARR: Sarah Peat/Peet ("Old Fairfield", p. 372), dau of John Peet ("John Peet of Stratford", p. 13). She was b. 3 Oct 1665 (Cother...

9/21/2007 10/14/2015

David Lake MP (1646 - 1709)

Link to grave On 10 Aug 1667, he enlisted in a troop of horse raised at Portsmouth for the Dutch War. On 27 Feb 1668/9, he was made a freeman at Portsmouth. David was the son of a the first recorde...

1/10/2008 10/14/2015

John Randall MP (c.1635 - 1680)

Sgt. JOHN RANDALL (1635-1680) & SUSANNA KIMBALL (1632-1673) John Randall was born about 1635 of Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts. He was married to Susanna Kimball about 1660 in Massachusetts. He ...

3/9/2009 10/6/2015

Hannah Jennings MP (c.1648 - 1710)

"Ann Dickinson", "Widow Gillett"

grave Hannah’s father and first husband Samuel died in the Turner’s Falls battle of 1676. Four months after her second marriage to Stephen Jennings in 1677, she was captured by the Indians and carrie...

7/11/2008 9/30/2015

Mary Ives MP (1671 - 1716)

[Hannah's father John Dickenson and her first husband Samuel Gillett had been killed by Indians at the Fall's Fight, later her second husband Stephen Jennings would be killed by Indians.] [Hannah had...

10/14/2007 9/30/2015

Samuel Gillette MP (1673 - 1769)


[Hannah's father John Dickenson and her first husband Samuel Gillett had been killed by Indians at the Fall's Fight, later her second husband Stephen Jennings would be killed by Indians.] [Hannah had...

7/11/2008 9/30/2015

Clement Weaver MP (1647 - 1691)

"Capt Clement Weaver"

grave "For his honorable service during King Phillip's War of 1675 - 1677, young Clement Weaver, along with 49 other veterans were each given large parcels of land in what was then a barren outpost n...

12/14/2007 9/30/2015

Henry Whelden MP (bef.1619 - 1694)


Gabriel Whelden (c1583-1654)  married (1) about 1610 Unknown;  [possibly m(2) 3 Aug 1617 Mary Davis]   m(3) Jane;  m.(4) 1649 Margaret Matthews. Children were baptized at St Leodegarius Church, Basfo...

8/9/2008 9/12/2015

Richard Taylor, of Sudbury MP (c.1652 - 1694)

Richard Taylor was born circa 1650.4 From Edmund Rice Association on 17 October 1677 at Sudbury, MA.1,2,3,5,6 Hannah Rice, widow of Eleazer Ward, married 2nd Richard Taylor. She was the daughter of...

2/21/2009 9/12/2015

John Witt, Jr., of Lynn MP (1645 - 1675)

1034. John Witt, born 1645 in Lynn, Mass. Bay Colony; died in Lynn, Mass. Bay Colony. He was the son of 2068. JOHN WITT and 2069. SARAH ROOLES. He married 1035. Elizabeth Baker June 14, 1676 in Lynn, M...

4/22/2007 7/25/2015

Joseph Parker, of Andover MP (1614 - 1678)

Joseph Parker Birth: Feb 6 1614 - Newbury, Berkshire, England Death: Nov 5 1678 - Andover, Essex, Massachusetts Wife: Mary Stevens Children: Stephen Parker, Thomas Parker, Samuel Parker, Jose...

6/29/2007 7/12/2015

Capt. John Gould, of Topsfield MP (1635 - 1710)

"John Gold", "Captain john Gould"

John Gould Birth: Jun. 21, 1635 Great Missenden Buckinghamshire, England Death: Jan. 26, 1710 Topsfield Essex County Massachusetts Parents: Zaccheus Gould & Phebe Deacon Married: Sarah Bake...

8/5/2007 7/8/2015

Sgt. John Curtis MP (bef.1614 - 1707)

"John Curtiss"

John Curtis Born: baptized on 26 Feb 1611/1612, Nazeing, Essex, England Died: in Stratford, Fairfield Co., CT, on 6 Dec 1707; he was 96. Parents: son of John Curtis & Elizabeth Hutchins Marri...

2/20/2007 6/11/2015

Thomas Eastman MP (1646 - 1688)

Links 'Thomas Eastman Other sources give other possible birth dates 9/11/16 November 1646 Thomas EASTMAN Born on 11 Sep 1646 in Salisbury, Massachusetts. Thomas died in Haverhill, Massachuset...

1/27/2007 6/5/2015

Sgt. John Keyzar MP (c.1648 - 1697)


John was a native of Lynn, whence he went with his father to Salem, and removed from that town to Haverhill, Massachusetts, in 1674. He followed the occupation of his father, and was given a parcel of ...

1/30/2009 6/4/2015

Ensign James Kidder, Sr. MP (c.1626 - 1676)

[1] James Kidder, the immigrant ancestor, was born at East Grinstead, county Sussex, England, in 1626, and was at Cambridge, MA in 1650. In 1653 he occupied a farm of two hundred and eighty-nine acres,...

3/9/2008 5/15/2015

Rev. George Burroughs MP (c.1650 - 1692)


Reverend George Burroughs (c1650 - 1692) - Executed for witchcraft in the infamous Salem witch trials, George Burroughs was born about 1650 in Suffolk County, England, the son of Nathaniel Burroughs (1...

9/6/2008 5/14/2015

Nathaniel Loomis, Sr. MP (1626 - 1688)

Nathaniel Loomis was Freeman in 1654 and admitted to the church May 3, 1663. Was a member of Windsor Troop of Horse in King Phillips War. His will is preserved at Hartford, Connecticut and is signed ...

6/8/2007 5/13/2015

James Franklin MP (c.1650 - 1721)

James Franklin b.abt 1650 d.abt 1721 'James had been a soldier in Phillip's War. ... On 9 Dec. 1675 he was one of Capt. Samuel Moseleys volunteer troopers and was present at the Great Swamp F...

11/14/2007 4/16/2015

John Wyman was killed by Indians at the "Great Swamp Fight" during King Phillip's war in Rhode Island, December 19 1675. He was 27 years old. ' wikitree: (Last modified 11 Feb 2016) 'John Wym...

6/25/2007 4/16/2015

William Carpenter, of Rehoboth MP (c.1605 - 1659)

"William Carpenter II", "Captain William Carpenter", "William Carpenter (II) of Rehoboth"

William Carpenter of Rehoboth was born in England about 1605 and died at Rehoboth, Plymouth Colony, on 7 February 1658[/9]. He is buried along with his wife in Old Rehoboth (Newman) Cemetery, in pres...

3/19/2007 4/10/2015

John Frink, II MP (1639 - 1717)

Born in 1639 in County Devon, England, John Frink d 1717, in Stonington, CT, where his original hand-carved fieldstone marker still exists beside the modern tombstone placed there by Major General Jame...

3/17/2008 3/5/2015

Nathaniel Holmes MP (c.1638 - c.1710)

Nathaniel Holmes George bricklayer was born in Roxbury Feb 1, 1639 and died there in 1711 probably in February as his will was proved March 12, 1712. He married first Sarah Wiswall daughter of Thomas W...

2/20/2008 3/1/2015

William Peter Blackmore, II MP (1636 - 1676)

"Blackmer", "Blackmore"

Notes for WILLIAM BLACKMORE: William Died Scituate MA 21 Apr 1676 ("killed by Indians") William arrived at Scituate in 1665, to be heir to his mother's brother, Peter Collamore (who had no children...

9/21/2008 3/1/2015

Major John Greene, Jr. MP (1620 - 1708)


Maj John Greene Find A Grave Memorial# 17902898 Spring Greene Burial Ground, Warwick, Kent County, Rhode Island, USA Find A Grave . From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

8/17/2007 2/7/2015

Moses Whitney, Sr MP (1655 - 1723)

He married, 30 Sep 1686, Stow, MA, Sarah Knight "of Cambridge".[2] She was born about 1666, according to her age at death, which is consistent with her marriage date and the births of her children. Her...

9/4/2007 1/24/2015

Thomas Weld MP (bef.1626 - 1683)

4103. Thomas Weld. Born ca Jul 1626 in Terling, Essex. Thomas was baptized in Terling, Essex, on 26 Jul 1626.50 Thomas died on 17 Jan 1682/3 in Roxbury, MA.74 Fever. On 4 Jun 1650 Thomas married Doro...

7/3/2008 1/22/2015

George Harrington MP (1655 - 1675)

George born November 24, 1655 member of Captain Wadsworth's company and was killed by the Indians at Lancaster 1675/76. In February 1675 6 George Harrington, a member of the company of Captain Samuel...

1/25/2009 1/18/2015

Samuel Whitney MP (1648 - 1730)

Samuel Whitney served in King Philip's War: * 5 Oct 1675, Boston, MA, appears on a pay roll of Capt. Henchman's company, wages £1-18s-6d.[4] * 9 Nov 1675, he was paid 4s. 4d. for service at the Gar...

5/26/2008 1/17/2015

Thomas Barnes, of Marlboro MP (1636 - 1679)


biography From The first BARNES in the colonies was Thomas BARNES (BARENCE), who was born in Barkling, Essex, England, about 1636. He came to America at the age of twenty, on the Speedwell, arrivin...

9/21/2007 1/17/2015

Lieut. John Drury MP (1646 - 1678)

Lieutenant John DRURY, son of Hugh DRURY, was born May 2, 1646, and baptized March 19, 1649, at Boston. He died in 1678, before his father, leaving an estate valued at five hundred and sixty-two pounds...

8/17/2007 1/13/2015

John Kinne MP (1651 - 1718)

"Kenny", "Keeney"

The son of HENRY & ANN (PUTNAM) KINNEY/KENEY/KINNE, he married Elizabeth Looke on June 17, 1675 at Salem. They lived in Newbury from 1691 to 1710. He fought Indians in King Philip's War.* Updated from ...

3/14/2008 12/22/2014

Rev. William Brattle MP (1662 - 1717)

William Brattle Born: 22 Nov 1662, Boston MA Died: 15 Feb 1717, Cambridge MA Buried: Cambridge MA son of Thomas William Brattle and Elizabeth Tyng Marriage: Elizabeth Hayman on 3 Nov 1697 i...

3/6/2012 12/22/2014

Lieut. Nathaniel Williams MP (1642 - 1714)

"Hon. Lieut. Nathaniel Williams of Boston"

Nathaniel Williams b.16 Sep 1642 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts d.23 Dec 1714 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts Parents: Nathaniel Williams, Mary Married: 1) Lydia 2) Mary Oliver, widow of Jonat...

12/20/2014 12/20/2014

Peter Shumway, Sr. MP (1635 - 1695)

from, The Shumway Root Cellar According to family tradition, Peter I "the soldier" came from France. He was probably a Huguenot. In the period leading up to the Revocation of the Edic...

8/28/2007 11/30/2014

Ensign John Coolidge, Jr. MP (1628 - 1690)

Born prob in England, soldier in King Philip's war

10/24/2007 11/30/2014

Thomas Hawley MP (1609 - 1676)

"Thomas Hawley the immigrant"

From The Hawley Society "Thomas Hawley is commonly believed to be a brother of Joseph Hawley (1603-1690). Given that the year of his birth is an assumption, he could possibly have been a son from a m...

11/29/2014 11/29/2014

Lieut. John Johnson MP (bef.1632 - 1708)

John Johnson , son of William Johnson and Elizabeth Story, was baptized on 5 Sep 1632 Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England and died on 29 Aug 1708 Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts. along with his wife; they...

5/23/2008 11/20/2014

Thomas Copeland MP (1654 - 1706)

Thomas Copeland Birth: Feb 6 1654 - Braintree, Massachusetts (Norfolk) Death: June 6 1706 - Braintree, Massachusetts (Norfolk) Parents: Lawrence Copeland, Jr., Lydia Towsend Second son of L...

10/26/2007 11/14/2014

Ebenezer Dibble MP (1641 - 1675)

Ebenezer Dibble was killed in battle at The Swamp Fight, Pequot War. The Swamp Fight was an enagement on December the 19th, 1675, during King Philip's War that occurred in the Narragansett country, i...

4/3/2007 10/20/2014

William Cheney, IV MP (1704 - 1756)

Children of William and Joanna Thayer Caleb Cheney Abigail Cheeny Levi Cheney Joanna Cheney Susanna Cheney Wales Cheney Nathaniel Cheney Mary Cheney Ebenezer Cheney William Cheney...

2/3/2009 10/5/2014

John Ames MP (1647 - 1725)

The Ames families in Bridgewater and Easton are one family, descended from John and Cyprian (Browne) Ames of Bruton, Somerset, England. John and Cyprian's son William and and his wife Hannah (___) ...

2/2/2008 10/3/2014

Sgt. Samuel Sabin MP (c.1640 - 1699)

"of Rekobath", "Massachusetts"

Samuel Sabin Birth: 1640 / 1641 - Titchfield, Hampshire, England / Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts Death: Sep 23 1699 - Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts Parents: William Sabin & his 1st wife (...

8/28/2007 9/20/2014

Find A Grave Memorial# 60460458 ; Birth:   1634 in Inworth, Essex, England Death:  1696 in New London, New London County, Connecticut, USA John Plumbe was born about 1634 to George and Grace Pl...

4/26/2008 9/13/2014

Abraham Parker, Sr MP (1612 - 1685)

The following information was recorded in a family Bible of Lillie Mann Neely (descendant of Abraham Parker): "Abraham Parker: 1612 - 1685 from England to Woburn, Massachusetts circa 1635. Was a fr...

3/14/2007 9/2/2014

William Merriam, Sr. MP (1628 - bef.1689)

From New England Families (III) William (2), son of Joseph and Sara (Goldstone) Merriam, was born in county Kent, England, about 1624, died in 1689, and was buried May 22. He joined the church and wa...

2/2/2007 8/21/2014