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Dui mac Daui Tengae Umai Ó Briuin, King of Connaught was born in 425, in Ireland, to Dauí - Duach Tenga Uma (+ ) of Connaught. Dauí was born in 395, in Ireland. Dui had 5 brothers: Seannach King of Wes...

10/11/2008 3/14/2011

Eogan, King of Connaught MP (c.440 - 467)

7/4/2008 3/14/2011

Brion mac Echdach (Lebor Gabála Érenn) MP (480 - 542)

"King Brion in /Ireland/", "Brion (Brian) King Of Connacht", "Brion macEchach Muigmedoin King of Connacht", "king of Connacht"

From Brion was a half-brother of the famous Niall of the Nine Hostages. Brión (?) (1) M, #284111 Last Edited=20 May 2008 Brión (?) is the son of Eochaid Mugmedón (?). (1) Child of Brión (?) ...

3/25/2007 3/12/2011

Muireadach Tireach (Lebor Gabála Érenn) MP (c.294 - 356)

"Murdeach Tireach", "High King of Ireland"

born: 261 173 251 died: 326 226 356 Muiredach Tirech, son of Fiacha Sraibhtine, was a legendary High King of Ireland of the 4th century. He gained power by exiling the three Collas, who had killed ...

5/26/2007 11/3/2010

Maedhb ingen Echdach, Queen of Connaught MP (deceased)

"Medb", "Maeve"

8/21/2007 11/2/2010

Ailill Mac Mata Ailill was the king of Connacht. Ailill was the son of Russ Ruad, and he had two brothers, Connra Cas and Eochaid Dála, who were also kings of Connacht. Ailill was married Medb ...

12/22/2008 11/2/2010

Eochaidh Feidlioch mac Fionn, Rí na h'Éireann MP (c.60 - 130)

"Eochaidh Feidhlioch", "Eochaidh Feldlioch", "Eochaid Feidlach", "Eochaid Feidlech", "Eochaid Faidlioch", "Eochu Feidlech", "Eodchaidh Feidhlioch", "Sodchardh", "Eochaide Feidioch"

"the enduring" NOTES. Dates are referred Before Christ. Las fechas se refieren a era Antes de Cristo. No hay una fecha segura en cuanto a la [epoca de Eochaid. Mientras unos lo sitúan a la par de...

8/21/2007 11/2/2010