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8/20/2013 1/3/2018

8/20/2013 1/3/2018

Jedvard Bonde MP (1070 - 1159)

Familj med ? Barn: Erik 'den helige' (- 1159) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Noteringar Erik den heliges far hette Jedvard och att döma av ...

2/3/2007 9/7/2017

William de Ferrers, 3rd Earl of Derby Marriage Sybil De Braose b: 1146-1150 in Bramber, Sussex, England * Married: 1173-1174 in of Sussex, England Children 1. William II De Ferrers b: Abt 1162-...

6/10/2007 1/16/2016

Hugues I, comte de Troyes MP (c.1074 - 1126)

Hugh (c. 1074–1125) was the Count of Champagne from 1093 until his death. When Hugh became a Knight Templar himself in 1124, the Order comprised few more than a dozen knights, and the first Grand Mas...

12/29/2007 5/8/2013

Founder of the Knights of Templar with Hugh des Payens in 1118

5/17/2011 5/8/2013

He was commander of the Templar commandery of Bure-les-Templiers. Sources Thierry Leroy , Hugues de Payns: la naissance des Templiers : la mémoire retrouvée , 2011 " Hugues de Payns " at Wikipedia

2/7/2013 2/7/2013

Thibaud Gaudin, 22nd Templar Grand Master MP (c.1229 - 1292)

"Thibaut Gaudin", "Thiband Ggandin"

Thibaud Gaudin (1229? – April 16, 1292) was the Grand Master of the Knights Templar from August 1291 until his death in April 1292. The history of Thibaud Gaudin within the Order is rather myster...

2/5/2013 2/5/2013

Guillaume de Beaujeu, 21st Templar Grand Master MP (b. - 1291)

"Guillelmus de Bellocchio"

Guillaume de Beaujeu, aka William of Beaujeu, was the 21st Grand Master of the Knights Templar, from 1273 until his death during the siege of Acre in 1291. He was the last Grand Master to preside in ...

2/5/2013 2/5/2013

Thomas Bérard, 20th Templar Grand Master MP (b. - 1273)

"Thomas Béraud", "Thomas Bérault"

Thomas Bérard (also Béraud or Bérault) was the 20th Grand Master of the Knights Templar, from 1256 to 1273. He wrote several letters to the King Henry III of England describing miserable situatio...

2/5/2013 2/5/2013

Renaud de Vichiers, 19th Templar Grand Master MP (b. - 1256)

"Rainaldus de Vicherio"

Renaud de Vichiers was the 19th Grand Master of the Knights Templar from 1250 to 1256. He joined the Knights Templar and was appointed Preceptor of Saint-Jean-d'Acre in 1240 and Master of France ...

2/5/2013 2/5/2013

Guillaume de Sonnac, 18th Templar Grand Master MP (b. - 1250)

"Guillelmus de Sonayo"

Guillaume de Sonnac was Grand Master of the Knights Templar from 1247 to 1250. Personal life Sonnac was born to a noble family in the French region of Rouergue. No date of birth survives for ...

2/5/2013 2/5/2013

Richard de Bures may have been seventeenth Grand Master of the Knights Templar, from 1245 to 1247, although many sources make no mention of him. It is likely he simply acted as a Master during Périgo...

2/5/2013 2/5/2013

Armand de Périgord, 16th Templar Grand Master MP (1178 - c.1247)

"Hermann de Pierre-Grosse", "Hermannus Petragoricensis"

Armand de Périgord (or Hermann de Pierre-Grosse) (1178–1247?) was a descendant of the Counts of Périgord and a Grand Master of the Knights Templar. He was master of the Province of Apulia and Sic...

2/5/2013 2/5/2013

Pierre de Montaigu, 15th Templar Grand Master MP (b. - 1232)

"Pedro de Montaigu", "Petrus de Monteacuto"

Pedro de Montaigu was Grand Master of the Knights Templar from 1218 to 1232. He took part in the Fifth Crusade and was against the Sultan of Egypt's conditions for raising the siege of Damietta. He w...

10/31/2008 2/5/2013

Guillaume de Chartres, 14th Templar Grand Master MP (b. - 1218)

"Guillielmus de Carnoto", "Willemus de Carnoto"

Guillaume de Chartres (Guillielmus de Carnoto, Willemus de Carnoto) was a grand master of the Knights Templar 1210 – 26 August 1218. He was the son of Nilon III, the Count of Bar-sur-Seine. I...

2/5/2013 2/5/2013

Phillipe de Plessis, 13th Templar Grand Master MP (1165 - 1209)

"Plaissie", "Plesse", "Plessiez"

Philippe du Plessis (1165 – 12 November 1209) was the 13th Grand Master of the Knights Templar. He was born in the fortress of Plessis-Macé, Anjou, France. In 1189 he joined the Third Crusade as a si...

2/4/2013 2/4/2013

Gilbert Horal, 12th Templar Grand Master MP (b. - 1200)

"Gilbertus Erail / Herail / Arayl / Horal / Roral"

Gilbert Horal or Erail (died December 1200) was the 12th Grand Master of the Knights Templar. He was born an Aragonaise (from Aragon in Spain), and entered the Templars at a young age. He stayed ...

2/4/2013 2/4/2013

Gerard of Ridefort (died October 4, 1189) was Grand Master of the Knights Templar from the end of 1184 until his death in 1189. Early life Gerard of Ridefort is thought probably to have been ...

2/4/2013 2/4/2013

Arnau de Torroja, 9th Templar Grand Master MP (b. - 1184)

"Arnold of Torroja", "Arnaud de Toroge", "Arnaldus de Turre Rubea", "Arnald de Torroja"

Arnold of Torroja (in Catalan, Arnau de Torroja) was a Catalan knight and the ninth Grand Master of the Knights Templar from 1181 until his death in 1184. Personal life While no date of birth...

2/4/2013 2/4/2013

St. Bernard of Clairvaux MP (c.1090 - 1154)

" In the name of Jesus Christ, I beg you, go on loving God as I have taught you". Abbot of Clairvaux Bernard de Fontaine , abbé de Clairvaux (1090 ou 1091, château de Fontaine-lès-Dijon (Dijon)...

7/25/2012 2/4/2013

Bertrand de Blanchefort, 6th Templar Grand Master MP (b. - 1169)

"Bertrand de Blanquefort"

Bertrand de Blanchefort (or Blanquefort) was the sixth Grand Master of the Knights Templar, from 1156 until his death in 1169. He is known as a great reformer of the order. Personal life He w...

2/4/2013 2/4/2013

André de Montbard (5. November c. 1097 – 17 January 1156) was the fifth Grand Master of the Knights Templar and also one of the founders of the Order. The Montbard family came from Hochadel in Bu...

2/4/2013 2/4/2013

Bernard de Tremelay, 4th Templar Grand Master MP (aft.1100 - 1153)

"Dramelay", "Tramelay", "Tremelay", "duTremblay"

Bernard de Tramelay (died August 16, 1153) was the fourth Grand Master of the Knights Templar. Accounts addressing his ancestry vaguely state that Bernard came from an “illustrious” family in Burgundy....

4/24/2008 2/4/2013

Everard des Barres, 3rd Templar Grand Master MP (1113 - 1174)

"Ebrardus de Barris", "Eberhard von Barres", "Eberhard De Bären"

Everard des Barres (also Eberhard von Barres or Eberhard De Bären) (died 1174) was the third Grand Master of the Knights Templar from 1147 to 1151. As Preceptor of the Templars in France from 114...

2/4/2013 2/4/2013

Robert de Craon, 2nd Templar Grand Master MP (b. - 1147)

"Robertus Burgundio"

Robert de Craon (died January 13, 1147) was the second Grand Master of the Knights Templar, from June 1136 until his death. He was born around the turn of the 12th century, the youngest of the th...

2/4/2013 2/4/2013

Sir Hugh de Payns MP (c.1070 - 1136)

"Hugues de Payns", "Hugh Paynes", "Hugo de Peans", "Ugo de' Pagani"

It is relatively settled that Hugues de Payens , 1st Grand Master of the Order of Knights Templar, was a native of Champagne (France), and a son of Hugues I, seigneur de Montigny . (Thierry Leroy , Hug...

9/18/2011 2/4/2013

Medlands Felipe de Castilla De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre No confundir con Felipe I de Castilla. Felipe de Castilla (1231 - 28 de noviembre de 1274). Infante de Castilla, fue hijo de Fern...

8/10/2007 10/2/2011

William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke MP (1146 - 1219)

"William le Mareschal", "the Protector", "William the Marshal", "Guillaume le Maréchal", "Greatest Knight who ever lived"

"William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke (1146 or 1147 – 14 May 1219), also called William the Marshal (Norman French: Williame le Mareschal), was an Anglo-Norman soldier and statesman. He served five En...

6/22/2007 8/30/2011

William Marshal, 2nd Earl of Pembroke, Magna Carta Surety MP (c.1190 - 1231)

"the Marshall", "Earl of Pembroke", "Marshall", "le Mareschal"

The eldest son of William Marshall, 1st Earl of Pembroke, and Isabel de Clare. Died without heirs. An excellent biographical article on this family by Catherine Armstrong (1999) may be found here: . ...

11/17/2007 8/30/2011

Gilbert Marshal, 4th Earl of Pembroke (1194 – 27 June 1241) was the third son of William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke and Isabel de Clare, 4th Countess of Pembroke, the daughter of Richard de Clare. ...

11/17/2007 8/30/2011

Geoffrey de Mandeville MP (c.1066 - 1144)

Birth: unknown Death: 1164 Burial: Temple Church London Greater London, England GEOFFREY ([1100/05]-Mildenhall, Suffolk 14 or 16 Sep 1144, bur 1163 New Temple Church). The Genealogia Fundator...

10/11/2008 8/29/2011

Geoffrey de Mandeville, Earl of Essex MP (1092 - 1144)

"Geoffrey Fitz Peter", "3rd Earl of Essex"

He is recorded to have had four sons, but NO daughters. GEOFFREY de Mandeville, son of WILLIAM de Mandeville & his wife [Margaret de Rie] ([1100/05]-Mildenhall, Suffolk 14 or 16 Sep 1144, bur 1163 Ne...

6/9/2007 8/29/2011

Summary for Friedrich II, Graf von Brehna und Wettin Parents: Father: Friedrich I (27 February 1142 / 19 May 1145 - 4 January 1191), Graf von Brehna (1156-1191) Mother: Hedwig of Moravia, d. 19...

7/31/2008 4/29/2011

Philippe de Milly, 7th Templar Grand Master MP (c.1120 - 1171)

"Filip z Milly senior Nabulusu", "Philippus de Neapoli", "Philippe de Nablus"

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Grand Master Order of Knights Templar 1169-1171 Philip of Milly (c. 1120 – April 3, 1171), also known as Philip of Nablus, was a baron in the Kingdom of Jerusa...

11/26/2008 11/22/2010

Afonso I the Conqueror, King of Portugal MP (aft.1106 - 1185)

"Afonço Henriques", "O Conquistador", "O Fundador", "O Grande", "The Conqueror", ""The Conqueror""

Afonso I de Portugal Origem: Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre. Ordem: 1.º Monarca de Portugal Cognome: O Conquistador Início do Reinado: 5 de Dezembro de 1143 Término do Reinado: 6 de Dezembro d...

1/29/2007 11/22/2010

Jacques de Molay MP (1244 - 1314)

Born in Vitrey, Department of Haute Saone, France in the year 1244. At the age of 21, DeMolay joined the Order of Knights Templar. The Knights Templar was an organization sanctioned by the Roman Cath...

3/9/2009 11/21/2010

Foulques V le Jeune, comte de Anjou et roi de Jérusalem MP (aft.1089 - 1143)

"Fulko z Anjou", "Le Jeune", "/Fulk/ V", "o Jovem", "Foulcques", "Foulco", "Fulk", "le Jeune", "Fulk the Younger", "Fulk of Anjou", "Foulques", "Fulco", "Foulque", "King of Jerusalem Foulques le Jeune V", "King of Jersualem /Fulk V/", "Count of /Anjou/", "King of Jerusalem", "the Younge..."

Foulques V "le Jeune" de Anjou Knight Templar, King of Jerusalem 1131 - 1142/3 9th Count of Anjou 1109 - 1129 b 1089 to 1092 d 13 Nov 1142/3, Plains of Acre, Holy Land (died from riding accid...

1/29/2007 11/21/2010

Robert de Sablé, 11th Templar Grand Master MP (c.1150 - 1193)

"Robertus de Sabloloi", "Grand Master of the Knights Templar", "Lord of Cyprus"

Robert de Sablé was the Grand Master of the Knights Templar from 1191 to 1193 and Lord of Cyprus from 1191 to 1192. Contents [hide] 1 Personal life 2 Military record 2.1 Angevin Civil War 2.2...

5/21/2008 11/20/2010

Odo (Eudes) de Saint-Amand, 8th Templar Grand Master MP (c.1110 - bef.1179)

"Eudes", "Odo", "Odon", "de St. Amand", "Odon de Saint-Chamand"

Eudes de Saint-Amand (11??-1180) Master of the Order from 1171 to 1180. Originating from the province of Limousin, Eudes de Saint-Amand was Marshal of the Order when he was elected to succeed Phili...

7/25/2010 11/20/2010

Roger Le Bigod, 2nd Earl of Norfolk, Surety of the Magna Carta MP (1140 - 1221)

"Roger le Bigod", "Magna Carta Surety", "Earl of Norfolk and Suffolk"

Surety of the Magna Carta Roger Bigod, 2nd Earl of Norfolk From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Roger Bigod (c. 1144/1150 – 1221) was the son of Hugh Bigod, 1st Earl of Norfolk and his first...

3/17/2007 11/20/2010

Richard d'Harcourt, Seigneur de Renneville MP (c.1085 - 1162)

"de/ Harcourt/"

Richard de Harcourt , Knight Templar; founder of the Commanderie at Renneville c. 1150. Birth date uncertain, possibly a second son, possibly younger. ; Children of The Robert and (Colede) Cole...

7/4/2008 11/20/2010

Johannes Vicecomes de Strivelyn b. 1192 est. d. AFT 1270 4th of Cadder. Prop. of Ochiltree. Crusader, Knight Templar. Alive in 1246 (d. 1241 acc. to Lavinia) G21, ID=1876

2/9/2009 11/20/2010

5/17/2009 11/20/2010

Robert de Ros, 1st Lord Ros of Helmsley, Surety of the Magna Carta MP (c.1172 - bef.1226)

"Magna Charta Surety", ""Furfan"", "Knight Templar", "1st Baron Of Helmsley", "de Roos", "Magna Carta Surety"

Robert de Ros, 1st Lord Ros of Helmsley (c.1170 - 1226) Date of birth may be 1158. son of Everard de Ros (c.1148. -1183) and Rohese Trussebut (c. 1136 - ?) married Isabella of Scotland, daughter of W...

7/1/2007 11/20/2010

CURATOR's NOTE (from Pam Wilson, 6 Sept 2010): Roger I Bigod (Bigot), Seigneur ("Earl") of Norfolk/ East Anglia probably son of Robert Bigod, Chamberlain to King William I (the Conqueror), and a da...

3/17/2007 11/20/2010

Robert "the Chamberlain" Bigod MP (c.1015 - 1071)

"Bigot", "le Bigod"

Robert le Bigod was a poor Knight who gained the favour of William, Duke of Normandy, by informing him of the intended treachery of William Werlenc, Count of Mortain. Robert held the lands of Malitot, ...

3/17/2007 11/20/2010

There are conflicting versions of his parentage, although most agree that he was a grandson of Walter de Lacy . One account, supported by the Wikipedia article referenced below, states that his father ...

11/7/2007 11/20/2010